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Season 1, episode 13
Series 113
1st release: 05/08/00
2nd release: 07/10/00
Production number: 1317
Last update: 11/12/01

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SYNOPSIS by Sally Dye

Bruce Campbell (Jack Stiles)
Angela Dotchin (Emilia Rothschild)
Stuart Devenie (Governor Croque)
Stephen Papps (Captaine Brogard)

Patrick Wilson (Captain Meriwether Lewis)
Peter Rowley (William Clark)
Vanessa Rare (Sacajawea)
Katrina Misa (Baroness Hollandaise)

Written by Kevin Maynard
Directed by Chris Graves


This commentary is by Sally Dye.


Jack and Emilia are relaxing on the beach. Or, rather, Jack is relaxing and Emilia is trying to survey the island. Jack urges her to relax also and get some sun, but Em responds that she doesn't bronze, she fricasees. She admonishes Jack that a map of the island would be very helpful. They debate the qualities of friendship and Emilia leaves in a huff to go back to the lab. Two scruffy looking mountain men/pirate types accost Jack and demand to be taken to his chief. The two then recognize Jack as an old buddy of theirs, and he recognizes them as Meriweather Lewis and William Clark, who have gone into the "explorer business" and believe themselves in Oregon.

Act I

Lewis and Clark are incredulous that they are actually several thousand miles and several years off course. They think the Revolutionary War is still going on. Jack shows them a newspaper and they realize with amazement that they are in 1801. Emilia is aghast to see them at her home, and they in turn are suspicious of a "redcoat" in their midst. They surmise that Jack has gone over to the British side and is a traitor.

Croque is worried that he might be the target of an assassination attempt. Brogard reports that a strange canoe has been discovered with two sets of footprints leading away from it. Croque is sure that assassins are on the island and dresses in armor as a precaution.

Lewis and Clark tie Emilia and Jack up and leave to retake the governor's mansion for America. On their way out, they accidentally knock a cannister into an electrical current which could cause an explosion in the lab. Jack and Emilia realize that they are in danger of being blown up.

Act II

Jack and Emilia try to blow out the bunsen burner, but are unsuccessful. Jean-Claude flies in, and Emilia tries to tell him how to bite the wires. One problem -- Jean-Claude is color blind and can't identify the right wire to bite. But he manages, and a crisis is averted. He then bites through the ropes and Jack and Em are free.

Lewis and Clark arrive at the mansion and prepare to storm the place, but Brogard and his men are ready for them and they are captured. Croque: "You are not in Kansas anymore!" They are to be executed at dawn.

Jack and Emilia plan to free Lewis and Clark, even though Emilia finds it difficult to muster sympathy for them. She asks Jack if he is willing to risk his cover and possibly his life, and Jack replies that, if L & C were in their right minds, they would do the same for him. Emilia thinks of a way to stop the execution.

Emilia asks to watch the execution with Croque. Croque gets up to deliver a speech beforehand and Em hooks him to her magnetic device. Jack turns on the electricity and Croque's armor turns into a giant magnet. The bullets from the firing squad's guns are pulled to his armor, and the Dragoon leaps into the square. The soldiers draw their swords, but the swords are all pulled to the armor as well. Jack frees Lewis and Clark and they all run away.

Jack finally convinces Lewis and Clark that they have landed on the wrong continent. Then he introduces them to Sacajawea, "a well-known guide just in from the states". Lewis and Clark are reluctant at first, but Sacajawea overrides their objections by rapping out orders: "Get in boat NOW!" Lewis and Clark jump to do her bidding. Sacajawea then explains to Emilia, in a very cultured voice, that by ungrammatically dropping her articles, she inspires fear into the hearts of men. Emilia approves. Sacajawea proclaims, "We go west!" and they set out in the canoe for Oregon.

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