Whoosh! Aidan, the real murderer, convinces everyone they must confess to the murder in order to confuse the police and a couple of cats
Aidan and his little murder
theories are just so darn cute

Lena Kundera

October 29, 2003

(Lena mention)
Last update: 10/30/03

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Boyd Larraby
Aidan Devane
Kendall Hart
(No Lena)


Aidan mentions Lena when repaeating his intent to find as many suspects as possible to make it impossible to have enough evidence to pin it on one person; sadly, Kendall does not mention Lena when talking about Bianca's support network. (No Lena)


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena not mentioned in synopsis

From About All My Children

Kendall asks if he’s [Aidan] trying to get to the truth by accusing Boyd of Michael’s murder? Aidan says the more suspects there are, the harder it’s going to be for the police to arrest the person that did it, whoever it is. Kendall agrees he may be right, but it’s only going to complicate the lives of a lot of innocent people. Aidan argues there are at least a dozen people out there with valid reasons for killing Michael Cambias; Lena and Maggie both admitted to him today that they hated Cambias enough to kill him, and Bianca said the same thing! Bianca thinks whoever killed Michael probably did it for her, and she doesn’t want to see the guy punished. Kendall asks how he could dredge this up for Bianca? He has no idea what she’s going through! Aidan asks if she doesn’t think facing this could help her heal? Kendall tells him Bianca’s dealing with more than the rape—Michael got her pregnant! “Bianca’s pregnant?” he repeats, and Kendall says not anymore.

From Soap Slut

No mention of the Lenameister


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.

The mention of Lena was so quick, that even the All Gay Re-cap mentions Lena not!


  • Ryan collapses.
  • VolderBaby makes its first on-screen appearance.
  • Ryan crawls.
  • Erica makes an effort.
  • Ryan collapses.
  • Boyd forgets he's supposed to be gay.
  • Ryan crawls.
  • Kendall finds out the truth.
  • Ryan collapses.
  • I think I've fallen into a coma, but I can't be sure.

The Set-Up – Adam has a boo boo.

At the clinic, Bianca sports the latest in gown fashion and gets ready for her first sonogram. Well, at least she didn’t mistake that blue triangle for underwear.

At the hospital, Reggie tells Erica that, in order to get Jack back, she needs to "be friends with Greenlee." That, or lick a toad, whichever is more distasteful.

Michael’s Condo - Ryan is still collapsing, then gets up, collapses again, crawls on the floor and collapses once more.  The drama, the humanity! Oh, if only we gave a damn.

The Hospital – Erica walks into Greenlee’s room.

Greenlee: "Oh my god: am I dying?"

Bwah! No, it’s just the Ghost of Pine Valley’s Present: don’t let the pompadour mislead you.

Erica tells a stunned Jack and Greenlee that what’s important to Jack is important to her, so she’ll be taking up this weird ice cream thing – even though food is just a fad - and will start getting cable so she can watch Oprah and Dr. Phil reruns on WE.

Enchantment – It’s another triangle: pretty soon, we won’t have an actual geometric design to describe all of them.

Aidan accuses Boyd of being involved with and in Michael’s disappearance, but the conversation is really about Kendall: while Aidan wants to protect her but does not believe her story, Boyd reaffirms that he takes Kendall "at her word" and that is how he chooses to show her that he cares about her.

That, and he can’t seem to get her to like him as more than a friend.

Kendall walks in and is confronted by Aidan, who tells her those witnesses who swore to have seen her and Michael in Vegas have now disappeared.

Kendall: "What are you accusing me of, being stupid? Why in god’s name would I get rid of the only two people who can back up my story?"

I don’t know, but I do think everyone should stop asking about the stupid thing. At this point, it’s a gift and I am not one who'll look in the horse's mouth.

Adam’s Crib – Stuart walks in with a portrait of Betsy he painted for That’llDoBabe; Tad takes the opportunity to question him about the fishing trip he and Adam took to Canada together and discovers that Adam left Stuart alone for a few hours.

Oh, whatever could Adam have done with those few hours?  If only we didn’t already know all about it: maybe McTavish could take notes for Columbo to see just how a murder mystery should be laid out: at this point, even a reenactment of the very first episode would be more topical.

Enchantment – Aidan keeps on going with the theory that, the more suspects he lines up for the police, the less likely it’ll be that they’ll make an arrest.

So pretty and so, so naïve.

Once Kendall hears that Aidan has added Bianca to his list of suspects, she discloses that Michael not only raped Bianca, but got her pregnant.

Kendall, bless your incompetent little heart, can you keep any secrets?

The Clinic – Bianca’s using Frankie’s name as her alias: could this possibly be any more revolting or incestuous, considering Maggie is present, too? Have any of the writers heard of good taste?

Once the first images of the baby are revealed, Maggie the Med Student is astonished to realize that "it looks like a real person already." Maybe she should check into changing her major to arts and crafts.

Maggie: "I know one thing already: the way she’s mugging for the camera, she’s gonna take after your mother."

Or you, Maggie. But she’s going to need a best friend first.

The Hospital – Erica tells Greenlee that a comparison between them would be like pitting "a three-legged alley cat" against "a sleek leopard."

That may be true, but the alley cat is still there and the leopard is on the back of your couch, Erica.

Portia’s Studio – Bianca’s face glows: whether it’s radiation form VolderBaby nobody knows.

Kendall stops by to apologize for Aidan and Bianca places the baby book under two others before letting her in.

That’s what all of us would have done: no sense in actually hiding what we don’t want others to see. Why should any of us ever voluntarily disclose the truth when we can be just found out?

The Last Scenes – Aidan walks into Michael’s condo and finds Ryan who, finally, is unconscious.

In Palmer’s jet, Tad moves a few pillows around and finds what he thinks might be blood behind one of them. Gotta love people who leave a trail of clues and forget they can actually afford dry cleaning.

At the hospital, Derek and TagAlongADA say they’ve found new evidence and want to question Reggie.  That'll teach him to fall asleep and allow Bianca to find his gun, take it and dump it in the trash.

At Portia’s studio, Kendall looks at Bianca’s college books while they chat and finds the baby book.

Kendall: "Bianca? What is this?"

Hum, the dingo ate my baby?

TOMORROW ON AMC: Adam and Palmer worry Tad will get them into trouble; Erica tries to make Greenlee comfortable; Ryan is taken to the hospital; Kendall figures out Bianca did not have an abortion.


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today because there was no Lena in the actual show and Aidan mentioned her.

Ryan collapsed, gasping for breath.
Ryan: :::gasp:::I hope someone finds me soon. Luckily it's early in the episode:::gasp:::I'd hate for my big comeback to end like this:::gasp:::

Aidan confronted Boyd.
Aidan: Oi've eard that yew disappeared the noit Moichael was murdered.
Boyd: Oh please. I'm never on. How would anyone know if I disappeared or not?
Aidan: Oi'm just troing to prewve that Kendall didn't dew it.
Kendall: Boyd, I need to talk to Aidan alone. Would you mind?
Boyd: You're asking me to leave while you talk to another man?
Aidan: Don't worry mite. She alwighs asks me tew leave when she tawks to Ryan. Oi think we're numbers two and three on her list.
Kendall: Aidan, you can't blame Boyd for killing Michael.
Aidan: Oi'm bliming everyone. That's the wigh Oi'm going to sive yew from being blimed. Next Oi'm eaded over to the kindergarten to see whot Colby was up tew the noit Moichal doid. Oi'm not fawling for that slumber party alibi of ers.

Ryan: :::gasp:::I'm still here you guys. Remember me?::gasp:::

Reggie talked to Erica at the hospital.
Reggie: I need you to do something for me.
Erica: Of course Reggie. You know that you're the son I almost had.
Reggie: I want you to be nice to Greenlee so Jack will forgive you.
Erica: Why can't you ask for a really expensive sports car like most kids your age?
Reggie: Go in there and say nice things to her. You can do it.
Erica: Hello Greenlee, not dead yet I see.
Greenlee: Hello Erica. That's strange. I think I heard you talk to me when I was in a coma.
Erica: I did. I told you that you were a low-rent version of me and that the only time I don't find you extremely annoying is when you're unconcious.
Greenlee: :::sniff sniff:::You like me. You really like me.
Jack: That was good of you to say those things to Greenlee. You seem to be at your best when people are near death.
Erica: It's a gift. So does this mean that you're ready to forgive me?
Jack: I don't know. You're running all over town kissing David Hayward. How am I supposed to feel about that?
Erica: Well, you could go a little crazy, hire a hitman with a bad accent, and end up in a shootout in the park in front of Maddie but I think that's been done already.
Derek: I have questions about the murder of Michael Cambias.
Justin: Can I get a candy bar from the snack machine? Can I? Huh? Huh?
Derek: Not now Justin. We're trying to solve a murder.
Justin: How about later? Can I then? Huh? Huh?
Erica: If you're going to question me I'm getting a lawyer. Jack, I need you to be my lawyer.
Jack: I'm the DA.
Erica: It's always something with you isn't it?
Derek: The questions aren't for you this time. They're for Reggie.
Reggie: Me? How did I get on the suspect list? Aidan hasn't even questioned me yet.

Ryan: :::gasp:::While everyone's at the hospital, how about bringing me in for treatment?:::gasp::: You wouldn't even have to put up a new set:::gasp::::

Bianca had her doctor's appointment.
David: Are you ready for the sonogram?
Maggie: Wait! Let me in. You can't have a special moment without me glued to your side.
David: There's the baby.
Bianca: Oh, it's so cute!
Baby: I'm even cuter if you look at my left profile. Oh cameraman, can you highlight my other side please?
David: I know the picture is a little blurry. This isn't one of those high grade sonograms like Anna had.
Baby: Yeah, what's up with that? Why I am I getting some schlocky low tech sonogram? I should have the best there is. After all, I am Erica Kane's grandchild.

Ryan: :::gasp::: I need a doctor more than this kid does:::gasp:::Is anyone going to find me?:::gasp::::

Tad came to see Adam.
Tad: Did you kill Michael Cambias?
Adam: Why are you involved in this?
Tad: It was either this or hang out at the hospital in the Carlos storyline. So did you kill Michael Cambias or not?
Maria: Yeah, did you kill Michael or not? I really want to know.
Tad: Get back to the hospital. Me being involved in this is enough of a stretch. You'll have to depend on Carlos for your five minutes a week of screentime.
Maria: Rats.
Adam: I couldn't have killed Michael. I was on a fishing trip.
Stuart: Yes, he was with me except for a period of several hours when he could have jumped on a private jet, flown back to Pine Valley, committed murder, and flown back before I even realized he went into town to fix an outboard motor that wasn't broken.....Did I mess up Adam?
Adam: Forget it Stuart. You're supposed to be the honest to a fault character. I'm the one who made a mistake.
Stuart: Lying to Tad?
Adam: No, letting you out of the west wing all those years ago.
David: Hello Adam. I'm here to talk to you about a mutual friend.
Tad: You two have a mutual friend? Who is it - Satan?
Adam: No, not Satan. But he may have been the only man she ever really loved. Goodbye Tad. Go back to the Carlos storyline.

Ryan::::gasp:::Or you could come rescue me:::gasp:::This is getting ridiculous:::gasp::::

Kendall came to see Bianca.
Kendall: I'm sorry Aidan tried to get you to volunteer for his suspect list. He won't do it again.
Bianca: That's OK. I was feeling a little left out though. Everyone who's anyone is a suspect. The only people who aren't on a flow chart are me and Mia. You don't think I'm getting bumped down to the b-cast do you?
Kendall: Nonsense. You just need to relax. I want you to be happy the way you were before.
Bianca: That's just what Aidan said.
Kendall: He did? How sweet! Maybe I should move him up on my list of the only men I've ever really loved.

Aidan found Ryan.
Ryan::::gasp:::Do you think this is a good idea?:::gasp:::Can't someone else find me - someone who isn't jealous of Kendall's feelings for me?:::gasp::::
Aidan: Blimey! It's Ryan and e's barely aloive. Tew bad. Shewd Oi get elp or shewd I just comfort Kendall in er our of grief? Hmmmm.
Ryan:::::All those promos:::gasp:::all those scenes without a shirt:::gasp:::Is this how it's going to end?::::gasp::::


Kendall: What the h*** are you trying to prove?

Aidan: The more suspects there are, Kendall, the harder it's going to be for the police to arrest the person that did it, whoever it is.

Kendall: Bianca's -- Bianca's dealing with more than the rape. Michael got her pregnant.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Aidan harps on about his theory to get as many suspects as possible; he mentions Lena (no Lena)]

Kendall: What the h*** are you trying to prove?
Aidan: I'm just trying to get to the truth.
Kendall: How, by accusing Boyd of Michael's murder?
Aidan: The more suspects there are, Kendall, the harder it's going to be for the police to arrest the person that did it, whoever it is.
Kendall: Well, maybe you're right, but it'll only complicate the lives of a lot of innocent people.
Aidan: There are a dozen people out there with valid motives for killing Michael Cambias. Lena and Maggie both admitted to me this afternoon that they hated Cambias enough to kill him, and Bianca said almost the same thing.
Kendall: Wait a minute, hold on -- Bianca? No, Aidan, no, you can't drag her into this.
Aidan: Look, Bianca knows that whoever did kill Michael probably did it for her. She doesn't want to see the guy punished.
Kendall: No, I don't care. How can you dredge this up for Bianca? Do you have any idea what she's going through?
Aidan: She's more resilient than you imagine.
Kendall: If she's hanging on, it's because of the support system she has -- Maggie and Myrtle, David and Erica --
aidan: And you.
Kendall: Yeah. We're doing the best we can to make sure that she stays as far away from this as possible. And what do you do? You throw it in her face.
Aidan: You don't think that facing this could help her heal?
Kendall: You don't understand.
Aidan: Well, then make me understand, Kendall.
Kendall: Bianca's -- Bianca's dealing with more than the rape. Michael got her pregnant.
Aidan: What? Bianca's pregnant?
Kendall: Not anymore.


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