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Season 3, episode 18
Series 318
1st release: 04/22/02
2nd release:
Last update: 05-25-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert (Karen)

Karina Huber .... Rayna/Lorraine
James Callis .... Raoul
Kenneth Colley .... Professor Lamenza
Jordi Cadellans .... Driver
Antonio Mayans .... Old Man #2
Julio Morales .... Old Man #1
Javier Pez .... Priest
Mark Smith .... Tall Man
Barbara de Lema .... Reporter

Written by Peter Hune
Directed by Jonathan Hackett

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Nigel is making time with a beautiful young student, Lorraine, with an interest in relic hunting in the office when Sydney is hit over the head by a thief, who steals her wallet and crossbow. The duo heads to Madrid to track down the crown jewels of Charles IV, only to find that the professor they were going to meet with is dead...killed with Sydney's crossbow. Framed as criminals, they quickly discover they were impersonated by Lorraine (actually Rayna) and Raoul. The latter killed the professor without Rayna's knowledge, and are now on the track of the crown jewels. After ducking the police, Sydney and Nigel catch up with Rayna and Raoul. Raoul takes Nigel hostage to lead him to the jewels and leaves Rayna and Sydney behind, handcuffed together. They manage to free themselves and stop Raoul as he grabs the jewels. Rayna is apparently tempted to join back up with him, but knocks him over the head and turns herself in. TVTome.com


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was a very funny episode with Sydney and Nigel on the run, hunted by the Spanish police for a murder they did not commit and trying to find the people who were impersonating them.

Sydney and Nigel find them selves running all over the Spanish countryside to try to locate their impersonators at the same time trying to find the Spanish Crown Jewel.

Nigel, as always, falls for some pretty girl who later on happens to be Sydney's impersonator. Sydney falls for the flattery of the same woman.

Sydney and Rena (the impostor) end up handcuffed together and have to work together to save Nigel from the impostor's boyfriend, who is the real killer. Not a bad twist to an all too often told story. In the end, she proves not to be such a bad relic hunter after all. Not of the same standard as Sydney, but not bad after all.

I really loved the scene in which Sydney and Nigel are on the train to meet the professor who holds the clue to the location of the Crown Jewel. The way Sydney tells Nigel the story of how the Crown Jewel was lost and Nigel's commentaries are just great. That was a really truly funny scene. I had a really good laugh.

Now, it was interesting to find out that Sydney has access to NASA's equipment. At least she and NASA are the only ones that have this particular type of technology, some special lenses that when used with a camera can provide or help decipher what is hidden in an ancient piece of paper. Interesting, wouldn't you say?

These were the lenses that were stolen from Sydney's office by Sydney's impostor. Now I have a question. Wouldn't Sydney check her equipment before she left home to make sure everything was working right? Why wait until they were in Spain and in the office of the dead professor to discover the camera lenses had been stolen. Does that make any sense? Not to me.

Nigel proved to be useful in this episode. Besides helping solve the puzzle of where the Crown Jewel could be, he was able to tell Sydney and Rena where they were and where the Crown Jewel was.

This was a very good episode. It was well acted, written and directed. Very entertaining.

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