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These babies cover September 1997 and before...that's why we call it an ARCHIVE!

Last update: 04-01-98


09/97. Perdicus may return. Scott Garrison has been signed to be in an episode. He played Perdicus in GREEKS and RETURN OF CALLISTO -- where he died! But of course DEATH MEANS NOTHING in the Xenaverse...just ask the villagers in THE RECKONING, Iolaus, Toxeus, Gabrielle, Xena, Lyceus, and Callisto!


09/97. Scott Garrison has been signed for an episode, so should we expect Perdicas/Perdicus to return? And how will he be spelling him name now?

09/97. Hudson Leick has been signed for two episodes [MATERNAL INSTINCT and BITTER SUITE].

09/97. Ted Raimi has been signed for eleven episodes [BITTER SUITE; KING OF ASSASSINS; WARRIOR PRIESTESS TRAMP; and 8 more]. See his story at Laura Sue Dean's News Gossip Rumors #04, under "Who's Signed and Who Isn't"

09/97. To date, Robert Trebor has been signed for ZILCH!!!! (But he will appear in one HERCULES episode which has already been filmed.

09/97. Michael Hurst has been signed to direct again and Robert Trebor is in negotiations to direct an episode. There is a rumor that Renee O'Connor may try her hand at directing an episode later this season (although she did do an implied denial about this in an on-line interview in late September 1997)


09/97. Renee O'Connor in an on-line chat in late September mentioned that they are possibly working on another DAY IN THE LIFE type episode. She also mentioned that the costume change for Gabrielle would be slight and that her skirt would be pinned to her underwear. And she did an implied denial that she was trying to direct a show this third season.

09/97. Lucy Lawless was quoted as saying "We've got a killer season coming up. It's really daring -- not like anything I've ever seen on television... We are questioning a lot of our own taboos and the audience will be challenged like they've never been before...There's a heavy dramatic arc coming up with my costar, Renee O'Conor, who's my favorite person in the world to work with. The relationship between our characters is put to an extreme test when one of us causes the death of someone very close to the other."

09/97. The above agrees with the TV Guide report that Xena's "relationship with Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is jeopardized when one of them causes an accidental death." Rumor also has it that this may be one of the many reasons for the inevitable RIFT. (See below for Paul Robert Coyle's comments about Gabrielle having to finally kill someone in self-defense....now can self-defense be accidental? These are the clues, people, YOU figure them out).

09/97. Joe DoLuca at the 08-17-97 Detroit Con said that (1) there will be another gratuitous mention of the Joxer song in season three (can we stand yet another rendition???), [WARRIOR PRIESTESS TRAMP] and (2) there will be a scene where Joxer is in a brothel and the women sing him praises [same episode]!

09/97. More subtext is promised, along with more scenes to make you go "Hmmmmm". Perhaps along that theme, another slice of life episode like A DAY IN THE LIFE is in the works, and another alternative timeline episode either ala XENA SCROLLS (an adventure of the gals' descendents) or REMEMBER NOTHING (a what if scenario). However, this might be referring to the HTLJ episode STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD, which will feature, according to TV Guide, Xena as a 1930's style mobster moll, and will air during the November sweeps time.

09/97. We will find out about the first time Xena was called "warrior princess". My money is on THE DEBT. But it's just a wild hunch.

09/97. This is from a Chakram post in July 1997: Tonight I attended a chat at the Universal Studios page (http://www.universalstudios.com) with Paul Robert Coyle, a co- producer on Xena's brother show Herc. Paul was mostly talking about issues related to HTLJ (not surprisingly), when suddenly, out of the blue came a rather unusual question: "When will Gabrielle kill in cold blood?" Now, Paul's first response to this was understandable: She'll never kill in cold blood, that would be out of character. But then he said something I think will be of great interest to us Xenites (assuming it's not common knowledge and I just don't get it). Let me just say that the following is NOT a paraphrase. It is exactly what he said word for word (I typed it up on IRC, so retrieving it is just a matter of searching my logs). Ok, that said, this was Paul's second response: "They have an upcoming episode where Gabrielle deals with killing the first person she's forced to kill in self-defense". Looks like when Xena and Gabrielle do their trial separation, that Gabrielle returns to the Amazons to rule them as their Queen.


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