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Season 1, episode 11
Series 111
1st release: 04/24/00
2nd release: 07/03/00
3rd release: 09/11/00
Production number: 1313
Last update: 11/09/01

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Captaine Brogard)

Ingrid Park (Madame Camille Croque)
Georgia Duder (Whorehouse Madam)
Asa Lindh (Maggie the Harlot)
Fiona Samuel (Spanish Fly Vendor)

Written by David Ransil
Directed by John Laing


Croque's (Stuart Devenie) job is on the line when his wife (Ingrid Park) spreads word of their unexciting marriage. ClickTV

Jack and Emilia work on a love potion to help Governor Croque and his wife put a little spark in their marriage.

Jack and Emilia help Croque and his wife add excitement to their marriage. ExciteTV


1st release: 04/24/00
An AA average of 2.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
ER 4.3
X-Files 3.7
Stargate SG-1 3.5
Xena 3.2
Back2Back/Profiler 2.6
Earth Final Conflict 2.2
Lost World 1.9
Relic Hunter/Star Trek Voyager 1.8

2nd release: 07/03/00
An AA average of 2.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
ER 3.7
Xena 3.6
X-Files 3.5
Stargate-SG1 2.9
Back2Back 2.5
Profiler 2.4
Earth Final Conflict 2.2
Relic Hunter/Star Trek: Voyager 1.9
Outer Limits 1.6
Invisible Man 1.5

3rd release: 09/11/00
An AA average of 2.0
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
X-Files 3.3
Xena 2.7 [Livia]
Stargate Sg-1 2.1
Back2Back 2.0 [Cleo: Choices 3rd airing; Jack: One Weddings, 3rd airing]
Earth Final Conflict/Invisible Man 1.8
Star Trel Voyager 1.5
Outer Limits/Relic Hunter 1.4 [RH: Nine Lives]


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


Croque comes to Jack with a problem. His wife Camille is returning to Pulau Pulau and he has learned that Camille has told Napoleon that he (Croque) is no longer man enough for her. He is afraid that if he can't convince her otherwise, that Camille will be appointed governor in his stead. Jack is sympathetic but doesn't know what can be done.

Emilia says that they can't have Camille as governor because if she takes over, Pulau Pulau will be "more oppressive than a geisha's chastity belt". She says Jack must help Croque regain his manhood. Jack says he doesn't know anything about such things because he has never needed them. Emilia thinks there must be something that can be done, and "As usual, it takes a woman to solve a man's problem."

Croque and Camille are in their carriage when they are set upon by highwaymen. Jack and Emilia happen along and Em talks Jack into doing his thing as the Dragoon. He saves Camille and she is very impressed. She asks Emilia, "Who was that masked man? I must have him!"

Act I

Emilia chides Jack for allowing Camille to fall for the Dragoon. They have a discussion about which is more powerful -- love or passion. Jack says time kills passion, Emilia says loves makes it strong. Jack purchases a Spanish fly in a box. Emilia plans to use it to create a potion to restore Croque's vitality. They hear a commotion and find Brogard loading some innocent people into a prison wagon. He says that they will be hanged at dawn by orders of the governor's wife and that "she'll be giving all the orders around here pretty soon." He reveals that Camille is hoping that this will cause the Dragoon to show up.

Emilia completes the potion and tells Jack to take it to Croque. Jack still doesn't think it will do any good, but Em says she has made it ten times stronger than normal. They struggle with the vial and it falls to the floor and breaks. The fumes rise around them. They start gazing at each other with passion glazed eyes.

Act II

Jack and Em are drawing closer and closer. Jack: "Will you still respect me in the morning?" Em: "I don't respect you now." They realize the fumes from the potion are influencing them and break apart. Emilia says she can't make any more potion because that was the last Spanish fly. They decide to document their own responses to see if the potion is effective. They are down to their underwear, but keep realizing that it's the potion causing their reactions. Finally Jack makes himself leave.

Jack goes goes to see Croque and takes him a mask so Croque can pretend to be the Dragoon at the Coq St. Jacques that night. He then sends Camille a note to meet the Dragoon there. Emilia comes in and they realize they are still under the influence of the potion. Jack tears himself away and Em uses black powder to decipher the blotter on which Jack wrote the message to Camille. It tells her to come to the Coq St. Jacques and wear red. She is incensed, thinking Jack means to have an affair with Camille.

Emilia goes to the Coq St. Jacques (which turns out to be a brothel) dressed in a red cloak. She is shown to a room upstairs. Jack takes Croque, dressed as the Dragoon, to the same room and leaves, thinking everything is taken care of. Brogard is in one of the rooms and sees the "Dragoon" go past his door. Downstairs, Jack is just leaving when he sees Camille come in, dressed in red. He realizes that it was not Camille in the room upstairs. Brogard comes running down the stairs calling for his men to apprehend the Dragoon. Jack runs back upstairs and finds Croque chasing Emilia around the room. Brogard pounds at the door. Emilia gives Jack her underwear for a mask and he distracts Brogard and the soldiers. Then he beckons to Camille, who follows him upstairs. He runs into the room, grabs Emilia and they jump out the window, leaving Croque there as the Dragoon. Camille is shocked but thrilled to see that her husband is the Dragoon.

The next day, Emilia says she saw Camille and she was looking very satisfied. Jack says Em was right and love triumphed in the end. Emilia says Jack was right and passion can be very compelling. They wonder how long the effects of the potion will last. Em makes plans to go horseback riding, and Jack runs off to take a cold shower.


11-09-01. From marguimarz. Both Jack and Emilia are on an afternoon jaunt when they come across Governor Croque and Camille being attacked by bandits. Both Emilia and Jack seem surprised, so I have to believe that this event is unexpected. Jack jumps off of the wagon and asks Emilia to look surprised when he comes back as the Dragoon. Jack had nothing in his hands, but when he comes back he has changed into the Daring Dragoon. Am I supposed to believe that Jack Stiles keeps a set of Dragoon clothing behind every bush in Pulau Pulau?

11-09-01. From marguimarz. Has Jack been taking "quick change" lessons from Emilia? Camille barely had time to recover from her encounter with The Daring Dragoon, when Jack comes out of the bushes wearing his regular clothes.

11-09-01. From marguimarz. While at the Cocques St. Jacques, Jack fought Brogard in his improvised Dragoon outfit. He was wearing white suspenders. When he returned to the room with Em's red cape, he has on colored suspenders.

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