Whoosh! Hey, she's kinda cute, except for that dorky haircut -- must be a European thing
Lena and Bianca meet at
Lena's interview with Enchantment

Lena Kundera

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January 02, 2003

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Previously on "All My Children"
Liza: There's no job in the world that's going to bring Leo back.
Greenlee: I just need something else to think about.
Boyd: Thanks for the offer to join your team. I know you're going to be the next big thing.
Janelle: Your I.D. Badge, it's temporary. I'll give you a permanent one after I see how you do in triage.
David: I haven't done triage since I was a resident!
Janelle: Oh, then you have experience.

David: I'll write you out a prescription.
Janelle: The misses said you had your flu shot last week, so you should be fine.
Man: Thank you, Doc.
Woman: We're not done.
David: Excuse me?
Woman: You call that an exam? That's no exam. You barely touched me.
David: Mrs. Rubin, you have a sinus infection. There's no need to disrobe.
Mrs. Rubin: My sinuses are the tip of the iceberg. I got a pain here I can't shake. Ouch. See? That hurt.
David: Have that filled, follow the instructions. In 10 days your infection should be clear. Now, as for that pain, if you really want to stick around, I'm sure Janelle will see you in a couple of hours.
Mrs. Rubin: Janelle? She's crazy. I don't want her.
David: Good-bye, Mrs. Rubin. Have a great day.
Mrs. Rubin: You haven't seen the last of me.
Janelle: You and Betty hit if off?
David: There's supposed to be a nurse present whenever I examine a patient.
Janelle: How could I have missed that memo?
David: That woman tried to hit on me.
Janelle: Did you prescribe something for her raging libido?
David: I don't appreciate being put in a compromising position.
Janelle: You are at the Front Street Clinic. We are lucky to have gauze and aspirin here.
Woman: Doc, Doc, I --
Janelle: Mrs. Jindal, I told you that you could go home.
Mrs. Jindal: Ok. Ok.
David: You know, sounds like a great idea. Will you sign this so I can go home?
Janelle: You have it so easy.
Man: Hey! Somebody get over here!
Janelle: Reggie?
Reggie: Doc, Iím not feeling so good.
Nurse: Janelle, that patient has been here for hours.
Janelle: Ok, I'm on it. Dr. Hayward, you take Reggie.
David: He hasn't even been signed in.
Janelle: I will handle the procedure. You take care of Reggie.
David: Great. I should be on my way home.
Reggie: You heard her. You think I got all day?
David: Come on. In there.

Kendall: In here. Oh, my God, look at this bottle. It's fabulous!
Greenlee: What's in it? What's in it?
Kendall: Like I read Chinese? I don't know, let me smell it. Mmm. Oh, my God. It's some kind of lemon ginger thing. Mmm, it's yummy, yummy, yummy. Oh, my God, this is so yummy I could drink it.
Trey: An external application is probably a better idea.
Kendall: Ok.
Greenlee: This is moisturizer.
Kendall: Try this. Yeah?
Greenlee: Yeah.
Kendall: Oh. Oh, this is fabulous! Look, it's so soft. Mmm.
Trey: Ok, but my question is, if this stuff is so great, how come this company went belly-up?
Kendall: Who cares? Liza bought it all on the cheap.
Greenlee: And now we slip it into our packaging and sell it for top dollar.
Kendall: Yes, life is good.
Greenlee: According to our San Francisco liaison, all these products are all natural and they rival the best in the states.
Trey: All right, well, they're a start. And then what?
Greenlee: Well, then we use the profits from whatever we sell and we develop our own line.
Kendall: No, no, no, no, we should definitely duplicate this stuff. This is way too good.
Greenlee: We'll make it even better.
Trey: And then build a cosmetics empire like no other.
Greenlee: Well, yeah, that is our objective.
Kendall: We will reduce Enchantment to rubble.
Greenlee: Hey, just because you wrangled this building from Palmer Cortlandt doesn't mean that you're ready to take on Erica just yet.
Kendall: Well, I won't be doing this alone.
Greenlee: Yeah, well, thanks for the vote of confidence, but --
Kendall: I'm not talking about you, Iím talking about the people I intend to bring onboard.
Greenlee: Like who? Uber-chemist Boyd Larraby?
Kendall: You got it.
Greenlee: What makes you think Boyd is going to leave Erica and come work for us?
Trey: 10 bucks says Kendall goes after this guy, she gets him.
Greenlee: Aren't you the devoted brother.
Trey: Hey, before I knew Kendall was my sister, I was just like any other hot-blooded guy. I thought she was hot.
Greenlee: Oh, stop before I revisit my breakfast.
Trey: I'm just trying to give you the male perspective.
Kendall: Thank you, Bro and I'm going to prove you're right. Before the day is over, Boyd will be ours. Cheers.

Boyd: What's this?
Erica: A gesture of appreciation. Read it.
Boyd: This works out to a 50% raise.
Erica: And two weeks more vacation each year.
Boyd: If anyone had told me my masters in chemistry would pay off in cosmetic formulas --
Erica: You are truly gifted, Boyd. So just think of this contract as women all over the world saying, "thank you."
Boyd: Yeah, well, I just wish they would deliver the message in person.
Erica: Turn to page two.
Boyd: You're finding me girls now?
Erica: No.
Boyd: A promotion. You're making me Director of Product Development?
Erica: You have earned it, Boyd, believe me. And we are extending your exclusivity deal for three more years, so there's no problem with that, is there?
Boyd: You hired me right out of school. I mean, I owe you everything. I can't imagine working for anyone else. Please, where do I sign?
Erica: Well, here and here, and initial here.
Boyd: Before you know it, I will be handing you the perfected formula for our new --
[phone rings]
Boyd: Oh. I'm sorry.
Erica: It's all right. You're in demand.
Boyd: Hello?
Kendall: Hey, Boyd, it's Kendall. Make my life worthwhile and say we can have lunch together.
Boyd: I'm pretty busy right now.

Kendall: Well, that's too bad. I'm not taking no for an answer. Now, get yourself over to the Valley Inn right away. I'll be waiting. Boyd is so hooked.
Greenlee: Sounded like he was trying to get out of it.
Kendall: Boyd is as good as mine.
Greenlee: You really do have a thing for her.
Trey: Ahem. She's my sister.
Greenlee: Yeah. All too "David Lynch" for me.
Trey: Sounds to me like you're jealous.

David: Why don't you hop up there and tell me what's going on.
Reggie: I ain't hopping no place.
David: Why don't you tell me why you're here, Reggie?
Reggie: I had an accident.
David: Well, since you didn't fill out the paperwork, you're going to have to give me more to work on.
Reggie: I got hurt. Just fix me up.
David: You call that an accident? What'd the guy use, a machete?
Reggie: Just sew it up.
David: Not until you answer some questions. Who cut you?
Reggie: It's -- it was an accident. Had a glass, headed over by the sink, I tripped.
David: Why don't you want me to know?
Janelle: How we doing?
David: You might want to take a look at this.
Janelle: You had your tetanus shot last spring, right?
Reggie: I guess.
Janelle: Good. You need assistance?
David: This isn't a superficial wound.
Janelle: You're a surgeon. You can handle it. Dr. Hayward's going to flush out the wound and close it up. You'll be as good as new.
David: "You'll be as good as new"? You're kidding, right?
Janelle: No, that is what we strive for here, Doctor. He's supposed to be all that, so you're in good hands. I'll be back in a while to see how it's going.
David: Why is she giving you a pass?
Reggie: Just do what the lady says and stay out of my business!

Greenlee: I have things to do.
Trey: Greenlee, I didn't mean it.
Greenlee: Leo just died and you think I'm jealous of you and Kendall?
Trey: I was just fooling around.
Greenlee: As if I could ever. Leo was everything I ever wanted or needed.
Trey: I know that, and Iím sorry. I would never disrespect Leoís memory.
Greenlee: You're not Leo. You're not even remotely close.
Trey: I know Iím not. I'm not trying to be Leo.
Lysistrata: Sorry to interrupt.
Greenlee: Then don't.
Lysistrata: Well, maybe you can help me. I'm Lysistrata Schwartz.
Greenlee: And?
Lysistrata: Liza Chandler sent me over.
Greenlee: I'll call you if I need you, Trey.
Trey: All right.
Greenlee: Liza gave me your name and suggested that I call you. I didn't. That should tell you something.
Lysistrata: Well, you're lucky to have friends who care about you, who want the best for you.
Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah, I'm about the luckiest person you'll ever meet. Just ask my husband.
Lysistrata: I'm very sorry for your loss.
Greenlee: Gee, thanks. But I'm not about to sob and crawl in front of a stranger, so run back and analyze Liza.
Lysistrata: This can't be lotion of ginger and green tea?
Greenlee: You read Chinese?
Lysistrata: A little. And essence of ylang-ylang -- I've been searching for this. Mmm.
Greenlee: You're kooky.
Lysistrata: Oh, I love this stuff.
Greenlee: You're familiar with Chinese cosmetics?
Lysistrata: Uh-huh. Why is it surprising?
Greenlee: Well, you're so throwback, like original Woodstock.
Lysistrata: You must think Iím a joke.
Greenlee: I think you're seriously -- seriously in need of a makeover.
Lysistrata: Oh. Well, then Iíve come to the right place. Are you up for the challenge?

Kendall: Thank you.
Boyd: So, since when is lunch so important?
Kendall: I just had to see you. Is my timing bad?
Boyd: Well, I was in Ericaís office when you called.
Kendall: Oh, lucky you. Called on the carpet by the queen of darkness. Did you tell her it was me?
Boyd: I like my job.
Kendall: Oh, like Ericaís such a dream to work for.
Boyd: Well, she's been really good to me.
Kendall: Oh, please, it's a tradeoff. She chains you to your lab chair and tosses you a paycheck because you have something she wants.
Boyd: Oh? And what about you? Do I have anything you want?

Erica: Hmm. I should have signed Boyd to five years.
[knock on door]
Erica: Yes, come in. Oh. Oh, how lovely.
Val: So, shall I file Boydís contract?
Erica: Who are they from?
Val: The card's attached. It's sealed.
Erica: Oh, how frustrating for you.
Erica: Thank you, Val.
Val: Well? Are they from Chris?
Chris: No, they're not. Should I be worried?
Erica: Well, I never want you to be complacent, but --
Chris: Mm-hmm.
Erica: You never have to worry, either.
Chris: Mm-hmm.
Erica: Oh -- thank you, Val.
Chris: Well, it's not much of a bouquet.
Erica: Oh, it's from one of those "less is more" florists.
Chris: But somebody had to send it. Who?
Erica: One of the fashion magazines thanking me for my advertising.
Chris: Oh, well, I'd like to thank you, too -- for last night. Let me take you out to lunch. Come on.
Erica: Oh, darling, I would like nothing better, but I'm sorry. I just have back-to-back appointments all day long, and -- and it can't be changed. Could I have a rain check?
Chris: Can I collect tonight?
Val: Ahem.
Chris: Val, this better be muy importante.
Val: Well, your 1:00 is here.
Erica: Oh, yes, yes -- Ms. Kundera. Please, show her right in. Darling, Iím sorry. This just can't wait.
Chris: Yeah, I know, your 1:00 is here. I'll just run along.
Erica: All right. Thank you. Thank you, Val. Yes, please, Ms. Kundera, come in.
Ms. Kundera: Please, Ms. Kane -- Lena.
Erica: Lena. All right, then. And this is my fiancé, Mr. Chris Stamp.
Chris: Nice to meet you.
Lena: Thank you.
Chris: You -- have we met before? Because you look familiar.
Lena: No. I would remember that.
Chris: It'll come to me. Well, if you want me, I'll be at my office, ok?
Erica: All right, darling.
Chris: Bye.
Erica: Bye. All right, then, please, Lena -- please sit down. Human resources sent your C.V. I must say that it's very impressive. A masters degree in economics from Oxford. What attracts you to Enchantment?
Lena: The chance of working with you, of course.

Greenlee: I went to film school, not cosmetology school.
Lysistrata: Does someone do your makeup in the morning?
Greenlee: Of course not.
Lysistrata: Well, then you're more than qualified to help me.
Greenlee: Start with these.
Lysistrata: Ooh, isn't this kind of dark?
Greenlee: Trust me.
Lysistrata: That guy who was here -- is he trouble?
Greenlee: Follow your natural lip line. Here, use this.
Lysistrata: Why?
Greenlee: Because I say so. Here.
Lysistrata: Sorry. That guy --
Greenlee: Trey -- he's Fusion's legal consultant.
Lysistrata: What was that about disrespecting your husband's memory and not being him?
Greenlee: Liza wouldn't have sent you here without giving you the 411. My husband is dead, ergo Iím grieving. I don't need a shrink to understand why.
Lysistrata: Coping with loss is difficult.
Greenlee: I'm here. I'm functioning.
Lysistrata: We often --
Greenlee: I won't trot my grief out as a curiosity for you to judge.
Lysistrata: I'd never do that.
Greenlee: "Is she crying enough? Too much? Shouldn't she be over it by now?" I mean, by whose timetable? Liza's? Trey's? Yours? You can all take your coping crap and -- and stuff it.
Lysistrata: You're angry.
Greenlee: Just because I miss him and feel dead without him doesn't mean that Leo is not with me every single day.
Lysistrata: Your anger is understandable.
Greenlee: Just shut up. You don't know me. And you sure do not know Leo. I want you to leave.
Lysistrata: Who are you angry at, Greenlee?
Greenlee: You can't even put makeup on your face without a map, and people trust you with their lives?
Lysistrata: Who's your target?
Greenlee: Liza should've never sicced you on me. And if you were as understanding as you pretend to be, you wouldn't have shoved your way in here.
Lysistrata: Do you really want me to go? Will that reduce your anger?
Greenlee: What is it with this anger fixation?
Lysistrata: Well, I'd merely like to identify the source.
Greenlee: Huh. Well, let's see. My husband is dead. His mother killed him -- his own mother. So maybe Iím a little mad at her. Think that could be it?
Lysistrata: How did she kill him?
Greenlee: Liza told you already.
Greenlee: I mean, why couldn't he have just told everyone to go to hell and just go to Paris with me?
Lysistrata: I don't know.
Greenlee: Everyone, his mother -- they were always grabbing at him, and Leo could never turn them down. He always had to help them.
Lysistrata: You were ready to go away?
Greenlee: Yes, of course I was ready! I kept begging him and begging him and begging him, but he kept pushing it back -- everything. All of our plans just kept getting shoved aside while they demanded his time. Leo and I -- we are our own family. We had our own love, and we could have kept it that way. Why didn't he go away with me? Why did he put them first? Why?

Janelle: Can you wait for me in --
David: What is going on?
Janelle: I've got other patients Iíve got to see.
David: That kid was stabbed.
Janelle: And?
David: And we're supposed to report it. He's a child.
Janelle: Not in this neighborhood, he's not.
David: That could've been an attempted murder. How are we supposed to know?
Janelle: Or Reggie mouthed off and somebody shut him up.
David: Oh, yeah, right. With a six-inch blade?
Janelle: Or a box cutter or a screwdriver. Is he ready to go?
David: You're kidding, right?
Janelle: Look, we get lots of clumsy kids around here. There are a lot of accidents.
David: Yeah, well, maybe we should do something to stop them.
Janelle: Well, if you've stitched him up, you've done your part.
David: Wait a minute, we are not through here.
Janelle: Oh, yes --
Officer: How's it going?
Janelle: Perfect. How's it with you?
Officer: You get any walking wounded just come in?
Janelle: Pick one.
Officer: We got a call to the corner of Division and Front -- couple of gangs mixing it up.
Second officer: There's blood, no victim. You get any knife wounds just come in?
Janelle: Sorry, Walt.
Walt: You know, we could search.
Janelle: And you know you're welcome to come back when you have a warrant.
Officer: Why do we bother?
Janelle: Because you like to say hi. Where do you think you're going?
David: That boy was attacked.
Janelle: Did Reggie tell you that?
David: Yeah, right, like he'd tell me anything.
Janelle: Look, whether he was jumped or he knows who sliced him, it doesn't matter.
David: Doesn't matter? The police should know.
Janelle: Look, grow up. If Reggie files a complaint, then whoever cut him is liable to try and finish the job. It is none of our business.
David: Of course it's our business.
Janelle: Look, I grew up in this neighborhood. I'm not just visiting because some judge sentenced me to hard labor in the hole. These people -- they're my friends, they're my family, they're me.
David: Well, then you should want them to be safe.
Janelle: I do, and they trust me right now. If I lose that trust, they won't step one foot in this clinic.
David: So, what, you just patch them up and you send them back out there for this to happen again? Is that it?
Janelle: I can't control what's out there, but I can help them in here.
David: Oh, this is ridiculous. Is this a clinic or is this supposed to be a mash unit?
Janelle: It's both, and you're just passing through.
David: You really want to help them, Doctor?
Janelle: "First do no harm" -- that's a lot harder on my turf than yours. But keep it in the front of your mind, Doc, ok? You know, your shift is over. Let me sign that sheet so you can go home.
David: I'll leave when I'm ready.

Greenlee: What textbook do you use? "On death and dying"? "The five stages of grief"?
Lysistrata: I don't expect anyone to follow a text.
Greenlee: What's the first stage? Denial? Been there, felt that. Isn't the second stage anger? Well, that's me. Good God, I'm a cliché. Leo would be so disappointed. He thought I was an original. Instead, Iím just some stupid, little, predictable drone.
Lysistrata: Hey, I don't pretend to know what you're going through. You loved him very much.
Greenlee: Very much? Great poets and composers think that they've found a way to express their grief. They can't. There are no words, no sounds that can express it. The stupid songs and birthday cards should be burned. Forget walking in the rain and gazing into each other's eyes -- it's just a stupid waste.
Lysistrata: What was it for you?
Greenlee: A fullness in my heart. A joy so deep that I never thought we could reach the end of it. Everything was simple with Leo. For the first time in my life, I felt complete.
Lysistrata: That's a lot to lose.
Greenlee: It's everything. Leo had been all over the world, you know. He'd seen every majestic cathedral, each great masterpiece of art, natural wonders that would take your breath away. And he said none it registered like when the two of us saw a sunset or shared a great bottle of champagne. And when we saw things through each other's eyes or talked about simple things like how our day was, that's what Leo treasured. That's what I'll never forget. I wanted that forever. We could've had it. We could've.
Lysistrata: If he hadn't died?
Greenlee: Leo didn't have to die. If he had put me first, we could've flown to our new home in Paris. We could've had our forever, but he didn't, and Iíll never forgive Leo for that. Never.

Boyd: Hey, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
Kendall: No, it's just any comparison to Erica freaks me out.
Boyd: Yeah, well, Ericaís invested a lot in me. I owe her for that.
Kendall: Oh, please tell me you're kidding.
Boyd: Hey, Ericaís been more than fair. She's generous --
Kendall: Boyd, Erica makes a fortune off of you. You deserve a lot more than you're getting. If you come to Fusion, we will give you more than a salary. You will have stock in the entire company.
Boyd: Really?
Kendall: Yeah.
Boyd: What's your stock worth?
Kendall: Well, we're just starting out, but our potential is limitless. And you will have your own product. Yes, you will. You will have complete charge of everything. You can have your own support staff. You'll run the entire show.
Boyd: Sounds incredible.
Kendall: Well, it's only what you deserve. So, what do you think?
Boyd: I think it's too good to be true.
Kendall: So, do we have a deal?
Boyd: We would, but I just signed a new contract.
Kendall: Well, so what? My brother's a lawyer. Loopholes are his specialty. We'll slip you right out of it.
Boyd: Sorry, Kendall. Look, I came here because I thought this was about something else.
Kendall: Like what?
Boyd: Something more personal. Kendall, I like you. I'd like to go out. You interested?

Erica: Despite gloomy fiscal predictions, Enchantment's sales have increased. Our profits are up, we've broadened our product appeal. Our teen market has never been in better shape, never been more solid.
Lena: Well, my experience with Lavida in Madrid could prove useful.
Erica: I will call Senora Ortiz and I will be in touch.
Lena: Thank you for your time, Ms. Kane. It was an honor to meet you.
Erica: Thank you.
[intercom buzzes]
Erica: Yes, Val? No, she cannot have that. I haven't signed off on the ad yet. Tell Marishka I'll be right there. Excuse me.
Lena: Oh, of course. I'll just -- oh.
[Lena mutters]
Erica: I -- I really must run.
Lena: Oh, it's ok. This will take just a minute. Please go ahead.
Erica: All right, I will be in touch and Val will be right in. He'll show you out.
Lena: Thank you. Oh.
Bianca: Hello.
Lena: Hello. You must be looking for Ms. Kane. She was just called out. I'm sorry. I am Lena Kundera.
Bianca: Hi. I'm Bianca Montgomery.
Lena: I am interviewing for a position in finance.
Bianca: Oh. Definitely not my field.
Lena: But you are employed here?
Bianca: Yes. How did the -- how did the interview go?
Lena: Oh, well, I think, although Ms. Kane gave nothing away.
Bianca: Well, no, she never does.
Lena: Truly, the woman exceeded my expectations, which were already extremely large.
Bianca: Well, I hope you get the job.
Lena: Thank you. I think I would enjoy very much working with Ms. Kane.
Bianca: Well, good luck to you.

Erica: Oh, don't hurt yourself, darling.
Chris: Yeah, well, I didn't want you to be disappointed. Here. The big ones are mine.
Erica: Because the other flower arrangement wasn't impressive enough?
Chris: Because they weren't from me.
Erica: Oh, you didn't have to do this.
Chris: Yes, but I wanted to. You know, there's something else I want to do.
[Chris whispers]
Chris: You remember?
Erica: This really sounds divine. But I'm sorry. You know, my schedule hasn't changed.
Chris: Well, then, I guess I have no choice. I have to go to the meeting I didn't want to go to.
Erica: I'm sorry, darling.
Chris: That's ok, sweetheart.
[knock on door]
Chris: Ok.
Erica: All right.
Chris: I'm going to run along.
Erica: Ok.
Erica: Yes, Val?
Val: Your dress was just delivered.
Erica: Oh. Well, where is it?
Val: You certainly didn't want me to say anything in front of Chris.
Erica: Well, I can't imagine why not.
Val: Well, maybe because those other flowers weren't from a magazine, and maybe because you have two hours blocked off your schedule and I have no idea what you're up to or who you're seeing.
Erica: What Iím up to?
Val: You know, I respect Chris.
Erica: Yes, so do I.
Val: But you're lying to him. Why?
Erica: I don't answer to you, Val.
Val: Yes, Ms. Kane.
Erica: Well?
Val: What?
Erica: My dress, please?

Boyd: Wow. I -- I didn't mean to scare you.
Kendall: No, you -- uh, you didn't exactly.
Boyd: So, what, you're not available? That's cool.
Kendall: Well, technically, I am available, but --
Boyd: But you're still hung up on Ryan?
Kendall: Boyd, you're gorgeous and you're charming and you're intelligent --
Boyd: And you want to be my boss, not my girlfriend.
Kendall: I -- I don't know what I want.
Boyd: You want success. You want new products that will put your company over, and my formulas can do that.
Kendall: Well, maybe just one -- that new secret formula you've developed for Erica that you say could revolutionize the industry.
Boyd: Yeah. Well, that I can't give you. But I could give you a good time if you want to go out. Call me?
Kendall: I'll think about it.
Boyd: Listen, I have to go back to work.
Kendall: Yeah, me, too. I'm not really hungry anymore.
Boyd: Well, listen, I'm sorry if I spoiled your appetite.
Kendall: Well, maybe I'll give you a chance to make up for it.
Boyd: I'd like that.

Greenlee: Take that stuff with you.
Lysistrata: We've really only scratched the surface.
Greenlee: Yeah, beauty comes from within.
Lysistrata: I was referring to --
Greenlee: I know what you're referring to. You want to sit here while I pay you 150 an hour just to sit and listen to me whine and moan about something that I can't change. I don't have the time for that.
Lysistrata: Well, you should make the time.
Greenlee: Why? You need a vacation in Barbados?
Lysistrata: You have a depth of anger and resentment that needs to be resolved.
Greenlee: Yeah, and you have pores that need closing. Here. Knock yourself out.
Lysistrata: I wish you'd call me sometime, about anything. Please don't hesitate. No matter what you think, this time wasn't a waste for either of us. Thanks for the samples.
Trey: Well, it looks like that went well. Ahem. Look, what I said earlier, that jealousy crack --
Greenlee: You know, I'm doing my best to move on, to keep going. Why can't any of you see that?
Trey: Greenlee, if you need to --
Greenlee: No, I need you to shut up. I need you to all just stop reminding me of Leo.
Trey: Well, we don't have to talk about it if you --
Greenlee: You know, he's gone and here you are yammering on and on about nothing! What, are you afraid Iíll yell at you, huh? What, you're scared of heights? You can't even walk by a ladder without shaking. You can't swim, a Jacuzzi makes you nervous. I mean, you're scared of everything, and Leo was fearless. But yet here you are and Leoís dead.
Trey: Like I said, I'm not Leo.
Greenlee: Yeah, really? Just leave me alone, ok? I'm supposed to be alone.

David: This is for an antibiotic.
Reggie: How you get to be a doctor if you can't write?
David: The druggist will read it just fine.
Reggie: I ain't wasting no cash on this.
David: Oh, yeah, that's right. Ok, um -- here. The drug companies, they give us some of these things for free, so -- here. Yep, that's it.
Reggie: Ok.
David: Ok. Twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening. Now, if you develop a fever or if the flesh around your wound becomes discolored, you come back in.
Reggie: Whatever.
David: Take it easy for the first week or two. No heavy lifting.
Reggie: So we're done?
David: Yeah, we're done. Here. Here. No, no, no -- right here.
Reggie: So what did you do?
David: What do you mean, what did I do?
Reggie: To land here. Hand out drugs that got sold on the street? Started using yourself? Insurance scam, maybe?
David: And what do you know about insurance scams?
Reggie: Something got you sentenced to Front Street.
David: Maybe I wanted to come here.
Reggie: Right.
David: Hey, it's possible, isn't it?
Reggie: Two types work here. One, you're part of it. Two, judge gave you hard time. You're too soft for this.
David: What if I can help you, Reggie?
Reggie: You want to give me money?
David: I'm not talking money.
Reggie: Then you're not talking.
David: Look, just change that dressing every twelve hours for the first three days.
Anna: Fill out lines one through ten and take a seat.
Anna: I'm here to see Dr. Hayward.
Nurse: I don't know. You can ask her.
Janelle: You called your wife, the Chief of Police?
David: What?
Janelle: I told you what would happen to Reggie if you involved the cops.
David: What are you ranting about?

Kendall: You look the way I feel.
Greenlee: That's too bad.
Kendall: Go ahead, say it. You told me so. You predicted failure and I failed.
Greenlee: That's too bad.
Kendall: Uh-huh. What -- what happened while I was away?
Greenlee: I give up. What?
Kendall: You were right, I was wrong. Normally, you'd be doing the happy dance.
Greenlee: Take this packing slip downstairs and make sure all the boxes were delivered.
Kendall: My pleasure.
Greenlee: Yeah, Dr. Schwartz, it's Greenlee Dupres. You were right. I do need help.

[knock on door]
Erica: The flowers were gorgeous.
Man: No. I'm looking at gorgeous.
Erica: You're pleased?
Man: I can't tell you how much.

David: I haven't called Anna.
Janelle: So she just happened to drop by?
Anna: Hi. Hi, David.
David: Hey. Yes, she did.
Anna: Reggie.
David: Hey, Iíve got your stuff for you.
Anna: Hey, hey, wait!
[all shouting at once]
David: What are you doing? Wait!
Reggie: Back off! Everybody stay out of the way!
David: Easy, man.

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Kendall: I haven't done anything wrong lately. Well, lock me up.
Man: Here's to old friends and new possibilities.
Maria: What are you doing up here?
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