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Season 1, episode 09
Series 109
1st release: 04/10/00
2nd release: 06/19/00
3rd release: 10/16/00
Production number: 1314
Last update: 11/09/01

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Captaine Brogard)

Lee Matheson (Inspector Louis Ribette)
Gitanjali Seymour (Daughter of the Dragoon #1)
Chantelle Yee (Daughter of the Dragoon #2)
Sonia Gray (Daughter of the Dragoon #3)
Shemp Wolley (voice of Jean-Claude)
Tony Bishop (Drunken Man)
John Pemberton (Guard #1)
Allan Poppleton (Guard #2)

Written by Geoff Martin and Josh Kravitz
Directed by Wayne Rose


When the Inspector General (Lex Matheson) comes to town, Jack (Bruce Campbell) impersonates Gov. Croque (Stuart Devenie) to avoid having him replaced with someone more competent. ClickTV

Jack impersonates Gov. Croque to dupe the inspector general of France. ExciteTV


1st release: 04/10/00
An AA average of 2.7
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
ER 3.9
X-Files 3.6
Stargate Sg-1 3.4
Xena 3.0
Back2Back 2.7
Profiler 2.4
Earth Final Conflict/Outer Limits 2.2
Relic Hunter 2.1
Lost World 1.9

2nd release: 06/19/00
An AA average of 2.2
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
X-Files 3.6
Xena 3.4
Invisible Man 1.9
Stargate SG-1/VIP 2.4
Back2Back/Relic Hunter 2.2
Star Trek Voyager 2.0
Profiler 1.9
Earth Final Conflict 1.7

3rd release: 10/16/00
An AA average of ??
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
Andromeda/The X-Files 3.5
Stargate SG-1/Xena 3.2
Earth: Final Conflict 2.2
Profiler/Sheena 1.9
Invisible Man/Pretender/Relic Hunter 1.6
Queen of Swords 1.2
Immortal 0.7


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


A newspaper headline reads that Napoleon is imposing a poverty tax: "We'll Make It Too Expensive to Be Poor!"

Everyone on Pulau Pulau is dressing as the Dragoon and painting graffiti on everything protesting the tax. Some soldiers catch three girls at it and start to arrest them, but the real Dragoon intervenes and saves them.

Emilia laments the fact that impressionable young girls are making the Dragoon their role model. Jean-Claude informs Jack and Em that an inspector is coming to Pulau Pulau to evaluate Croque's performance as governor and get Croque's signature on a new tax. Em feels that if Croque is replaced, the new governor might be -- horrors -- competent! Jack says he must don the Dragoon disguise and start cracking heads, but Em has a better idea. She tells Croque of a rumor that a diamond mine has been discovered on a remote part of the island. Croque and Brogard set out immediately to investigate. When Inspector Ribette arrives, he is met by a new Croque (Jack in disguise).

Act I

Jack and Em argue about whether their plan will be successful. Em implies that Jack doesn't have the acting skills to pull off the masquerade, and Jack becomes determined to make it work without resorting to his Dragoon alter ego. Ribette comes in and intimidates Jack and Em into accompanying him to town, where they are pelted with tomatoes by the Dragoon's "fan club". The Inspector is livid, but Jack says that this is how the locals pay homage to him.

Em confronts the girls and tries to convince them to give up their Dragoon imitation, but they feel that Em can't understand them because she was born to privilege. Em confides to jack that she admires their devotion to a cause but is still worried about what will happen to them if they continue to antagonize the authorities.

Ribette catches the girls painting graffiti on the walls of the mansion: "Croque is a Mother F......". He is outraged and insists on their being punished. Em mentions that Croque is thought of on the island as a Mother.....Figure! Ribette doesn't buy this and warns Croque that he must sentence them severely or a new governor will be here "in the blink of an eye." Jack finally proclaims that the girls must be executed at once.

Act II

Ribette approves of Jack's decision. Em says that the Dragoon will surely intervene, but Jack says he won't, much to Em's exasperation.

Em and Jack have an argument over how best to stop the execution. Jack is studying the Pulau Pulau law books, hoping to find a loophole, and Em is recommending that the Dragoon bust some heads. They are each puzzled by the other's position. Jack: "Since the first day we met you've been accusing me of being a Neanderthal who only knows how to solve his problems with his fists." Em: "And since that very day you've portrayed me to be the most civilized bore ever to threaten the fate of the world through her inaction." They don't reach an agreement.

The time of the execution arrives. Jack tries to postpone it by declaring that a trial must take place, but Ribette will have none of it, pointing out that Napoleon has given him authority over Croque. He has the soldiers place Jack under arrest and orders the execution to proceed. Nooses are placed around the girls' necks. Jack pretends to be overcome and runs behind the bushes just as Em appears dressed as the Dragoon. Ribette: "What trick is this?" Em: "Silly Ribette -- tricks are for kids!" She swings down to the gallows and frees the girls. Em: "This is no place to hang around!" Jack: "I don't say stupid stuff like that...do I?" Em fights off the hangmen while Jack impedes the soldiers' efforts to stop her by clumsily pretending to help them. Ribette tries to escape, but Em stops him with a sword to the throat. Ribette begs for Jack's help and promises that he will have the governor's job for life. Jack agrees. Em says she will spare Ribette's life if the poverty tax is vetoed. Ribette insists that Croque do just that.

Em notes that the "Daughters of the Dragoon" have decided to retire. Jack says that he convinced them that the Dragoon could handle things on his own. Jack then asks Em where she came up with "those lame one-liners" she used while playing the Dragoon, but he does admit that she "put the ooh in Dragoon

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