Whoosh! Don't be so hard on yourself Kendall, you are sort of nice to with me even when are yelling at me or calling me a selfish ingrate
Lena is trying her darndest
to become Kendall's new best friend

Lena Kundera

October 8, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/09/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Kendall Hart
Boyd Larraby


Lena explains her risky plan to bring down Ryan; Kendall vetoes it when she finds out Fusion will be harmed by it; Kendall tells Lena to think of another plan; while telling Kendall about another plan, Boyd interrupts their plotting, and Lena leaves; later, Boyd and Lena remove some boxes while Maggie's flashback of two figures carrying out what looks like a body from Michael's condo is in permanent replay.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Knowing how much it would hurt Mia, Simone and Greenlee, Kendall dismisses Lena's idea of how to defeat Ryan.

From About All My Children

Kendall asks, “Okay, so this will bring Fusion, Enchantment and Chandler Enterprises out of Ryan’s grip?” Lena says it will take about 6 months, but Ryan will never see it coming. Kendall thinks that sounds promising. Lena notes it’s a drastic measure and won’t win her any friends, but it will get her exactly what she wants. They’ll bring each company to the brink of bankruptcy, causing major layoffs and cutbacks, and then persuade Ryan to sign them over to Kendall before he has to take responsibility for the fallout. Kendall questions, after that happens, if Lena’s sure they can get the companies back to the way they were before? Lena assures her the only thing she stands to lose is Ryan Lavery, “You do want Ryan Lavery out of your life, don’t you?” Kendall agrees she does, but explains that she doesn’t really give a damn about what happens to Erica or Adam, but she can’t do it to Fusion; those women are her partners and her friends. She agrees she and Greenlee had a falling out, but she knows they’ll make up, and they have the party on Friday for the new Face of Fusion—she won’t trash that, or the few friendships that she has. Lena reminds Kendall that she extended herself for her when nobody else would have, but Ms. Hart gruffly says she did it for Bianca. Lena insists she can be kind, just like Bianca, but Kendall just wants her to find another way to hit Ryan where it hurts.

As they discuss vulnerable areas, Boyd arrives and asks if he’s interrupting? Kendall asks Lena to give them a minute, once Lena is gone...

Maggie recalls taking the gun from her purse, and ducking behind a bush when she saw two black-clad figures carrying what could have been a body. As she relives that night, we see Kendall nod to Boyd; he and Lena bend to move some boxes, and their movements make us wonder… At the loft, Jack and Reggie also bend to move some boxes, and again we wonder…And, at the park, David bends to retrieve his cell phone. As he calls Erica and says they really need to talk, we wonder all the more…

From Soap Slut

Lena's scathingly brilliant idea is a plan to bring all three companies to the brink of bankrupcy so Ryan won't want them anymore. Kendall doesn't mind that idea for Enchantment or Chandler Enterprises but she doesn't want to fuck with Fusion that way. She tells Lena to keep thinking.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Jack is conflicted.
  • Maggie remembers.
  • Kendall is caught.
  • Aiden is confused.
  • Lena is back.

The Set-Up – Jack wants the truth and, d*** it, he’ll stomp his foot to prove that he does.

At S.O.S., someone tells Bianca she has to do the karaoke thing. Hey, day player: did you not hear Eden sing at the Daytime Emmys? ‘Cause it was atrocious.

At Corporate Sharks ‘R Us, Lena has the hottest plan that ever hotted: Fusion, Chandler Enterprises and Enchantment will be in Kendall’s hands and out of Ryan's within six months. "Ryan will never see it coming," Lena says: she’ll bring the companies to the brink of bankruptcy, massive lay offs will follow, they’ll offer to buy out the companies before Ryan can be blamed and then Lena, with her fabulous gay brain, will restore health, wealth and happiness.

Lena: "You do want Ryan Lavery out of your life, don’t you?"

Sounding ominous is sexy on you, Lena.

In the deepest, darkest recesses of hell, FrankenLavery is doing push ups again. Without a shirt. McHack, if you had just made Ryan the pool boy, we would have been elated with Mary Polanski’s attempts at seduction and he’d have had a real reason to be shirtless.

Greenlee interrupts the workout to punch him, but gets hurt when she hits his abs – because they’re abs of steel! Get it? Steel! Feh.

Corporate Sharks ‘R Us – Kendall is ready to drive Chandler Enterprises and Enchantment to the ground, but she wants to spare Fusion because she has no friends and, well, Simone and Greenlee scare the crap out of her.

The 5th Circle Of Hell – Ryan makes a joke abut Greenlee’s height - well, lack of it, actually. I want him to die: is that a sin?

S.O.S. – Bianca thinks Aiden should let the police handle the Cambias case and wants him to stop ruining her appetite.

Bianca: "There’s no way that my Uncle Jack would let anyone go to jail for something that they didn’t do."

That line is just atrocious, isn’t it? And not just because of the criminal grammar.

Bianca: "I’m gonna go talk to Dan: he asked me to review his English paper and it’s unreadable."
"Why, is it a bad disc?"

Oh! A joke! Here’s a cookie.

"No, worse: bad writing."

Did McTavish write Dan’s paper?

Maggie, Lasher In Chief, chides Aiden for having the audacity to talk about Michael in Bianca's presence, then says she’d "do anything for [Bianca]," like make popcorn necklaces and macaroni houses.

The Park – David admits that his gun was fired the night Cambias disappeared, but won’t tell Jack who pulled the trigger: why do that when he can intimate he and Erica have canoodled while Jack was busy being the Worst D.A. ever?

Jack fakes a turn and punches David. Gee, Jack: coward much? Once he’s alone with Tad, Jack chintrembles that he doesn’t seem to have a hold on his temper anymore and his life blows. Hey, look on the bright side: at least Erica’s AWOL.

The 5th Circle Of Hell – Greenlee discovers that ice is cold. The shock is so devastating that she realizes Juan Pablo left her because she’d rather "fight for Fusion that be with him," but she can still blame Ryan because he’s an annoying freak.

S.O.S. – Maggie tells Bianca that knowing about the rape made her "extremely angry," which we’d all believe if Elizabeth bothered to change her facial expression once in a while. Anyway – her anger turned to frustration when Michael wasn’t charged and that’s when she decided that "something had to be done and Michael Cambias needed to die."

Bianca: "Oh my god. What did you do, Maggie?"
Maggie: "I got a gun and I went to Michael Cambias’ condo."

Did you use it? Did it backfire?

The Jack Is An *ss Montage – Park!Jack agrees that "Michael Cambias got exactly what he deserved," which jeopardizes not only the investigation, but his integrity; Courtroom!Jack, on the other hand, tells reporters that the Cambias murder investigation will not be biased and the murderer, whomever he or she is, will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Jack, you’re a deeply conflicted man, I can see that. Popcorn?

Corporate Sharks ‘R Us – Lena points to her legal pad and tells Kendall that "this is a vulnerable area, right here," which confuses Kendall because all she can see is yellow paper. Before Lena can explain the finer points of minesweeper, Boyd walks in and tells Kendall that his mission was a success but, before we can figure out what the hell they’re talking about, Aiden walks in and tells Kendall that Maggie saw something the night Michael was murdered. He’s now more convinced that ever that Kendall not only didn’t kill Michael, but is protecting the person who did.

Kendall: "Why, Aiden, why do you even care?"
Aiden: "Because I love you."

So that’s what an "oh, s***" look looks like!

S.O.S. – Maggie tells Bianca that, even though she drove to Michael’s condo and had the water gun in her purse, she couldn’t bring herself to commit murder, get arrested and disappear from her story line.

The Last Scenes – At Corporate Sharks ‘R Us, Kendall plays off Aiden’s oopsie love confession, then admits that she’s covering for the person whom she thinks might have killed Michael. They all seem to be covering for someone, so I have a new theory: Michael killed himself.

At S.O.S., Bianca doesn’t want to know whom Maggie saw at Michael’s condo and runs out. Maggie is left alone with her black and white memories of that night, which she rewinds over and over again: two people, both dressed in black ops black, pick up something and carry it out of Michael’s condo.

Two people, both dressed in black ops black, pick up something and carry it out of Michael’s condo; Lena and Boyd carry 2 boxes out of Kendall’s office.

Two people, both dressed in black ops black, pick up something and carry it out of Michael’s condo; Reggie and Jack fill 2 boxes with clothes and carry them elsewhere.

Two people, both dressed in black ops black, pick up something and carry it out of Michael’s condo; David, back at the park, finds his cell, picks it up and calls Erica. Dude, where’s your box? And Maggie, please: change the tape.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Kendall, Greenlee, Mia and Simone fantasize about their sexiest men.


This commentary is by K. Faygen.

Coming soon!


This parody is by LizzieT.

Greenlee went to Ryan's hotel room.
Greenlee: Let me in Ryan. I brought you something.
Ryan: What?
Greenlee: A nice knuckle sandwich. ::whack:::: Ouch! Now why would I try to hit you in the stomach?
Ryan: So the camera could focus on my abs again. What do you want Greenlee?
Greenlee: I want to talk about why you're ruining my life. Why did you come back to town Ryan?
Ryan: You mean besides to do scenes of shirtless push-ups? I came to prove that Alexander was right. I have what it takes to succeed. Now why are you here?
Greenlee: I want to talk about how you wrecked my relationship with Juan Pablo.
Ryan: I don't think we should. Lizzie's taking allergy medicine and it's making her sleepy. She might miss something important.
Greenlee: In our scenes? Are you kidding?

Aidan took Bianca and Maggie out for drinks.
Bianca: It's really nice to have a break and relax.
Aidan: Oi'm sure it is. So let's tawk about Moichal and the noit e disappeared. Whot dew yew know?
Bianca: Why are you involved in this? You're not with the PVPD.
Aidan: Oi'm troing to elp Kendall. Yew don't wont er to be accused of murder dew yew? Oi think Dighvid migh ave killed im.
Bianca: David wouldn't do that.
Aidan: Whoi dew yew sigh that?
Bianca: I don't know. Maybe I just like David too much to believe he would kill someone. Maybe I think if he did it then my mother had to be involved. Or maybe I did it and blocked it out and my subconcious just reacted to the idea that someone else would be blamed.
Maggie: I don't believe you Aidan. I thought I told you to forget about who murdered Michael. Let the police solve it.
Aidan: But justice is me loif.
Bianca: I think I'll just join those people over there. They may only be day players but they're more fun than you two.
Aidan: Maggie, yew can tell me whot yew know. Oi won't go tew the police. We're family.
Maggie: I don't know anything. It's not like I saw something that night that could be a part of a police investigation or anything.

Lena and Kendall discuss a way to defeat Ryan.
Lena: You could bring Chandler, Fusion, and Enchantment all to the verge of bankruptcy. With your knowledge of running several multi-national companies that shouldn't take long. Then Ryan wouldn't want them anymore and would sell them to you cheap.
Kendall: How exactly would that help me?
Lena: I could help you salvage each company after you had full ownership. Of course in the meantime you would have caused massive layoffs and probably brought the economy of this small coastal city in Pennsylvannia to a screeching halt but I'm sure that wouldn't bother you.
Kendall: No, it wouldn't. Except for the Fusion part. After the stupid Sexiest Man contest I don't want the company to suffer anymore.
Lena: You are truly a good person Kendall. You just hide it very well.
Boyd: Kendall, may I speak with you?
Kendall: Boyd! I'm so glad to see you. I wasn't sure if you were still on the show.
Boyd: I snuck in the back door of the studio.
Aidan: Oi need to speak with yew Kendall.
Kendall: Bye Boyd.
Boyd: ::sigh::: Two minutes of screen time and I'm back off camera.
Brooke: Tell me about it. You want to go out and have drinks at the Backburner Cafe?
Maria: You'll like it here. Every night is karoke night.
Marion: Try the quesidillas darling. They're divine.
Aidan: Maggie saw something the noit Moichal disappeared.
Kendall: What?
Aidan: Oi don't know. Oi'm going to tell Derek and let im question er. Of course Oi told er that we were family and she cewd tell me anything but Oi guess Oi can't be trusted from one scene to the next.
Kendall: Why are you doing this Aidan?
Aidan: Becawse Oi love yew Kendall. Oi moit even love yew the wigh Oi used to love Mowreen. Oi just ope it turns out better for me this toim.
Kendall: I just hope we don't end up going on some lame location shoot. I have enough problems.

Jack confronted David in the park.
Jack: Tell me what you and Erica did.
David: Do you want me to start with the episode where she put my hand in a vice?
Jack: No. Just tell me what you did the night Michael disappeared. Did Erica fire your gun?
David: :::smirk:::That depends. Which gun do you mean?:::smirk::::
Jack: Argghhhh!::::whack::::biff:::::crunch::::::
David: :::zumpf:::::smash:::::pow:::::
Tad: Hold it right there. What's going on here?
David: He's just jealous because Erica would rather commit a murder with me than with him.
Jack: I don't know what's going on with me Tad. I'm supposed to uphold the law but lately I've been slipping. I've overlooked things a DA shouldn't overlook but if I enforce the law then I might have to investigate people I care about. I don't know what to do.
Tad: Maybe you should recuse yourself from the case.
Jack: Are you nuts? And give up being in the only real storyline in town?
Tad: I guess you're right. The only reason I came to the park tonight was that I was hoping someone would need a detective to investigate the case. Just talking to Jamie about my sex life isn't exactly the storyline dream of a lifetime.

Maggie had a confession for Bianca.
Maggie: There's something I haven't told you.
Bianca: Then you should tell me now. People shouldn't keep secrets.
Maggie: I bought a gun and went to Michael's condo.
Bianca: Hold it a second. Let me get my flow chart out. So you're the one who killed him? Hmmm, I have you down as number 10. I'd better rework my data.
Maggie: No, I didn't kill him. I just stood in the courtyard waiting for the rest of the cast to show up. I think I saw who killed Michael Cambias.
Bianca: I don't want to hear this after all.
Maggie: But I have to tell someone.
Bianca: Then tell the audience in a flashback. And be sure to use black and white. It's more mysterious that way.
Maggie: OK.::::flashback to two people carrying something::::bending to lift it better:::::
Lizzie: Wait! Let me write this down. Both people dressed all in black. Both appear to be tall and slim though it's hard to tell - black does make you look thinner. Hmmm.
:::Boyd and Lena lift a box
::::Jack and Reggie bend to lift something
::::David bends to find his cell phone
Maggie: Wait a minute. How did these people get into my flashback?


I guess this means we are on speaking terms again now that we have just been implicated in a murder together

Boyd and Lena sure do work awfully well together


***** (clip a) [Lena tells Kendall about the risky plan]

[amc031008a starts]
[In Kendall's secret world headquarters]
Kendall: Okay, so this will bring Fusion, Enchantment, and Chandler Enterprises out of Ryan's grip?
Lena: It will take about six months, but Ryan will never see it coming.
Kendall: Hmmm, sounds promising.
Lena: Well, it's a drastic measure and it won't win you any friends but it'll get you exactly what you want.
Kendall: So we bring each company to the brink of bankruptcy causing major layoffs and cut-backs
Lena: And then persuade Ryan to sign them over to you before he has to take responsbility for the fall out.
Kendall: And after he does that, are you sure you can get the companies back to the way they were?
Lena: The only thing you stand to lose here is Ryan. [pregnant pause] You do want Ryan Lavery out of your life, don't you?

***** (clip b) [Kendall vetoes the plan because it involves trashing Fusion]

[amc031008b starts]
[Back to the KendallCave]
Kendall: Of course I want Ryan out of my life.
Lena: Good. I'll get straight to work.
Kendall: No wait, Lena. Don't. Look, I really don't give a d*** what happens to Adam or Erica. It'd almost be fun destroying their companies, and they deserve it. But not Fusion. I can't do it to them because those women are my partners and my friends.
Lena: I thought that you and Greenlee had a falling out.
Kendall: Well, we did, but I know we'll make up. Besides, we have thie huge party on Friday announcing the winner of our sexy man contest. He's going to be the new face of Fusion. I won't trash that or the few friendships I have.
Lena: You extended yourself to me when nobody else would.
Kendall: I did that for Bianca. and I hired you because you are good at your job.
Lena: And now you don't want to double cross your friends.
Kedall: Have you ever seen Simone or Greenlee angry?
Lena: You can be kind, Kendall. Just like Bianca.
Kendall: Look, Lena, I'm not doing this with you, okay? You want to be imporessive, stop analyzing me and come up with another way to hit Ryan where it hurts.

***** (clip c) [Boyd interrupts Lena and Kendall's plotting]

[amc031008b starts]
[Back to the KendallCave]
[Kendall and Lena are looking at a pad of paper]
Lena: See, this is the vulnerable area right here.
Kendall: O'kay, tell me why.
Lena: Well --
[Boyd comes into the room]
Kendall: Boyd
Boyd: Uh, sorry, am I interrupting?
Kendall: No, not at all. Lena, would you give us a minute?
Lena: No problem. Nice to see you again Boyd.
Boyd: Me too, Lena.
[Lena leaves the room]

***** (clip d) [Boyd and Lena remove some boxes while Maggie's flashback of two figures carrying out something from Michael's condo is in permanent replay.]

[amc031008d-inc starts]
[No speaking: Boyd and Lena remove some boxes while Maggie's flashback of two figures carrying out something from Michael's condo is in permanent replay.]


I have the following unprocessed clips (when I get the transcript they will be processed):
amc031008a.avi (6.3m; 0:46) Lena tells Kendall about the risky plan
amc031008b.avi (9.4m; 1:10) Kendall vetoes the plan because it involves trashing Fusion
amc031008c.avi (3.9m; 0:21) Boyd interrupts Lena and Kendall's plotting
amc031008d.avi (3.1m; 0:16) Boyd and Lena remove some boxes while Maggie's flashback of two figures carrying out something from Michael's condo is in permanent replay.

I am eliciting volunteers to host the clips throughout the web. If you have 5-25megs of space you can lend to this project, please let me know!

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