Whoosh! If you mean in a toally non-sexual, absentee way then yes she is my girlfriend
Bianca testifies as to her
and Michael's relationship to Lena

Lena Kundera

August 22, 2003

(Lena mention)
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Erica Kane
Bianca Montgomery
(no Lena)
Judge Hannah Lampert
Attorney Wayne Kabak
Jackson Montgomery
Alexander Cambias
Ryan Lavery
Reggie Montgomery
Maggie Stone
Kendall Hart
Aidan Devane
Michael Cambias


Bianca speaks of Lena during her testimony at Michael's Pre-lim, Case number 86671, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Michael Cambias (Lena mention)


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of Lena

From About All My Children

Jack asks what happened then? Bianca relates that he wanted her to dance with him. She thought maybe if she did, he would let his guard down a little so she could get away from him, but he was holding her so close that she could feel him against her. He was getting mad, and told her he was going to make her forget all about Lena, ďHe hated me because I wasnít ashamed of who I was.Ē She waited until she could get away from him a little, and told him he wasnít a man or even a human being, just a coward...

Kabak asks when she first came into contact with Michael Cambias? She tells him it was when he tried to make a play for her motherís company, and he bets she didnít like that. Bianca agrees she didnítóher company is her life. Kabak muses that Mr. Cambias must have needed a contact on the inside, and Bianca is forced to admit it was Lena Kundera. He asks if thatís the same Lena Kundera she referred to earlier as her girlfriend? Bianca says thatís right, and he asks if she was responsible for Lena turning Stateís evidence in the other charges against Mr. Cambias? Bianca tells him she did that because what Michael Cambias was doing was wrongóheís a horrible person! He was stealing from her motherís company, and blackmailing Lena into helping him. She agrees Erica hated him for that, and she did, too; it was cruel what he was doing! Kabak notes that she hated him, her lover hated him, her mother, her sister, ďIs there anybody who was close to you that didnít hate Michael Cambias?Ē The judge sustains Jackís objection.

From Soap Slut

No mention of Lena


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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Coming whenever C.K. sends it to me. I am looking so forward to it. A day without CK's recap is like a day without sunshine. I need my vitamin E, you know. We all do. Yes, I must contain my anticipation. But it's sooo hard.


From Black Knight
The whole conversation that has to be had about the rape is going to be very painful for both Bianca and Lena. I've long noticed that Bianca has kept absolutely silent on certain aspects of the night of the rape, and virtually all of the censored details have to do with Lena. Some of it was clearly done in order to keep Lena from hearing about it--her courtroom account of her rape omitted many details that would be specifically painful to Lena, and also to Erica. And she has never told anyone (except maybe her therapist) about the fact that the music she and Michael danced to was Lena's favorite, or many of the things Michael said to her about Lena. It clearly hurts her a great deal. Bianca's been extremely careful throughout in what she says when. She mentioned in her account to Anna, for instance, that Michael had said that Bianca was a slut just like her mother, but left that out of the courtroom testimony Erica actually heard. She has told only two people about her wishing that she had died--Maggie, whose reaction she didn't care about much, and Jack, who frankly I think she wanted to hurt. (Now that was an interesting scene, when Jack apologized to Bianca for not getting her a bodyguard, and Bianca didn't unload on him about it, but also did not say one comforting Bianca-like thing, such as that it was okay, or that she forgave him. Clearly the kindest she was capable of being to Jack about the bodyguard issue was to not say anything at all. And she did jab him about how Michael had been supposed to be in jail.) Binks' courtroom account is really interesting when one looks at it, for everything that she leaves out and for what she does make sure to mention--for instance, she mentioned every single one of Michael's hangups and weak points, especially about his father, to get under his skin. She repeated the speech that had so enraged him practically verbatim. And then on cross-examination, she managed to skirt around mentioning that it had been Lena Michael had cheated on Kendall with, skirt around mentioning Lena and Michael's past sexual relationship at all, and whitewashed Lena's corporate misdeeds entirely.

I do think the fact Lena's slept with Michael is a bit of a problem. It's long been the one of Lena's sins that has stung Bianca most. It was the first thing she brought up when she confronted Lena in her hotel room. It was what we heard her talking to Kristi about during their dinner. She's never liked it when it's mentioned that Lena talked to Michael about her--she called Michael "disgusting" at SOS when he did. Understand that I don't mean she blames Lena for it. She's never looked down on Lena for her sexual past or for sleeping with Michael per se--what she criticized Lena for was the perceived cheating. She's never been happy about that--she was always insecure where Lena is concerned, and became more insecure upon learning Lena had slept with Michael. Now that she's been raped, she's got even more insecurity about whether she's good enough for Lena anymore. It's why she broke up with Lena.

And on Lena's side, imagine how horrible it is for her. She's slept with both Bianca and Michael, so the pictures in her head of the rape have to be more vivid than anyone else's. (It's almost as bad for Kendall, since she slept with Michael, but at least she hasn't also slept with her sister--Kinks jokes aside...) I'm sure she also realizes there's a great deal about the rape Bianca probably hasn't told her.

So yeah, I'd like to see them dating and having a good time and really building up their relationship again before they have to get into that horrible conversation. There's a lot Lena doesn't know about the rape, which Bianca doesn't want to tell her, and the added talk about both of them feeling ashamed for having been with Michael and therefore insecure about whether the other woman can get past that.

Plus, I just have a feeling that once Lianca settles down, they'll disappear, or their next story will have them breaking up over who knows what, before getting back together again. Soaps don't really know what to do with a couple once the couple is together, which is why the usual cycle is constant breakups/makeups. Letting Lianca spend some more getting-to-know-you time together is a good idea, and really an opportunity to give them cute scenes and lots of airtime that's absent some of the constant uber-drama of the last few months. But this is [McTavish]--good ideas, bad execution. God knows how it'll turn out.


This parody is by LizzieT.

No parody for this episode. Sniff.


Wayne: So you hated him, your lover hated him, your mother, your sister. Is there anybody who was close to you who didn't hate Michael Cambias?

Bianca: Michael Cambias was never a threat to my mother's company. He never even came close to getting it.
Wayne: Is that so?
Bianca: Yes, it is.
Wayne: Then how do you explain the fact that as of this morning, the man that you claim never even came close to getting your mother's company now owns a controlling interest in it?


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca reads Jack's note before the pre-lim (no Lena)]

[amc030822a starts]
Erica: Bianca, sweetheart. I have something for you. It's from Uncle Jack. He wanted you to have it.
Bianca: "Bianca, the hearing's going to be starting soon. I want you to know that I'm thinking about you, about how much" -- I'm sorry, mom, can you?
Erica: Of course. "About how much you inspire me every day and how you, my sweet, bright-eyed little niece, have blossomed into a charming, self-assured, beautiful woman. It takes my breath away. You have faced so many challenges in your life, Bianca, and you have always triumphed with dignity. Today will be no different. You have your mother's courage and your father's heart and my love, always, to guide you through this. Soon, this courtroom will be filled with your friends and family who love you, and we will all be there for you when you take the stand. I promise you will never be alone. I love you. Uncle Jack." Oh, honey, no tears. Not today. No, no, no. Only -- only positive thoughts. We're going to get through this, baby, together.

***** (clip b) [Bianca goes to the witness stand and starts her testimony (no Lena)]

[amc030822b starts]
Bianca: Mom --
Erica: You can do this, honey. You just concentrate on everyone here. Everyone loves you and supports you 100%.
Bianca: He's looking at me.
Erica: Ignore him, honey. He doesn't exist. You just concentrate on me and Uncle Jack and all your friends. Don't look at him, ever. Don't give him that power over you.
Wayne: Your Honor, this isn't a wedding. I'm sure that the witness can make it to the stand on her own two feet.
Judge: Do you need any assistance, miss?
Bailiff: Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?
Bianca: I do.
Judge: You may be seated. Mr. Montgomery.
Jack: Thank you, Your Honor. Can you please tell us about the night in question?
Bianca: It was the night of the storm and blackout. I got home and was looking for a flashlight in the desk drawer when someone grabbed my arm.
Jack: Who grabbed your arm?
Bianca: Michael Cambias.
Jack: You saw his face?
Bianca: Yes. He had a lighter, and he held it up.
Jack: And you didn't know he was in the house. You didn't invite him in.
Bianca: No.
Jack: Was there anyone else at home who may have let him in?
Bianca: No. He told me that he had checked the house. He wanted to make sure that we were alone.
Jack: Did you feel threatened?
Bianca: Yes. I tried to leave, and he locked the door.
Jack: He locked the door? Did he then become physically threatening?
Bianca: He grabbed me and he pushed me down on the couch, and then he sat very close to me so that I couldn't get around him. He wanted to talk. He said that he wanted me to get to like him.
Jack: And what did you two talk about?
Bianca: My mother and my sister. He said that they were spreading rumors about him, trying to ruin his life. He said that he was misunderstood and he wanted me to understand him.
Jack: What exactly did he want you to understand?
Bianca: That none of it was his fault. That everything he did, he did it for his father's approval but that he would never get that. He told me that I probably couldn't understand because I'd always been the perfect one in my family, like his brother had been.

***** (clip c) [Alexander and Ryan watch the pre-lim on TV (no Lena)]

[amc030822c starts]
Alexander: Michael blames me for what he's done to that poor girl! D*** him!
Bianca: I told him that I wasn't perfect, but he just laughed at me. I told him that I thought he needed help, therapy, like Iíd had. I said it nicely. I wasn't trying to be mean. But that's when he got angry with me.
Ryan: Son of a b****.

***** (clip d) [Bianca continues her testimony where she relates the rape (Lena mention)]

[amc030822d starts
Jack: And then what happened?
Bianca: He wanted me to dance with him. I thought maybe if I did, he would let his guard down a little and then I could get away from him. But he was holding me so close, and I could feel him against me.
Jack: While you were dancing, did he say anything to you?

Bianca: Yeah, he was getting mad. He told me that he was going to make me forget all about Lena. He hated me because I wasn't ashamed of who I was. I waited till I could get away from him a little, and I told him -- I said, "you're not a man. You're not even a human being. You're a coward." And he told me to shut up. He called me a b****.
Jack: And then what happened, please?
Bianca: He grabbed me and he pushed me down on the couch, but I got away. I -- I kicked him, and he fell back. And he was on the ground, and I ran to the fireplace and I got the poker and I hit him with it as hard as I could. And he was on the ground, and I ran. And I got to the door, but he had locked the door and there are two locks. I tried one, and I couldn't get the door open. And I tried the other one, but I wasn't fast enough. He was already behind me.
Jack: And then he grabbed you?
Wayne: Objection. Leading the witness.
Jack: I'll rephrase. When Michael Cambias came up behind you, what did he do?
Bianca: He grabbed me and he pushed me back. I -- I knocked some chairs in front of him to try to block his path, but nothing would stop him. He had me up against the window first. Then he twisted me around and he pushed me down on the couch. I couldn't get away this time because his knee was pressing my leg against the back of the couch. And -- my shirt was ripped. He ripped it so that he could touch --
Erica: No. Don't look at him, baby. Don't look at him.
Bianca: So that he could touch my breast.
Jack: I need to ask you this, and it's very important, so please, don't be afraid to answer this question, ok?
Bianca: Ok.
Jack: Ok. Now, was there penetration? Did Michael Cambias enter you?
Bianca: He held me down, and I said no. I screamed it -- "No, no, no!" -- Until he covered my mouth with his hand and entered me. Don't you shake your head at me. You raped me. You wanted me to be ashamed of who I am like you are. Well, you failed. You raped me, and I am still not ashamed.
[Gallery murmurs]
[Judge pounds gavel]
Judge: Mr. Montgomery, please control your witness.

***** (clip e) [Bianca explains on the stand why she did not report the rape sooner (no Lena)]

[amc030822e starts]
Jack: So you said no to Michael Cambias. Now, what happened after you told him no?
Bianca: He finished. It was over. I remember the look on his face when he was done. He -- he was pulling his pants up. They were down around his knees, and he -- he was smiling. And he bent over to kiss my cheek, and his hand -- and then he said, "Thanks." And then he left.
Reggie: You sick mother --
[Judge pounds gavel]
Judge: Young man, sit down or I will have you removed from this courtroom.
Jack: So when Michael Cambias was finished, he just left you on the couch?
Bianca: Yeah. The next thing I remember, the phone was ringing.
Jack: And did you answer it?
Bianca: No, I didn't, but I heard my mother's voice on the answering machine. She was saying that everything was going to be ok from now on, that nobody was ever going to hurt us again. But I knew that wasn't true.
Jack: Now, you kept this incident to yourself for quite a long time. You didn't seek medical treatment or legal counsel.
Bianca: No.
Jack: Did you tell your mother that you had been raped?
Wayne: Objection.
Judge: Rephrase the question, Mr. Montgomery.
Jack: Yes, Your Honor. Did you tell your mother what happened with Michael Cambias?
Bianca: No, I didn't, not for a long time. She knew that there was something wrong.
Jack: Why not? Why didn't you tell your mother?
Bianca: My mother had been raped when she was 14 years old, and it's affected her for the rest of her life. In fact, she's just recently been able to put it behind her. And I was afraid that if she knew that I -- that I had been raped, too, that it would kill her, the way it almost did before. The way it almost killed me.

***** (clip f) [Bianca is cross-examination (Lena mention)]

[amc030822f starts]
Wayne: You love your mother very much, don't you?
Bianca: Yes, I do.
Wayne: Now, you said her rape almost destroyed her life. Does she still have issues with rape today?
Jack: Objection. Relevance.
Wayne: Your Honor, the prosecution introduced the subject to explain the witness' hesitation to come forward about her alleged attack, and now they question the relevancy?
Judge: Overruled.
Bianca: My mother's rape will always affect her in some way, but she has made incredible progress.
Wayne: The rumors Michael Cambias said your mother was spreading about him -- was he referring to her allegation that he tried to rape her?
Bianca: He did try to rape her.
Wayne: No charges were ever filed. Do you know why?
Jack: Objection, Your Honor.
Wayne: My question goes to motive.
Jack: Motive? This witness is not on trial here.
Wayne: I assure you Iím going somewhere with this.
Judge: For your sake, I hope so. I'll allow it for now.
Wayne: Why didn't your mother follow through with charges against Michael Cambias?
Bianca: There wasn't enough evidence. It was her word against his.
Kendall: Aidan, he wants evidence. I was there. I'm the one who stopped it.
Aidan: Shh.
Kendall: I hit him over the head with the vase.
Aidan: Kendall, don't.
Kendall: No, no, I can help Bianca, Aidan.
Aidan: Kendall, by saying something, you're only helping Michael.
Wayne: You also mentioned your sister, Kendall Hart. She had a relationship with the defendant, didn't she?
Bianca: Yes.
Wayne: A sexual one?
Bianca: Yes.
Wayne: They were in love?
Bianca: They were involved.
Wayne: She also accused Michael Cambias of attempted rape.
Jack: Objection.
Judge: Counselor, find another tack, or I will shut you down.
Wayne: Things had ended badly between them?
Bianca: Well, she found out that Michael Cambias was cheating on her. He was lying to her about why they were together. He was using her.
Alexander: I knew what he was doing.
Wayne: She was angry with him?
Alexander: I should have stopped him.
Bianca: Yes.
Wayne: I want to go back to your mother, her cosmetics company. This company -- it plays a significant role in both of your lives.
Jack: Objection. Your Honor, again, relevance?
Judge: I'm beginning to question that myself. Get to your point and get to it fast.
Wayne: When did you first come into contact with Michael Cambias?
Bianca: When he tried to make a play for my mother's company.
Wayne: I'll bet she didn't like that, did she?
Bianca: No, she didn't. Her company is her life.
Wayne: Her life? Now, Mr. Cambias must have needed a contact on the inside. Did he have anybody like that, somebody who could be his eyes and ears?
Jack: Objection, Your Honor. Mr. Cambias has already been charged with several counts of theft and conspiracy in connection with his attempted takeover. That's an entirely separate case.
Wayne: Well, I disagree, Your Honor. My question goes to cause in fact.
Judge: Objection is overruled. The witness may answer the question.
Bianca: Yes, he had a spy.
Wayne: Who?
Bianca: Lena Kundera.
Wayne: The same Lena Kundera that you, in earlier testimony, referred to as your girlfriend?
Bianca: Yes, that's right.
Wayne: Now, Ms. Kundera later turned state's evidence against Mr. Cambias. Did she do that because you asked her to?
Bianca: No, she did that because what Michael Cambias was doing was wrong because he's a horrible person.
Wayne: And what was he doing that was so wrong?
Bianca: He was stealing from my mother's company, and he was blackmailing Lena into helping him.
Wayne: I bet she hated him for that.
Bianca: Yes, she did.
Wayne: And, Bianca, did you hate Michael Cambias, too?
Bianca: Yes, I did. It was cruel what he was doing.
Wayne: So you hated him, your lover hated him, your mother, your sister. Is there anybody who was close to you who didn't hate Michael Cambias?
Jack: Objection.
Judge: Sustained.
Wayne: Who convinced you to come forward, to press rape charges against my client?
Bianca: My mother did.
Wayne: Oh, so this was your mother's idea?
Bianca: Yes, she told me that this was the right thing to do.
Wayne: After you finally told her?
Jack: Objection.
Judge: Overruled.
Wayne: Now, the timing of your claim that Michael Cambias raped you -- a rumor had surface that there would be another takeover.
Bianca: No.
Wayne: This was a way to divert attention from your mother's company, wasn't it?
Jack: Objection, Your Honor. This is appalling.
Wayne: Your mother told you to get up here and lie, to say that Michael Cambias had raped you, to distract him and to discredit him, because she wanted to avert any possible threat of a takeover, didn't she?
Jack: Objection, Your Honor!
Judge: Counselor, dial it back now.
Bianca: Listen, Michael Cambias was never a threat to my mother's company. He never even came close to getting it.
Wayne: Is that so?
Bianca: Yes, it is.
Wayne: Then how do you explain the fact that as of this morning, the man that you claim never even came close to getting your mother's company now owns a controlling interest in it?
Bianca: What? But that's not true! That's a lie. You're lying. It's not true. Mom?
Erica: You b******! You leave her alone!
[Judge pounds gavel]
Erica: You're so afraid of me that you attack a child? You raped my little girl! This man is a rapist! He raped my daughter! He violated her! You think I give a d*** about my company? You b******!
Jack: Erica -- please, please, please, please.
Judge: Order! I want order in this courtroom!
Erica: No!
Judge: Bailiff, remove this woman!
[Judge pounds gavel]
[Gallery murmurs]
Myrtle: Erica, are you all right?
Bianca: Please, Your Honor, I need to be with my mother right now. She needs me.
Judge: You may step down. Ask one of the officers outside to take you to your mother.
Judge: I am going to call a 45-minute recess.
Wayne: Your Honor, I would like to move for an immediate dismissal of all charges against my client.
[Gallery murmurs]
[Judge pounds gavel]
Judge: Order!
Wayne: With all due respect, Your Honor, the state doesn't have any case. These charges are bogus. They're clearly a fabrication by a woman desperate to hold on to her company at any cost.
Jack: Your Honor, the only fabrication being presented in this court is the innocence of his client.
Judge: All right. Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Kabak, if you two cannot conduct yourselves or this hearing in a professional manner --
Wayne: The State doesn't have any case here.
Jack: The Commonwealth has a strong case because Mr. Cambias has a pattern of assaulting women.
Wayne: Where's your proof?
Kendall: Your proof is right here!
Aidan: Kendall --
Kendall: No, your pathetic client attacked me and my mother and he raped my sister!
Judge: Sit down!
Kendall: No! No, you cannot let this man walk! If you let this man walk, it would be the biggest mistake you have ever made!
Aidan: Kendall, sit down.
Kendall: Do you hear me? The biggest mistake you have ever made! There is no justice if you think I am the biggest problem in this courtroom!
Wayne: Your Honor, the state's case is clearly falling apart. I demand that the charges against my --
Judge: Mr. Kabak, you will demand nothing. Now, be quiet. Mr. Montgomery, based on what I have seen here today -- the histrionics, the coincidences -- do you have any other evidence you can present to the court at this time?
Jack: No. However, by trial, I --
Judge: No, stop right there. My chambers, now. Court is in recess for 45 minutes.

***** (clip g) [Bianca and Erica debrief after the pre-lim (no Lena)]

[amc030822g starts]
Bianca: Oh, I'm sorry, Mom. I'm so sorry.
Erica: Well, for what, honey? For getting up there and telling the truth and standing up for yourself? I'll tell you what -- I wish that I had had your strength when I was your age. I -- well, my life might have been different. Thank you.
Bianca: Is it true about Enchantment?
Erica: Well, if it is, I mean, we're just going to deal with it just like we do everything. But, honey, right now, the only thing that matters to me is you.
Bianca: Well, I'll be fine as soon as I know for sure that Michael Cambias is not going to go free. I mean, he can't, right? Not now, not after everything that he's taken from us.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030822a.mpg (21.1m; 2:04) Bianca reads Jack's note before the pre-lim (no Lena)
amc030822b.mpg (39.6m; 3:53) Bianca goes to the witness stand and starts her testimony (no Lena)
amc030822c.mpg (5.6m; 0:33) Alexander and Ryan watch the pre-lim on TV (no Lena)
amc030822d.mpg (44.2m; 4:19) Bianca continues her testimony where she relates the rape (Lena mention)
amc030822e.mpg (34m; 3:20) Bianca explains on the stand why she did not report the rape sooner (no Lena)
amc030822f.mpg (79.4m; 7:46) Bianca is cross-examination (Lena mention)
amc030822g.mpg (10.2m; 1:00) Bianca and Erica debrief after the pre-lim (no Lena)

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