Whoosh! With my character assassination complete, the writers won't be needing this
Lena drops her big shiny gun
into the mighty Pine Valley River

Lena Kundera

August 29, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 01/03/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)


"It's all for you Bianca." Lena tosses the big gun into the water. "It's over now."


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena throws her gun into the water off the docks.

From About All My Children

Lena walks slowly to the dock of Pier 23, and sighs, Its all for you, Bianca. She takes a gun from her purse and drops it in the water as she adds, Its over now.

From Soap Slut

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This parody is by LizzieT.

Aidan was upset with Mia and Simone.
Aidan: Oi towld yew tew wotch Kendall and yew let er get awigh. Ow cewd yew be so stewpid?
Simone: Why are you so surprised? I lost a whole company just last week. This time I only lost Kendall and she's not that big.
Mia: Us stupid? You were the one who trusted the Fusion girls to do something in the first place. I hardly think we're the only stupid ones here.
Aidan: Oi'll ave to foind er before she get's into trouble.
Mia: I'll come with you.
Aidan: Dew yew really think yew can elp?
Mia: No. But with Ryan coming back, he might end up with Kendall and you might get stuck with me. We might as well have a few scenes together and see if we have chemistry.

Out in Vegas Alexander was dying.
Alexander: I see my son. He's being flame broiled. He must be in Hell - or perhaps at a Burger King.
Ryan: You're not dying Alexander.
Alexander: Yes I am.
Ryan: No you're not.
Alexander: Yes I am. :::beeeeeeeeppppp:::::
Ryan: OK, I guess you are. Hey everyone - it's another code blue. You know the drill.

The citizens of Pine Valley were acting very suspicious.
Jack: I'll just sneak back into the evidence room and put this gun back. No one will ever know it was gone - well, no one except for the chief of police who saw me with it in my hand.
Lizzie: So did Jack kill Michael? Did he change his mind? Or is this a different gun and he still has the other one? Hmmmm.

Opal: It's about time you showed up to bail me out of jail you old coot. Where were you all night?
Palmer: If I told you then I'd have to kill you. Besides, you're harldy the one to be questioning me. You were out trying to buy drugs.
Opal: I was going to plant them on Michael just the way we did on Will.
Palmer: :::lifts eyebrows::::
Opal: I see. Palmer, you're sneakier than a fox at the henhouse disguised as a rooster.
Lizzie: So is this all part of old Pete Cooney's plan? Or was Palmer just out picking up girls last night and doesn't want Opal to know? Hmmmmm.

David: Hello Anna, let's have breakfast. Pay no attention to the fact that I haven't shaved and I have a bruise on my face.
Anna: What happened to you?
David: I hurt myself changing a tire.
Anna: Right. I have to go now. I'm needed at a crime scene. It's about Michael Cambias.
David: I'd better come too.
Anna: Why?
David: No reason.
Lizzie: So is David going along to make sure they don't find anything? To make sure they do? Or is CSI just his favorite show and he wants to see what it's like in real life? Hmmmm.

Aidan and Mia broke into Michael's condo.
Aidan: It lewks loik Moichal as left town. One of is suitcises is missing.
Mia: How do you know?
Aidan: There's an empty spice in is closet that says "suitcise goes ere".
Mia: I hope he didn't go after Kendall.
Aidan: I'd bet me spotted dick that Kendall went after im.
Anna: Freeze! It's the police.
Aidan: Ello Auntie Anna. Ow are yew?
Anna: What are you doing here?
Aidan: We eard a crash in Moichael's flat and we cime over to see if the bloke was awl roit. The door was unlocked and sew we cime on in.
Mia: Then what happened? Er....then what happened was we didn't find him. Yeah, that's it.
Anna: We had a report that drugs were being sold here. Everyone look for drugs.
Officer: Hey chief, we found this guy lurking in the bushes.
Anna: David!
David: What? I was just looking for clues.
Anna: But you're not a cop.
David: Anna, the cops never solve anything on this show. You need all the help you can get.
Officer: I found heroin in the chimney.
Anna: So either Michael was really a drug dealer or someone I know put the drugs in there to frame him. Hmmm.

Juan Pablo was looking for Carlos.
Juan Pablo: My brother is missing.
Carlos: No I'm not. I just wasn't home last night.
Lizzie: So Carlos was missing for a few hours. He killed a rapist before. Has he done it again? Hmmm.
Greenlee: Let's talk about me for a while. Either my mother is lying to me or my father is lying to me.
Juan Pablo: What do you mean?
Lizzie: Are these two even on the suspect list? If they're not, then who cares what they're talking about? Hmmmm.

Reggie assured Bianca that everything was all right.
Reggie: You don't have to worry about Michael anymore.
Biana: Why do you say that?
Reggie: No reason. I'm just saying it.
Bianca: I threw your gun away last night when you were sleeping. I don't want you getting in trouble.
Reggie: I'm not upset about that. No one could ever trace that gun to me. Just remember, Michael isn't a problem anymore.
Lizzie: So did Reggie kill Michael? Did he see someone else kill Michael? Did he plant the drugs? Hmmmmm.
Maggie: Bianca, we're leaving for Europe right now.
Bianca: Why?
Maggie: No reason. I just thought it might be a good idea to leave the country for a while.
Lizzie: So Maggie wants to leave the country. To avoid being arrested for murder? To avoid being arrested for buying heroin to hide in Michael's fireplace? Because Harrod's is having a sale? Hmmmm.
Jack: I have news about Michael Cambias. Where is Erica?
Bianca: She didn't come home last night. She was with her lawyer.
Lizzie: But we know she wasn't with her lawyer. So where is she? Hmmm.

David made a phone call.
David: Erica? I saw what you did and I know who you are....Just kidding. It's David. Do you regret what we did last night? Me either.
Lizzie: So what did they do last night? Kill Michael? Plant drugs? The wild thing? Hmmmm.

Kendall was in Las Vegas.
Kendall: Send champagne up to my room. I'll just sit here and wait for someone from my past to appear.
Lizzie: So Kendall is in Las Vegas. Did she follow Michael there? Did she come to see Alexander? Is she going to wager what's left of Fusion on 23 Red on the roulette wheel? Or is 23 Black? Hmmmm.


'It's all for you, Bianca' -- Lena finally figures out how to get the attention of a Kane woman.

Lena thinks it's over now, but it really isn't.
Wouldn't be much of a soap opera if it were!


Lena: It's all for you, bianca.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena drops her big gun in the mighty Pine Valley River]

[amc030829a starts]
Lena: It's all for you, bianca.
[Lena's drops her gun in the water]
Lena: It's over now.


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