Whoosh! Hoi, Bianca, if Lena eever switchehs agin, can oi date er?
The Great Enigma: Why doesn't Kendall
understand that Aidan is the boy toy for her?

Lena Kundera

November 19, 2003

(Lena mentioning)
Last update: 11/23/03

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Aidan Devane
Bianca Montgomery


Aidan and Bianca discuss the dragging of the river for Lena's gun (no Lena)


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca is troubled when she sees the police retrieve Kendall's duffel bag from the water off the docks while talking to Aidan.

From About All My Children

Down at the docks, Aidan frightens Bianca when he touches her shoulder. He tells her he's just keeping his eye on the action out here, and gestures at the police divers. She asks what they're looking for before realizing Lena dumped her gun out here, and asks if the police are looking at Lena as Michael's murderer? Aidan says Lena's isn't the only gun they're looking to find.

Bianca says she has to call Lena; if the police found her gun, she needs to know as soon as possible! Aidan tells her the police have the gun that matches the ballistics report, and he got that through official channels. Bianca sees that the divers got something; Aidan looks through binoculars and says it's a duffel bag. "Kendall!" Bianca exclaims, "Kendall said at the police station that Maggie saw them; Kendall said that she and Michael carried a duffel bag out of Michael's condo the night of the hearing. Maggie recognized Kendall's voice, but the manÖ" She insists whatever is in that duffel bag could be bad for Kendall. Aidan tells her not to worry about Kendall-he'll take care of her. When Bianca murmurs that David said Kendall should just stick to her story, Aidan asks what story was that? Bianca has to go, and asks him to find Kendall and tell her to do what David said, to just stick to her story!

From Soap Slut

The cops drag the river but instead of finding any guns or Kendallís long-missing lighter, they find a duffel bag. Witnessing the events with Aidan, Bianca recalls Maggieís story about Kendall and an anonymous person dragging one out of the condo on *sscicle Appreciation Night. Bianca sends Aidan to find Kendall and make sure she sticks to her story.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
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  • Ryan shouts.
  • Kendall laughs.
  • Adam prances.
  • Babe hiccups.
  • Jamie dreams.
  • J.R. wonders.
  • Bianca dethrones Mona.

The Set-Up Ė At Kendallís, Ryanís Knight In Furrowed Brows complex shines on - but it's reflected light.

At B.J.ís, Jamie wishes he were in love with Greenlee, but he really digs the other white meat.

Adamís Crib Ė Adam is not distracted by the refractors on Babeís skirt and stays on message. In case you havenít heard about this, Babe is a trollop and Adam has the sailors and a crossover with One Life To Live to prove it.

Kendallís Condo Ė Ryan wants to get past that whole engagement fiasco thing with Kendall because it cramps his style and would much rather talk about the romp on the roof, but Kendallís already forgotten about it and the Batman!Abs.

Ryan: "Three months from now when you still have a supermodelís figure and Bianca looks like she swallowed a grapefruit, how are you going to help her then? Or have you thought that far ahead?"

A grapefruit? More like a watermelon by then, Ryan or, at least, a honeydew. And, come on: itís nothing that a pillow for Kendall and a baggy sweater for Bianca wonít fix. Now, switching parents once the kid is born so that Bianca can continue with her adoption master plan will be a bit more difficult, but nothing that faking a stillborn baby canít take care of!

Docks Ė Bianca needs Aidanís cell phone to call Lena and alert her that the police are dragging the Pine Valley Ocean to find her gun.

Yeah, because every woman goes out at night, to the docks, without bringing a cell and alone, especially one who was the victim of rape. Speedy recovery then, Bianca? Excellent.

Kendallís Condo Ė Biancaís grapefruit? Kendallís flat belly? Yeah, well, Kendall has a perfect comeback for that: she doesnít do "noble" no matter how many citrus fruits anyone throws her way.

Adamís Crib - Babe would love to call the police but, since she canít really tell the numbers apart, she calls Adamís "bluff" instead.

Adam: "You donít mess with me or Erica. Erica would dispatch you with a single flutter of her perfect eyelashes."

I think you mean "flip of her lethal hair," Adam. This whole Babe-is-a-white-trash-tramp story is horribly boring, overwrought and insulting. Yeah, ok, so Babe canít keep her cow prints pants on, but the classist act is so Dynasty Ė and I choose the reference at random, RANDOM! Ė that itís a wonder weíre still watching it in 2003. Oh, wait, Iíd forgotten Meganís writing the show now: she would think this is interesting and topical.

Adamís Crib Ė Babe has a secret. Sheíll tell Adam and J.R. what it is any minute now.

Kendallís Condo Ė Aidan interrupts Ryanís shouting fest to tell Kendall that he knows about the romp on the roof and knows that "it wasnít about [him]."

Aidan is as horribly whipped as Lena, isnít he? What do the women in their lives have to do before they get blamed for anything? Bianca shuts Lena out of her life with no explanation whatsoever and she gets non-commitment commitment rings and pain au chocolat out of the deal; Kendall cheats with Ryan and Aidan is still pissing off everyone in town trying to protect her. Thereís whipped and thereís just plain stupid! From now on, Iíll be rooting for Leidan. Thatís right, and no amount of Kaidan and Lianca will make me change my mind. No! Well, at least, not until next week - because you can accuse me of just about anything, but fickle I am not.

Adamís Crib Ė Babe has a secret. Sheíll tell Adam and J.R. what it is any minute now. No, really.

PVI Bar Ė Bianca asks Palmer to stand by Kendall and support her no matter what.

Opal: "Bianca, honey, are you like bucking for sainthood?"

Bwah! See, this is funny because Ė oh, never mind: you had to be there. So, St. Bianca of Assisi then?

Adamís Crib Ė Babe has a secret. Sheíll tell Adam and J.R. what it is any minute now Ė but itís a horrible, horrible secret.

Kendallís Condo Ė Aidan tells Kendall that the police found a duffel bag while raking the bottom of the Pine Valley Ocean for every .38 ever made.

Kendall: "Oh my god: I was so sure I got away with it. [Ö] Aidan, would being pregnant with Michaelís baby Ė would that help me with a Judge and a jury?"

Let me think about it. Wait, I almost have it. Uh - no. The jury will spit on you for having chosen to sleep with your sisterís rapist and a judge will order discovery on your VolderGrapefruit: what are you going to do, hide Bianca under your gown?

Adamís Crib Ė Are you sitting down? ĎCause Babe is about to reveal her secret. Anytime after this next hiccup.

The Last Scenes Ė At the stables, Ryan tells Chesty LaRue that he needs her advice because heís "about to make the most catastrophic mistake of [his] entire life." Gee, Ryan: could you not have called her before you came back to town? Iím pretty sure that was a colossal mistake. My offices and my house are filled with dust bunnies because of all the fluffing you cause, you freakish eyebrow man!

At Adamís, Babe reveals that sheís pregnant. The "Whoís your daddy?" storyline will be the next big snooze fest to hit Pine Valley.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Adam will prove that Babe is a tramp; Brooke thinks that Babe is hiding something; Bianca wants to know whatís in the duffel bag; Maria tells Ryan to "commit to Kendall."


This parody is by LizzieT.

No parody this episode.


Bianca: It's not like I'm trawling the waterfront at 3:00 a.m. or something.

Bianca: Aidan, not to be rude, but when did you become the mayor of the docks?

Aidan: Lena's isn't the only gun that they're looking to find.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Bianca and Aidan watch the police drag for Lena's gun (no Lena)]

Bianca: Ooh! Aidan, what is wrong with you? You're lucky that I didn't hit you.
Aidan: Sorry. I should've said something.
Bianca: Yeah, you should've said something.
Aidan: It's just at first I didn't think it was you. You're the last person I expected to find down here.
Bianca: Oh, my god. It's not like I'm trawling the waterfront at 3:00 a.m. or something.
Aidan: Bianca, aren't you cold?
Bianca: It feels good. I needed some air. You know what? Aidan, not to be rude, but when did you become the mayor of the docks?
Aidan: I'm just keeping my eye on the action out here.
Bianca: What is that, divers? What are they looking for?
Aidan: They're police divers, Bianca.
Bianca: Lena dumped her gun from this pier, didn't she? And they're out looking for it. Aidan, are the police after Lena as Michael's murderer?
Aidan: Lena's isn't the only gun that they're looking to find.

***** (clip b) [Aidan tells Bianca that finding Lena's gun won't incriminate Lena (o Lena)]

Bianca: Aidan, there's no pay phone. Can I -- can I borrow your cell phone, please?
Aidan: Bianca, calm down.
Bianca: No, I need to call Lena. If the police found her gun, then she needs to know about it as soon as possible.
Aidan: It doesn't matter. The slug that Michael took was too damaged for a ballistics match.
Bianca: Or maybe the police are just saying that to throw everyone off.
Aidan: I've got this through unofficial channels, too. Bianca, you look -- you're freezing cold. Why don't you go home.
Bianca: Aidan, what is that? They -- they got something. It looks big. What is it?
Aidan: Looks like a duffle bag.
Bianca: Kendall. Kendall said at the police station that Maggie saw them.
Aidan: "Them"? Meaning?
Bianca: Uh -- Kendall said that she and Michael carried a duffle bag out of Michael's condo the night of the hearing, and Maggie said that she recognized Kendall's voice, but the man's --
Aidan: But Maggie thought it was Michael.
Bianca: I know, but whatever's in that duffle bag could be bad for Kendall.
Aidan: Don't worry about Kendall. I will take care of her.
Bianca: David said that Kendall should just stick to her story.
Aidan: Sorry, what was that?
Bianca: Well, I just -- I said --
aidan: No, no, no, what story was that?
Bianca: I -- i have to go. Please, Aidan, find Kendall and tell her to just do what David said, ok? Tell her to just stick to her story.
Aidan: Ok, ok, all right.
Bianca: All right.
Aidan: I'll pass it along.


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