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Boyd and Lena meet for
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Lena Kundera

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January 21, 2003

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Previously on "All My Children"
Simone: We're not finished.
Boyd: Well, I am. Kendall invites me here and then stands me up? I'm out of here.
David: You gave an untested drug to an unsuspecting patient? Do you even realize what you've done?
Edmund: Hayward, please, don't stop my wife from getting her life back.
Morgan: Didn't think you could run from me forever, did you? Come on, don't you want to kiss and make up, darling?

Kendall: Where is that bartender? How long's it going to take?
Simone: Ok, you know what? We really need to focus. Our first hurdle is generating buzz. We got to get our name out there, you know, we got to connect with those cosmetic czars and czarinas.
Kendall: Oh, we can always put together a gift basket with our products.
Simone: Yeah, you know, but we need, like, live contact. Yeah. You know, like -- like if we could go to that cosmetic convention that's being held right now in Aspen. That would be great.
Kendall: Oh, you know what? That's the one where, like, all the industry's heavy hitters, they meet, they gorge on caviar, and they give out free hand cream samples, right?
Simone: Yeah, we should be there, rubbing shoulders, making contacts.
Kendall: Whoa, whoa, what's stopping us?
Simone: Uh, money. And then there's, you know, money, and then --
[Kendall laughs]
Simone: Of course, there's money.
Kendall: There's money.
Simone: I mean, the registration fees are outrageous, and then there's airfare, hotel. I mean, it's Aspen.
Kendall: Yeah, well, you know what, they jack the prices up to keep out the nobodies.
Simone: Nobodies, right, like us.
Kendall: Oh, well, finally. What's a girl have to do to get a drink around here?
Bartender: What can I get for you?
Kendall: I will have a dirty martini, straight up, please.
Bartender: Mm-hmm.
Simone: Yes, Iím going to have -- you know what? Nothing for right now, thanks.
Bartender: Hey, Kendall, do you ever hear from Aidan?
Kendall: No, I guess he's flown for good.
Simone: All right, girl. I'm going to leave you to enjoy your martini.
Kendall: Wait, wait a minute. You're not going to join me?
Simone: You know what? I changed my mind. I'm going to go back to the office and talk to Greenlee about this Aspen thing. Maybe we just might be able to scrape up some dough.
Kendall: No, no, don't -- don't talk to Greenlee. Don't talk to anyone about this -- no one.

Aidan: Come on.
[Aidan groans]
Morgan: And the condemned shall eat a hearty meal. You miss me?
Aidan: Like the plague.
Morgan: Yeah? Well, I've got all your favorites -- chicken vindaloo, extra hot, papadums --
Aidan: Yeah, well, I'm not hungry.
Morgan: Really? Huh. So, trying to break free from these ropes didn't work up an appetite, huh? I remember you used to be quite peckish with me after a romp.
Aidan: What's keeping Julian?
Morgan: Oh. Anxious to meet your executioner, eh?
Aidan: Yeah, you said he was coming. Where is he?
Morgan: I don't know. Said he had to take care of some business, I don't know -- something close to your heart.
Aidan: There's nothing close to my heart, Morgan.
Morgan: Liar. I remember you used to be quite the white knight with the women you bed.
Aidan: Yeah, well, you should know, eh?
Morgan: Were you this hostile with Fiona, or is it just me that brings out the beast in you?
Aidan: You bring out nothing in me.
Morgan: Yeah? Not even hatred?
Aidan: No, hatred's your thing, not mine.
Morgan: Since when? Oh. Don't tell me. This is about the Americanization of Aidan. I mean, please, don't tell me that you believe the good guy still, you know, wins in the end. Because if that were true, darling, it would be you standing where Iím standing and it would be Julian tied to that chair, counting down his final hours.

David: Are you out of your mind? What were you thinking, stealing that drug and giving it to your wife? I told you it needed more testing!
Edmund: Her car is gone.
David: Oh, that's great, great. So she's out there right now, we don't know what state she's in, how the drug is affecting her.
Edmund: She hasn't been gone long. I'm going to call Derek. He'll put out an A.P.B.
David: No police.
Edmund: What do you mean no police?
David: I said no police!
Edmund: She could be in trouble out there!
David: Listen to me -- Edmund, you crossed a line. You're in my world now, so you'd better know the rules! I am on probation, all right? Anna is in a foreign country right now waiting to find out if our unborn child needs in utero heart surgery. I am not going to let you or anybody else shut me down because you were stupid enough to give your wife an unapproved drug!
Edmund: You said 98% sure that drug was ready -- 98%!
David: That 2% was the difference between life and death! I told you it needed more time, Edmund!
Edmund: I don't have time! You're out of time, all right? She's in danger and I could lose her!
David: Edmund, look around you. You've already lost her! She's gone! And if anything happened to her, I'm telling you right now it's going to be on your head, not mine.

Regina: Hey. Are you ok?

Kendall: Simone, if anyone is going to that conference in Aspen, it's going to be me.
Simone: Ok. All right. So why? Why? Why you?
Kendall: Why? Because I got spliced from the photo shoot.
Simone: Oh, no, you did not get spliced, Kendall, you were a no-show.
Kendall: Well, whatever. Just don't blab to Greenlee that I want to go.
Simone: Ok, so who are you going to clear this with?
Kendall: Who says I have to clear it with anyone?
Simone: Greenlee's your partner.
Kendall: Yeah, but she's not my boss, and if you tell her that I want to go to Aspen, she'll pitch a fit and pull an Erica and insist that she goes in my place.
Simone: Ok, you know what? Nobody is going anywhere until we drum up some cash.
Kendall: You just leave the fundraising to me.
Simone: Kendall, you're as broke as I am.
Kendall: Hello? Who finessed our corporate headquarters?
Simone: You and your benefactor, Palmer Cortlandt.
Kendall: That's right, exactly, and I happen to have another potential investor coming in here in just a few minutes.
Simone: Really, in just a few minutes?
Kendall: Mm-hmm.
Simone: And what, pray tell, are you going to use as your incentive?
Kendall: You leave that up to me.
Simone: Yeah, that's what scares me.
Kendall: Well, still, whatever -- don't you tell Greenlee anything? Don't say a word to Greenlee.
Simone: All right. All right, Kendall. Know what -- it's your show. I was never here. We never had this conversation.
Kendall: Very good. Well, here's to Aspen.
Simone: Yeah, and you keeping your head on.
Kendall: Later, girl.
Boyd: Drinking alone?
Kendall: Not anymore. You want to join me?
Boyd: No, thanks.
Kendall: Boyd, are you -- are you mad about the mix-up at the photo shoot?
Boyd: "Mix-up"? It wasn't a mix-up, Kendall, it was a setup.
Kendall: No, it wasnít. I swear to you it wasn't.
Boyd: Kendall, you tried to use me for some campaign to undercut Erica.
Kendall: No, it was a test shoot in house.
Boyd: And then you have the nerve to blow me off.
Kendall: Boyd, I'm sorry. I'm sorry it came across that way, but I thought you'd get a kick out of it.
Boyd: Listen, Kendall, let's get one thing straight -- I work for Erica, not you.
Kendall: Ok, you're right. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Boyd: You're straight it won't.

Morgan: You sure you don't want to join me? Suit yourself. I mean, it's not as if you're going to starve to death. That's not really Julianís style.
Aidan: What are you now, an expert on Julian or something?
Morgan: Well, let's just say it's my job to anticipate his wants and needs.
Aidan: More like Julian snaps his fingers and you obey him like a trained dog.
Morgan: No. I'm very well compensated, not to mention satisfied.
Aidan: Doesn't it annoy you, running errands for a whacked-out thug like Julian?
Morgan: Yeah, well, when you consider the alternatives, you know?
Aidan: Oh, come on, Morgan, there's plenty of alternatives. You were first in your class at Cambridge, for God's sake.
Morgan: Yeah, well, it's really sweet of you to remember.
Aidan: Yeah. I remember lots of things about you.
Morgan: Like what?
Aidan: Like you take honey in your tea and you were a ranked player at East London Chess Club. Almost as good as me.
Morgan: Oh, yeah, you're really good, you are. I mean, you're a bleeding wiz. But I'm better.
Aidan: I've never lost against you, though, have I?
Morgan: Whatever. I took you on three separate occasions.
Aidan: Yeah, in your dreams.
Morgan: You know, I've moved up a rank since we last played together.
Aidan: Oh, really?
Morgan: Mm-hmm.
Aidan: Learned some new moves, have we?
Morgan: Mm-hmm.
Aidan: Show me.
Morgan: You want to play?
Aidan: Afraid to take me on?
Morgan: Oh. See, you don't stand a chance.
Aidan: You going to deny a dead man his last rights to play chess?
Morgan: No. I can think of a lot more fun things we could do with your final hours.
Aidan: You're just afraid I might ruin your chess club ranking, aren't you? Hmm?
Morgan: No, I won't lose. But even if I did, I mean, it doesn't really matter, does it, because you're not going to be around to tell anyone so.
Aidan: Well, let the games being, then.
Morgan: You're so funny, Aidan. Up to your old tricks again? I mean, I'm going to be sitting here, pondering the chessboard, and you're going to be sitting there pondering your means of escape.
Aidan: See, the way I see it is you either trust me or we sit here doing nothing. It's up to you.

Regina: Hey. Miss? Did you hear me? Are you ok? Because you look kind of out of it. Look, I'm going to get you some coffee, ok? Do you want some? Great. Ok. Watch my stuff. I'll be right back.
Maggie: Well, partner, we survived our first chem lab.
Henry: I guess.
Maggie: Well, we didn't discover the meaning of life, but, hey, you know what? We didn't burn the place down, so I think we did ok.
Henry: Well, I think we did better than ok, Maggie.
Maggie: Are you kidding me? You didn't see my hands shaking?
Henry: You were nervous?
Maggie: Are you serious? I had the worst dream last night. I was underneath a petri dish, underneath this huge microscope, and this big eye looking down at me.
Henry: Professor Stevens?
Maggie: No, it was you.
Henry: I don't look down on people, Maggie -- ever.
Maggie: So we should probably finish up that -- writing up that lab. What do you think? You know what, we can't do it here because it's way too noisy.
Henry: Well, how about the library?
Maggie: Oh, no, it's too quiet there. You know, I need sensory input, like crunching chips and music. My dorm room or yours?
Henry: Yours will be cool. What are you looking at?
Maggie: That woman. I know her. What is she doing here? Will you watch my stuff for a second? I'll be right back. Ms. Gorman? Maureen? Hi.
Maria: Hi. Do I know you?
Maggie: Well, you don't exactly know me. I work at the hospital. My name is Maggie Stone.
Maria: Should that -- should that mean something?
Maggie: No, not really. I'm David Haywardís cousin.
Maria: I'd downplay that family tie if I was you.
Maggie: Are you taking classes here?
Maria: Why do you ask?
Maggie: Well, you know, you're here and you have books and, well, I know that you used to be a doctor, right?
Maria: Yeah, before your cousin wiped out my memory.
Maggie: I'm pre-med. Well, it's really hard, but I think I can hack it. I'm sorry. This must be weird. I just really wanted to come over and see if you were ok.
Maria: Yeah. Yeah, no, as a matter of fact, I'm -- Iím better than Iíve been in a long time.
Maggie: Well, that's great. Good. I'll leave you alone.
Maggie: That was weird. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and it's like playing tennis, but there's just no one hitting the ball back?
Henry: Maybe.
Maggie: Great, now you're doing it, too.
Henry: Look, I got to stop by work and pick up my paycheck.
Maggie: Oh, ok. Hey, I live in Tyler Hall, room 203, so why don't you swing by in, like, an hour or so and we can finish up writing that lab.
Henry: Ok.
Maggie: Ok? Oh, I'll walk out with you.
Regina: I got cream and sugar. Hello?
Maria: Hi.
Regina: Light reading?
Maria: Yeah, I hope you don't mind.
Regina: Oh, no, no problem. But for fun, Iíd go with Dean Koontz or Stephen King.
Maria: Oh, well, I've got a story that would curl even their toes.
Regina: Really?
Maria: Oh, really.
Regina: You going?
Maria: Yeah, I've got something I need to do.
Regina: Hey. Your coffee.
Maria: Oh, thanks, but you go ahead and drink it. And thank you for -- thanks for being one of the few people who cares.

Kendall: Boyd, I swear to you I had no ulterior motive when I asked you in on that photo shoot.
Boyd: And why don't I believe you?
Kendall: I know that you're loyal to Erica and I respect that.
Boyd: Yeah, right, so much you wanted me to break my contract with Enchantment and sign on with you?
Kendall: Well, yeah, I'm not stupid. I mean, your research is cutting edge. Who wouldn't want you to join their team?
Boyd: Look, I explained already, Iím not interested. If that photo shoot --
Kendall: That photo shoot was all about us goofing on each other and vogueing it up in front of the camera. You know, like when you go on a date and you cram yourself in one of those little photo booths.
Boyd: So that whole photo thing was just an excuse for you and me to get together?
Kendall: Well, yeah, kind of. I mean, you did ask me out.
Boyd: Yeah, and you turned me down.
Kendall: Well, I wasn't sure if you wanted to socialize with the enemy.
Boyd: You're not the enemy, Kendall.
Kendall: And then I started thinking, I mean, it couldn't do us any harm. I mean, we had pretty good chemistry at Enchantment and I thought let's see what can churn up outside the lab.
Boyd: All play and no work?
Kendall: Exactly. By the way, I heard those shots of you and me really sizzle.
Boyd: Those pictures had better not turn up anywhere. I'm not kidding.
Kendall: They won't, they won't, I promise. I will personally get rid of the negatives myself. I'll destroy them, I promise. You still mad?
Boyd: How do you do it, Kendall?
Kendall: What?
Boyd: A minute ago I wanted to wring your neck. And now all I can think about is what you're doing Saturday night.
Kendall: Oh, what's wrong with tonight? We could have dinner here, catch a movie, see what happens after that.
Boyd: I can't tonight.
Kendall: Why not?
Boyd: I'm meeting someone. And there she is now.
Lena: Sorry I'm late.
Boyd: Hi.
Lena: The traffic was all in a jam. So, am I too late for that drink?

[Aidan sighs]
Aidan: You are amazing.
Morgan: What?
Aidan: You bring your chess set on all your assassinations?
Morgan: Helps keep me focused. Left or right?
Aidan: Um -- I'll go for the right.
Morgan: Your move. Come on, then, tell me what you want to do.
Aidan: Well, we haven't named the stakes yet.
Morgan: Well, what did you have in mind?
Aidan: Right. If I win this game, you give me the rest of the vindaloo.
Morgan: I thought you said you weren't even hungry.
Aidan: Yeah, like you said, my last meal and all that.
Morgan: And here I was thinking that you might be hungry for something else.
Aidan: Well, do we have a bet?
Morgan: But what if I win?
Aidan: Yeah, right. When hell freezes over.

David: What happened when you gave her the drug?
Edmund: I put it in some scotch.
David: The whole vial?
Edmund: No. No, just a few drops.
David: Ok, and how did she react?
Edmund: She -- she said she wasn't used to drinking scotch, she forgot that she was, and she -- she went to lay down.
David: When I came here earlier, Maureen screamed. What was that about?
Edmund: Oh, that wasn't a scr-- she thought she had a nightmare.
David: What does that mean, she thought had a nightmare?
Edmund: Because she didn't. It wasnít. It was a memory from back when she was Maria, from years ago.
David: Before the plane crash?
Edmund: Yes! Which is why I know your serum is working, because her memory is coming back.
David: Edmund, Maria has had memory flashes before.
Edmund: Yeah, but not like this. I mean, this was a particularly rough time in our marriage. She remembered the whole story.
David: Great, great, and it sent her out into the night. Edmund, I need to examine her.
Edmund: That's why we have to go find her.
David: Look --
Edmund: Come on.
David: I -- I promised Anna that I would call her in Zurich to find out what the update was on the baby, ok? I've been trying to reach her all day.
Edmund: Fine, fine, then Iíll go by myself.
David: You're not a doctor, Edmund.
Edmund: Would you make up your mind!
David: All right, look, we'll take my car. I have my medical bag in the trunk.
Edmund: Oh, my God, Maria. Maria. Oh, my God, I was so worried about you. Are you ok?
Maria: Yeah. What are you doing here?
Maria: What is he doing here?
Edmund: Actually, I was about to ask him the same question. You're not welcome here, Hayward.
David: I was worried about Maureen.
Maria: Why?
David: Well, I always follow up on my patients.
Maria: Guinea pigs?
David: Look, since Iím here --
Maria: You're not going to be here for long.
David: How are you feeling?
Maria: Like you care?
David: Well, you look flushed.
Maria: Yeah, well, it's cold outside.
David: Right, and you went out without a jacket.
Maria: Yeah. I don't see how that's really any of your business, but yeah.
David: I'm just concerned about your welfare.
Maria: You know what? David, keep your bogus concern to yourself, please. If I happen to wash up on a beach sometime, knock yourself out, ok?
David: Can we try to get past that?
Maria: The courts got past it, but I'll never get past it.
Edmund: Ok, listen, Hayward, you're upsetting my wife, ok? I want you to go. Now.
David: I still need to examine her, and I want that vial back.
Edmund: Not yet.
David: You call me, Edmund.
Edmund: Ok, he's gone. You mind telling me where you went in the middle of the night?
Maria: Pine Valley University.
Edmund: The University? Look at me. Your life is in danger. Do you have any idea the risk that you took? Doesn't anything, anyone mean anything to you?

Boyd: Kendall Hart, Lena Kundera.
Lena: Hello, Kendall.
Kendall: Hi. What's that accent?
Lena: Polish.
Boyd: Lena's newly arrived in Pine Valley. She's the new vice president over at Enchantment.
Kendall: Oh, Enchantment. Well, I'm very impressed. You have to let Boyd here give you the grand tour of our lovely little town. Let him show you the tinfoil exhibit at the science center.
Lena: Yes, Iím sure it's fascinating.
Boyd: Should we get a table?
Lena: Please.
Boyd: Ok.
Lena: Nice meeting you, Ms. Tart.
Kendall: That's Hart.
Lena: Whatever.
Boyd: I'm sorry about that.
Lena: Are you sure I wasn't disturbing you and your friend?
Boyd: No, not at all, really.
Lena: So kind of you to take pity on me.
Boyd: Pity?
Lena: Well, I have so much to learn about the cosmetics business. But it seems to me that its heart is where you are in development and research.
Boyd: Well, this is the first time a numbers-cruncher has shown any interest in my lab work.
Lena: The key to any business is its product, and you create the product. If Erica is the face of Enchantment, you are its soul.
Boyd: Well, I don't know about that, but thank you for the kind words. It's nice to be appreciated.
Lena: Oh, anyone who doesn't appreciate you is a fool.

Petey: Hey, Nanny K. I want to see that new spy movie.
Kendall: Again?
Palmer: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
Kendall: Hi, Palmer.
Palmer: Good evening, Kendall.
Kendall: Ok, all right, all right, we can see "Die a Deadly Death" again, but first I got to talk to your dad. Palmer, I have got a lovely proposition for you.

David: Ahem.
[Disguised voice] "what is the hybridization of the carbon atom in urea?"
Maggie: Oh, David, what are you doing here?
David: [Normal voice] hey.
Maggie: Hi.
David: Oh, I was just having a flashback of my pre-med days.
Maggie: A.K.A., your glory days.
David: No, no, only seen from a distance.
Maggie: Hmm.
David: Look, I was hoping I could drag you away for some dinner.
Maggie: Oh. Oh, gosh, I'd love to. Please, get me away from this horrible dorm food, but I actually have to meet my lab partner in a little while.
David: Ooh, organic chemistry. In my days we called it the lawyer-maker.
Maggie: Why?
David: Because you go in thinking about pre-med and you come out hoping to be a lawyer.
Maggie: Yeah, well, it's still a weed-out course, but, you know, I have a really cool professor and I lucked into a genius lab partner.
David: Great.
[phone rings]
David: Oh. Oh, it's Anna. Thank God. Listen, I got to take this, ok? I've been waiting for her to call. Anna, hey. Thank God. I've been waiting for you. When I don't hear from you, I start thinking the worst.
Anna: Yeah. I'm fine, David. The same.
David: Are you sure? I keep getting your voicemail.
Anna: I know. I've been in the hospital attached to wires and screens. Dr. Hoffman's been monitoring me and the baby.
David: All right, any change? I mean, what did he say? Did he discuss surgery with you?
Anna: David, please, I'm trying to tell you. Just shut up a minute.
David: I'm sorry. It's just -- I hate being so far away from you.
Anna: Me, too. So -- Dr. Hoffman's fairly certain that the baby's heart needs surgery in utero -- it's so crazy, I can't even get my head around it -- to prevent something that he called, um, hypoplastic left heart.
David: Well, that's -- that's what we discussed before you left.
Anna: It all seems so real to me right about now.
David: Look, this procedure has an excellent success rate, Anna. And if we decide to go forward with it, Hoffman will do a wonderful job.
Anna: Right. He said that he's going to call you to talk to you about all this, about the operation. And I know he hasn't said anything yet, but I'll -- I'll go along with whatever decision you decide to make.
David: No, no, we -- no, we decide this together, ok? You understand? I mean, the two of us.
Anna: She's so tiny. She's really active. You know, you should see the sonogram. She reminds me of you when you're looking for your keys.
David: Yeah, well, she's a fighter, just like her mother. Anna, I trust Hoffmanís diagnosis and his techniques. We just have to ride this through.
Anna: If you say so.
David: I love you, baby. You two are my life.
Anna: I love you so much.
David: You just have to hold on, ok? Be strong.
Anna: I will. Bye.
David: Bye.
Maggie: That wasn't good news, was it?
Maggie: David, you didn't tell me that Anna was in Zurich.
David: I didn't want to worry you.
Maggie: Well, don't baby me, ok? Tell me what's going on.
David: The baby has been diagnosed with a heart defect.
Maggie: Oh, my God, David.
David: Yeah, yeah, and it's called aortic stenosis. We're trying to determine whether or not she needs surgery in utero.
Maggie: Wow, that's scary stuff.
David: Yeah, no kidding.
Maggie: What's the success rate for this type of procedure?
David: Well, it's a new procedure. Only two hospitals in the world even perform it, so there aren't any real numbers at this time.
Maggie: And the doctor?
David: Dr. Hoffman is considered to be the best in his field, so right now Iím forced to put my trust in him.
Maggie: Well, at least the baby and Anna are in good hands.
David: Yeah. I just wish they weren't so far away.
Maggie: Well, we all know how well you do helpless.
David: You noticed, huh?
Maggie: Well, yeah, Frankie was like that, too.
David: Yeah, I heard that she liked to call the shots.
Maggie: Huh. Oh, yeah. You know, there must be a genetic marker for control in our families.
David: Well, there you go. You can pioneer some research.
Maggie: Yeah, maybe I should. You know, and I'm pretty rigid myself. I just don't know why.
David: You're kidding me, right? Come on, it's not like you and I had anything close to what would be called a normal childhood. We both lost our dads at an impressionable age, and our mothers, at best, were volatile and unpredictable.
Maggie: Please. My mother, I mean, she thought that life was a nonstop -- a nonstop cocktail hour. I mean, Frankie and I, we were taking care of ourselves at, like, the age of 6 or 7.
David: So what do kids do when their parents are out of control?
Maggie: Take all the control they can get.
David: Exactly.
Maggie: Do you -- do you think that's what's attracting me to medicine?
David: You tell me.
Maggie: Well, all I know is that today when I was working with my lab partner for the first time, it just felt like it fit. You know? It's like that's where I was supposed to be, and I can really get used to that.
David: I'm really happy for you, Maggie.
Maggie: Thanks. I'm -- I'm really happy for me, too.

Kendall: Palmer, Fusion really needs to get its face out at this cosmetics thing.
Palmer: Mm-hmm. Well, it sounds like a good way to get some positive P.R. Of course, it will be tres chere.
Petey: That means it's going to cost big bucks.
Kendall: That's what I love about you, Palmer. You're always so simpatico.
[Palmer chuckles]
Petey: That means she's hitting you up for expenses.
Palmer: You know, Kendall, when you leased that building from me, I told you at the time that that was the end of my largess.
Kendall: I know, Palmer. I'm not asking you for any help. Actually, I'm doing just the opposite. I have an idea that could help you.
Palmer: Really?
Kendall: Yes, well, I know that you had to cancel your trip to Milan because Opal's visiting her kinfolk in Coon Bluff or wherever she's from, and I know that you have no one to look after Petey.
Palmer: Yes, yes. Well, yes, that's true.
Kendall: Well, how about I take Petey to the cosmetics conference with me?
Petey: No way you drag me to some girly makeup marathon.
Kendall: It's in Aspen.
Petey: Aspen? That's where the surfer chicks go for the winter! Dad, you got to let me go! I can break in the new snowboard you got me for Christmas! Please, Dad, please?
Palmer: Ahem.

Maria: Mmm. Thank you.
Edmund: You're going to get yourself killed out there. You're welcome. Because of Aidan, you're here, safe from whoever's trying to kill him.
Maria: Well --
Edmund: How can I protect you, you're going out there running around without telling me?
Maria: I was at a university, so Iím sort of surrounded by students. I don't think I was in any major danger.
Edmund: Oh, yeah? Have you seen the students these days? Come on, what were you doing there in the first place?
Maria: That's a very good question. I -- it was weird. I was just sort of drawn there. And -- and I got there and I just happened to be sitting at this table and flipping through this book on organic chemistry, and I'm looking at all these formulas and these hypotheses and it made sense to me.
Edmund: Really?
Maria: Yeah, I mean, all this complicated stuff, and I actually understood it. So I went to the school of medicine and I picked myself up a little enrollment stuff.
Edmund: You're thinking about going back to school?
Maria: I thought what the hey, you know, I learned how to be a doctor once. I could do it again, right? What do you think? What? What is it?
Edmund: It's you. You're coming back.

Maggie: Hello. Come on in. So I got chips, soda, popcorn. Help yourself.
Henry: No, I'm fine.
Maggie: Ok, well, then let's just get right down to it. The lab report.
Henry: Right.
Maggie: Please make yourself comfy.
Henry: Hey, what's it like being a twin? Is your sister pre-med, too?
Henry: Maggie, did I mess up, say the wrong thing?
Maggie: No, no, um -- it's my sister, Frankie. No, she's not pre-med. Um -- well, she isn't anything. She passed away.
Henry: Man, I didn't know.
Maggie: No, how would you know?
Henry: No, I'm sorry.
Maggie: No, really, it's ok. Don't worry about it. Hey, you know, I need a chip fix. Why don't you pass me that bag of chips and a soda, please? Mmm, thank you. Oh, my gosh! Hold on, let me get you a towel. Here. Oh, I dropped the bag before. Are you really wet?
Henry: No, not that much.
Maggie: Oh, your jacket. Oh, my God, the lab report, the lab report.
Henry: Well, not a trace of carbonation.
Maggie: Oh, thank God. I could not imagine doing that over again.
Henry: Well, you haven't popped your own soda.
Maggie: Yeah, like that'll happen.
Henry: Oh, come on, you afraid of some fuzzy sugar water?
Maggie: Fine. Ok. Ah!
Henry: Well, looks like we've just been christened lab partners.
Maggie: Oh, cheers.
Henry: Cheers.

Kendall: Petey, you leave the sales pitch to me, ok? Palmer, I'm telling you --
Palmer: I think I have heard enough. Peter, what about your schoolwork?
Petey: I'll bring it with me.
Kendall: Yeah, I'll make sure he gets it all done.
Palmer: Mm-hmm. And, Kendall, the odds are that Erica will be attending that conference.
Kendall: Yeah, I know that, but Palmer, this trip is about Fusion and my rocket to the top of the cosmetics business. This has nothing to do with Erica or Enchantment. I mean, how is this company going to survive if we don't stay competitive?
Palmer: Well -- ahem. In that case, it seems that you and my son are Aspen-bound.
Kendall: Yes!
Petey: Surfer chicks, here we come!
Kendall: Right! Yes! We're going to Aspen you're the best, Palmer. You are the best.

Aidan: Um, knight to b-6.
Morgan: You bloody bastard.
Aidan: 18 moves. Looks like the East London Chess Club ain't what it used to be, eh?
Morgan: Yeah, well, I'll win the next one.
Aidan: Hey. What about my food?
Aidan: Right. Look, I'm a man of many talents, but even I can't eat with my hands tied.
Morgan: Nice try.
Aidan: What? Come on, the doors are locked. You've got a gun. If you want a rematch, untie me.
Morgan: One wrong move and you are so dead.
Aidan: When have I ever made a bad move on you, Morgan?

Maria: What do you mean? What are you talking about?
Edmund: I'm talking about you coming back to me.
Maria: Yeah? I'm already here.
Edmund: No, that's not what I mean. I mean, the whole -- the dream, the chemistry book. You're starting to remember more and more.
Maria: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I didn't really remember the chemistry, but I -- it made sense to me. You know what I mean? It was -- it was like a part of me. It was like an old friend or something. You know what I mean? It just made sense, it just clicked, and --
Edmund: I know what you mean.
Maria: You know what I mean? Yeah.
Edmund: Yes, I do.
Maria: Weird. And it was just amazing. It was just so amazing to me. I'm looking at all these configurations and these symbols, and it's just clicking and all falling into place. So -- I don't know. I don't know why, but it did.
Maria: So off I go.
Edmund: I know why.

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