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Season 3, episode 09
Series 309
1st release: 11/12/01
2nd release:
Production number: 310
Last update: 01/24-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert (Karen)

Christien Anholt .... Ian Worthingham
Shaun Austin-Olsen .... Dr. Sagmeister
Russell Ferrier .... Sutton
Diego Fuentes .... Longshoreman
Naomi Gaskin .... Waitress
Rothaford Gray .... FBI Agent
Eduardo Gómez .... Mercenary
François Klanfer .... Businessman
Pascal Petardi .... Hotel Desk Clerk
David Rosser .... Aztec Priest
Nancy Anne Sakovich .... Cate Hemphill
George Seremba .... Witch Doctor
Bruce Vavrina .... Businessman
Cassandra Williams .... Isa

Written by Jurgen Wolff
Directed by Terry Ingram

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Nigel, with newfound strength, goes undercover to expose a circle of relic thieves. Logline.


Back in the Day: A witch doctor slashes the arm of an ancient warrior with a decorative lancet… giving him the strength of a thousand men.

Present Day, Papua New Guinea: Three men armed with M16's are chasing Nigel and Sydney. Nigel, carrying the same lancet introduced in the opening scene, stumbles and slices his arm. Not far behind, Ian Worthingham follows with the others, wanting the lancet. Strangely enough, Ian is Nigel's spitting image, only with a menacing demeanor. Just as Ian is about to snag the relic and off our heroes, he steps into an indigenous trap and is killed.

Once safely back in the office, Nigel exhibits an unusual amount of fortitude while performing mundane tasks such as opening a window or moving a bookcase. Karen is taken aback by his sexy strength, but her attention shifts when Cate, an old "friend" of Nigel's and an Interpool agent, walks in. She begs Nigel to impersonate the dead Ian in order to catch a ring of relic thieves in Lisbon, Portugal. He is reluctant and suggests Syd be consulted, but his obvious crush on the alluring agent gets the best of him and he accepts the mission.

Sydney, away at an Anthropology convention, calls in to check on her gang and is perturbed when she learns of Nigel's quick departure. Unable to escape the convention, she tells Karen to have Nigel call her ASAP. Meanwhile, Nigel cleverly pulls off his Ian impersonation, checking into his hotel room and thwarting a rival relic hunter's attempt to take the lancet. He grills the hunter and learns he must go to a bar and use a code word to meet the buyer - a member of the dangerous outfit called the Gural Nataz.

At the bar, he proves he is not Nigel Bailey by kicking some bad-guy butt. He then gives the secret code to Isa, a bar matron, who instructs him to St. Viviana's church on the isle of Malta.

Becoming increasingly worried about Nigel's unusual adventure without her, Syd hops on the next plane to Malta and not a moment too soon. Nigel's miraculous strength is weaning away at the worst time - at the church where the relic sale is to take place. The buyer named Ennio, an old friend of Ian's and a Gural Nataz member, catches on to Nigel's ruse and apprehends him. Syd, one of the most wanted do-gooders on Gural Nataz's hit list, teams up with Cate and tries to save Nigel from Ennio. Ennio, having cut himself with the lancet, gains great strength and threatens to kill them all. But that doesn't stop Nigel from cutting himself again and saving both of his female friends! The trio returns to the University and Nigel gets the girl, despite his lack of magical strength.


This commentary is by Beboman.

This episode was not bad for being a Sydney "light" episode. It also used a storyline that has been used several times in other shows. Still, it was a bit on the fresh side this time.

It gave us the opportunity to see Nigel in a different light. By getting cut by the magical lance, he was able to obtain great physical strength and was even more assertive than many times before. This temporary super macho image really suited Nigel in this episode.

It was a bit refreshing to see Sydney as the comedic point of the show. Her character was not drawn to a caricature, but she was able to provide a subtle comic relief. This gave Tia Carrere the opportunity to show off her comedic talent.

Now if I were Nigel and Sydney, when I saw Cate coming even ten miles away, I would start running the other way. It just seems to me that whenever she shows up there is a problem brewing for the dynamic duo. Something always goes wrong and one of our protagonists is going to get hurt, lost or kidnapped. It just seems it never fails, because most of Cate's plans have the ability to backfire.

I really don't blame Karen for her reaction to Cate. I think I would have the same reaction, especially with Nigel acting as strange as he was. Then all of a sudden this strange woman takes them off on a secret mission without even telling Sydney. Yeah, I guess I would have been just a bit on the worried side, just like Karen.

By the way, I am really starting to warm up to Karen. Yes, she is supposed to be this knock out blonde sex symbol type, but the woman has brains and she knows how to use them just as well as she uses her sexuality. Karen makes for an interesting combination, but there is more to that character than meets the eye. I hope TPTB develop this character more.

Seeing Nigel fight was very interesting in this episode. I truly enjoyed the bar scene and the scene in the elevator. I have to agree with Cate when they were leaving the bar and she said to Nigel, "Very Impressive". And yes, Nigel was very impressive as a fighter.

In a strange way, I felt sorry for Nigel when, at the worst possible time, he lost his newly found strength. But then again, that is television for you.

At least he did not become a babbling idiot the moment he lost his strength. He was able to think on his feet and help Sydney out when she was taking a beating from the Nino character.

I was a bit disappointed at the end when Nigel went back to being his old self. I was hoping he might retain some of the physical strength and security he had gained when he was strong. But if that happened, the whole format of the show would have to be changed, so I guess it was O.K. to get the old Nigel back.

Was it just me or did anyone else notice the look Karen gave Nigel and Cate when they left Sydney's office? It just seemed like one of those jealous looks. Are we looking at the beginning of a romance here? I really hope not because it would break the chemistry between the characters.

This was an enjoyable and entertaining episode.


12-02-01. From Crow. I really enjoyed this episode! Gotta be the best so far this season. Syd's red outfit at the archeological conference wasn't bad...grrrrrowwwwl :>) She looks good in red. Tanja Reichert is playing Karen so well now that I have forgotten about Claudia! Maybe its that she's getting more lines and moving into being a central character now with her own distinct attitude. But there is this thing I call the RH Temporal Anomaly that manifests itself every now and then in the show. Last time it was Kafka's monkey at the well at the end of Light of Truth. This time it involves Syd near the end of the ep when she is talking to Nigel's Interpol buddy from the plane in flight. Syd tells her she will be there post haste and wow! there she is under the church and in uniform in what seems to be just a few minutes!! It is made all the more evident in that Nigel's interrogator appears to be proceeding in the same way as when Syd was still on the plane! Its like the editor says "oh-oh I've run outta time" and just starts cutting right at the end of the ep.

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