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Season 3, episode 13
Series 313
1st release: 01/28/02
2nd release: 03/25/02
Production number: 313
Last update: 02/12/02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert (Karen)

Sid Bobb .... Shaman
George Buza .... Biker
Lorne Cardinal .... Sheriff Dark Feather
Fulvio Cecere .... Major James Hillhurst
Christine Donato .... Shaw
Anthony Grieco .... Agent #1
Tom Jackson .... Bobby Green
Doug Lennox .... Asher
Robert Tinkler .... Bauer

Written by David Wolkove
Directed by Jorge Montesi

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


Syd has an alien encounter in an "out of this world" relic epic! Logline

Sydney is approached by a businessman, Bobby Green, who wants Sydney to investigate the finding of a strange piece of a metal in a dig in Washington State. Sydney and Nigel head there, only to find the local sheriff, Dark Feather, hostile. Government agents are also on their trail. Fleeing the Feds, Sydney eventually finds that Dark Feather is sympathetic to her cause, and they track down a site holding ancient relics of his tribe. One of them is a series of marking that match the piece of metal, which Sydney and Green believe to be from an alien spacecraft that met with the tribe's shamans centuries ago. Green claims to have been an alien abductee, and believes this evidence will substantiate his claim. The Federal agents, headed by a Major Hillhurst, confront Sydney, Nigel, and Dark Feather at the cave site. Things look bad until Dark Feather's deputies come to the rescue. However, in the ending Sydney's office is ripped apart and the metal relic and all of the photographs are missing. TVTome.com


Back in the Day: A Moandaga dance ritual is interrupted by an unbelievable phenomenon. Earsplitting thunder roars, as lightening bolts set the sky aflame!

Present Day: Shaw, an agile and daring geologist, guards her satchel as she tears through a forest somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Chased by native warriors and their scar-faced leader, Darkfeather, she jumps off a cliff, lands unharmed, and assesses the contents of her pack. The object of her concern, a wood fragment baring a unique tribal symbol, remains unscathed.

At the University, Sydney lectures on the obscurity of the Moandaga Indian clan symbols. Once displaying bears and wolves, the symbols now show stoic, geometric symbols that actually resemble aliens! Greene, an attractive businessman, enters the lecture hall and presents Shaw's artifact to Sydney.

Mistaking Greene for a private collector, the hunter dismisses him. But Greene convinces Syd he isn't a collector by revealing a promise he made to his grandfather about finding an original Moandaga totem pole. He also tells her about the "The Fire in the Sky" legend, where a ball of fire fell form the sky and crashed into the earth near the Moandaga village. The Indians built a sanctuary to hide their original religious relics - including the totem pole. Syd agrees to help Green find the artifact, but little does she know the National Intelligence Agency, headed up by a surly character named Hillhurst, is tracking Greene via satellite.

Before Syd and Nigel take off for the mountains to begin their hunt, they hook up with Shaw, who uses a topo map to show them where she found the wood shard. Shaw explains how, despite the fact that she had permits allowing her to search the Moandaga land, she was still hassled by a local warrior society. After a confrontation with Darkfeather and his cronies, Syd and Nigel decide to take the back way into the relic site, where, after days of digging, they find a shiny metal object baring the Moandaga symbol. They call Karen and ask her to consult a Native American history professor who can tell by their location if the sanctuary could possibly be near.

Darkfeather discovers our hero's alternate route and begins his own hunt for Syd, who is calling Greene, filling him in on the metal object. She describes the mark as being so precise that it appears as if a laser did the etching - far beyond the technology of the Moandaga people. Delighted, Greene instructs them to meet him back in town, but not before two warriors attack our hunters. After kicking some native butt, Syd and Nigel make it back only to find Greene being taken by mysterious men. Using advanced spy technology, Hillhurst tracks our hero's conversations and current location.

Fortunately, Greene is able to warn Syd and Nigel of the forthcoming danger and they escape capture. Later, Darkfeather explains how the government is covering up alien sightings and are out to destroy the relic evidence. He takes them to Devil Mountain, where they find the hidden sanctuary. Carved on the cave wall are pictures of aliens. Our hunters surmise that the Moandaga's redefined their mythology and refashioned their totems to await the extra terrestrial's return. The trio finds some pre - "Fire in the Sky" relics and are just about to take them to safety when Hillhurst and his men storm in and threaten to blow the place sky high. Darkfeather's men come to the rescue and salvage as many relics as possible.

Back home, Sydney discovers the cave was destroyed, the metal shard has been stolen, and the camera used to record the adventure is missing. Yet another successful government conspiracy, leaving the totem as the sole Moandaga remnant.


1st RELEASE: 01/28/02
An AA average of 1.9
Competition from Action Hours:
Stargate SG-1 (3.2/3.3, +19),
Andromeda (2.9/3.0, -26),
Mutant X (2.3/2.4),
The Invisible Man (2.0/2.2, +5),
BeastMaster (2.0/2.1, +5),
Relic Hunter (1.9, +6),
Earth: Final Conflict (1.7, -26),
The Lost World (1.7, -29),
Sheena (1.6/1.7, -16),
Tracker (1.1),
The Outer Limits (1.0, -41)

2nd RELEASE: 03/25/02
An AA average of 1.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Hours:
Stargate: SG1: 2.4/2.5 (+ 9), 75R Point of No Return
Andromeda: 2.2/2.3 (-27), 33R 211 Bunker Hill
Maximum Exposure: 2.0/2.1,
BeastMaster: 1.9/2.0 (-10), 54R Dispossessed
Mutant X: 1.9, 11R Whiter Shade of Pale
VIP: 1.8 (-14),
Earth: Final Conflict: 1.6/1.7 (-16), 99R Death Suite
The Lost World: 1.6 (no change), 52R Hollow Victory
Relic Hunter: 1.5 (-17), 57R Fire in the Sky
The Outer Limits: 1.4 (- 7), 142R World's Within
Sheena: 1.4 (-30), 34R Coming to Africa
The Bravest: 1.1,
The Invisible Man: 1.1 (-52), 37R Immaterial Girl
Tracker: 0.9/1.0, 12R To Catch a Dresserian


This commentary is by Beboman.

This was a really good episode with just the right mixture of action and intrigue. I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode. It kept me on the edge of my seat all the time.

What made this episode interesting was that the lines between friend and foe were not really all that well traced. We really did not know who was a friend and who wasn't.

There were government agents, local police headed by Dark Feather, and a very wealthy man, Bobby Green, with a very weak story on why he wanted this particular relic which belonged to the Mondoga Indians. I'm not even sure if that was a real Native American tribe. Everything comes together when Sydney and company find the relic and we discover that the locals are not all that unfriendly. We also find that the real foe is the government agents who want to crush the find so the public is not alerted to the possibility of an alien visit (alien meaning outer space visitors). It seems like the government is trying every hard to eliminate anything that might be linked to the possibility of aliens visiting the Mondoga Tribe.

There were some really great scenes in this episode, especially the ones in the cave when Sydney, Nigel and Dark Feather find the relic which links the Mondoga Tribe to some extra terrestrial phenomenon and the government agents try to take it away from them. They are at a stand still and very close to losing when the local members of a Native American tribe arrive and save the day. This time, it was the Indians who arrived just in time and not the cavalry.

Another tense moment was when Sydney, Nigel and the relics are being smuggled out of the cave and they come across an agent's van.

We also have the scene where Sydney meets Bobby Green, the wealthy American, who wants Sydney to locate a particular totem pole. The totem pole symbolizes the point at which the Mondoga Indians changed from earth believers to sky believers. It seems like Sydney has problems with first impressions. Her first encounter with Dark Feather was not the best one either.

But one of the best scenes was the ending in which we see a very disappointed Sydney when she goes to her office with Bobby Green to find out that her office has been ransacked. They believe the government agents are responsible. All evidence of the relic and its location have been destroyed or taken. I have not seen that kind of disappointment in Sydney's eyes in a long time.

I would have to say that this episode was very well written and directed. The acting by all involved was very good and the timing and transition were just right. There was no overacting, from either our regular cast or the guest actors, which made for a very enjoyable episode.

Another good thing that this season is providing us with is the ability to see Sydney as a professor, in addition to her role as a relic hunter. Sydney is just as confident in the role of professor as she is as the relic hunter. She has this easiness about her in the classroom that would make anyone want to take classes with her.

Well, I guess the budget for this season is a bit on the short side. We have seen more of Sydney staying home, meaning the USA, than going out gallivanting all over the world, as we have in previous seasons. It is not like I don't like it; I do. It gives us more opportunities to find out more of the local folklore the Relic Hunter way.

So, once again, I find myself saying that I really did enjoy this episode. I hope TPTB continue to write and give us episodes of this quality.

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