Whoosh! It is so touching that Lena and Bianca can now bond over even more lies
Lena will be dumbfounded to
find out Bianca is still with child

Lena Kundera

November 25, 2003

(Lena mention and Next on AMC)
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Bianca Montgomery
Kendall Hart
(No Lena; except on Next on AMC)


Kendall and Bianca are in the midst of a faux fight (in their convoluted little scheme to make THE OTHERS think that they are not plotting together, which of course they are) and Kendall mentions that Bianca is a hypocrate for hating Kendall for sleeping with Michael but not Lena. Lesson Kendall, never play the Lena card with Bianca, even when faux fighting. Bianca gives Kendall a massive KaneSlap (tm). Next on AMC: Bianca FINALLY tells Lena that she did not abort the baby.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Bianca arrives and stages a fight with Kendall in order to create a distraction.

From About All My Children

Adam listens intently as Jamie asks Babe how pregnant she is, and she replies, “If I tell you, it’ll be our secret?”
Jack’s face falls at his Thanksgiving dinner when David arrives with Erica and tells his host it was very generous of him to include him.
Greenlee tells Ryan he’s not the boss of her! “But I will be,” he replies.
Bianca confides to Lena that Kendall’s not pregnant, “I am.”
Kendall asks Aidan, “Are we over?”

From Soap Slut

Bianca and Kendall stage a public argument (with Bianca knocking more of Kendall’s dental work loose) as a distraction for David to switch the vials.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • A condom and a pillowcase are the same thing.
  • Kendall's blood is rich.
  • Aidan stands by - his woman.
  • Latin is not for dummies.
  • Bianca swings.
  • My brain falls asleep.

The Set-Up – At Adam’s, Boob and Stubble are obnoxious.

At Dr. Joe and Ruth’s, Jamie drops the table.

At David’s, Bianca and VolderGrapefruit are ready for their newest scam.

At Jack’s, Greenlee got dressed in the dark and put the tartan around her chest.

At The Hospital – Kendall’s ready to prove her hemoglobin is all about the bling bling; McBrow is there to part the hallway and decide who can stay and who cannot.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t fall through his own cracks.

Aidan shows up to be Kendall’s "witness" ‘cause, like Lena, he’s whipped and has nothing else to do.

Erica: "David? You really have to keep an eye on Kendall. I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past her, even - she may have a poor pregnant woman’s blood hidden on her somewhere."

What? Why, what have you heard?

Amat, Ergo Curat – J.R. says Jamie loves him and that’s why he cares about Babe and BabyBoob. Adam cares, too, and wants to set up a trust fund for Adam Chandler whatever Roman numeral’s next, but J.R. wants nothing from his dad because he’s his own man and he’s got the whiskers to prove it. Babe agrees and feels that J.R. should totally, like, be in charge of the kid’s financial…finances…economic…like, you know, the money and stuff.

Jack’s Pad – Everything is still about Bianca, even for Greenlee, who is at odds with Jack because she "butted in where [she] didn’t belong" and is screwing Kendall in the process – though not in the manner all of us want so, really what’s the point?

Hospital – Aidan, Ryan and Erica look on as Dr. Maria draws Kendall’s blood. Bianca, David and Kendall do the shifty eyes relay – because they have nothing to hide and aren’t plotting anything and, anyway, Santa’s Helper did it.

Adam’s Crib – Stuart and J.R. talk about fatherhood and turkey that lasts 'till Christmas.

Is that like being Jewish and saying that McTavish’s scripts are like Christmas presents?

Turkey Central – Tad and Brooke continue to be the worst possible parents – Tad because he doesn’t know what to say unless it’s a joke and Brooke because she’d know what to say, but knows nothing and is easily distracted by apple pies.

Jack’s Pad – Greenlee has a point but, d*** it, it’s Thanksgiving and that means family, FAMILY! And that means togetherness and prayer circles and no one is going to take that away from Jack or from his girly apron!

The Last Scenes – At the hospital, Kendall and Bianca get into a staged fight, which leaves David alone in the lab. When Maria walks back in, she suspects David has done something, but Aidan vouches for him because – actually, I don’t know, but I’m sure it all goes back to being in love with the woman who’s done him wrong.

Outside, Bianca and Kendall keep on fighting.

Bianca: "I can’t believe that you slept with him knowing what he did to me, knowing what kind of person he is. Kendall, you are pure evil."

Man, Pol Pot keeps on catching breaks! What does an evildoer have to do these days to pass the Pine Valley test?

Kendall: "Oh, really? Ok. Well, Lena slept with him and you don’t think she’s evil. Actually, you think she’s pretty sweet."

Oh, too far. Way, way too far.  And look, Erica's helping Bianca wind up for the slap to save Lena’s honor. It’s snowing in Hell, isn’t it?

At Adam’s, Babe mistakes Thanksgiving for Halloween and dresses as the cotton candy.

At the hospital, Dr. Maria announces that Kendall’s pregnant.  Yeah, my jaw's dropping, too: it happens when I fall asleep.

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Jamie asks Babe about her pregnancy; David is Erica’s date for Thanksgiving; Ryan and Greenlee have another spat; Bianca tells Lena that she’s pregnant; Kendall wonders whether she and Aidan are "over."


This parody is by LizzieT.

No Lena parts today because there was no Lena in the actual show and Kendall mentioned her.

Over at the Martin's they were preparing for Thanksgiving.
Ruth: Hurry, set up the tables, polish the china, and fold the napkins. I've got the turkey on speed defrost!
Tad: Why? It's only Tuesday.
Ruth: We're being pre-empted for sitcoms and football. We only have today and tomorrow to pull off the Thanksgiving episode.
Tad: Jinkies. Don't worry Mom. Martin Thanksgiving's always come together.
Ruth: And next year we'll have a little great grandchild here at the table with us.
Jamie: ::::clunk:::::
Tad: Just ignore Jamie. He has uncle jitters. Jamie, you have to stop thinking about this. So you slept with your brother's wife. It's no biggie. It's practically a Pine Valley rite of passage. Just remember what I've told you. No good ever came from telling the truth.
Jamie: Has that worked for you in your life?
Tad: Absolutely not. It's blown up in my face every time. But I'm sure it will be different in your case. You just have to work on being a better liar. You're just like your mother. She could never pull off a lie either.....well, except for the Maria is really alive thing.
Brooke: Why are you talking about lying with our son?
Tad: No reason. What are you doing here?
Brooke: The BackBurner Cafe is closed for Thanksgiving. I think some of the others will be showing up soon. Anything I can do? Bake a pie? Wash some dishes? Try to persuade you to give our son some real moral guidance?
Tad: Why don't you break the china for a semi-comic moment in an episode fraught with drama?
Brooke: Sure. Maybe the broken china can symbolize the fragments of the storylines I once had.
Tad: Or maybe the audience will just find broken dishes amusing.

JR had another argument with Adam.
Adam: Son, I want to set up a trust fund for your baby to make sure it's future is secure.
JR: How dare you! I've never heard of anything so awful!
Adam: Uh, didn't you say yesterday you wanted us to be a family? What about that touching scene that had some audience members liking you for the first time?
JR: You ruined it by offering to make my child financially secure for life. What kind of monster are you?
Adam: Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.
JR: I'll support my wife and child by myself with the money I earn from running the company you built from scratch. Never let it be said that I don't earn my own way. Now I'm going outside to talk to Uncle Stuart and hopefully show a more likable side of my personality again.
Stuart: What's wrong JR?
JR: I hate my father. Can you believe he offered to set up a trust fund for my baby?
Stuart: I didn't know you were going to have a baby.
JR: Hadn't you heard that Babe is pregnant?
Stuart: Yes but I didn't think it was yours. I may be a little slow but I'm not stupid.
JR: Huh?
Stuart: Never mind.
JR: How am I supposed to be a good father? I've never had a real role model in that area.
Stuart: What about Tad?
JR: That was the Jesse McCartney kid. I've only really had Adam as my father.
Stuart: Don't worry about it JR. I"m sure you'll be as good a father as Dixie was a mother.
JR: Yes, Mom was perfect.....well, except for the boinking David Hayward thing. If she were here I'll bet she'd be thrilled about the baby.
Stuart: Of course she would. She might be a little shocked to find out that somehow you're older than she is but I'm sure she'd be thrilled.
JR: Uncle Stuart, if I have any questions about being a father I'll just come to you.
Stuart: You do that. Bwahahahahahahaha. Whoa, did that laugh sound just a little maniacal?
JR: Just a bit.
Stuart: Maybe I'd better lay off of the cider for the rest of the afternoon.

Jack had words for Greenlee.
Jack: Where were you last night?
Greenlee: What's it to you?
Jack: I was worried.
Greenlee: Tough. I can do anything I want and you can't stop me.
Jack: What's gotten in to you lately?
Greenlee: I don't know. I guess Kendall's assumed the role of bitchy but vulernable heroine and I've been left with just plain bitchy.
Jack: Speaking of Kendall, how could you tell Erica that she's pregnant with Michael's child? Are you trying to cause trouble for Kendall? Why would you turn on Kendall like that?
Greenlee: Kendall, Kendall Kendall! It's always Kendall. I thought I was supposed to be the Marcia in this family but Kendall is the Marcia and I'm the Jan. It's not fair.
Jack: Watch your attitude young lady or there'll be no pie for you at Thanksgiving dinner today.
Greenlee: What do you mean today? It's Tuesday.
Jack: We had to reschedule. Pre-emptions for sitcoms and football you know.
Reggie: Did you talk to Erica the way you just talked to Greenlee?
Jack: Pretty much - except for the part about the pie. Erica hasn't had dessert in 20 years - not since she was 16.
Reggie: And how did she take it when you criticized her?
Jack: Fine....except for the part where she ran off to David's.
Reggie: So much for a November Sweeps wedding. Any chance at February?

The hospital lab was the place to be.
Kendall: I'm here to give my blood sample.
Ryan: And I'm here to watch with the benefit of all my expert medical knowledge.
Erica: I'm here to prove that my daughter is a liar who's trying to steal my company. It just seems like a holiday thing to do.
David: I'm here as Erica's representative.
Ryan: What? You can't be here.
David: Of course I can. I used to have a great reputation at this hospital....well, except for the whole Libidizone thing.
Maria: I'm here to perform the blood test.
Erica: I thought you might be home with your family since it's Thanksgiving.
Maria: No it isn't . This is only Tuesday.
David: Haven't you heard? We're being pre-empted for sitcoms and football.
Maria: In that case let's hurry. My kids will think I have amnesia again if I don't show up for Thanksgiving dinner.
Bianca: I came to watch the whole thing and look brave but sad.
Aidan: Oi cime to be a witness for Kendall. Oi'll stand by er no matter whot.
Baby: Oh brother. Is this the best this town has to offer for entertainment? If I had a choice I'd be home watching the Macy's parade - except of course it isn't on because it's really Tuesday.
Kendall: Let's get this show on the road. Maria, take my blood and whisk it down to the lab.
Ryan: Follow that blood sample.
Aidan: Oi'm on it mite.
David: Me too. Pay no attention to the test tube rattling in my pocket.
Kendall: I'll toss of an infuriating remark and head that way too.
Bianca: I'll run after Kendall and cause a disturbance to distract everyone. Kendall, you're evil::::whack:::::
Maria: That reminds me. I need to call my mother.
Kendall: Do you think next time we fake a fight I could be the one that's mad and get to slap you?
Bianca: Not a chance. I'm the perpetual victim and you're the bad girl, remember? :::whack::::
Baby: Welcome to another episode of Kane Girl's Smackdown. I don't think all this violence is good for me.
Maria: David, what did you do to the blood sample while we were out in the hall?
David: What blood sample?
Maria: The one in the test tube.
David: What test tube?
Maria: Did you mess with the blood test?
David: I didn't touch it.
Aidan: E's roit. Oi never tewk me oyes off of im and Oi swear on me spotted dick, e never touched it.
David: Are you all right...er I mean Aidan's right. I never touched it.
Maria: OK. We have the results. Kendall's pregnant.
Ryan: :::gasp:::: She's what?
Bianca: Hey, it worked....er I mean it can't be!
Baby: So the deception lives on. Whoopee twang.
Erica: Blimey!
Aidan: Ey, that's whot Oi'm supposed to sigh.
Erica: Sorry. I got a little disoriented for a minute. This means I'm going to be a gr...a gr....:::clunk:::::


Kendall: Lena slept with him, and you don't think she's evil. Actually, you think she's pretty sweet.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Kendall mentions Lena to Bianca in their mock battle and Bianca gives her a KaneSlap (tm)]

[amc031125a starts]
Bianca: I can't believe you slept with him, knowing what he did to me, knowing what kind of person he is. Kendall, you are pure evil.
Kendall: Oh, really? Ok, well, lena slept with him, and you don't think she's evil. Actually, you think she's pretty sweet.
[Bianca slaps Kendall]

***** (clip b) [Next on AMC: Bianca FINALLY tells Lena she's pregnant]

On the next "all my children"
jamie: How pregnant are you?
Babe: If i tell you, will it be our secret?
David: So generous of you to include me, jack. Thank you.
Greenlee: You're not the boss of me.
Ryan: But I will be.
[amc031125b-inc3 starts]
Bianca: Kendall's not pregnant. I am.
[amc031125b-inc3 ends]
Kendall: Are we over?


I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
amc031125a.mpg (3.4m; 0:20) Kendall mentions Lena to Bianca in their mock battle and Bianca gives her a KaneSlap (tm)
amc031125b-inc3 (16.3m; 0:07) Next on AMC: Bianca FINALLY tells Lena she's pregnant

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