Whoosh! Thank you Lena, I'll just put it with the other...rubber items.
Bianca shows more affection
to a rubber ducky than to Lena

Lena Kundera

October 22, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 10/31/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone


Lena finds out Bianca and Maggie are roomies and takes it as good news; Lena gives Bianca a rubber ducky; Maggie thinks that's cool but she's holding out for the spaghetti strainer; Bianca indirectly tells Maggie that she loves Lena, while Maggie indirectly tells Bianca that she does not love Lena.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena is surprised to learn Bianca and Maggie are roommates. Bianca is touched by Lena's gift of a rubber yellow duck. Lena makes a graceful exit and Maggie is impressed by her behavior.

From About All My Children

Lena explains that the doorman at Erica’s building gave her Bianca’s new address, and asks if it was a secret? Bianca says no, as soon as she finishes fixing the place up, she’s going to start sending out cards. Lena looks around and says this is charming! She thinks this is a really great idea, and she needed a little independence. Bianca agrees, and Lena smiles that she’s not used to living by herself and it may get a little lonely. Just then, Maggie comes in, laden down with an ugly lamp and some bags. “You two are roommates?” Lena asks. She graciously says it looks like Bianca has a great new apartment and a wonderful friend to share it with. Bianca thanks her for saying that. Lena brought a little housewarming present, apologizing that she didn’t know Maggie would be here. Bianca says they’ll share it, but Lena doubts it! She produces a rubber ducky, saying Bianca told her once she missed the one she had as a little girl, and she thinks you should never lose the part of you that likes to play with rubber ducks! She says she’ll leave them to finish, and Maggie tells her she really should stop by when the place is all fixed up. Lena agrees she will, saying she’s sorry she was a little premature; next time she’ll bring something for the kitchen, like a spaghetti strainer or something. Lena leaves, and Bianca asks what the heck was that? Maggie tells her, “That is one brilliant and classy girl!” She says Lena was trying to make it easier for her; it was not only classy, but incredibly brave, and the way she handled her being here was really positive and friendly. Bianca holds the rubber duck as she agrees, and Maggie says she was so impressed with the spaghetti thing so she could stop by again! Bianca notes it sounds like she’s in love with her, too, but Maggie assures her, “She’s all yours!” Bianca sees her picking up the abstract painting of the three-eyed lady, and demands, “Hey, what are you doing with Portia?” She can’t believe she’s going to put it up, “I thought you said you hated her!” Maggie grins that she’s going to make an exception, but Bianca is going to pay her back for her amazing generosity! Maggie hangs the picture, and Bianca declares that Portia’s perfect, “What do I owe you for indulging me?” Maggie says that’s easy—she gets to sleep on the big bed for the first month! When Bianca protests that she’s pregnant and has to be comfortable, Maggie reminds her she didn’t want any special treatment, “It’s not like I’m making you sleep in a manger or anything!” The girls climb into their beds and says goodnight to each other and, jokingly, everything in their new apartment, ending with “Goodnight, best friend.”

From Soap Slut

In the requisite Lianca torture scene of the month, Lena discovers that Bianca and Maggie are now roomies. Lena gives Binks a housewarming gift of a rubber duckie. Um, okay.


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Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix


  • Lena surprises Bianca.
  • Maggie surprises Lena.
  • Sometimes a rubber duck is just a rubber duck.
  • BroIncestYay takes over Pine Valley.
  • Jamie is a lesbian.
  • John Boy is missing.
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The Set-Up – At Adam’s, all the money in the world still doesn’t buy decent furniture or a king-sized bed.

At the studio, Lena dispels the Bianca GPS rumor and says the doorman gave her Bianca’s new address. Lena thinks moving out was a good idea because Bianca needs to exert her independence, though she warns her against feeling "too lonely." Maggie walks back in - dwarfed by a lamp I couldn’t possibly begin to describe other than to say I think a gremlin landed on it, died and was embalmed - and asks Bianca not to "hate it until [they] live with it for a while." Bianca looks as if she’s been caught with the hand in the cookie jar, Maggie smiles and Lena is simply too classy to ask for the hammer she wants to take to her own teeth.

Lena: "You two are roommates?"

Why are you turning around?  Bianca, sweetie, you can answer that without checking with Maggie first.

At the hospital, Juan Pablo worries about Dr. Maria’s competency and tells Dr. Joe he wants a second opinion. See, even Mumbles knows that Dr. Oops! can’t provide a medical opinion of any kind.

When Ryan asks Erica about her apparent involvement with David, she breathlessly explains that David is innocent because he was with her the night Michael disappeared and the shards of glass Ryan collected are nothing more than a dream for bidders at E-Bay and the sex, the sex! Oh, it was all kinds of fabulous and David was so nimble and, really, did you know he taught Sting everything he knows?

The Studio – Lena is uncomfortable and pivots.

Lena: "Well, it looks like you have a great new apartment and a wonderful friend to share it with."
Bianca: "Thank you for saying that, I appreciate it."

You two have met before, right?

Lena: "Oh, I brought you a little house-warming present. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Maggie would be here."
Bianca: "We’ll share it."

Bianca, I know you’re trying, but you should quit while you’re ahead, like before you open your mouth.

Lena hands Bianca a rubber duck.

Lena: "You told me once you missed the one you had when you were a little girl: I think you should never lose the part of you that likes to play with rubber ducks."

Lena is the sweetest sweet that ever geeked the geek. And the dorkiest dork that ever dorked – and no, I don’t mean that in the British sense. A rubber duck! That’s just thoughtful and brilliant.  And this is what Lianca fans, by and large, want to see: none of us "perverted idiots" want them to have sex: we want them to interact as people who love each other should.  Bianca is one inch away from needing to be reintroduced to Lena and that's ridiculous and absurd.  Come on!

Back to the gift: I, too, have rubber ducks. Five of them, in fact. One of them was given to me after I came back from a particularly eventful work trip to China: she has target stripes all over her back.  Her name is Duck.  As in "duck and cover."

Lena moves to leave and promises she’ll bring "a spaghetti strainer next time;" Maggie encourages her to come back once the apartment is decent and fixes the ever more immobile and blank Bianca with a stare: you've noticed the mummy in the corner, too?

Closing the door, Bianca finds her voice.

Bianca: "What the heck was that?"

That was Lena bearing gifts: what the h*** is wrong with you: did you leave your good manners with Erica?  Oh, what am I saying?

Maggie: "That is one brilliant and classy girl."

Get the feeling that the charm offensive worked on Maggie while Bianca is still trying to figure out who just left her apartment?

The Hospital – Mary does her best impression of a grieving mother: all she learned was taught by that other saintly mother, the one who killed the cheerleader who stood between her daughter and the top of the pyramid.

In Greenlee’s room, Dr. Maria and Dr. Joe trade OR stories: remember the time Maria almost drilled into the cranium of a little girl? Remember the time the scalpel slipped? Remember that other time, you know the one! Good times.

The Studio – Maggie tells Bianca that Lena was "trying to make it easy" for her; she was "classy and incredibly brave" and "handled [her] being here really positively." Is it possible that Maggie will make her own fan base’s shit list?

Maggie: "And the spaghetti thing? So she could stop by again: I am so impressed."
Bianca: "Wow, sounds like you’re in love with her, too."

Gee Bianca, might you want to tell anyone else you’re in love with Lena? Other than to some of the BAM fans, ‘cause they think you’re not in love with her. In fact, they think you’re in love with loving! People: they make you dysfunctional and then they yank the social services.

Maggie: "Hum. No, she’s all yours."

You sure Maggie? ‘Cause that kind of triangle would be a hell of a lot more interesting and, well, grown up.

The Hospital – Mary makes it into Greenlee’s room and is shocked, shocked, that the bruises have dared to mar her daughter’s face.

Juan Pablo and Tad try to convince Dr. Maria that Carlos must be moved elsewhere in the hospital in order to keep him safe: they settle for the new maternity ward, where he will look inconspicuous and not at all out of place.

Adam’s – Babe, a room, J.R., memories, angst and old scores. The world is theirs. There, I’m done. Where’s my toad?

The Hospital – Mary, Our Lady Of Sorrows, weeps at her daughter’s bedside. On her way out, she drops the Brawny.

Erica channels Tommy LaSorda and talks to Greenlee.

Erica: "Greenlee, it’s Erica. I want you to listen to me and I want you to listen to me good because I’m never going to say this again once you wake up."

Oh, Erica: Greenlee is just wishing she had a choice.

Erica: " […] You don’t need to be another Erica Kane: you’re already Greenlee DuPres, so you have to wake up and challenge me ‘cause that’s what you do best, isn’t it? You get under my skin and that’s fine, because I’ll put you in your place, I’ll give it right back to you so, come on! Get up! Let’s go to it Greenlee! May the best woman win – and we all know who that is."

Yeah, I’m sure you won’t want to repeat any of that, Erica, especially since it is All.  About.  You.  And we all know how you loathe being in the center square.

The Studio – Maggie allows Portia to hang in exchange for the use of the bed for the first month. No Baggie bed then? Thank god for small favors.

The Hospital – Greenlee dreams of her dad, who is just as big a bastard dead as I imagine he was when he littered planet earth.

Greenlee: "Why didn’t you love me? I was as cute as a bunny. A button! No, as cute as a strawberry"
Roger: "Did you say something? I was busy getting lung cancer and picking my nose. Can you please die now? I have a meeting with Luis Cypher."

Jesus, what a b******.

Outside, everyone waits for news: I know because the clock is ticking, Aidan is looking at his watch, Ryan is trying to figure out what his pocket watch says and curses Alexander for not having left him a Seiko. Erica’s hair is flowing to the beat, Mary is counting the beads of her Immunity Necklace and Juan Pablo is counting his teeth.

Oh, the tension, the drama, the meh, feh and fack of it all!

The Last Scenes – At the studio apartment, The Waltons live on.

Maggie: "Goodnight rubber duck."
Bianca: "Goodnight Portia."
Maggie: "Goodnight ugly portrait."
Bianca: "Goodnight best friend."
Maggie: "Goodnight best friend."

Oh good god, what the h*** is that? It’s not sweet: it’s incomprehensible! If I were a BAM fan, I’d be p*****: after Maggie sexually harassed Bianca’s stomach, waxed poetic on homophobes and professed her love more times than it is possible to bear in the span of seven minutes, we get this sterile goodnight crap and Maggie as Lena's Supporter In Chief? Of course, if I were a BAMmer, I’d fanwank it by saying that Maggie is confused and scared of what she’s feeling for Bianca and, really, she just wants what’s best for her and that’s why she’s pimping Lena: their relationship must be resolved before Maggie can move in. But I live in the land of Lianca, where all things, even those I dislike, make sense without the need for fantasy or subterfuge.

At Brooke’s, Jamie looks at a necklace with a cow pendant. That was meant for Babe, wasn’t it? Jamie, welcome to Lesbians ‘R Us.

At the hospital, Carlos finally shares on-screen chemistry with someone: his brother.

In her room, Greenlee is startled awake by dreams of Ryan, whom she grabs and kisses. I’m not gay enough to get or like Prince, but I know we’re gonna (party like it’s 1999).

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Adam has a present for Babe; Tad threatens Mary; Greenlee thinks it’s 1999.


This commentary is by Susan P..

There's something interesting to note about Lena's use of her hands in her scenes. In the early moments after Bianca invited her in, Lena is charmingly awkward and she's fidgeting with her hands, alternating between holding on to her purse strap (when she first walked in), and fingering the non-commitment commitment ring (after asking whether Bianca's new address was a 'secret'). By the time she's commenting on Bianca's "living alone" she's back to holding on to the purse, and when she makes the comment about Bianca needing to guard against getting "too lonely," Lena's holding onto that purse for dear life-- with both hands. Then, after Maggie walks in, carrying the ugliest lamp in creation, and Bianca's looking borderline-guilty, Lena lets go of the purse and her hands drop down to about waist-level in front of her stomach. Just after she asks about Bianca and Maggie being roommates, her right hand curls into a loose fist and her left picks at the non-commitment commitment ring [TNCCR] and she gives that little nervous, semi-frustrated sigh.

She continues playing with TNCCR off and on (occasionally gesturing to indicate the surroundings of the new apartment) until she remembers the house-warming rubber ducky. Then she fidgets with her purse a little, both prior to and after giving Bianca the duck. She was still a bit nervous and awkward as she made her exit, but she did seem slightly more at ease after Maggie encouraged her to come back for a later visit(s).

So, if TNCCR hasn't already been added to the list of inanimate objects with which Olga has acted (and brilliantly so, I might add), then it should be. It's a nice, fairly subtle acting choice by Olga, I think, conveying both Lena's nervousness and, perhaps, her belief in her love for Bianca and the possibility of a future with her. Fingering the ring is apparently an unconscious gesture, but it demonstrates that the ring and what it symbolizes to her is a source of strength--a touchstone of sorts. Her fixation with the ring seems almost like a superstitious ritual. It's as if, by touching and maintaining contact with the ring, she can somehow connect with Bianca, as well. I'd call it a lucky charm, except that it has yet to bring her any actual luck with Bianca, as far as I can tell.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Lena dropped by to see Bianca.
Bianca: How did you know I lived here now?
Lena: Your mother's doorman told me. He also told three vacuum cleaner salesmen and a Jehovah's Witness so you probably should be prepared for more visitors. What is that?
Bianca: It's a painting. I call it Portia. It's also proof that I didn't inherit my mother's exquisite taste in decorating.
Lena: It's so exciting getting your first apartment. I hope you won't be lonely.
Maggie: Not a chance of that.
Lena: Maggie. Of course you'd be here. No storyline of your own yet?
Maggie: Nope. How about you?
Lena: A couple of scenes working for Kendall but that's about it. I'm sorry I only brought one housewarming present. I'm afraid the two of you will have to share this one.
Bianca: A rubber ducky?
Lena: Next time I come I'll bring a Hokey Pokey Elmo.
Maggie: Lena is so cool. She's such a classy lady and so pretty.
Bianca: You sound like you're in love with her too.
Maggie: You never know. I've heard rumors the three of us would be a triangle but it might not go the way people expect.

Babe was impressed by the accomodations at the Chandler Mansion.
Babe: This is just like one of those big hotels in Vegas - except there are no mirrors on the ceiling and I'm not working for tips.
JR: Huh?
Babe: Nothing. I don't think your father likes me very much.
JR: Good. He treated my mother like dirt. Did you know he had her locked up in a mental institution when I was born?
Babe: That's awful. Then why did you want to come back here?
JR: I want revenge for all the things he's done. And I'm going to get it too. I've already started by marrying a girl so tacky she makes my Grandma Opal look like Jackie Onassis.
Babe: Awwww. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Let's have sex. But first let me put up my cow decoration.
JR: I love it. Maybe we can redecorate the whole house with a cow theme. Dad will go nuts. Bwahahahahahaha!

Brooke talked to Jamie about JR.
Jamie: Do you think if I came home with a girl like Babe you'd react the way Adam did?
Brooke: I'd just want you to be happy Jamie.
Jamie: What if I'd only known her a couple of minutes before I ended up in bed with her at the Pine Cone? And what if it turned out that she was married to someone else and just forgot to tell me?
Brooke: :::chuckle:::: Kids. What an imagination you have.

The hospital seems to have replaced the boathouse as the place to see and be seen in Pine Valley.
Erica: We can stop making out in the hall. Derek's gone.
David: Derek who? Oh yeah....Derek.
Ryan: What's going on with you two?
Erica: David and I were ...you know....when Michael was murdered. He has an alibi. You can stop trying to prove that he did it.
Mary: You and David were....you know? Does Jack know?
Erica: Yes.
Mary: Whoohooo! This is one of the best days of my life.
Ryan: Your daughter is still in a coma.
Mary: Oh. Right. Where is dear little Greensleeves? Take me to her at once. So Ryan, are you dating anyone yet?

Tad came to see Juan Pablo.
Juan Pablo: Tad, what are you doing here?
Tad: They sent me over to try to drum up some interest in this storyline. You know the Argentinian mobsters may try to kill Carlos here in the hospital. I think you should move him.
Juan Pablo: Do you really think he is in danger here?
Tad: The hospital gets their security staff from the same agency that supplies Wildwind.
Juan Pablo: Ay carumba. Maria, Joe I must insist that my brother be moved from this hospital.
Maria: Look, if it's that amnesia thing again I'm sure that any other hospital you go to will have some doctor on staff who just got their memory back. Amnesia is very common on soaps.
Tad: It's not that. We're just afraid someone will try to kill Carlos while he's here.
Joe: Those message board people are a tough bunch aren't they? Why don't we hide him in the new maternity wing? We won't even open it until a major character needs it to give birth during February Sweeps.

A parade of characters visited Greenlee's bedside - again.
Simone: I wish I was in a coma. It's a great way to meet guys.
Kendall: Why would you say something like that? Greenlee could die or have serious brain damage. Isn't one Mia enough?
Mia: Yeah, isn't one....hey!
Simone: I don't know why I said that. I thought when they hooked me up with Tad they might try to make my character more sympathetic and less of a joke but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
Mary: Let me visit my daughter. Greenfleece, no one believes that I'm a good mother. But I'll show them. I'll sit here and show some actual genuine emotion.....OK, that's long enough. Toodles.
David: I just wish I knew what to do to make her wake up.
Erica: Let me handle this. I've brought people back from worse than this before. All right Greenlee, wake up and start trying to be the new Erica. It won't work because that would make me the old Erica and that's not going to happen. But wake up and try anyway........Well,that didn't work. She's toast.

Greenlee had another visitor from the other side.
Greenlee: Is this the part where I go into the light and someone tells me they love me but that I still have so much left to do on Earth?
Roger: Sorry. They don't have the money for a heaven set so they sent me.
Greenlee: But you are going to tell me it isn't my time aren't you?
Roger: I don't know if it's your time or not. But this has dragged on for about four days now. Pretty soon the audience won't care if you wake up or not. It's up to you Greenlee.

The time slipped away.
Town Crier: 5:15 and alllllll's wellllllllll - except for Greenlee who's still in a coma.
Bianca: 5:15! We'd better go to bed. For an expectant mother I'm not getting much rest. But it looks like everyone in town is still awake too. Goodnight Maggie.
Maggie: Good night Bianca.
Bianca: Good night rubber ducky.
Maggie: Good night Jim Bob.
Bianca: Good night John Boy. Good night JR.
JR: Good night Bianca. Good night Babe.
Babe: Good night JR. Good night Jamie.
Jamie: Good night Babe. Good night Cow Necklace.
Greenlee: Jeez, all this noise is waking me up. Now what should I do first? Ryan! :::kiss kiss kiss::::
Ryan: Wow! This is more fun than sitting at Alexander's bedside was.


Lena surveys the scene and is secure in the realization she could take down Maggie at a moment's notice

It always helps to bribe the roommate with spaghetti strainers

From the home office in Belleview Hospital, New York...
by Anonymous

Number 10. Bianca or Maggie saying, "Do you ever think maybe we spend too much time together?"

Number 9. Bianca telling Lena, "How come you never call or come by anymore?"

Number 8. Anyone actually using the word "Abortion," (and not for a crossword puzzle answer)

Number 7. David saying, "...and so I decided not to buy the dead cow skin, because, well, I just have too many already... and they clash with my latest evil potion."

Number 6. Erica saying, "Enough about me, what's going on in your life?"

Number 5. Maggie saying, "No, really, Bianca, that straight thing was just a phase."

Number 4. Bianca telling Maggie, "No, of course I don't think you're too clingy or a bit stalkerish, and no, you don't need psych meds."

Number 3. Bianca actually saying, "I love you, Lena," TO Lena, NOT to a picture of her, NOT to an image of her on the TV News at trial, and NOT to the Duck- which is now named 'Squeakie Lena the hot polish duck of lahv.'

Number 2. Anyone saying, "Wow, what a lovely lamp."

and the Number 1 thing you will never hear in the Baggie apartment.... Anyone saying, "Hey, Maggie, great outfit!"


Lena: Well, it looks like you have a great new apartment and a wonderful friend to share it with.

Lena: You should never lose the part of you that likes to play with rubber ducks.

Lena: Next time I'll bring you something for the kitchen, like a spaghetti strainer.
Maggie: Oh, I don't believe you said that. I actually think I left mine on top of the car.

Bianca: What the heck was that?
Maggie: That is one brilliant and classy girl.

Maggie: Bianca, what Lena was trying to do was make it easy for you. It wasn't only classy, it was incredibly brave, and the way that she handled me being here? Really positive and friendly.

Bianca: Wow. Sounds like you're in love with her, too.
Maggie: No, she's all yours.

Maggie: Good night, rubber duck.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena finds out BAM are roomies]

[amc031022a starts]
[At Bianca's apartment]
Bianca: Oh, please come in.
Lena: The doorman at your building -- well, Erica’s building -- gave me your new address. Oh, it's not a secret, is it?
Bianca: Oh, no, no. As soon as I get the place fixed up, I'm going to start sending out cards.
Lena: Well, this is just charming. I think this is really a great idea. You needed a little independence, yes?
Bianca: Yeah, a little.
Lena: But you're not used to living by yourself. You have to make sure you're not too lonely.
Maggie: [entering apartment with a floor lamp] Ok, so, please, don't say to you hate it until we live with it for a while. It's -- [she stops when she notices Lena]
Lena: You two are roommates?

***** (clip b) [Lena gives Bianca a rubber ducky and leaves]

[amc031022b starts]
Lena: Well, it looks like you have a great new apartment and a wonderful friend to share it with.
Bianca: Thank you for saying that. I appreciate it.
Lena: Oh, I bought you a little housewarming present. I'm sorry, I didn't realize Maggie would be here.
Maggie: Oh, no, that's ok.
Bianca: Oh, we'll share it.
Lena: Oh, well, I doubt it.
[Lena pulls out a rubber ducky]
Bianca: Oh --
Maggie: That is really sweet.
Bianca: Aw.
Lena: You told me once you missed the one you had when you were a little girl. I think you should never lose the part of you that likes to play with rubber ducks.
[Bianca squeezes the duck]
Lena: Well, I'll leave you two to finish off this place.
Maggie: Oh, Lena, you really should stop by when the place is all fixed up.
Lena: Yes, I will. I'm sorry I was premature. Next time I'll bring you something for the kitchen, like a spaghetti strainer.
Maggie: Oh, I don't believe you said that. I actually think I left mine on top of the car.
Lena: I'll see you.
[Lena leaves]
Bianca: What the heck was that?
Maggie: That is one brilliant and classy girl.
[Maggie squeezes the duck]

***** (clip c) [Bianca indirectly says she loves Lena and Maggie does the opposite (no Lena)]

[amc031022c starts]
Maggie: Bianca, what Lena was trying to do was make it easy for you. It wasn't only classy, it was incredibly brave, and the way that she handled me being here? Really positive and friendly.
Bianca: You're right. You are absolutely right.
Maggie: And the way -- I mean, please, the spaghetti thing? So she could stop by again. I am so impressed.
Bianca: Wow. Sounds like you're in love with her, too.
Maggie: No, she's all yours.

***** [clip d] [Bianca says good night to the rubber ducky (no Lena)]

Maggie: Good night, Bianca.
Bianca: Hmm. Good night, Maggie.
Maggie: Good night, rubber duck.
Bianca: Good night, Portia.
Maggie: Good night, ugly portrait.
[Bianca laughs]
Bianca: Good night, best friend.
Maggie: Good night, best friend.


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc030522a.mpg (8.4m; 0:49) Lena finds out BAM are roomies
amc031022b.mpg (13.8m; 1:21) Lena gives Bianca a rubber ducky and leaves
amc031022c.mpg (4.9m; 0:28) Bianca indirectly says she loves Lena and Maggie does the opposite (no Lena)

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