Whoosh! Lena runs the numbers...10 minutes of dancing, 4 minutes 'til midnight, 9 minutes to ditch mini-me...should be back at my place in 28 minutes. D***! I don't have a place yet.
Lena and Bianca dance the night
away under the watchful eye of Maggie

Lena Kundera

December 31, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 01/02/04

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Bianca Montgomery
Maggie Stone
Jamie Martin


Lena and Bianca party at the Pine Valley Inn like it's 1999, while Maggie is being, um, ambivilant as usual.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

No mention of Lena whatsoever.

From About All My Children

Babe asks Jamie if he and Maggie are like a couple now? He retorts, "Why, do you care now?" He walks away, and Babe leaves the room as Bianca and Lena arrive, while Maggie looks at them, obviously not pleased...

Lena tells Bianca that tonight, with all the lights and the music, everyone seems like a better version of themselves!...

Nice job, your brother's wife!" Maggie exclaims, "There was no one less available?" Babe comes back in, and Jamie shrugs she was free enough when he fell for her. Maggie looks at Bianca and Lena as she says there's no point in eating your heart out when someone else is there first...

Bianca and Maggie meet up in the ladies' room, and Bianca notes her friend looks like she's having fun. She agrees things couldn't be better with Lena, and asks why she didn't tell her she's seeing Jamie? Maggie says it's not a big deal, but Bianca thinks it's because Maggie thinks she depends on her too much, and doesn't want to come to her with her stuff because she has too much junk to deal with on her own. Bianca thinks she's taken really good care of her, and wants to take good care of Maggie, too, and this Jamie thing makes her nervous. Maggie thinks that's because she saw Henry riverdance on her heart, but she's a strong girl and Jamie's a good guy-she doesn't have to worry about her! She just cares about her, and that's why she loves her so much!...

Maggie watches Lena and Bianca dance. Lena says it's magical being here with her like this; she can't think of a lovelier way to say goodbye to 2003. Tad walks by and tells them it's 4 minutes and counting!...

Everyone counts down the seconds, and Bianca and Lena share a kiss, as do Tad and Krystal, Babe and JR, Maggie and Jamie, and even Adam and Mary!

From Soap Slut

Naggie offered to return the earlier favor James did for her with Bianca and Lena by groping him in front of Boobe. He’s all for it. Boobe glares....

[from the 01-02-04 recap] Lena and Bianca – I forget whether it’s this episode or the previous one where they were shown kissing but it was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment. At any rate, they do a disappearing act so one can only hope they’re getting busy.


This all gay recap is by C.K..
Read all the All Gay Re-caps at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheAllGayRecap/.


  • Mary brings the Polanski back to the Jar Jar Boobe non-saga.
  • Simone brings her rap sheet.
  • Bianca brings her lover.
  • Maggie brings something green.
  • Jamie brings his hormones.
  • Babe brings her husbands.
  • Tad brings the cad.
  • The lodge brings contrivance.

  • PVI - No one dances to the same beat.

    Maggie - in a pink, bling-blinging leopard print uh, what? moo-moo? - matches her dress as soon as she sees Bianca and Lena walk in. I’ll waste no time wondering how Maggie made it there first since, when Lena and Bianca left for the PVI, she was still wearing the rhinestone elfish boots.

    The Lodge - McTavish and her vision of modern women: selfish, whiny, envious and desperate for men. Megan, some of us are not named ‘Mia.’ Or ‘Greenlee.’ Or, well, ‘Erica.’ Oh, and some of us? Are gay.

    PVI - Lena likes the bling.

    Lena: "Tonight is like a dream with all the lights and the music. I don’t know, everyone just seems like a better version of themselves."

    I love what McTavish has done with you, Lena: gone is the corporate spy intellect and in comes the squirrel on speed: the lights! The music! The people who are the same, but different! Oh, is that a bulb? Good god, what the f*** has happened to you?

    While Michelle Branch sings Goodbye To You, the least anvilly song the writers could find – ‘cause they’re all about the subtle! And the unspoken! – Maggie and Jamie have a chat.

    Maggie: Nice job, your brother’s wife: there was no one less available for you to go for?"

    Remind you of anyone, you home wrecker?

    Jamie: "She was free enough when I fell for her."

    No, no she wasn’t. She was a liar, but not a free one.

    Maggie: "And you have to eat your heart out because somebody else got there first."

    That’s right, someone else did – and it’s not as if you didn’t get your chance, Ms. "I’m into guys" so, really, shut up and go make a long face somewhere else. 

    Jamie runs to ‘rescue’ Babe from FirstHusband!Paul.

    Babe: "Do you know how many people have stood up for me like that? Hold up your hand and don’t count your thumb and your pinky."

    So, how many does that make?

    Jamie: "I wanna be there for you and our baby, to keep you safe and loved forever. I can give that to you if you just let me."

    That’s just the thing, you obsessed, overgrown teen: she has to want it and you have to leave her the h*** alone if she tells you to get lost. For whatever incomprehensible reason, she loves J.R. and, if he’s willing to go along with the lie – as it seems to me he’s doing in order to save this whatevercakes marriage – then you have to butt out, learn your lesson and pass it on to Maggie.

    The Lodge – Ryan screams and then dives on Mia when the furnace backfires.

    Yeah, you’re a real mensh, FrankenBrow.

    Kendall: "Cheer up Ryan: maybe there’ll be another back blast and you can land on Greenlee next time."
    Ryan: "Look, Kendall: if you and me doing our thing means that I can’t protect my friends, maybe we should rethink this attraction that we have."

    Well, that relationship is just rock solid. Excellent.

    In the long and mumbly face corner, StillJuan!Pablo takes Greenlee’s hands in his.

    Juan Pablo: "Like eyes."

    What? Oh, like ice! Dude, I know you’re Argentinean, but don’t you have a dialect coach or something? Come on.

    PVI – In the room that the plunger forgot, Bianca tells Maggie that things with Lena "are really good" and "couldn’t be better" and then asks her why she kept her date with Jamie a secret.

    Other than the fact that it was a secret to Maggie, too? I don’t know, maybe because you’re sucking the life out of her? It’s just a guess.

    Maggie: "Do you think that I kept it from you?"
    Bianca: "I hope not. I don’t know, maybe you think I depend on you too much and you don’t want to come to me with your stuff because you’re afraid I have too much junk to deal with on my own."

    God, take a breath, Bianca. 

    Maggie: "You know that I don’t feel that way."

    Why the h*** not? Bianca’s made you lie for her, manipulated you into going abroad to cut the umbilical cord, ignored your advice on everything and doesn’t even tell you when her plans include you! She’s a selfish brat and you should kick her ass.

    Bianca: "This Jamie thing, it’s weird. I don’t know, it makes me nervous."

    What, you want to order from the Russian Grooms catalog for Maggie, too, so that she’ll never make a decision on her own ever again?

    Maggie: "Probably because you saw Henry ‘riverdance’ over my heart."
    Bianca: "I don’t want that to happen to you ever again."
    Maggie: "That makes the two of us. […] Jamie is a good guy: you don’t have to worry about me."
    Bianca: "I hope I didn’t get in your space or anything before, or acted like an idiot because I didn’t know what the hell was going on."
    Maggie: "You just cared about me, ok? That’s why I love you so much."

    Hey, that's a good scene: it’s reminds of the old BAM. What? I’ve already told you I watched all the clips, shut up. BAM was kinda sweet back then and Bianca actually listened when Maggie talked. That is not to say I want Bianca and Maggie to get together: I can’t stand Maggie (and I can barely stomach Bianca these days) and I’d rather swim with very hungry sharks while holding a gutted fish than see AMC’s version of Teen Lesbian Romance. By the way: this is how Bianca shows her jealousy? Gee, I’d hate to see her indifferent to Maggie’s love life. What? Oh, right: that’s now.

    The Lodge – With a busted furnace and no way in or out of the lodge, is there any chance that Aidan, Mia, Kendall, Juan Pablo and Greenlee will decide to eat Ryan first, even if they’re not hungry?

    PVI – At five minutes to midnight, Maggie watches as Lena and Bianca share a very close dance.

    Lena: "This is the most magical - being here with you like this: I can’t think of a lovelier way to say goodbye to 2003."

    The EyeShags are back! And the hands! On naked skin! And Bianca looks so in love. And happy. Sniff. Here’s to hoping you’ll finish recovering soon, Bianca. No, not from Voldemort: from Typhoon Megan.

    Just as I’m about to anticipate a flashback - Michael! Made me dance! To Lena’s CD! - midnight arrives and Bianca pulls Lena in for a kiss. What? No, I don’t want to watch Tad and Krystal, go back, you stupid camera! Go back to the pretty people who actually love each other! Oh, you suck. And you suck for the kiss, too, because after five months of endless, mind-numbing Baggie crap and no Lena/Bianca interaction, a kiss means absolutely nothing and it's the last thing I want. How about a chat, you stupid ***holes? A real chat and not some ridiculous balloon chase while Lena talks about lights.  B*******: I hope you all fall into your fireplaces.

    The Last Scenes – At the lodge, Greenlee breaks up with Juan Pablo because his desire for justice is not as important as her nails.

    Kendall breaks up with Ryan because he’d rather shout and feed his savior complex than have sex with her.  He and Greenlee?  Perfect match.

    Mia leaves Aidan’s bed because, when Kendall’s in the room, she becomes invisible.  Oh, if only.

    NEXT ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Tad and Krystal; Babe and Jamie; Mia and Juan Pablo; Ryan and Greenlee; Aidan and Kendall.


    From Mystic
    The more I think about it, the more I see TPTB's logic about how they chose to handle it. Remember the airport kiss? If you just look at the kiss its the tamest kiss in the history of the world. But the setup of scenes leading up to it gave it some punch. Which is further credit to the actresses because the airport dialogue alone? Not so stellar. I'm guessing that they set up [today's] kiss, in the fashion that they did, to diffuse Lianca a bit. Duck some of their sexual chemistry, ya know? If Lianca would have had build-up scenes, I'm pretty sure the actresses would have dialed up the intensity level to ten and then a kiss? Um, no. I would bet that would fall under the heading of too much for TPTB. Too scary and blatant, that is. ('Cause if you give Eden and Olga some juicy material, they'll kill you with chemistry.)

    So, they handled it in a way that would deliver (Because most would be howling in outrage if Lianca *didn't* kiss) but would do so in the safest way possible. I do give them props for going there but I would have traded it in a second for a better understanding of where Lianca's relationship actually stands. Still, even though the kiss doesn't make up for the stuff we're not getting (like actual conversations), I'm glad we did get the kiss. It shows a willingness on AMC's part to deal with the physical aspects of Lianca to some extent. Baby steps, yo.

    The view from the mansion assures me that AMC is still in a transitional stage and will get to more character driven SLs and less 'event' storytelling. And that stuff will stop 'sploding every d*** day. Lalalalalala...

    From Newyork1:
    I don't believe AMC has any desire or willingness "to deal with the physical aspects of Lianca to some extent" or to any extent. In interviews, Eden Riegel and Olga S. have indicated that their physical contact is strictly controlled by the directors, et al.

    The kiss was a non-event for me. As someone said, if you blinked you missed it. And, as soon as you blinked, the real focus focused on the open-mouthed kissage between the Tad and White Trash Mama and JR and White Trash Bambino. (Oh, and let's not forget the cabin fevered bed-hopping of the fusion girls - contrived and silly - what the h*** happened to these women? don't any of them work any more? And, what have they done to Greenlee? How passionate she was not long ago about running her business or at the very least fighting to keep it from the ... hands of Lavery?)

    I have supported the Bianca s/l since she was reintroduced in 2000, through her mixed up relationships with Sarah and Frankie; her mature and glorious relationship with Lena; and, through to her horrific rape. Eden's performance has almost always been first rate, but it was her performance from April through September that captured me and many others, showcased her talent and put her in the category of a Meryl Streep. She deserves the emmy and will most likely win it (brava).

    As for the s/l, I honestly thought that Lena would be fully worked into her recovery and until recently I still supported the s/l. I don't feel that way any longer. They have had almost no contact and the little contact they have had is too little too late. This week alone, they have had maybe 1 minute of dialogue and a couple of minutes of being together on screen. The relationship has been marginalized as all of Bink's relationships eventually become.

    And, I would have perferred dialogue between Bianca and Lena. They need to talk things out. They have much to talk out, to resolve. I will concede that physicality between them is still controversial on daytime TV. Fine, I don't expect TPTB to deal with it as they would the heterosexual couples on the show. And, frankly, that gets old real quick and most people get annoyed (example, Maria and Edmund, Maria and Aiden).

    But, how in heaven's name can simple conversations about Lianca's relationship be tabu on daytime TV? I just don't get it. Never will.

    From Rsmith2k2:
    Commenting on Mystico's ... observations, I believe TPTB sort of divided Bianca and Lena's Reunion Kiss into two parts for the very reason s/he mentions. The may have done so in yet another barometer of Middle American audience reaction to/preference for:
    1.) Bianca and Lena, the lesbians, reuniting as a couple (and I do not personally believe that the triangle is a factor here)
    2.) Emotional intimacy, relationship dialogue, actual close-ups of eye-shagging (Reunion Kiss, Part 1-The Almost Kiss at Stuart's)
    3.) The true physical intimacy (without the contextual "build-up scenes") we witnessed on New Year's Eve

    Reunion Kiss, Part 1 (The Almost Kiss at Stuart's house a couple of weeks ago), provided the Emotional Intensity, the "build-up scenes" (Mystico)...time together, ALONE to talk, contextual relationship dialogue, hand-holding during the dialogue, actual close-ups of eye-shagging, those longing looks at each other's mouths and a general blushing-inducing intensity to their entire interaction. Deeply moving and Emotional but a KISS, true physical and sexual intimacy? Almost.

    The Reunion Kiss, Part 2 (New Year's Eve Kiss and Dance) gives us the exact opposite of The Almost Kiss scene. True physical/sexual intimacy without the appropriate emotional "build-up scenes." Bianca's revealing dress, Bianca leaning in to display her considerable goddess-given assets (yes, yes, of course I am thinking KILLER RACK) to Lena while they chat at their table, Binky and Lena's bodies pressed together in a snuggling dance, the kiss itself, while not depicted for as many seconds as the het couples, there could be no doubt any viewers mind that Binky and HPF were kissing because they were physically/sexually attracted to each other (we already know they are in love). That, my friends is still a Very. Big. Deal.

    The missing contextual relationship dialogue in the New Year's Even Kiss...? See The Almost Kiss. Emotional and physical intimacy together in one scene or a series of scenes?


    This parody is by LizzieT.

    The residents of Pine Valley rang in the New Year.

    At the Valley Inn....
    Brooke: I can't believe you brought Bimbo Number 2 to the New Year's Eve party.
    Tad: I'm not really dating her. I'm only after her documents.
    Brooke: You shouldn't have any trouble getting them. They're falling out of her dress. Now excuse me but I have a date tonight.
    Tad: Have they cast someone new for you?
    Brooke: Are you kidding? He's just an extra. He moonlights as a waiter over at the Backburner Cafe.
    Tad: Isn't it a little sad dating an extra?
    Brooke: Not really. He sees that I get free onion rings with my hamburger.
    Simone: Don't worry about me Tad. I have a date too.
    Tad: With Justin?
    Simone: He's not so bad.
    Justin: I love New Year's Eve. I get to stay up past my bedtime and everything.
    Lizzie: The music seems to be drowning out some of the party conversation. I guess I should turn the closed captioning on . Of course that would mean I cared about what's being said and I'm sorry but I just don't.
    Baby: I can't believe this. My first New Year's Eve party and it's just an elaborate prop for the Babe storyline. They're even wasting time with her in the bathroom talking to some guy from One Life to Live. Next year I want to go to the Crystal Ball. Hey Mom, I'm bored. Why don't you dance?
    Bianca: Lena, I just had the strangest urge to dance. How about it?
    Lena: That sounds lovely. Perhaps we could even share a New Year's kiss.
    Bianca: I think we could sneak one in.
    Baby: Go for it. TPTB are probably asleep after today's episode and they won't even notice.

    Up at the ski lodge....
    Kendall: I can't believe you brought me up here Ryan. You say it's too dangerous for Greenlee but you drag me here under false pretenses just to set up a Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee triangle.
    Greenlee: I didn't ask him to come. I wanted to spend New Year's with PFKAJP but it looks like he's determined to have a Ryan/Greenlee/PFKAJP triangle instead.
    Mia: I know it's all your fault Kendall. You followed Aidan up here hoping for a Aidan/Kendall/Ryan triangle but thanks to me you're going to have a Mia/Aidan/Kendall triangle instead.
    Aidan: Everyone be quoit. Security migh ave been breached. We cewd be at Defcon 4 roit now.
    Kendall: What does that mean?
    Aidan: Oi aven't the foggiest but it sounds gewd doesn't it?
    Aidan: Blimey! Whot was that?
    Kendall: Maybe it was the audience shooting out their tvs.
    Ryan: I think it was the furnace. Now we all have to go to bed with each other to keep from freezing to death.
    Kendall: OK. I'll start with Ryan.
    Greenlee: Then I'll join Ryan and whine about how I don't know what to do about PFKAJP.
    Kendall: Then I'll leave Ryan and join Aidan. I'll cry on his shoulder about how badly Ryan treats me.
    Mia: Then I'll leave Aidan and join PFKAJP. I'll tell him that no matter how hard I try I can't get a man to really be interested in me.
    Lizzie: I'm starting to miss the loud background music from the Valley Inn.
    Ryan: Isn't this clever? Everyone started out in bed with one person and ended up in bed with someone else. And they say romance is dead on AMC.


    Enjoy it. Cause tomorrow we won't remember it and it will never be mentioned again. Cause we're 'friends'

    The ladies squeezing in one more kiss before the end of the year


    Bianca: This Jamie thing -- it's weird. I don't know. It makes me nervous.
    Maggie: Probably because you saw Henry "Riverdance" on my heart.

    Lena: This is almost magical, being here with you like this. I can't think of a lovelier way to say goodbye to 2003.


    Unverified in non-clip parts

    ***** (clip a) [Lena and Bianca enter the party at the PV Inn]

    [amc031231a.mpg starts]
    [Lena and Bianca enter the party at the PV Inn and Maggie notices their entrance]

    ***** (clip b) [Lena actually gets to say something]

    [amc031231b starts]
    Lena: Well, tonight is like a dream with all the lights and the music and -- I don't know -- everyone just seems like a better version of themselves.

    ***** (clip c) [Lena and Bianca at table]

    [amc031231c starts]
    [Babe enters the party while Lena and Bianca are talking at their table; their words drowned out by the music]

    ***** (clip d) [Bianca and Maggie discuss Jamie (Lena mention)]

    Maggie: Gosh, it is the dead of winter. Could it get any hotter out there?
    Bianca: Well, it's all that dancing. But you look like you're having a good time.
    Maggie: Yeah, I'm having fun. How about you and lena?
    Bianca: Actually, things are really good. Couldn't be better. Maggie?
    Maggie: What?
    Bianca: Why didn't you tell me that you're seeing Jamie?
    Maggie: Because it's not a very big deal. Why? Do you think I kept it from you?
    Bianca: Well, I hope not. I don't know, maybe you think I depend on you too much and you don't want to come to me with your stuff because you're afraid that I have too much junk to deal with on my own.
    Maggie: No, I do not feel that way.
    Bianca: Look, you've taken really good care of me, and I'm going to take good care of you, too. This Jamie thing -- it's weird. I don't know. It makes me nervous.
    Maggie: Probably because you saw Henry riverdance on my heart.
    Bianca: I don't want that to happen to you ever again.
    Maggie: That makes the two of us. Come on, i'm a strong girl. Jamie's a good guy. You don't have to worry about me.
    Bianca: Well, I hope i didn't get in your space or anything before or act like an idiot because I didn't know what the hell was going on.
    Maggie: You just care about me, ok, and that's why i love you so much.

    ***** (clip e) [Lena and Bianca slow dancing with Maggie watching them]

    [amc031231e starts]
    Lena: This is almost magical, being here with you like this. I can't think of a lovelier way to say goodbye to 2003.
    Tad: Four minutes and counting, guys.

    ***** (clip f) [Lena and Bianca run to a table to pick up noise makers]

    [amc031231f starts]
    Tad: 30 seconds!
    [Lena and Bianca run to a table to pick up noise makers]

    ***** (clip g) [Lena and Bianca smooch at New Year's (kiss #2)]
    Crowd: Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
    ["auld lang syne" plays]
    [Lena and Bianca smooch]


    I have the following clips (incompletes are marked "inc"):
    amc031231a.mpg (1.5m; 0?09) Lena and Bianca enter the party at the PV Inn
    amc031231b.mpg (1.9m; 0:11) Lena actually gets to say something
    amc031231c.mpg (670k; 0:03) Lena and Bianca at their table
    amc031231e.mpg (3.1m; 0:18) Lena and Bianca slow dancing with Maggie watching them
    amc031231f.mpg (770k; 0:04) Lena and Bianca run to a table to pick up noise makers
    amc031231g.mpg (8.1m; 0:47) Lena and Bianca smooch at New Year's (kiss #2)

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