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By Laura Sue Dean
August 16, 1997


I GOT A LOT OF INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE STUFF for y'all today, so I'm just gonna roll my sleeves up (Miu Miu, btw) and get typing!


GET THOSE "SLO-MO" AND "REWIND" BUTTONS READY! Universal is going to start releasing XENA on video next year. Johnny and Janie-come-lately's will STILL be SLO, tho'... The videos will be released by episodes selectively, not in sets by season. Why? XWP is going to start airing 5 times a week on the USA CHANNEL (be there or be square!), and they don't want to kill that cash cow. (BTW -- just HOW did USA get the exclusive strip rights to the top two syndicated action shows? Simple. USA NETWORK is owned in part by MCA/UNIVERSAL!)

THE FIRST THREE VIDEOS TO BE RELEASED are "tentatively scheduled" to be the Xena trilogy from the HERCULES show ("Warrior Princess", "The Gauntlet", and "Unchained Heart" for those who have not memorized the names yet). Then they might do a Callisto set and other groupings that go together. You know, like all of the Gabby falls for a Red-Shirt episodes, Xena tricks a God into doing her bidding episodes, and the ever popular Xena dumps Gabrielle for a one-night stand....

"KILL THEM ALL!" Little sister or brother "cramping your style?" GOOD NEWS! Creation Entertainment will have chakrams available in the future. These are high-quality chakrams (as opposed to those low quality street chakrams which look and taste like day old bagels), made by the same company that makes them for the show. If you are interested in ordering your very own "Round Killing Thing", Creation wants to hear from you! Don't get too excited, they're just taking names and addresses. Send an email to outback@primenet.com and put CHAKRAMS as the subject. Please include your name, snail mail addy, AND THAT LAURA SUE SENT YOU! As of press time, no word on the PRICE of these babies.... Laura Sue guesses that Creation will make one of their INFAMOUS *mailings* to inform interested parties when a price is set. FYI: a "knock-off" of the Chakram was seen recently at a Gaming Con -- asking price: $125 dinars.


YOU KNOW YOU'VE *REALLY* MADE IT, WHEN... WELL, it's official: Xena has finally hit the big time. There is a comment in this month's "The Amazing Spiderman" Comic, #424 (June 1997), which says, and I quote: "Well, Well What have we here? don't tell me there's a Xena Warrior Princess convention in town and I wasn't invited!" Isn't that totally "hein?" (shaking head) Those Marvel folks, always trying to hitch a ride on Xena's coattails!

WHO'S SIGNED -- AND WHO ISN'T. Overheard at a recent convention, TONY TODD has been signed for 4 third season episodes of XWP. This meshes with a rumor that Cecrops will be in a three episode story arc and the rumor goes further to say that the storyline includes the redeemed mariner's fling with one of our favorite gals! KEVIN SMITH (Ares) has been signed for 4 episodes as well. HUDSON LEICK (Callisto), however will do but two new episodes, but will make a rumored brief appearance in "The Furies" (scheduled season-opener) through the *magic* of stock footage. TED RAIMI has been signed for 11 episodes for the third season. As Oprah would say, "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???" I heard at a party a couple of nights ago that Raimi, Jr. had been offered a part in Disney's serial of their STUNNING CINEMATIC TRIUMPH, "Honey I Shrunk the Kids." Meanwhile, Executive Producer Robert Tapert, (who's creative "vision" includes Joxer as the new messiah) got nervous about losing the character for the season. (Darn the LUCK!) So, as those big-wheels are wont to do: Ted got a counter-offer: 11 episodes. Now, to assure you that Tapert isn't *completely* blind -- the deal was "play or pay," meaning that although Raimi will be *paid* for 11 episodes, Joxer may not necessarily *appear* in 11 episodes. (HEAVY SIGH) Hollywood can be *so* tricky. And FICKLE! *Where is ROBERT TREBOR?* The genius behind Salmoneus has yet to be signed for *any* episode of XWP!!! This is a true outrage. Write to Renaissance Pictures, Universal Studios, bungalow 78, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, and tell them "We want Salmoneus!!!" Robert Trebor is ready, willing and able, but Renaissance Pictures is dawdling. I can't even imagine a season without Salmoneous. So far he's only been signed for one episode of HERCULES. Laura Sue is no ROCKET SCIENTIST, but if they can bring in a demon child for Gabrielle, couldn't they find a couple of episodes for Salmoneus? Over half the season has been written, and so far, no one's spilling the reason why this talented actor isn't reading scripts.


"IF YOU'RE GOING, TO SAN FRAN-CISO!!!!" Some folks say they know the REAL reason that the ROC Fan Club decided to not have a Fan-club breakfast before the San Francisco convention... (like they will before Valley Forge) No no no no... it's not that SF is known for it's large population of Lesbian Icons! It's just that everyone in the entire Western half of the country has *already* met Sandra Wilson! Fans have been seen coming from all parts of the South and Northwest to sit down and share some supper at Threadgill's with the beloved MommaROC. (Everyone decided to give Sandra a break, for once!)

TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT! What well-respected editor of a HUGELY successful on-line fanzine is thinking of retiring? Seems that the driven, type-X personality just can't seem to focus that "vision" of hers or even get it UP anymore. I'd hate to think it had anything to do with this candid and hard-hitting journalistic endeavor called "News Gossip Rumors"! Laura Sue encorages said editor to get a life, but she should make sure that it no way interferes with her Xena activities. Everyone feels un-loved and under-appreciated at one time or another, you just have to get a grip and move on because the XENA show must go on! If she tries to sell you a pencil in the line for the Leno Show, just smile, give her a buck, and then tell her she should be planning the 1998-99 season issues. If she gets violent, just call the police! If she doesn't, just try harder next time.


Dear Laura Sue,

Just between you and me....Last May during the Redwing/Ducks playoffs, my boyfriend and I we're 'browsing' the 'wears' at "The Pleasure Chest" on Hollywood Blvd. (ok...I'll just say it...it's a lesbian-run sex shop). We not only saw the same line of riding crop that Lucy was holding in her recent Esquire photo spread, but we saw, among the other shoppers, a rather tall pair: a blue-eyed woman with jet-black hair and a fair-skinned guy with light reddish brown hair. Who knew???

Linda Richman

PS. Love the gossip page, dear.

Laura Sue says:

Dear Linda:

Thanks for the information! YOU DON'T SAY! Well, MUMS the word -- I won't tell a SOUL!

Laura Sue

Dear Laura Sue:

I love your new column, NGR. It's fun and informative.

Questions for the rumor-mill:

1. are Lucy and Rob really an" item"(how do they find time/energy with that shooting schedule)??

2. What does it take for TPTB (EMMIES) to acknowledge the show? Only one nomination...music for QUEST. Is there anything we as fans can do? If this question isn't up your alley, can you re-route it ?

It would be nice to have new *dish* more than once a month. Are you up for it???


a faithful reader

Laura Sue says:

Dear Faithful,

Thank you for the kind comments about NGR. Trust me -- I have as much fun writing it as y'all do reading it!

As to your questions: 1. YES. 1a. (Although Laura Sue does not really know for sure, she's always ready to GUESS at an answer!) Perhaps long, relaxing lunches in the privacy of Lucy's Winnebago?

2. I believe I read in my SAG handbook that syndicated shows are not eligible for the EMMY awards. (Could that be why they are called PRIME TIME Emmy Awards? Sorry -- Laura Sue is in a catty mood today.) Only technical categories are allowed to enter, hence the wonderful and talented Mr. LoDuca's nomination.

Regarding your closing comment -- Ms. Dean is a PROFESSIONAL! She is ALWAYS prepared, aka "up" for it! Look for a new installment of NEWS GOSSIP RUMORS to appear virtually weekly!

Laura Sue Dean, the Actress!

Dear Laura Sue Dean:

i was just wondering if you know Lucy Lawless' screen name on here...is it LDaisy88 by chance...i think i may have emailed her on accident cause i was trying to get info on new zealand for a trip i am taking and i think i emailed the real Lucy...

well thanks again for taking the time to answer

A curious one

Laura Sue says:

Dear Curious:

I went to one of my best sources for the answer to your question. Hope this helps you.

"Lucy Lawless does not really get online, certainly not on AOL and certainly not on a regular basis. Sources close to the show I cannot name (but who know what they're talking about) have asked me to emphasize this in the past. If you are speaking to someone online, especially someone on AOL, who is claiming to be Lucy, there is a 99.9998% chance that you are speaking to an impostor."

Laura Sue

Dear Laura Sue Dean:

I was just wondering, what Gods will we be seeing in third season? Or if there are going to be any new ones?


Laura Sue says:

Dear God-like:

Yes. I know for a fact Ares will make multiple appearances, because I read all the nifty XWP actor and staff interviews here on WHOOSH! Callisto, (now a goddess, remember?) will make at least two appearances. Can't speak for certainty on other "divine" issues other than to say look for at least one minor goddess you've never seen before (and hopefully will never see again) who is working with Ares (looks to be a replacement for "Strife" and a shoe-in for the Third Season "Rhea" Acting Award -- remember the incredible performance the actress playing Rhea in "Ties That Bind" gave? 'Nuff said!).

Laura Sue


If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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