Whoosh! What the heck would Lena do without Myrtle? What the heck would we?
Myrtle comforts Lena before Michael's pre-lim

Lena Kundera

August 21, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 01/03/04

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Myrtle Fargate
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)


Lena & Myrtle waiting outside the courtroom before the hearing. Self-sacrifical Lena asks "When you see Bianca, tell her I lahv her"


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No Lena mention; not even Myrtle.

From About All My Children

Myrtle sees Lena in the corridor, and expresses surprise she’s here. Lena knows she shouldn’t be, as Bianca wouldn’t even speak to her the last time she saw her. She doesn’t want to upset her, but couldn’t stay away. Myrtle asks why she should? Lena goes on that she won’t let Bianca see her in the courtroom. She asks Myrtle, if she thinks it would help, to tell Bianca she loves her. Myrtle agrees she will, and Lena leaves.

From Soap Slut

No mention of Lena or Myrtle. Sniff.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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Coming whenever C.K. sends it to me. I am looking so forward to it. A day without CK's recap is like a day without sunshine. I need my vitamin E, you know. We all do. Yes, I must contain my anticipation. But it's sooo hard.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Mary came to see Greenlee at Fusion.
Greenlee: Hello, this is Fusion. ...Yes we've chosen 4 finalists for our sexiest man contest so the end of this God awful contest is finally in sight. Yes, we do realize that it's in unbearable bad taste to show our 'what is sexy' promos right after a deeply emotional scene in a rape storyline. Yes, we do realize that most of the audience finds our contestants anything but sexy. Thank you for calling and be sure to buy Fusion products to conceal that greenish tinge to your complexion that comes from watching our commercials.
Mary: Greenlee, I must talk to you.
Greenlee: Buzz off.
Mary: But I'm your mother.
Greenlee: Then buzz off mother.
Mary: Does this mean your not going to help me make sure Jack never marries Erica?
Greenlee: You know, Erica would be the step-mother from hell but she'd actually be a step up from you. Now get out of my way before I close the elevator doors on you and drag you screaming down 7 stories.
Mary: I think she's starting to soften towards me.

A crowd began to gather at the courthouse.
Anna: Your not going to lie on the witness stand are you David?
David: Don't worry Anna. I know what I'm doing. I've testified in court many times.
Anna: All right. Just remember that this time when the judge says "will the defendant please rise" he isn't talking to you.

Aidan: Ow are yew dewing Kendall?
Kendall: I'm all right. I wasn't going to come but Juan Pablo convinced me that I'm family and I should be here.
Aidan: Oi don't know whot yew Fewsion girls see in that bloke. E tawks funny.
Kendall: Let's be sure we stand close to the cameras. You never know when someone from your past may be watching on tv.

Tad: Hmmm, newbie Juan Pablo just motioned for newbie Carlos to leave the room. I wonder if it means anything.
Brooke: Does anyone care?
Tad: I care. I don't think the audience does though. So you're getting some screen time today.
Brooke: Yes. They're actually filling the seats with contract players instead of extras. Can you believe the audience will actually recognize the people in the courtroom today?

Simone: I just came to lend my support. Have you forgiven me for giving our company to Michael?
Mia: Of course we have.
Greenlee: We're the Fusion girls. We stick together no matter what idiotic things we get ourselves into.
Kendall: Let's have a group hug right now. A group giggle and squeal would be inappropriate.

Out in the hall Juan Pablo confronted Carlos.
Juan Pablo: What are you doing here?
Carlos: I really don't know. It's not like I know the victim or the accused. I guess I was just Simone's date.
Juan Pablo: Don't you realize that the cameras will show everyone in the audience? If the wrong person sees you they will hunt you down and kill you.
Lizzie: You make it sound like that's a bad thing.

Boyd and Maggie were also in the hall.
Boyd: So are you holding up all right with this?
Maggie: I'm OK. Have we ever met?
Boyd: Probably. If we have it wasn't very memorable though.
Maggie: I just hope Michael pays for what he's done.
Boyd: He will. I'll see to it - one way or the other.
Maggie: So what number are you on the suspect list?
Boyd: 58 with a bullet.

Out in Vegas, Alexander was being discharged from the hospital.
Ryan: I'll drive you to the airport. Let's just watch a little tv first.
TV Reporter: Now, live from Pine Valley we bring you trial of the most hated man in America. Michael Cambias - also known as D!ckwad, pond scum, worm excrement and other endearments is the son of billionaire Alexander Cambias who is suffering from a heart condition that might be made worse by watching the trial of the misbegotten spawn of Satan that calls him Father.
Ryan: Maybe we should watch wresting instead.
Alexander: No, I want to see this. You lived in Pine Valley. Do you recognize any of these cast members drifting conveniently in front of the camera?
Ryan: Recognize them? I've boinked two of them.

Somewhere in the woods two old adversaries met up.
Palmer: Adam Chandler I presume?
Adam: I was wondering when you would turn up. TPTB dumped me out here in the wilderness weeks ago. They said no one would even notice I was gone - that the audience wasn't interested in veteran characters anymore.
Palmer: Things may be changing a little. Myrtle was on today. I've been on two days in a row. There have even been sightings of Joe and Ruth from time to time. I'm here to enlist your help in case Michael Cambiass oozes out from the charges against him.
Adam: You mean two wily old veterans might make it on to the suspect list and actually play a role in this storyline?
Palmer: Count on it. What's that noise I hear?
Lizzie: It's the audience cheering at the sight of the two of you together. After months of the likes of Carlos and Juan Pablo we'd forgotten just how good this show can be.

The trial begins as all eyes turn toward Michael Cambias, directing their thoughts his way.
Myrtle: Die you young pipsqeak whipper snapper Die!
Brooke: I've forgotten -how many shots in the back does it take to kill?
Aidan: Doi yew miserable rotter Doi!
Anna: I wonder what would happen if I accidently discharged my gun into his skull? I'm leaving the show anyway so at least I'd go out on top.
David: Die you sorry excuse for a complex villain Die!
Erica: I hope I remembered to bring my letter opener.
Kendall: Die you cocktail weinie Die!
Greenlee: I'm representing Media Domain at today's hearing. Die D!ckwad Die!
Mary: I wonder if Jack noticed how nice I look in red.
Jack: Die you *&^^ (%#@ (*%$# *&$#@ (*%$@@ (%@!&* )$%#@!*& )(^$# Die!


Lena: Oh. Myrtle, I know I shouldn't be here.
Myrtle: Why not?
Lena: The last time I saw Bianca, she wouldn't even speak to me. I don't want to upset her. I couldn't stay away.
Myrtle: Well, why should you?
Lena: I won't stay inside the courtroom, though. I won't let her see me. Myrtle, if you think it'll help, when you see Bianca, tell her I love her.
Myrtle: Yes, I will.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena waits outside the courtroom at Michael's pre-lim]

[amc030821a starts]
Myrtle: Lena? Is that you?
Lena: Oh. Myrtle, I know I shouldn't be here.
Myrtle: Why not?
Lena: The last time I saw Bianca, she wouldn't even speak to me. I don't want to upset her. I couldn't stay away.
Myrtle: Well, why should you?
Lena: I won't stay inside the courtroom, though. I won't let her see me. Myrtle, if you think it'll help, when you see Bianca, tell her I love her.
Myrtle: Yes, I will.


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