Whoosh! Lena regretted not pistol-whipping Maggie with the cellphone
Look at the positive, at least it wasn't raining

Lena Kundera

September 9, 2003

(Lena appearance)
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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Maggie Stone


Lena is at the boathouse pining for Bianca and Maggies sees her; Lena tells Maggie that Michael's gone for good; Maggie tells her that Bianca needs more time; Lena is bitter because everyone seems to be keeping her from Bianca; Maggie gets a call from Bianca and Lena cries out Bianca's name trying for a connection; montage at end where everyone is being comforted except Lena, crying at the boathouse alone


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of Lena, sniff.

From About All My Children

At the boathouse, Lena calls out Bianca’s name, but it’s Maggie she heard. When Lena explains she was hoping to find Bianca here, Maggie reminds her of her promise to stay away from Bianca. Lena protests that everything has changed now; Michael’s gone for good, and Bianca’s safe. Maggie insists they don’t know that, but Lena replies that she knows Michael; he’s a coward, and they’ll never see him in this town again. Maggie agrees that’s a great thing to hope for, but she shouldn’t take it for granted—Bianca sure isn’t! Lena asks if she’s any better, and Maggie just shakes her head. Lena sighs that she knows what happened to her was horrific, but she was hoping maybe with time she would find a way to… Maggie thinks she needs to understand that what happened to Bianca is going to remain with her for a very long time...

At the boathouse, Lena is arguing that she could make Bianca feel better, but no one’s letting her! Maggie insists, if Bianca wanted to see her, she would make it happen. She adds that Bianca doesn’t want Lena to be like this, that she wants her to take her at her word and move on. She says that Lena has a great job, but Lena asks if she thinks she could go to work like nothing has happened? She doesn’t care about her job! Maggie gets a call, and says she’ll see her soon. Lena realizes it’s Bianca and tries to grab the phone, but Maggie tells her no and leaves the boathouse....

Lena sits alone at the boathouse and cries.

So when you're feeling like you can't go on
Don't you know
You never walk alone, no,
And you live in me

From Soap Slut

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This all gay recap is by C.K..
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Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix


The Set-Up – In his suite, Juan Pablo, still wearing Barney’s robe, listens as Greenlee talks about trust, lets him know she trusts him because he’s not afraid to wear purple and then asks "what’s in it for you?" Because she trusts him.

Juan Pablo has a plan: he’ll ask Mary to go away with him and, should she refuse, Greenlee will know her mother loves her. You know, my mother loves me, but I’m sure that, if a hot Latin man (not you, JP) were to ask her to go play with polo ponies, she might wave bye bye – and that’s why I know this plan will work with Mary. What, you’re confused? I guess you had to be there.

At Jack’s bachelor/no longer a bachelor/bachelor again/I might get married/no, I’m back again pad, Aiden shows up with Erica’s date book in a Ziploc. I hope it’s the kind that changes color. And – waitaminute! Jack, what’s going on with the hair? It’s less crispy: did you get the hot oil treatment? Something else…the hell…oh! It’s parted on the left side now.

So – here are the theories on the date book: Jack thinks Michael stole it while Aiden believes Erica lost it there after planting "the drrrruuggs." U-huh. Jack, go back to school. Aiden, go back to bartending. Oh, and take off your shirt.

At Enchantment, Erica breathes "no" through her nose while Kendall keeps on reacting to the VolderFetus news. After the second "Oh God," Erica’s had enough and brings the spotlight back where it belongs: to herself. It’s a very dramatic moment: Erica’s is screeching "Oh no, no!" while getting mad at the air around her and throttling its neck. And I laugh.

The Boathouse – Lena (!) is sitting there, looking at her pretty, pretty reflection on the water. Maggie clogs up the stairs but Lena, still caught up in her reflection, thinks it’s Bianca.

Maggie: "No, it’s just me."

And just is a very good word for you. Just you and just friends and just straight. See? It works.

Lena says she was hoping to find Bianca there, which makes Evil Maggie come out and bring up that promise Lena made to stay away from Bianca. but Lena says Michael has gone for good, Bianca is safe, so the promise is moot.  Maggie disagrees even though Lena knows he’s a coward and won’t ever come back. While they chat, Lena keeps on looking at her shoes and the heels. Go on Lena, you know you want to do it. They’re sharp enough, she won’t feel any pain at all. REDRUM!

Maggie continues best friending, telling Lena that Bianca is not better and that what happened "will stay with [Bianca] a really long time." Redrum aside, I think it’s great that AMC finally remembered Maggie is Bianca’s best friend and is making an attempt to bring them closer together, but, please, kid Maggie telling Lena rape is not easy to get over? Really? No shit, Maggie.

Enchantment – The puppeteer is suffering a seizure and making Erica flail like I’ve never seen her flail before. She’s striking the Stop In The Name Of Love pose – which is surprisingly apt – and then takes it out on Kendall, because she’s there and, yeah, she’s there. Bianca wants her to leave, too, because she doesn’t think this concerns her. And it doesn’t, because Kendall is the product of her mother’s rape, so how could she possibly help?

Outside the office, Kendall listens as Erica tells Bianca that "this did not happen" to her and that she’s not going to have this baby, no, no, no and no. Also, no.

Jack’s Pad – Jack likes his theory better than Aiden's, especially the bit about Erica keeping all the important numbers in her date book – like the Glam O’ Rama's, where Jack goes for his pedicures.

Aiden makes a pretty good case for his theory but, Limey, there is something called chain of evidence so, good proof or not, that’s not going to be admissible in court, not even in Nigeria where they’re pretty quick with the stones.

Jack has a theory on Aiden’s theory, but it all goes to hell when I hear him say this:

Jack: "And just why is that Aiden, hum? Maybe to prove that Kendall was lying, that she didn’t sell out her mother and her sister and run off to Vegas and marry a drug-dealing rapist, is that it, baby?"

Baby! I understand, Jack, really: I do. I’m gay and even I think Aiden should act without a shirt. Also, weirdly enough, you can actually pull the baby thing off, and I admire that in a man.

Juan Pablo’s Suite – I certainly hope no one has ever had sex – or stubbed a toe, either one – in one of these rooms because they’re outfitted by Sprint’s pin. Ryan listens while Greenlee tells Juan Pablo she once opened up to Ryan but he was in love with someone else. Greenlee, are you saying you were screwed? By a man? A man you trusted? And your trust was misplaced? And he betrayed you? Meh.

Greenlee tells Juan Pablo she broke it off with Ryan while he was in jail, but Ryan’s flashback disagrees while Greenlee says trusting people is stupid because "they’ll lie to you every time." Oh, like you’re doing now?

Pine Valley Inn Bar – Beastmund and Ryan. Need I say more? They eat peanuts, they catch up, they bond. There, all done.

Enchantment – Kendall is on her knees, crying, still listening to Erica and Bianca. Bianca is sorry and says she wants to take care of Erica, but she won’t hear of it: she’s her mother and it’s her job to take care of her daughter and she’ll get around to it as soon as she’s done freaking out so, oh, 2 weeks to 3 years from now.

Erica thanks god every day because she has a daughter as good as Bianca; she doesn’t love anyone as much as that, not even - what’s her name…huh…you know, the one with the petals and the…oh, come on, it’s right on the tip of…the one with the curls!  Oh, nevermind.

Erica says it’s not true, Bianca is not pregnant, the lab mixed up the tests, it’s a mistake: Bianca will take other tests and she’ll see that she’s not pregnant, because the new tests will be magical and there will be a wand that will take care of VolderFetus.

Yeah, so I’m thinking Erica is pushing for an abortion. And that’s ok, except that she’s shoving it down Bianca’s throat without any degree of caring and thoughtfulness – which is how the choice issue should be discussed in this country, with shades of venom and accusations of godlessness, heresy and sin.  Brilliant.

Jack’s Pad – Anna is a very competent Chief and Jack’s just giddy sure that Aiden is interfering in an ongoing police investigation and she just won’t stand for that. Is that Doppelganger Anna?

Bianca calls and tells Jack that "she knows," and then tells Erica she wants to go home.

Erica: "Of course honey, whatever you want."

Except for choice over your life and body, but what’s that compared to being able to take the elevator up to the house? There are people in this world who have to take the stairs, young lady! And don’t look to your right: Kendall and her broken heart are there and we just cannot ruin this Voldemort bonding moment with that girl’s wacked emotions.

The Boathouse – Lena is right there: why are you giving me a close up of Maggie?

Lena: "If Bianca is in such bad shape, maybe I could help her. I don’t understand it, I know I could make her feel better, but you’re just not letting me, none of you are."

Thanks for saying that, ‘cause that reminds me of some fanwaking and fanspeculating I was going to do a while back and then decided not to. I do think Bianca’s choice not to see Lena must be respected and, at the same time, I understand Lena’s desire to help. In fact, I have no doubt she could help in ways no one else has, but – ugh, I hate to bring this up – if Bianca were straight and Lena were a male version of herself, would everyone work in concert to keep them separated? Would no one wonder, even for one minute, whether Bianca might need emotional nourishment of some sort? Maggie, with all the mistakes she has made while handling this, is fulfilling a very important role, but no one person can assume every role for another: it would be impossible and unfair. I don’t know that the straight vs. gay thing is even necessary to make the point, but this whole thing is just weird: everyone now knows why Bianca faked the break up with Lena, so to never mention her name, to not ever sound her out to see whether she could either see or speak with her now seems wrong and not a little selfish. We all want to be saviors, but our desires should not trump out common sense. And now I’m done.

Maggie: "If Bianca wanted to see you, I would make it happen."

You would? Did you ask her? Who are you, her jailor? Shut up.

Maggie: "Bianca doesn’t want you to be like this, she wants you to take her at her word and move on. The best thing that you could do right now is for you to be happy. You have a great job, …"

Maggie, are you fucking stoned? Lena should move on and be happy, thereby, in some perverse way, making all of Bianca’s stupid assumptions become true? Are you stupid or something? What part of "I love her" do you now understand?

Lena: "You think I can go to work right now as though nothing had happened? Maggie, I don’t care about my job."

That’s what smart and caring and loving looks like. Learn, Maggie.

BFF’s cell rings; Lena tries to grab it because she knows Bianca’s on the other end, but Maggie stops her and says: "Lena, no!" Oh for all that is holy and I can throw at you: she’s not a dog, Maggie! Trying to get the phone was not a good idea, but come on! Clomp away, you twit.

The Penthouse – Erica says there is no need to panic: David will run that pregnancy test again (you’re feeling veeeery sleepy) and again (you’re veeeery relaxed) until the result proves negative (you won’t be feeling any pain) and the whole pregnancy thing will be forgotten (at the sound of three, you’ll wake up, feeling veeeery relaxed. Ignore that scar. Oh, and you’re not gay).

Jack walks in; Erica informs him that it’s not true, but he just looks at her and well, that’s better than any test, because now she knows it’s true.

BFF arrives, sorry Erica now knows and ready to distract her with her tote bag.

Enchantment – Crouching Kendall spots Ryan walking toward her – but it turns out that’s Illusiyan and the guy really is Boyd – with a new haircut and a shirt he made from Lena’s Marine dress.

He’s worried that Ryan might have spotted her in Vegas and maybe ruined their plan, but Kendall is under the impression he didn’t see her so she thinks all is peachy – Erica’s new hatred for her notwithstanding.

So. Was Boyd StandaMichael?

Juan Pablo’s Suite – Mary knocks and Greenlee makes a beeline for the closet – again.

Juan Pablo has a plan: he tells Mary he has to go back to Buenos Aires and would love it if she were to go with him.  He wants her to run away with him because he wants to share his "war" with her. World, I mean: world. And it’s Springtime in Argentina. Spring? Whuh? Mary just wants a drink.

She thinks Guan Pablow’s plan is great, but she’s torn because Greenlee needs her and she likes it. Also, she’s a practical woman and wonders what will happen once Guan tires of her, but he assures her it won’t happen and, well, his family will just love her. Love, love, love. Oh, how fabulous! Mary will sleep on him – it, IT! – and will let him know in the morning.

Greenlee steps out, wanting to go home, but Juan Pablo convinces her to stay and play Baccarat with him. I used to play that with my cousins during the holidays and always took them to the cleaners. I was such a good sport about it, too: I never failed to mention how much they sucked at it.

Juan Pablo tells her not to be sad – and she manages to find the silver lining: should her mother turn out to be the biggest liar this side of Kissinger, she’ll have the father she’s always wanted.

Enchantment – Kendall keeps on saying "a child of rape" and manages to piss off Boyd before I get annoyed with it – but that’s only because he thinks she’s talking about herself and I know she’s talking about Bianca. And now he knows, too, and gets mad. I think it’s kind of funny that everyone is getting mad because Michael’s wigglies weren’t, hum, blanks.

Anyway – Kendall’s done something with Boyd’s help and, whatever it was, one day her family will thank her for it. Here’s to hoping Maggie won’t get in your way.

In front of an older poster of a younger Erica – and, by god, they look so alike it’s eerie – Kendall muses that she "was trying to save them, don’t they know that?"

The Penthouse – Bianca’s not sure that she can lean on her mother because she’s unstable and prone to histrionics; Jack won’t have any of this new batch of crap and tells her he’ll take care of Erica while she takes care of herself.  She's beginning to feel pregnant and hates it – and also hates the fact she only has about two weeks left to decide what to do about VolderFetus. Maggie walks in with tea for Erica and announces she’ll "take care" of Bianca – and if, by care, she means keeping Bianca away for some of those who love her and not ever mentioning their names, then I guess that’s what she’s doing. And, good grief, that’s a huge pot! Maggie, why did you take out a soup pot for the tea?

The Last Scenes – Or The Celine Montage – Google says this song is Celine Dion’s Stand By Your Side. While she sings...

I cry and you comfort me
I'm lost and you hear my scream
So it's hard to watch you falling
When you run so deep in me
You live in me

...Jack walks into Erica’s bedroom.

Gonna stand by your side now
let me kiss all your tears away
You can stay in my arms now
And I know I can make you believe again

...Greenlee wins at Baccarat and hugs a smiling Juan Pablo.

I walk but you can run through fire
I search for reasons and baby you inspire
But I know somebody hurt you
And I know you really need a friend
Well you can take my hand

...Edmund leaves Ryan to his brooding and his drink.

Gonna stand by your side now
Let me kiss all your tears away
You can stay in my arms now
And I know I can make you believe again

...Boyd comes back, wipes away Kendall’s tears and sits next to her.

When you feel like you can't go on
Don't you know
You never walk alone no
And you live in me

...Lena cries and acts with the boathouse.

Gonna stand by your side now
Let me kiss all your tears away
You can stay in my arms now
And I know I can make you believe again

...On the Pac Man couch, Maggie straighthugs a crying Bianca.

I'm gonna stand, stand by your side
Kiss all your tears away tonight
I'm gonna stand, stand by your side
Make you believe again
I wanna look in your eyes now
and see you smiling again

...Jack sits on the bed next to Erica; she touches his shoulder, he kisses her hand and lies next to her.

Well. This was all very…meaningful.

THIS WEEK ON AMC: Kendall has money and power; Tad leans in to kiss Liza; David thinks he and Anna are on the same side; Ryan makes his way inside Michael’s condo; Mary has an answer for Juan Pablo.


sno ball
Boy, way to use Olga today. Oddly, with the Magena scene, I almost felt as though we were watching a condensed version of the debate we had a few weeks ago about whether Lena was being handled differently in this rape storyline than a male significant other would be handled in any other storyline. Lena's all, "let me freaking see her!" and Maggie's all, "if she wanted to see you, I would." I think the point is still valid that if Bianca had a boyfriend from whom she retreated after being raped, all of Pine Valley would be trying to convince her to see him and find a way to heal.

Icky moments: Maggie telling Lena "no!" like a bad puppy or uppity toddler; Lena crying alone as the cheesetastic "I'll help you" song played over the montage. I liked the montage a lot, actually--Greens and JP made me happy, because I'm a sucker--but the song was eeech.

Memo to enthusiastic "we're trying to tell a story" music man from AMC: your music was getting in the way of the dialogue today. Did anybody feel like the volume on the music overlays was just maybe a notch or two above normal today? Or should I invest in a Beltone?

New and interesting facts gleaned from today's episode. Lena has a "great job." Binky would want her to be happy - by working really hard at that great job! I have concluded that Olga and Liz have absolutely no chemistry together. It doesn't help that they're repeating earlier scenes or that the dialogue is clunky. The point of having Lena on today was...I'm not sure. There's something squicky about having Maggie deliver "I'm responsible and grownup and you're not worthy of being near Bianca" lines to Lena. But Olga in black pants with pockets - yeah, nice outfit as usual. Olga has now added the entire boathouse to her list of costars like box, door, etc.

Funny how Maggie played keep away with that phone! BWAH! They are reading Lirin's stuff. I think they want to keep Lena supercouple-apart miserable and isolated... But, she needs dialogue to show that. Hence, another 'let me see my Bianka" scene with gatekeeper Maggie. Meh. Lena crying alone scene at the end was far more poigniant. RIP my heart OUT! And Bianca alone on the couch is more moving than Bianca and Maggie. So, for at least today... Maggie just drags a scene down. Sorry Liz. Its true. You need a storyline of your own.

Greens' please seduce my mommy Juan plot is lame.

Boyd is involved in the Kendall plot! This actually surprised me. And he looks more gay today. Sound impossible? No... its TRUE!

My thoughts on today's show? Kendall broke my heart today. (sniffle) Damn her. Also, I guess Bianca was right to be nervous about telling Erica. Eek, Erica lost it. Lena should pitch Maggie in the lake. It wouldn't kill Mags and would probably make Lena feel better, so everyone would be a winner. I'm still having trouble warming up to a Greens/Mumbles romance. He's better than Carlos but still....

Funny, Myst. I was just saying in the SS that it would've been less moving but more satisfying to see Lena push Maggie right in the river after that, "move on" remark. Maggie? meh. Thank god you are going to be a doctor and not a therapist!

I would love to list ALL of Olga's recent co-stars:

Door - Best scene with a door EVAAA!
Rat poison

The Maggie/Lena thing wouldn't bug me at all if I thought they were setting the two up to be enemies but I don't think they are. I have no idea what they are trying to set up, actually. My best guess, as to the sidelining of Lena, is that they don't have the inclination or space (in their deluded thinking) to work Lianca into this SL, so they are just trotting out Lena on occasion to let us know she's still involved. (shrug) Who knows. I'm focusing on the positive that with this SL inching along that soon they will clear some space and get moving on Lianca. I shudder to think how it will play out though. I'd rather no Lianca than bad Lianca. Whatever. (happythoughtshappythoughts)

Lena should have used her heels and gone REDRUM on Maggie's *ss.

ETA: I'm as baffled as you are with the Lena/Maggie moments: I thought they were trying to rebuild the Best Friendship Ever, so...WTF?

Irrefutable proof that Boyd is gay -- he wasn't the slightest bit fazed when Kendall put her hands all over his body today.

Olga looks awsome in black. Please bring back airport day hair, though. For the love of god!

Maggie's top? BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Horrid.

Well I can resist Boyd being on, but a music montage of Lena weeping to Celine Dion is just plain wrong and out of character. Unless she wanted to make the music stop. The HPF should have much better taste than that and would only listen to slinky chantueses.

Olga did the best job of all the cries. It looked real! Bawling Lena makes the baby Jesus cry. Eden obviously has no more cries left in her bag. Maggie talking to Lena like she was a puppy that peed on the carpet was so offensive that I officially hate her character now. What next? Maggie hits Lena on the nose with a rolled up newspaper? Lena could barely even look at Maggie... and I feel the same. Celine Dion... Yick.

At this point I wouldn't mind if Lena cursed Maggie and podBianca in Polish and went off for a nice relaxing three way with Boyd and Aidan. To paraphrase ERRP I'm starting to think her Bianca is not worthy of our Lena.

I agree about the Maggie/Lena scene, it was pretty awful (plot wise). I also agree that if Bianca had a boyfriend she would be encouraged to turn to him.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Because Lena's storyline is so sad, she does not appear in the parody.

Juan Pablo and Greenlee talked about Mary.
Greenlee: I just don't know who to trust. If I knew for sure that my mother would choose you over me then I would know that Jack really cares about me.
Juan Pablo: I am sorry. I know my English isn't good sometimes but haven't we had this conversation many times over the last few days?
Greenlee: Deal with it. I have a great idea. Why don't we set my mother up? You call her over and seduce her and I'll hide in the closet.
Juan Pablo: But we did that already.
Greenlee: Then lets do it again. I have to know if I can trust her or not.
Greenlee: That's strange. That looks like the back of Ryan's head going down the hall. I heard his arm was spotted out in the desert around Vegas but I didn't think he was back in Pine Valley.
Juan Pablo: Who is this Ryan?
Greenlee: He's a guy that I basically stalked even though he was in love with someone else. I lied and schemed and tricked him but for some reason he never fell for me. He was just another person in my life I couldn't trust. Now call my mother and I'll go hide in the closet.
Juan Pablo: Ay carumba. Mary my little turtledove. Run away with me to Argentina.
Mary: You can't be serious.
Juan Pablo: Actually I am. I'm getting very bored with my storyline here.
Mary: I just don't think I can leave my daughter.
Juan Pablo: I am incredibly rich.
Mary: I'll have to sleep on it.
Greenlee: So she has to think about it. If she says she'll go with you then I'll know she doesn't care about me.
Juan Pablo: And you'll know that Jack does.
Greenlee: Not really. But I have a great idea. You dress up in a wig and an evening gown. Call yourself Juanita Pablita and seduce Jack. Of course you'll need to shave your legs first but if you do that then I'll know I can trust you. Then if Jack falls for you I'll know he doesn't love me.
Juan Pablo: Ayiyiyiyi!

Ryan ran into Edmund down at the bar.
Edmund: Ryan! What are you doing back in town?
Ryan: I'm involved in the Michael Cambias storyline.
Edmund: Isn't everyone? Guess what? Maria came back from the dead.
Ryan: I know. I ran into her at the cemetary. I don't suppose Gillian's come
back from the dead has she?
Edmund: No. Sorry.
Ryan: I know it's not very likely since I gave her heart to Laura but with this show you never know. Anyway, please don't tell anyone I'm back. I don't want anyone to know I'm in town.
Edmund: Then do you think it's wise to be having drinks in the Valley Inn bar?
Ryan: I think it's safe. It's not like its the boathouse.

Lena ran into Maggie at the boathouse.
Lena: I came here hoping to run into Bianca but she isn't here. No one's here.
Maggie: Sorry. The boathouse just isn't as popular as it used to be. Everyone hangs out at Michael's condo now.
Lena: But they won't find him. He's gone for good.
Maggie: How do you know?
Lena: No reason.
Maggie: That's the same reason Reggie had. I wonder if you two are working together.
Lena: I don't think so. I seem to be doomed to be alone right now.

Aidan went to see Jack.
Aidan: Look whot Oi found at Moichal's.
Jack: A baggie?
Aidan: Erica's dite book. That means Erica was at is condo.
Jack: So?
Aidan: So mighbe she planted the drugs. Or mighbe she killed im. Or mighbe she drugged im and someone else killed im.
Jack: Look Aidan, Anna is a wonderful chief of police. I know she'll solve this without your help ...Bwahahahahahaha! Sorry, I just couldn't say that with a straight face.....Just what's your interest in all this?
Aidan: Oi ave to know whot appened to that rotter Moichal. It's droiving me crizy.

Erica was distraught.
Erica: No! No! No!
Kendall: Let me help you.
Erica: No! You can't help me! You married that creature! .....OK, time out here. Up until now it seemed pretty obvious that I knew Kendall couldn't have really married Michael. Now I'm having a major meltdown and I seem to be convinced she did marry him. Am I still pretending even while I'm having hysterics or do I really think she married him? And if I think she married him then what exactly did I do that night at the condo? I'm so confused.
Lizzie: You're confused? I just had to tear up three days worth of flow charts.


Maggie: Lena, I thought you promised me you were going to stay away from Bianca.

Lena: If Bianca is in such bad shape, maybe I could help her. I don't understand it. I know I could make her feel better. You're just not letting me. None of you are.

Maggie: You know, you have a great job --
Lena: You think I can go to work right now as though nothing had happened? Maggie, I don't care about my job.

Maggie: Lena, no.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Erica finds out Bianca is pregnant by Michael (no Lena)]

[amc030909a starts]
Erica: No.
Kendall: You're pregnant?
Kendall: Oh, God. Oh, God. Michael did this to you. Oh, God.
Erica: Oh, no, no, no! No, no, no!

***** (clip b) [Maggie finds Lena at the Boathouse]

[amc030909b starts]
Lena: Bianca? Oh.
Maggie: No, it's just me.
Lena: I was hoping to find Bianca here.
Maggie: Lena, I thought you promised me you were going to stay away from Bianca.
Lena: Everything's changed now, Maggie. Michael's gone for good. Bianca's safe.
Maggie: Oh, we don't know that for certain.
Lena: I know Michael, ok? He's a coward. You'll never see him in this town ever again.
Maggie: That's a really great thing to hope for, but you really shouldn't take it for granted. Bianca sure isn’t.
Lena: How is she? Is she any better? I know what happened to her was horrific, but I was hoping that maybe with time she would find a way to --
Maggie: Lena, you have to understand that what has happened to Bianca is going to remain with her for a very long time.

***** (clip c) [Bianca and Kendall try to talk Erica down (no Lena)]

[amc030909c starts]
Erica: No! No!
Kendall: Let me help you --
Erica: Get your hands off me! Bianca, this cannot happen. This cannot happen to you. No, not this. Not this. Not this.
Kendall: Mother, please -- mother, please, calm down.
Erica: You shut your filthy mouth! You married that animal!
Bianca: Stay away from her now. You can't help her now.
Kendall: No, Bianca, I need to help her.
Bianca: It's not about you, Kendall. Please, just get out of here. Mom, it's ok. Please --
Erica: Bianca -- Bianca, this didn't happen. This is not going to happen to you. You are not going to have a baby. My God, you were raped. You are not going to have his baby.

***** (clip d) [Erica cannot believe that Bianca is pregnant (no Lena)]

[amc030909d starts]
Kendall: A child of rape?
Bianca: Ok, listen, Mom. I just want you to sit down and listen to me. I love you. I am so sorry, but I am going to take care of you.
Erica: Oh, honey, no, no, no. I have to take care of you. I love you. I thank God every day for sending me a daughter like you, so sweet and so loving and so good. You're the only person in the world I love so completely. I couldn't live without you. You are all that matters to me -- only you; and I don't want you to worry about anything because this can't be happening to you. No, this can't; and we will fix it. We will make it all go away.
Bianca: Mom --
Erica: You trust me, honey. Trust me. This is a mistake. This is a huge, unfortunate mistake. The tests are wrong. Obviously, they're wrong. I mean, it was a mix-up, and you'll see. Somehow, you got the wrong results; but you'll take other tests, and then you'll see. Everything will be fine, honey. Everything will be fine. I won't let this happen. I won't allow this to happen to you.

***** (clip e) [Lena and Maggie almost wrestle over a phone]

[amc030909e starts]
Lena: If Bianca is in such bad shape, maybe I could help her. I don't understand it. I know I could make her feel better. You're just not letting me. None of you are.
Maggie: Look, if Bianca wanted to see you, I would make it happen, Lena.
Lena: You would?
Maggie: Yes.
Maggie: Bianca doesn't want you to be like this. She wants you to take her at her word and move on. The best thing that you could do for her right now is for you to be happy. You know, you have a great job --
Lena: You think I can go to work right now as though nothing had happened? Maggie, I don't care about my job.
[Phone rings]
Maggie: Hi. Are you -- yeah? Ok. No, no, no, I'm not busy at all.
Lena: Is that her?
Maggie: Ok, no, I'll see you soon.
Lena: Bianca -- Bianca!
Maggie: Lena, no.
[Maggie leaves]

***** (clip f) [Montage to Celine Dion song which includes Lena crying]

[amc030909f-inc1 & amc030909f.rm starts ]

(Erica gets into bed. Jack covers her gently, and she smiles)
Singer: I cry and you comfort me I’m lost and you hear my scream so it's hard to watch you fallin' when you run so deep in me you live in me
[amc0909f-inc1 ends]
(Greenlee laughs at her win and hugs Juan Pablo; he hands her a snifter of brandy with a smile.)
Gonna stand by your side now let me kiss all your tears away you can stay in my arms now and I know I can make you believe again
(Ryan and Edmund shake hands and say goodnight. Ryan downs his drink and looks thoughtful as the bar lights go down for the night.)
I walk but you can run through fire I search for reasons and, baby, you inspire but I know somebody hurt you
Singers: And I know you really need a friend
Singer: You can take my hand
[amc030909f-inc3 starts]
(Boyd comes back and touches Kendall’s shoulder. He sits beside her on the floor, and she rests her head on his shoulder.)
Gonna stand by your side now let me kiss all your tears away you can stay in my arms now and I know I can make you believe again
[amc030909c-inc4 starts]
(Lena sits alone at the boathouse and cries.)
Singer: When you're feelin' like you can't go on don't you know you never walk alone no you live in me
[amc030909f-inc3 ends]
(Maggie holds Bianca in her arms as she cries.)
Singer: When you're feelin' like you can't go on don't you know you never walk alone no you live in me
(Jack turns out the light, and Erica reaches out to comfort him. He lies down on top of the covers, and they hold each other.)
Singers: Gonna stand by your side now let me kiss all your tears away you can stay in my arms now and I know I can make you believe again I’m gonna stand
Singer: Oh
Singers: Stand by your side
Singer: Ooh
Singers: Kiss all your tears away
Singer: I want to stand I want to stand by your side
Singers: I'm gonna stand
Singer: Wanna look in your eyes now
Singers: Stand by your side make you believe again
Singer: See you smilin' smilin' see you smilin' again


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030909a.mpg (6.7m; 0:39) Erica finds out Bianca is pregnant by Michael (no Lena)
amc030909b.mpg (10.7m; 1:03) Maggie finds Lena at the Boathouse
amc030909c.mpg (8.1m; 0:47) Bianca and Kendall try to talk Erica down (no Lena)
amc030909d.mpg (17.5m; 1:43) Erica cannot believe that Bianca is pregnant (no Lena)
amc030909e.mpg (13.6m; 1:20) Lena and Maggie almost wrestle over a phone
amc030909f.rm (16.7m; 3:31) Complete montage and Celine Dion song which includes Lena crying in RM format
amc030909f-inc1.mpg (5.7m; 0:38) Erica & Jack in song montage (no Lena)
amc030909f-inc3.mpg (8.4m; 0:49) Boyd, Kendall, and Lena in song montage
amc030909f-inc4.mpg (11.9m; 1:21) Lena, maggie, Bianca, Jack, and Erica in song montage

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