Whoosh! All those arts and crafts camp projects finally paid off for the Pine Valley Police department
Lena becomes suspect number two in the
investigation of Michael's murder (clip on graphic)

Lena Kundera

October 15, 2003

(Lena's name appearance)
Last update: 10/15/03

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No Lena, just her name on a board


Lena's name is listed between Kendall's and David's as a murder suspect at the police station. Click on the upper right hand graphic of this page to see a graphic of the chart.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of Lena's name on a board

From About All My Children

No mention of Lena's name on a board

From Soap Slut

No mention of Lena's name on a board


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • That insipid Babe character is in the opening credits.
  • Lena's still MIA.
  • Erica and Kendall reach an understanding.
  • Bianca is left in the dark.
  • Babe and Jamie scare the shower.
  • Forensics is a four-letter word.

The Set-Up – At the penthouse, Kendall rants on while Erica looks at her, thinking she’s luscious – and she is, but you’re her mother, so stop the IncestYay right now.

Kendall thanks her for the two seconds of bonding before the non-wedding and tries to hand her Mona’s pearls: once she manages to open the d*** clasp, Erica is so proud that she hugs her.

At the police station, the board is filled with grammatical errors and bad murder conjectures.  Lena's name is number 2 on the list.

At the boathouse, Bianca meets David, tells him Maggie knows she’s pregnant and is so supportive that she expects she’ll want "to cut the umbilical cord herself." The rest of us non sycophants also think she’ll snatch the baby, name it herself and drive off to hide in a mountain in Montana where she’ll craft "presents" for all the citizens of Pine Valley who take any interest in Bianca, passing or otherwise.

Tad’s Pad – Brooke stops by to deliver the paper, snatch the coffee and pick up Jamie - who is elsewhere occupied with a hollow cow and yet another insipid and pointless young character, That’llDoBabe.

Police Station – Ryan gives Lt. Frye the piece of glass he recovered from Michael’s condo and tells him it’s evidence against David or, really, evidence against anyone who’ll prove Michael died before his father so he can go back to the truly important things, like removing his shirt and learning how to count.

The Boathouse – Bianca tells David that she’s more certain than ever that having the baby is the right thing to do – because it’ll bring her joy! And happiness! And it’ll teach her about responsibility and about being young! And carefree! And it’ll unlock the secrets of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And it’ll help David get over Leora’s death! That’s right, this baby will be born to cure everyone’s ills and heartbreaks. B*******.

The Penthouse – Erica and Kendall share their own after school special version of Opposite Day and agree they mean nothing to each other. At all.

Erica: "You mean nothing to me."
Kendall: "You mean less than nothing to me."
Erica: "Oh, please: the depth of my disgust for you is endless."
Kendall: "Oh, yeah? Well, I married Michael just to prove that I hate you."
Erica: "You do understand that I mean the opposite of what I’m saying, right?"
Kendall: "Yes but, just to make sure, let’s hold hands so our stupid audience will understand it, too. Kiss my knuckles so that I can remember our special moment when it’s time to pretend we hate each other again. Oh, and give me the keys to the penthouse ‘cause it’s mine now. Don’t forget to wink at me on your way out."

The Boathouse – The police arrive to pick up David; Bianca is confused because Maggie has been hiding the papers and she doesn’t know what’s going on in town anymore.

Police Station – Reggie tells Jack that, even though Patrick and his story about the gang gunning for Michael might not have been strictly true, he’s not covering for anyone and certainly not for himself. Or for Bianca, with whom he likes to talk in code because it’s, huh, good practice.

The Penthouse – Kendall’s memories of the day of the non-wedding are interrupted by Bianca who needs to speak with her. Not in code, I hope, ‘cause my decoder ring fell in the drain while I was trying to drown the AMC book.

The Pine Cone – That’llDoBabe and Jamie are still walking around the farm: here’s to hoping Babe had her own latex.

Babe hops out of bed to shower and leaves Jamie to play the vulnerable woman, complete with clenched sheet to the chest and twenty questions.

The Penthouse – Bianca thanks Kendall for saying what she did the day AMC writers had Lena attempt suicide so that they could meet at the clinic.

Bianca: "I’ve never felt so lost and alone my entire life and you came up to me and you knew exactly what to say and you helped me make the hardest decision that I ever had to make."

Kendall, your body is about to float by the boathouse, isn't it?

Bianca: "You did it without judging me or making it about you or hating me and you made me feel like whatever I decided – it was the right decision and that everything was going to be ok."

Sniff. Kendall rocked so hard that day.

Kendall: "How could I ever hate you? You’re my sister."
Bianca: "Well, you proved it that day and I will never forget it."

Yeah, Bianca is all about the empirical proof, which makes one wonder just what she’ll put Lena through should she ever take her head out of her *ss: stick her in a room with Montecore? Make her watch Fire and then re-enact the bonfire scene?

Bianca says the logical part of her brain knows she’s not to blame for what Michael did to her and, when she’s with her counselor, she even believes it but, when she’s alone, all the doubts resurface: all she’s certain of is that Kendall is not to blame and they should all stop trying to assume responsibility for something which was entirely out of their control.

Did that make sense or have I been thoroughly brainwashed?

Police Station – Lt. Frye interrogates Erica and David. Together. In the same room. Excellent work, Frye: based on this alone, I know you’ll be the new Chief of Police.

Erica can’t remember where she was the night Michael disappeared and consults her date book. Oh, look: the page is blank: I guess Erica forgot to fill it with fake notes in different ink, just like David suggested. And she forgot to wipe her prints off of David’s gun, too: and here I thought CSI was breeding a better, more intelligent kind of criminal. Maybe Pine Valley doesn’t get CBS.

The Last Scenes – At the penthouse, Bianca and Kendall make a pact to stop blaming themselves for what happened and to kick each other’s asses in case they forget. From the door, FrankenBrow catches the sisterly bonding and acts his way through it, but I miss it ‘cause his eyebrows are in the shade.

At the police station, David tells Lt. Frye that Erica’s prints are on his gun because, after Michael attacked her, he took her to "target practice and taught her how to use [his] gun." Once the forensics report comes in, Frye says he has enough to charge either David or Erica with murder. Frye, if you have enough to charge either one person or another, I have a truck I can drive through your forensics evidence, back it up and park it sideways.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee thinks she’s falling in love with Juan Pablo; Bianca hears Ryan tell Kendall about the codicil; Tad talks about sexual harassment; Lt. Frye arrests someone for Michael’s murder.


This commentary is by K. Faygen.

Coming soon!


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today because all that was on was Lena's name!

For Jamie it was the morning after the first time.
Jamie: This was great. I've been waiting for this ever since I was recast.
Babe: I'm afraid our scenes may be a case of be careful what you wish for though.
Jamie: You mean I'm going to find out something about you that will complicate my life and break my heart?
Babe: Maybe. I was really talking about the people out there though that keep asking for something besides the "who killed Michael" storyline. They finally got what they asked for but it was us.

Brooke went to Tad's house.
Brooke: I came to pick up Jamie.
Tad: I thought you had him.
Brooke: I thought you had him. You know, with our lack of parenting skills its a wonder the kid isn't still mute.
Simone: Maybe he's out having sex with some newbie bimbo.
Tad: Or maybe he's had an accident and is dead in a ditch.
Brooke: Don't try to cheer me up.
Tad: Face it Brooke. Your next storyline is going to be focused on dealing with a son that's just like me without the charm and the talent.
Brooke: That's just ducky. I think I'll head over to the Backburner Cafe for breakfast. The chocolate chip waffles are wonderful.

Reggie appeared at the police station.
Reggie: I've solved the Cambias case.
Jack: How did you do that? Did you steal Lizzie's flow charts?
Reggie: Better than that. I found an eye witness. Hey extra, get in here. Tell Jack what you saw.
Extra: I saw a rich guy down by the warehouse. Then a gang jumped him and shot him. They hung him in the meat locker.
Jack: A gang? Who do you think they were?
Extra: I don't know. Maybe Argentinian mobsters.
Jack: Wrong storyline. Sorry kid. Nice try.
Reggie: Come on Jack. That was the perfect solution. No major cast members have to go to jail.
Jack: I know you're only trying to protect the major cast members that you care about. But I don't want you involved in this Reggie. Now let's hug for our touching family moment of the day.

Bianca met David at the boathouse.
David: So you're still going to keep your pregnancy a secret?
Bianca: Yes. Please don't tell my mother.
David: I won't. She has enough other problems.
Bianca: Like what?
David: Nothing. It's not like she's about to be arrested for murder or anything. Don't worry about her being hauled off to jail at any moment.
Bianca: OK, I won't.
David: Why don't you come to the clinic tomorrow for your prenatal checkup?
Bianca: The clinic? Can't we just have it at the boathouse?
David: Sorry. It's booked tomorrow. But I'll let you listen to the baby's heartbeat. Now let's hug for our touching almost family moment of the day.
Officer: Sorry Dr. You have to come in for questioning.
Bianca: What's wrong?
David: Nothing. I'm sure Derek just sent two armed officers to escort me to headquarters to clean out Anna's desk.
Bianca: OK. Makes sense to me......Didn't I used to be smarter than this?

Kendall came to see Erica.
Kendall: I just want you to know that I can't wait until I've taken everything that means anything to you.
Erica: And I want you to know that I regret the day you came back into my life.
Kendall: Mommy! ::::wahhhhh:::::
Erica: My baby! ::::wahhhhh:::::::
Kendall: Now let's hug for our touching family moment of the day.
Justin: Police. Let me in.
Erica: Thank God you're here. Arrest this woman now!
Kendall: You can't arrest me. Arrest her! I hate her!
Erica: I hate her more!
Justin: Derek wants to question you Ms. Kane.
Erica: Fine. I"ll tell him anything he wants to know about this Kendall person.
Kendall: I hope they lock you up and throw away the key.....Bye Mommy.
Erica: Bye sweetie. Be a good girl.

Ryan appeared at the police station.
Ryan: I brought you a clue.
Derek: Broken glass?
Ryan: Mysterious broken glass from the condo of Michael Cambias. It's been tested in a private lab hired by a private citizen and the chain of evidence has been compromised so many times that any lawyer could get it laughed out of court.
Derek: Great. It's the best clue we've had so far. Now I need to question Erica.
Ryan: Erica? What's she doing here? I'm trying to get David arrested, not Erica.
Derek: Sorry. Everyone's flow chart has them working as a team.

Jamie arrived back home.
Brooke: Jamie, are you all right?
Jamie: I'm better than all right. I had the best night of my life.
Tad: See, I told you. Our little boy is getting some. Now let's hug for our touching family moment of the day.
Brooke: :::whack::::

Derek questioned Erica and David.
Derek: Erica, where were you the night Michael disappeared?
Erica: Just when was that?
Derek: It's hard to tell. It seems like weeks but not that many actual Pine Valley days have passed.
Erica: I don't remember where I was. I'll have to check the transcript site and get back to you.
Derek: I think you were with David Hayward. And I think you fired his gun.
Erica: Don't be silly. I haven't fired David's gun for at least a couple of years.
David: He means a real gun Erica.
Erica: Oh. Never mind.
Derek: Not only that but your fingerprints were on David's gun.
Jack: We are still talking about the real gun here aren't we?
Derek: Now I have an announcement to make. I can make an arrest in the Michael Cambias case -effectively eliminating that person from everyone's list of possible murderers. One of you two is under arrest.
David: Which one?
Derek: I can't tell you. Cliffhanger you know.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena's name on suspect chart at police station]

Justin wanted to use crayons but Derek said no

A transcription of the chart
Click on chart to see a screen capture of the actual chart

***** (clip b) [Another shot of the suspect chart]

[See above]


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