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JULY 2000

Here is the archive!!!

These babies cover July 2000...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 08-02-00

07-24-00. Problems with PROJECT X? We are getting conflicting information about the proposed JACK OF ALL TRADES replacement, aka "Pecs in Space". The Kiwi star of PROJECT X seems to be committing himself to several conflicting projects at once. Does this mean that PROJECT X is probably not panning out and may be abandoned? Does this mean JACK will be back? Highly doubtful, but technically possible since Bruce Campbell did not get the X-FILES gig. But what if JACK is not revived (that's where my money is BTW)? There's always the standby of making CLEOPATRA 2525 an hour. Can the world take CLEO in 60 minute doses as early as January 2001? Stay tuned and find out more exciting stories from "As RenPic Turns". Anything can happen on Planet RenPic.

07-24-00. There will be 8, count 'em 8, different covers for the July 29- August 5 2000 TV Guide (released July 24 2000; generally on-sale by July 25 2000). Why do we care? Renée (have you noticed I am getting warmer with the diacritical marks?) O'Connor is one of the featured "Sexiest Stars of the Universe". She actually gets some copy in an article called "Lust in Space" (eek...I guess TV Guide has not noticed that XWP is NOT science fiction), and can be accessed online by clicking this address: http://www.tvguide.com/magazine/issues/000724/magftr7.asp.

07-21-00. XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS' Joseph LoDuca has been nominated for the "Outstanding Music Compositions for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)" Emmy for FALLEN ANGEL and JACK OF ALL TRADES' Joseph LoDuca has been nominated for the "Outstanding Main Title Theme Music" Emmy. The announcements are at http://www.emmys.org/awards/52ndnoms.htm#30 and http://www.emmys.org/awards/52ndnoms.htm#34.

07-20-00. Bruce Campbell did not get the X-FILES part. It went to Robert Patrick who played the morphing terminator in TERMINATOR 2.

07-20-00. Marton Csokas (Borias, Khrafstar) is the most recent XENA alum to join the cast of STAR WARS PREQUEL II. He joins Jay Laga'aia (Draco). Angela Dotchin (JACK OF ALL TRADES) read for a part in STAR WARS but there is no word yet whether she got the part or not.

07-20-00. Looks like TPTB (the powers that be) might hold THE HAUNTING OF AMPHIPOLIS until around Halloween (Oct. 23rd or 16th) because of its "scary" nature. If this is the case, that means HAUNTING probably is not the 2nd part of HEART OF DARKNESS, unless, of course, they have decided to go along with just a one part resolution of the Eli arc. Who knows? Maybe THE ABYSS **was** the 2nd part of HEART afterall. That also means they may make the end of the first part of the airing season a cliff hanger by airing the first two episodes of the Norse trilogy and saving the last episode for January 2001. That makes an airing schedule of COMING HOME, HEART OF DARKNESS, THE ABYSS, WHO'S GURKHAN or HAUNTING, GURKHAN or HAUNTING, LEGACY, THE RHINEGOLD, THE RING, the December break, RETURN OF THE VALKYRIE, SEND IN THE CLONES, VENGEANCE, SWELTERING SKY, and ten more episodes.

07-17-00. Some interesting events in the PROJECT X/JACK cancellation. First of all, on July 13, 2000 at http://fandom.com/xena, Bruce Campbell was interviewed and he stated that "The decision [to cancel or renew JACK OF ALL TRADES] is pending until Sept 23rd. The show didn`t exactly have stellar ratings, but they didn`t stink either, so go figure...such is the nature of the business. Most of our time is spent waiting." Also, Bruce Campbell has been signed to direct at least one V.I.P. episode. AND THEN in this morning's HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, it was reported that Bruce Campbell was screentested and put on the short list of actors being considered to become Agent Scully's new partner on X-FILES now that Mulder is away on business (sharing this list are Robert Patrick, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Hart Bochner). I am still favoring that JACK OF ALL TRADES has been indeed cancelled. I suspect the strategy is to encourage people to watch the last eight episodes. However, I further suspect the show would get more interest if people knew that would be the last chance to see it. Who knows? Anyways, they are ALL free to change their minds. However, my money is on no more JACK after they have aired the unaired episodes. Also, I keep on getting reports about the angst of the JACK people in New Zealand because the show has been cancelled. The local production list papers in New Zealand no longer list JACK as being a going concern.

And then the plot thickens when you consider what Ted Raimi had to say about JACK at Dragon Con the weekend of July 1, 2000, in Atlanta. Turns out Raimi appears in at least one the 8 unaired episodes which it is presumed they will air this Fall. When asked about the cancellation, Raimi stated that it was a "free agent". That was taken to mean that the show no longer has any carrier for it. So perhaps that means, even if it is "renewed" on the 23rd of September, it will not be part of the Back 2 Back package deal?

So whatever you want to believe, it appears you might just be right! I guess time will tell us eventually what was what.

AND NOW WE FLOW gently to PROJECT X. At this point we know it is a show set in the CLEOPATRA 2525 universe but with a decidedly male slant. The starring role was offered to a local New Zealand actor, but there are mixed reports whether the actor has agreed or not. Apparently the show is still being developed so someone must have an idea of what is happening!

07-17-00. Adrienne Wilkinson chatted at the Xena Palace on 7/15/00 and stated that although she has heard the rumors of a Eve/Virgil spin-off, she has not been approached about it. She also mentioned that she is only scheduled for the Cherry Hill Convention. She will wait to see how that goes before committing to any others.

07-17-00. Campbell Cooley, a recurring actor in XWP and HTLJ and interviewed in WHOOSH on 02/00 in issue #41, reports that he's still going in for auditons for XENA and has the opportunity to read for some pretty bizarre roles this next season on XENA, and some of them he says HE WAS NOT crushed when he discovered he did not get the roles! He will be in a movie that will be released this Fall, called VERTICAL LIMIT. He plays the henchman of a villain. The movie features Alexander Siddig (of STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE fame), Robin Tunney, Bill Paxton, and Chris O'Donnell. He is also keeping himself busy with writing some screenplays.

07-17-00. I forget whether I already mentioned this, but Eric Grunedemann is back in the States. He is no longer the on-site Producer for RenPic (PacRen) in New Zealand. Gruendemann was the person who saw New Zealand on ABC's "Good Morning American" one day and then suggested that area for the production of HERCULES to Robert Tapert, and the rest is history!

07-17-00. New staff writer Edithe Swenson is the ex-story editor of CHARMED.

07-12-00. Bret Rudnick at DragonCon 2000 in Atlanta on July 1, 2000 listed the most popular 25 articles appearing in WHOOSH's monthly journal since the dawn of time:

1. 1999 WHOOSH Calendar: Grrlfriends of Xena, WHOOSH #28 (01/99)
2. 1998 WHOOSH Calendar: Men of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, WHOOSH #16 (01/98)
3. "Brave Women Warriors of Greek Myth: An Amazon Roster" by Julie Ruffell, WHOOSH #12 (09/97)
4. "Xena and Gabrielle: A Revisitation of the Classic Romantic Friendship" by Sherrie Johnson, WHOOSH #14 (11/97)
5. "An Interview with Kevin Smith" by Bret Ryan Rudnick , WHOOSH #10 (07/97)
6. "Exploring Lucy Lawless Hair Color Myths" by Kym Masera Taborn, WHOOSH #01 (09/96)
7. "The Kiss: Xena and Gabrielle by Anita Louise Silva, WHOOSH #4 (12/96)
8. "The Shock of Recognition. A Lesbian Appreciation of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS by Diane Silver, WHOOSH #11 (08/97)
9. "A Directory of Gals, Season 1 through Season 4, CRUSADER" edited by Lydia Woods and Kym Masera Taborn, WHOOSH #28 (01/99)
10. "An Interview with Danielle Cormack" by Bret Ryan Rudnick, WHOOSH #12 (09/97)
11. "On the Set with Reneè O'Connor" by Bret Ryan Rudnick, WHOOSH #21 (06/98)
12. "XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Scenes We'd Like To See by Maria B. Erb, WHOOSH #6 (03/97)
13. "XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, The Lesbian Gaze, and the Construction of a Feminist Heroine by Atara Stein, WHOOSH #24 (09/98)
14. "2000 WHOOSH Calendar: Dead in the Xenaverse", WHOOSH #40 (01/00)
15. "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN vs. Euripides' THE BACCHAE" by Nicholas Nayko,WHOOSH #14 (11/97)
16. "I'm Guilty! Confessions of the Woman Who Threw Lucy Lawless Out of the Infamous Chat" by Ephany, WHOOSH #8 (05/97)
17. "An Interview with Kevin Smith by Danielle Walther, WHOOSH #16 (01/98)
18. "Why Doesn't Reneè O'Connor Get More Credit? Or What Have They Got Against Gabrielle? by Stacey Robillard, WHOOSH #9 (06/97)
19. "An Interview with Hudson Leick" by Gillian G. Gaar, WHOOSH #11 (08/97)
20. "Grrlsfriends of Xena Interviews" by Shelley Sullivan and Kym Masera Taborn,WHOOSH #28 (01/99)
"The Sex Lives of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Alt Fan Fiction Authors by shystermcc with Katherine Villyard, WHOOSH #25 (10/98)
22. "An Interview with Alexandra Tydings" by Bret Ryan Rudnick, WHOOSH #17 (02/98)
23. "An Interview with Jacqueline Kim" by Bret Ryan Rudnick, WHOOSH #17 (02/98)
24. "Sexual Power in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS" by Rachel Gordon, WHOOSH #27 (12/98)
25. "The Importance of Sapphic Subtext in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS" by Melissa Meister, WHOOSH #17 (02/98)

07-12-00. New staff writers for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS are Emily Skopov, Edithe Swensen, and Joel Metzger.

07-12-00. Ted Raimi (Joxer) at DragonCon 2000 in Atlanta on the weekend of July 1, 2000, stated that he had seen a 6th season script synopsis that featured Joxer as a ghost.

07-12-00. Karl Urban (Caesar, Cupid) at DragonCon 2000 in Atlanta on the weekend of July 1, 2000, was promoting his appearance in the upcoming LORD OF THE RINGS movie, his upcoming syndicated SCI-FI TV show THE PRIVATEERS, and his already released film THE PRICE OF MILK, which he stars with Danielle Cormack and Willa O'Neill.

07-12-00. More in on SOUTH CAMELOT! It still is apparently a TNT project so it could not be PROJECT X even if it wanted to! It will be an hour "drama". It will have a contemporary urban setting, a non-existing city which resembles Miami. The Arthurian myths will be reenacted as if they were happening the first time (that means they are not descendents or incarnates and they live in a parallel universe of ours where the Arthurian myths never existed until...now. Arthur is the leader of a gang, Merlin is a street musician, Lancelot is a hired killer, and CAN YOU SAY UBER-SOMETHING OR OTHER, because Guinevere is a police detective (why do these law enforcement type of gals go for the criminals????).

07-12-00. More in on PROJECT X. If you remember, PROJECT X is the JACK OF ALL TRADES replacement that will hopefully premiere next January 2001. Word from New Zealand has it they are calling it "Pecs in Space", referring no doubt to the buzz that it will be a male version of CLEOPATRA 2525 (that is called affectionately "T*ts in space" at the set). Also there is word that the lead will be a New Zealand actor who is very popular within the Xenaverse.

07-12-00. More in on other Renaissance Pictures projects. Along with the Gladiator-oid Roman Legion lost in space, um I mean lost in Germany, it looks like RenPic is interested in developing a show similar to the recent modern day movie productions of William Shakespeare plays (to wit Leonard DeCaprio's Romeo & Juliet and Ethan Hawk's Hamlet), but instead of retaining the Bard of Avon's original text, have it in modern English. Both projects, along with SOUTH CAMELOT are being produced as pilots and if sold, would be produced as one hour dramas.

07-12-00. Sharon Delaney (Official XENA Fan Club) in late June 2000 stated on the Creation Entertainment Website that both Xena and Gabrielle will have a change of costume for the 6th season that will be temporary, however, Gabrielle will get a permanent one later on.

07-12-00. MaryD in late June 2000, stated that a member of the cast of a XENA episode wrote her and told her that he was playing a cannibal. I wonder if he's any relation to Karl Urban's cannibal in AMAZON HIGH/LIFEBLOOD?

07-12-00. Xena and Gabrielle visit North Africa again in the 6th season where they meet up and hang with some of those nomadic folk. Xena makes it a business trip (those taxes in Ancient Greece were pretty intense) by trying to broker a peace between two warring tribes.


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