Whoosh! Hmmm, I seem to hear better when I am actually in the room than when my ear is plastered to the door on the other side
Erica invites Lena into her office

Lena Kundera

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January 15, 2003

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Previously on "All My Children"
Bianca: Is mom going to join us?
Chris: She canít. She had an emergency meeting.
Woman: Have you seen this woman?
Maria: Aidan.
Aidan: Let's move. Let's get back to the condo.
Jake: I'm just doing everything in my power to make things right for us.
Mia: Maybe that's the problem.
Trey: I want you to know what you mean to me.

Erica: Welcome to Enchantment, Lena.
Lena: I'm so thrilled to be working with you. It's my dream.
Erica: Senora Ortiz credits you with saving her company.
Lena: La Vida was not in so much trouble. She's too kind.
Erica: Well, I am just sure you are going to be a perfect fit here at Enchantment. Chris, Lena is going to double our international sales.
Chris: It's too late for that.
Erica: What?
Chris: Enchantment is going under, Erica. By this time tomorrow, it'll be deader than Enron.

Simone: Kendall Hart has been registered at the Valley Inn for weeks. Why would she check out without leaving a forwarding address? Ok, all right. You know what? If she just calls in for her messages, could you please tell her to get to her office? Ugh!
Woman: Such expensive berries.
Simone: Well, anything for you, Marishka. Only the best.
Marishka: Yes. Yes. Vincent, look. Mmm. Mmm. Well, that alone was, what, $50? Time passes so quickly and is so very valuable. No, no, not that brand. It's not mine. I don't drink sewer sludge.
Simone: You know what? I will get you whatever you'd like if you'd just give me one moment.
Boyd: Hi.
Marishka: Indeed, you will.
Boyd: Kendall asked me to meet her here.
Simone: Ok, we'll just start with what we've got.
Boyd: Well, wait a second. What do you think you're doing?
Simone: Well, you know, Kendallís supposed be in the shots with you, but she's not here.
Boyd: No, no, no, no. You've got me confused with someone else.
Simone: No, no, you're Boyd, right? You're exactly as Kendall described you. Please, just get us started. We are costing -- they are costing us a fortune. So if you would just work with me --
Boyd: Yeah, but, hold on, I'm -- Iím not a model.
Simone: No, just stand there, ok? Look bored, look surly. Snarl at them if you want to. God knows I do. Ok. All we need's a stand-in for Kendall and everything's going to be great. I -- ok. Oh!
Mia: Hi. Oh! What's wrong?
Simone: Nothing. Nothing. You know what? You're just in time.
Mia: What?
Simone: This is perfect.
Mia: What?
Simone: Yes, excellent. Stand. Excellent. Ok. Warm up the camera, load the film. We've got our models. Chop-chop.

Kendall: Oh. Ha -- ha -- ha -- mmm. Hmm, and I thought I was underdressed.
Aidan: And I expected you to still be asleep.
Kendall: Oh. Breakfast. I'm famished.
Aidan: Do you know where my medical supplies are? Where did you put them?
Kendall: No, your wound looks disgusting.
Aidan: Oh, don't look at that, please.
Kendall: See, I wish they could have left some butter or syrup or something. Here. Let me.
Aidan: It's fine, all right? I've got it.
Kendall: No. No.
Aidan: Don't worry about it.
Kendall: No, Aidan, it needs to be done properly. Have you been using your anti-bacterial soap and taking your meds and everything?
Aidan: Well, what do you think?
Kendall: I think there are worse ways I can start my morning. Tell me if it hurts.

[doorbell rings]
Greenlee: Hello.
Trey: I will do anything to make it up to you, anything. Kissing you was drastically wrong. It was low, the lowest. So blast away because you couldn't possibly be more disgusted with me than I am with myself.
Greenlee: I didn't call you over here to scream and yell.
Trey: Then why?
Greenlee: That kiss was just as much my fault as it was yours.

Brooke: Oh. So you are ok.
Edmund: Clearheaded for the first time in months.
Brooke: Well, that's nice. Why didn't you, you know, return any of my messages?
Edmund: Oh, I've been busy getting my life in order. Ahem.
Brooke: Well, hey. Congratulations.
Edmund: Thanks.
Brooke: Oh, wow, that is -- it's beautiful.
Edmund: It was a Valentine's Day present for Maria.
Brooke: Well, she's going to love it. Oh -- ah Ė

Kendall: You are going to have one sexy scar.
Aidan: Yeah. Yeah, right.
Kendall: No, no, no, really, it's cute. It looks like a little lightning bolt. Everybody will want one.
Aidan: Well, I hope they find an easier way to get one. Are you finished yet or what?
Kendall: Yeah, like, 10 minutes ago. Now I'm just admiring my work. Actually, I'm taking the day off from Fusion so I could have a little fun. You want to have some, too? Some fun?
Aidan: And what if I do, Kendall? You're going to give me some right here with Maureen in the other room?
Kendall: Oh, she left when you were in the shower. What? What? Hey, hello? That's good news.
Aidan: Yeah, the hell it is. She might never make it back.

Erica: Lena, you have to forgive my fiancéís odd sense of humor.
Chris: Erica, this is not a joke. I wish it were. I'm afraid you're back in the job market, Ms. --
Lena: Call me Lena.
Chris: Lena.
Erica: Lena, please don't pay any attention to him at all. Really, Enchantment is thriving. Why don't you go on and drop in on Marty Fisher in Human Resources, and he will get you all acclimated. And then you and I will have lunch in a couple of days when you're all up to speed.
Lena: Thank you.
Erica: Ok.
Chris: Good luck. You know, maybe Kendall and her crew could help you out and take some of this office furniture off your hands.
Erica: I would like an explanation for this insanity.
Chris: Yeah, well, so would I, but you first.
Erica: Me?
Chris: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You started it.
Erica: I see. So this is a reaction to my efforts on your behalf.
Chris: "Efforts." And what efforts would those be, Erica?
Erica: I did speak to Jordan Roberts for you, if that's what you mean.
Chris: Really? And when were you going to share this information with me?
Erica: Ok, so this is your idea of comedic payback? I didn't mention my meeting with Jordan to you and so you come and you terrify my vice president?
Chris: Oh, by the way, I got a call from one of Jordanís people.
Erica: Jordan wanted to call you himself.
Chris: Oh, I would have loved -- anyway, this person calls me and asks me to go down to take a physical for a job I never applied for.
Erica: Chris, this is an amazing opportunity.
Chris: Hmm. Oh, so you decide to play agent and make a career change behind my back? Well, I just figured I would, you know, return the favor.
Erica: It's not the same.
Chris: Oh, no, sure, it is. Erica, Erica, you choose my job, I get to choose yours.
Erica: All right, you've made your point.
Chris: No, I don't think so. You see, I think that Enchantment is too stressful for you and you need to get out of this pressure cooker. So tomorrow you're going to start at a new job -- relaxing behind the lipstick counter at Lacy's. You know, I -- I put in an application for you, and you're in.

Trey: Greenlee, you are in no way responsible for that kiss.
Greenlee: Come in.
Greenlee: Believe it or not, I had sort of a breakthrough, thanks to Dr. Schwartz. She's a little strange, but I guess she knows what she's doing.
Trey: What did she say?
Greenlee: I realize you're not to blame for Leoís death. You would have saved him if you could. You did save me. But there were just deeper issues there that I couldn't deal with, and it was easier to put my anger and disappointment out on you. It was way easier than looking at what really happened and why.
Trey: I just wish this weren't all so necessary.
Greenlee: That Leoís still alive? Yeah. But he's not, so I have to live my life as it is, not as Iíd like it to be.
Trey: Well, still, kissing you was way out of line.
Greenlee: It's ok, Trey. You don't have to keep apologizing.
Trey: Well, Greenlee, so, you mean -- so we actually still have a chance?

Edmund: Maria might have loved that dress, but it was way too good for Maureen Gorman.
Brooke: Edmund, what is going on?
Edmund: Why don't we just stay off the subject of Maria and my private life?
Brooke: Well, I'm already involved.
Edmund: There's not that much to tell. Maria won't be moving in.
Brooke: Well, I got that. Where is she?
Edmund: I don't know. Hiding with her murdering boyfriend somewhere.
Brooke: Oh, Edmund --
Edmund: Look, I caught her trying to climb out a second-floor window, ok, just to see Aidan.
Brooke: I should have -- I should have clued you in before now.
Edmund: How involved are you?
Brooke: When you told me about Mariaís e-mail to Aidan, I came here to see her.
Edmund: Yeah?
Brooke: I just wanted to find out what she was thinking.
Edmund: That's dangerous.
Brooke: And I -- I broke your confidence, Edmund. I told her that you knew about the e-mail.
Edmund: Go on.
Brooke: I just may have forced her hand. I may have sent Maria running to Aidan.
Edmund: Thanks. You did me a favor.

Aidan: Why didn't you tell me that Maureen had gone?
Kendall: Hello? I just did. That's why you're in an uproar.
Aidan: Get my clothes, please.
Kendall: Ok. And they would be where?
Aidan: In the bathroom, ok? I need to put them on so I can go and find Maureen before --
[key turns in lock]
[knock on door]
Aidan: Oh, that's Maureen.
Kendall: I'll get your clothes.
Aidan: Thank God.
Maria: Hey.
Aidan: What do you think you're doing?
Maria: What do you mean? I left my wallet. Why am I under attack?
Aidan: Because you went outside in the first place and it's stupid. You can't leave here without running it past me first.
Maria: Oh, really? Why not?
Kendall: Because Aidan needs a chaperone. He's afraid if he's left alone with me we'll get into our animal lust and it'll mess up his recovery.
Aidan: You just always have to stir things up, don't you?
Kendall: Yeah, that's right, every chance I get.
Maria: Hey, you know what? If you guys need a little alone time, just let me know, I'll get lost.
Aidan: It's fine. Don't even listen to her, please.
Kendall: Yeah, he's right. I joke around way too much for Aidan's tastes. The truth is if I left this apartment, he would jump up and down for joy and change the locks. You're the one he wants to be alone with, Maureen.

Trey: I don't want to rush you into anything. It's way too soon. I know that. But if you're willing to give me another chance --
Greenlee: Please! You never know when to quit while you're ahead!
Trey: But you said that I didn't have to apologize.
Greenlee: I'm being nice! I'm letting you off a very embarrassing hook. Why can't you just take that gift and retire gracefully?
Trey: Look, I didn't realize. I -- I just thought that --
Greenlee: What, you thought I wanted to hook up? Well, here's the real deal, Trey -- that kiss was completely inappropriate, in the worst possible taste, just like your suggestion that after a suitable period of mourning you and I have some wild fling.
Trey: I wasn't suggesting --
Greenlee: I just wanted you to come here so we could put this whole mess behind us. You made a grotesque mistake that we'll never refer to again. Understood?
Trey: I didn't mean to --
Greenlee: What, you didn't mean to suggest that we have an affair? Yes, you did. Well, get this, Trey -- I want to move on with my life, but the only place for you in it is as my legal counsel. Clear enough?
Trey: It will never happen again.
Greenlee: You got that right.
Trey: Is there any way I can apologize over a goat cheese omelet at the Valley Inn?
Greenlee: I have to get to the office. Thanks for stopping by.

Simone: You know what? This will just take a minute, ok, so stay.
Mia: N-- no.
Simone: Stay.
Mia: No.
Simone: Stay.
Boyd: Yeah, so, listen, I'm here, and you're where? Get it in gear, Kendall.
Simone: Uh-oh, uh-oh. Yeah, you better get your butt down here or Iíll kill you. Ok. So these are just test shots, all right? You don't have to worry about them being used in any type of ads or anything like that.
Boyd: This --
Simone: So just stand here, relax, and have fun.
Marishka: Yes, let's whoop the roof down.
Simone: Your shirt.
Boyd: You took my jacket.
Simone: Well, take it off.
Boyd: What?
Simone: Boyd, the real model's going to be shirtless.
Marishka: It is necessity, not prurient interest.
Boyd: And here I thought I was just going to have coffee.
Simone: Thanks.
Marishka: Give him coffee.
Boyd: No! That's not what -- forget it. I don't want --
Simone: Ok, you know what? We're on the clock here, people, so let's get snapping, all right? Pho--
Marishka: Please.
Simone: Shoot them.
Marishka: Feign interest in each other, hmm? Hmm. We're selling Fusion, not starch.
Simone: Yeah, just touch him.
Marishka: Please, show us the beginning of a passion so powerful it could melt the world. Come on, get closer. That's it. Mm-hmm. All right, look like you like each other.
Simone: Breathe, yeah.
Marishka: Come on, Fusion. Make it hot. That's right, steaming. Can you look out here? Yep. Uh-huh. Both of you, both of you, out. Together.
Simone: Spooning?
Marishka: Touch her.
Mia: Spooning.
Marishka: That's good.
Simone: That's -- yeah.
Marishka: That's better. Look out.

Erica: Chris, if you could just see past that male ego of yours, you would know I am right. You'd be grateful.
Chris: You're -- you're an original, Erica, I mean, a true original.
Erica: Do you know how vast Jordanís holdings are?
Chris: Who cares?
Erica: He has an empire, Chris, he has movie companies, and he has publishing, he has cable channels, and that's just the entertainment side. He has a hockey a team, and he has racing stables.
Chris: So he spits money. Big deal!
Erica: Yeah, he spits money, and he embodies power. And he desperately needs you to head up his security operations.
Chris: Oh. And how did you convince him to do that?
Erica: I didn't have to. Your experience speaks for itself. I think it was your F.B.I. connection that really just convinced him.
Chris: Was it? You didn't have to, you know, leverage or push him in any way?
Erica: He wants you for you, Chris.
Chris: Oh, that's a relief.
Erica: Why?
Chris: Why? I mean, it's bad enough that you go behind my back and you try to run my life, but the thought -- the thought of you leading him on to do it, you know, it's not a pretty picture.
Erica: Ok, Bianca told me that you saw me with Jordan at the Valley Inn. You're jealous.
Chris: Get over yourself.
Erica: Please don't be embarrassed, ok? I mean, it's fine to be jealous. Jealousy is a natural reaction.
Chris: I'm not jealous! Don't you get it? I'm angry!
Erica: Ok, then, don't be angry at Jordan!
Chris: No, no, no, I'm not --
Erica: He's offering you a great opportunity.
Chris: I'm not angry at Jordan, Erica! I'm mad at you! Don't you get that? I have a career! I've invested 20 years of my life into it, and I like it!
Erica: But he's offering you something better.
Chris: What? What is he offering me? Hiring some muscle boys to escort moguls to movie premieres? Boy, now, there's a real challenge for you.
Erica: No, it's much more than that.
Chris: You know, I can see, you know, he presents this job opportunity to you through this haze of smoldering looks and hand-kissing and flattery.
Erica: It doesn't mean I didn't make a good deal for you.
Chris: It cheapens you.
Erica: Using all my God-given assets for our advantage? Come on, don't be ridiculous.
Chris: Let's -- let's just say that I'm interrogating some hot jet-setting European babe, hot -- like that girl Lena you just hired.
Erica: You think she's hot?
Chris: And I'm not getting what I need. So I kind of move in, leaning in a very sexual way, to get what I want. Hmm? How would you feel about that, Erica?

Brooke: I expected splintered furniture, not a thank-you.
Edmund: Well, her mind was already made up, you know, before you saw her. "Come and get me," she wrote. It's pretty plain to see what that means. She chose Aidan. You know, when I found out from the cops that they were after Aidan, I raced home to protect her because I, you know -- of course, she already knew this. I mean, you know, what's a little murder rap between lovers?
Brooke: Are they lovers?
Edmund: Well, the way that she's acting, they may as well be.
Brooke: Oh, then why jump to that conclusion?
Edmund: Because the entire time she was stringing me along, she was just lying to me, she was just trying to protect him so that they could find someplace to run off together. I don't know. I should have listened when Maria said that she wasn't the same person. I should have listened to her. It would have made things easier for a lot of people, I mean, because she -- because she's right. She is not -- she -- whoever she is, I don't even want to be with her, all right? I don't want to spend another minute with her. I'm glad she's gone.
Brooke: Edmund, you have to go after her.

Aidan: So everyone knows where they stand then, that this isn't about my personal interest in anyone.
Kendall: Right, yeah, not much.
Aidan: Get over the personal stuff and maybe we'll make it out of here.
Kendall: Oh, you know what? You know what? I'm going to run to the grocery store and get some munchies. I'm sure you kids can entertain yourselves.
Aidan: You haven't been listening to a word I've said, have you?
Kendall: No one reads between the lines better than I do. Tie a scarf on the doorknob in case you want me to stay gone longer.
Aidan: Look, you are not going anywhere!
Kendall: The hell I am! I -- I am going unless you give me a reason to stay!
Maria: I mean, it doesn't make sense because we've got to still show up in town or people are going to have some sort of suspicions. We can't just drop off the face of the earth.
Aidan: Right, so you'd rather get pushed off of it, would you? Because if you go wandering around out there, they're going to make sure you stay gone permanently.

Marishka: Come on. Fire.
Simone: Yeah.
Marishka: Passion. Come on, give me heat, give me something, anything. Just don't look bored.
Simone: Touch him more.
Marishka: Uh! This his heat? We can hang meat in here.
Simone: Oh, they're new at this.
Boyd: You know, and this is getting old real fast.
Simone: Ah, come on, Boyd.
Mia: Jake!
Boyd: That's it.
Simone: We're not finished!
Boyd: Well, I am. Now, Kendall invites me here and then stands me up? I'm out of here. Tell her I dropped by.
Simone: Oh, great.
Marishka: I'm not accustomed to failure.
Greenlee: Simone, what is this?
Marishka: It's a shambles. I have no pictures, none.
Simone: Oh, stop your whining. I've been trying to salvage the photo shoot. Where were you? Where's Kendall?
Greenlee: She was a no-show?
Simone: Oh --
Greenlee: I'll kill her.
Simone: Yeah, no, that's my honor.
Mia: I was just trying to help out, you know, with the shots and to design the campaign and everything.
Jake: I'm not jealous.
Marishka: Why would you be? It was like the tundra between them.
Jake: You know, you do feel a little cold.
Mia: I am cold. Yeah.
Simone: Now, Boyd had the face and the body -- my gosh, the body -- but there is absolutely no chemistry between him and Mia.
Greenlee: Well, if we could bottle that, we'd have it made.
Simone: Why not?
Greenlee: If that's not what women want, I don't know what is. I think we can save this.
Maria: What are you saying? Why would somebody want to kill us?

Kendall: Yeah, you're the one who's sporting a bullet hole.
Aidan: Look, I really didn't want to tell you guys this.
Maria: I think it's a little bit late for that, now, I'd say, Aidan.
Aidan: Oh, God. I saw the shooter at the bus station.
Kendall: Wait, hold on --
Maria: Were you spotted?
Kendall: The shooter?
Maria: Did they see you?
Aidan: No. Well, I don't think they did. But they were running around there with a picture.
Kendall: What, a picture -- a picture of you?
Aidan: No. A picture of Maureen.
Maria: Why a picture of me?
Aidan: Because if they get to you -- this is what Iím thinking -- if they get to you, then you lead them to me, and then their mission's accomplished.
Maria: But I'm not going to give them any information about you. I mean, would we?
Kendall: No, but would -- they would kill us if we don't give you up?
Aidan: Or they will torture you until you told them something.
Kendall: Oh, great, torture and maiming -- this just gets better and better.
Maria: Ok, so what do we do? What do we do now? What do we do?
Aidan: Well, you were right about people being suspicious, ok? So instead of disappearing, I think you need to go someplace where I am not, someplace safe.
Kendall: Oh, well. How's Tahiti this time of year?
Maria: What have you got in mind, Aidan? What do you think is best?
Aidan: For you? What's best for you is a one-way ticket back to Wildwind.

Edmund: Wait a minute. Whose side are you on?
Brooke: Hello. I'm on the same side that Iíve always been -- yours. I mean, once upon a time, I thought you and I could be happy together, but I know now that you -- you have to be with Maria.
Edmund: Maria doesn't exist.
Brooke: Yes, she does.
Edmund: No.
Brooke: Yes, she is there. Under the layers, yes, she is.
Edmund: What am I supposed to use, a blowtorch?
Brooke: Time and love and generosity will work.
Edmund: I tried that, Brooke. I tried them all. She proved me wrong.
Brooke: Well, hey, you know, you can go howling around this mansion and burning dresses and pictures and throwing crystal glasses at the wall, but it's not going to change anything. It's not going to change how you feel about Maria.
Edmund: I'm telling you, I don't feel anything.
Brooke: She is as much a part of your life as Sam and Maddie are. Don't you know? She's the one who makes you alive. You were born to be with her, Edmund. Isn't that how you're really feeling?
Edmund: I -- I can't, not anymore.
Brooke: You can't help it. It doesn't matter what's going on with Aidan. Maria is your heart. And if you don't go after her, you will never be truly alive ever again.

Erica: Even if you had to play some male version of Mata Hari, I would not doubt your love for me.
Chris: Maybe. But if that poor girl had to deal with you, she'd be begging to be deported.

Boyd: Hear anything good?
Lena: Oh, I -- I -- I didn't know where to go. I didn't want to interrupt.
Boyd: Hmm -- no, I don't believe that. Let's see if Erica does.
Lena: No, wait.

Erica: Look, this whole thing has just gotten out of hand. I did not overtly flirt with Jordan Roberts. I mean, I simply met with him as I would with any business associate.
Chris: Well, you weren't wearing a business suit that day. As a matter of fact, I'd never seen that sexy little number you were wearing before.
Erica: Chris, I am willing to drop this whole matter. Why aren't you?
Chris: Well, I'd be glad to as soon as I'm sure you know which line you crossed and understand that if you ever do it again this husband-to-be walks.

Simone: Thank you.
Oh. Ok, we have our dominatrix photographer for another hour.
Greenlee: Say you'll do it, ok?
Jake: Oh. Hmm.
Greenlee: We just need you to figure out ideas for our new campaign, ok? Come on -- what women want.
Simone: Please, Jake.
Jake: Ok. For you, I will make a fool out of myself.
Simone: Oh, yes.
Jake: I cannot wait to get back to the hospital.
Greenlee: Yeah, well, as if Mia would give up her glamour job in the industry to go back to icky, sweaty, sick people. Marishka, you're a darling.
Jake: Wait a minute. Is this a job? This? I mean, is this, like, a salaried, vacationed, health-care coverage kind of job for you?
Mia: I was going to tell you.
Jake: When? When? Am I on a mailing list for a press release or what?

Edmund: Look, it's out of my hands, Brooke. I can't transform Maureen into Maria. She doesn't want her memory back. I can't make her get her memory back.
Brooke: Are you sure?
Edmund: Yes.
Brooke: I mean, after all that research that we did, are you sure?
Edmund: None of it works, Brooke.
Brooke: You have to keep trying. You know that you would sell your soul to the devil in order for Maria to get her memory back.
Edmund: Yeah. Sell my soul. I already have.
Brooke: Don't joke about this.
Edmund: No, no, no. To the person who took away her memory. Who better to restore it, right?
Brooke: David Hayward?
Edmund: Yeah. Talk about a pact with the devil.
Brooke: Can he do it?
Edmund: He's talking about tinkering around with some formula that might be able to restore her memory.
Brooke: Edmund, why, if there's even a glimmer of hope, you have to go for it.
Edmund: Why you pushing so hard?
Brooke: Because I want one of us to be happy.

Aidan: Can you give us a minute, Kendall?
Kendall: What, I'm being dismissed in my own apartment?
Maria: It's only going to take a second. Please, do you mind?
Kendall: All right, like it matters? I'm just going to be in my bedroom with a glass pressed against the door so I can hear you guys. I'm kidding! I'm kidding. You know, I'm in danger, too? Do I get a vote in this? No. Of course, I don't get a say in this. I'm going to find a grocery store that delivers.
Aidan: That girl knows just exactly how to tick me off.
Maria: Well, it's because she's crazy about you.
Aidan: Yeah, well, you're right about the crazy part.
Maria: She told me about the two of you.
Aidan: Maureen, that was over before it even started.
Maria: It's not so over for her.
Aidan: Look, forget about her, ok? You and Edmund just had this massive row. I want you to know that he's going to take you back.
Maria: No, he's not going to take me back. I don't think so. It got really ugly, Aidan.
Aidan: The guy is mad about you.
Maria: No, he thinks that I took off with you. That's what he thinks, and so he went completely out of his mind.
Aidan: I'm so sorry, Maureen.
Maria: No, he locked me in my bedroom, he cut the phone line, he went totally crazy, Aidan. He just -- and then he caught me as I was trying to climb out the window to escape.
Aidan: He didn't hurt you, though, did he?
Maria: No, he didn't, but I hurt him. I hurt him pretty terribly. I -- I totally crushed his dream of ever reclaiming Maria.
Aidan: Well, what I want to know is, why did he lock you up in the bedroom in the first place?
Maria: The message on the laptop, the "come and get me." He thought that I was sending that to you.
Aidan: Oh, man.
Maria: Yes, exactly, and I couldn't tell him that I was hiding you there and that you came and you were trying to send some electronic trail because he would have called the cops.
Aidan: So you took it in the neck for me?
Maria: And he's sure that I betrayed him.
Aidan: I'm so sorry, Maureen. I never meant for any of this to come between you and Edmund.
Maria: I know, I know, but it's pretty much blown us sky high. And now I'll never be able to go back to Edmund.

Boyd: Erica doesn't like anyone spying on her.
Lena: I wasn't. Erica hired me, and then she sent me down to Human Resources, and the man there, Mr. Fisher -- well, he gave me this, but he was too busy to show me around. I didn't know where else to go.
Boyd: Well, you must have been assigned an office.
Lena: I was going to ask Erica, but she and Chris seemed to have hit a rough patch.
Boyd: Yeah, well, Ericaís got a temper, and Mr. Stamp -- well, he can match her. If I were you, Iíd steer clear until the dust settles.
Lena: You mean I should stay away until she's in a better mood?
Boyd: Perfect translation, yes.
Lena: Well, thank you for the advice.
Boyd: My pleasure.
Lena: So, you work closely with Erica? Mr. --
Boyd: Oh -- Boyd. Boyd Larraby.
Lena: Lena Kundera. So, what do you do for our company?
Boyd: I'm a chemist.
Lena: Oh, you're in R&D?
Boyd: Yeah. I head it.
Lena: Ah. So you're the one who can get me all the latest products in the line?
Boyd: Well, I'll tell you what-- you treat me right and Iíll make sure your name's at the top of my list. How's that?
Lena: Ok. Meantime, can you show me around?
Boyd: Sure. I got time for that.
Lena: Oh, how lucky I am to be found here by you.
Boyd: Maybe I'm the lucky one.

Erica: I am not fond of ultimatums.
Chris: And I'm not fond of the woman Iím engaged to using her charms on other men.
Erica: I don't go after something unless I really want it. And I will use every weapon I possess to get what I want.
Chris: Well, you don't have to resort to empty-headed flirting to get what you want. You're too smart for that.
Erica: I am smart. I'm really smart and I know what men want, and I am smart enough to stop short of giving it to them after I get what I was after from them.
Chris: Yeah, well, it's never too late to change.
Erica: Why should I?
Chris: Because there are two things I won't accept, Erica Kane, and one is you running my life, and the other is you degrading yourself.
Erica: So it's your way or the highway?
Chris: You got it, babe.
[door closes]

Jake: You know, I -- you told me that this was, like, a favor for Liza, that you were just giving her a hand.
Mia: I know, until I recovered from my fall.
Jake: All right, was that really the plan here?
Mia: It was.
Jake: "It was"? What, until you decided that selling cosmetics is more fulfilling than being a physical therapist?
Mia: Why are you so angry about this?
Jake: I mean, obviously, it's just not as glamorous for you. It's not that I'm angry, all right? It's just that I don't understand Iím, like, the last one to find out here? You've taken on this new job. It's a big part of your life. I'm your boss over there at the hospital. You know, I'm supposed to be your fiancé.
Mia: "Supposed to be"?
Jake: That's right. Yeah, first, you call off the wedding, and now you don't want to work with me at the hospital. I mean, Mia, what kind of message do you think you're sending me?

Marishka: Oh, yes, yes. Come on. Come on. More heat. Some intensity finally. God, come on, give me more. Go ahead, fight if you have to. I don't care.
Greenlee: Come on, you guys, pose. Come on.
Marishka: Get close together. Oh, good, good. Oh. That's good.

Edmund: Look, all I have to go on is Haywardís ego-speak. There's not one shred of evidence that he can restore Mariaís memory.
Brooke: Yes, he's hateful and he's immoral, but when it comes to medicine, he is the one. He saved my daughter's life.
Edmund: Even if it's just to fill up his Swiss bank account?
Brooke: Who cares? Fund him until you know for certain. Edmund, what is a future with Maria worth to you in dollars and cents?
Edmund: Yeah, Hayward, it's me. Just checking. Really? On the level? Huh. Ok.
Edmund: Hayward thinks he found something. It could happen. It could happen.

Aidan: I'm so sorry, Maureen. As soon as Iím able, I want to go over there and speak to Edmund and tell him why you felt you had to do what you did, and then --
Maria: No, no, no, it's much deeper than that. It went deeper than the e-mail and my helping you. We -- I had to -- I had to pretend to come on to him so that I could try to get away. And that did not go over big. We got in a huge fight. We said some -- some really hurtful things.
Aidan: Hey, look, eventually, all right, Edmund will cool off and --
Maria: No, no, because this time on some level we really meant every hurtful thing. So -- look, I just -- I don't want you to feel like this is your fault. It's really not. Things happen for a reason. I really believe that.
Aidan: Oh, I feel like hell.
Maria: No. So, we're sort of stuck with each other.
Aidan: Oh, no, this is so unfair to you, Maureen.
Maria: What?
Aidan: It's unfair.
Maria: I mean, not really -- it's not as though Edmund and I didn't have the time to try to get back whatever magic he and Maria had.
Aidan: Yeah, but if I hadn't been in the way, both of you would be --
Maria: If you hadn't been in the way, who is to say what would have happened? Really, who's to say? I mean, I did see glimmers with Edmund and I had hopes, but there was really nothing that I could build a life on.
Aidan: So far. Nothing that you could build a life on so far.
Maria: So far. But Edmundís cut me loose for good. So, I'm free.

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