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Season 3, episode 08
Series 308
1st release: 11-05-01
2nd release: 07-29-02
Production number: 309
Last update: 10/18/02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert (Karen)

Joseph Di Mambro .... Carlo
Eduardo Gómez .... Mercenary
Kevin Jubinville .... Wayne Nugent
François Klanfer .... Businessman
David Rosser .... Aztec Priest
Brian Roworth .... Parrot Man
Pedro Salvín .... Colonel Pedro/Captain Pinzon
Conrad Pla .... Bando

Written by Charles Heit
Script by Bill Taub
Directed by Bruce Pittman

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


An Aztec stone carving with ruby eyes and strange powers immortalizes an evil warrior's soul, and Sydney must prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. ClickTV

Sydney Fox is on the hunt for an evil "gem" of a doll. Logline.

Sydney and Nigel are in Central America with a guide, Carlos, tyring to get into an Aztec pyramid. They succeed and recover a ruby-eyed statue. Carlos betrays them, tying them up and taking the statue. They manage to get free and go after him, only to find him dead, and the opened box nearby. They take the box and try to escape by train, but Carlos was working with mercenaries who also want the statue. A thief on the train tries to steal the statue and also ends up dead. Sydney belives the statue has a curse and vows to take it back to the pyramid. With the aid of the NSA man who gave her the coordinates, she and Nigel get back. The head of the mercenaries tries to take the devil doll but ends up dead as well, as a ghostly image of an Aztec priest rears up. Sydney seals the doll within the pyramid once more. TVTome.com


1488AD: An ancient Aztec warrior's evil soul is immortalized by a stone-carved doll bearing the face of a demon and two gleaming gem eyes.

Present Day: Syd and Nigel, led by a local guide, Carlos, thrash through a Central American jungle en route to an Aztec pyramid. On yet another perilous adventure, they must evade guerillas (and not the King-Kong kind), venomous snakes, and deadly mosquitoes to reach the pyramid. Based on National Security Agency satellite images, there may be a concealed chamber beneath the pyramid. Once inside the pyramid, they find a series of subterranean tunnels.

Our heroes, along with the clueless tour guide, almost immediately encounter a gauntlet of skulls, suggesting danger to come. After Syd rescues Carlos (ever the dolt) from a booby-trap, they are faced with an ancient color puzzle lock. Nigel realizes the colors represent ancient cities, serving as the combination. Once they figure out the right combo, the lock opens a door to a chamber. A wretched odor greets our heroes as they spot a small coffin on a pedestal. Inside the box is a strange doll with flawless ruby eyes. This must be the relic!

Surprisingly, Carlos, who we thought a harmless fool, pulls a gun on our champions, steals the doll, and ties the duo up. Carlos phones into Pinzon, the leader of his guerilla outfit, informing him of their newest booty. Then he makes a fatal mistake. He examines the doll whom, when touched, emits a stench, causes a whirlwind, and scares the person touching it to death - literally.

After Syd and Nigel break out of the ropes, they stumble upon a dead Carlos, though they are unaware of the cause of his death. They high tail out of the jungle, back to the train. The train station is swarming with sleazy characters, and once on the train, one of them steals Nigel's backpack - carrying the doll. Syd and Nigel track down the doll, and find its thief deceased - in the same manner as Carlos. They realize if the doll itself is touched, it frightens anyone to death.

Elsewhere, Pinzon figuring out Carlos is dead, launches a search for the doll. He and his cronies stop the train, but Syd and Nigel jump off before they are discovered, heading back to the jungle to return the evil doll. This is one relic that should have never been found. Nigel, who broke his ankle while jumping off the train, limps after Syd, who knows Pinzon is certainly on their tail.

Reaching the pyramid, Syd figures to need some assistance in dodging the terrifying guerillas guarding tomb. Karen cleverly hooks them up with Wayne Nugent at the N.S.A. - the man who gave her the satellite pictures of the tomb in the first place. Nugent deciphers the satellites and safely navigates our hunters through the jungle. After a final run-in with Pinzon, who dies after handling the doll, Syd and Nigel put back the artifact and return home.


This commentary is by Beboman.

First and foremost I have to ask, was this another attempt at making a comedic episode. If so, it definitely did not work.

There were some funny moments, like when Sydney and Nigel were tied together and they were trying to get free. (Oh I think that was the only really funny moment) I just don't think Nigel's attempts at slapstick comedy really worked. Yes, Nigel is the comic relief of the show, but this time around he was much more pitiful than he was comedic.

I do have to say that the episode did have a few good points. Finally the character of Karen got some meat to it. She was shown in a more positive light as a very take charge type of person. There was also a subtle connection between Karen and Sydney and that was good.

I felt like the idea behind the Devil Doll was something that has been used so many times it is getting to be over used. It is the same idea that we saw in Raiders of the Lost Arc, and later in "The Royal Couple of Thieves", a "Xena: Warrior Princess" episode. These are just a few instances where the relic has a dangerous consequence to whoever looks at it.

I did not find this episode all that great. The writing was average and it went back to the old standard of last season. After the really good episodes we have been given this season, I think this is a throwback.

And on that note, I think I'll just call it a day. Hopefully next week's episode will be better.


This commentary is by AdamJnn.

I really liked it a lot. In fact I think it's my favorite so far this season. I watched it twice and couldn't find any plot holes. A relic hunter episode without plot holes? What did you say?

Not only that, but the Aztec King immortalized in the Devil Doll, Ahuitzotl, was a real Aztec King. Yes, I actually learned something from RH this episode. In fact, I think he even ruled around the time they described (15th Century AD?).

In fact, I found little wrong with this episode: there was ample airtime for the relic (for once!), the interplay between Sydney and Nigel was lots of fun (good argument for avoiding romance. The tied-up scene had me laughing out loud), Nigel wasn't a total wimp, and Karen was even allowed to actually show some emotion. In fact, in order to find things to disapprove of, I found myself reduced to criticizing the fact that Nigel's hiking boots had so obviously never been used despite the fact that he'd supposedly been wandering around in the jungle all day.

An aspect I really liked this time around was the way the guest actors were used. I liked the nosey french dude who moved the plot along simply by being nosey, and I liked the way no one could figure out (or were too polite to admit) that the nun was a man even though it was obvious to the audience. I liked the parrot, which was clearly included for no other reason than for Nigel to interfere with it, and the way Nigel interfered with it for no reason other than that he's Nigel. I liked the way Carlos delivered his cheesily mixed-up cliches, and the index-fingered wave with which the "leader" bad guy greeted the Relic Hunters when he ambushed them at the tomb. (Actually, I think the "leader" bad guy was the funniest. What about that part where Nigel says, "We're being tracked by satellite!" and he replies, "So is half the d*mn country.")

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