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aka Women Want to Know

Season 3, episode 12
Series 312
1st release: 01/21/02
2nd release: 03/18/02
Production number: 307
Last update: 02-12-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Lindy Booth (Claudia)

Ken Pak .... Counsel General
Dylan Neal .... Zack, the cameraman
Becky Southwell .... Trish Gardner, the reporter
Henry Chan .... Monk
Glenn Bang .... Colonel Sursur, the rebel leader
Gary Wong .... Rebel #1
Sean Baek .... Rebel #2
Albert Chung .... Villager
Marie Cruz .... Military Attache
Andrew Martin .... Wes
Sandi Stahlbrand .... Reporter

Written by Charles Heit
Directed by George Mendeluk

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


News breaks in the relic world…and Sydney Fox is the lead story! Logline

Sydney is out in the field looking for a relic while accompanied by a women's talk show hostess and her cameraman. Nigel and Karen are back at the office. Sydney is entering a temple when rebels in the local Gamora Heights district stage a rebellion. The men are after foreigners. Sydney and the others take refuge in the temple, while Nigel and Karen collaborate with the show's producer back home to try and get aid to Sydney. Sydney manages to get into the temple, but the rebels trap her and the others there. They make a makeshift flare, send up a signal, and the government troops arrive to rescue them. They find out that the soldiers never saw the flare, and it was due to Nigel's intervention back in the States that they were rescued. TVTome.com


1075AD, Southeast Asia: Concealed in an ancient temple, a monk and a boy pray to Ganesh, a sacred idol that exudes endless power.

Present Day: Trish, the ultra hip (or so she thinks) host of "Women Want to Know," a popular daytime television series, shoots her stand-up in the same temple shown in the open. She is doing a story on Sydney's trials and glories as a chic relic hunter. Just as Trish begins to report in her whiney news voice, she's interrupted by an explosive noise. We cut to Sydney running through the jungle -- she's be pursued by a group of angry men! Barely avoiding capture, Sydney makes her way back to the temple where she explains the situation to Trish and Zack ( the cameraman). Sydney believes her hunters to be part of an anti-government group. In the meantime, Susur, the leader of the rebel hunters, forces a local villager to help track down Sydney's trail. Back in the cave, Sydney devises a plan to create a distraction which will allow enough time for Trish and Zack to make a run for the jeep -- so they hope! Trish protests and suggests giving up the idol for their freedom. Ever the artifact guardian, Sydney refuses. Back at the University, Nigel and Karen prepare for their own television interview -- unaware of their boss's uncertain future. Meanwhile, in the temple, Zack monitors the hunters through his camera. Suddenly, he notices the armed rebels have picked up their trail and are heading towards the temple. It's just a matter of time before their hiding place is exposed! Syd again leads the group into the heart of the temple in search of a better hiding place -- unaware that Trish has dropped her compact. As the rebels begin to enter, both Sydney and the rebels spot the compact lying open on the floor -- will this be the end for our brave relic hunter? In a twist of fate, gunfire in the jungle sends the rebels out to investigate -- but not before they trap Sydney and her group in the temple with a giant boulder. As Zack and Trish bicker about Trish's abrasive personality, Sydney recalls a secret about Gamoran Temples -- they were often times built with secret chambers so Monks could hide in the event of an attack! Outside, the cause of the earlier gunfire is revealed. Apparently, the government is about to force Susur's surrender. But when Susur learns of the compact, he wants to take Sydney hostage to get him out alive. Hearing of the unrest surrounding our fearless hunter, Nigel heads to the Consul General's office for help. In the temple, Sydney tries her best to find the covert chamber, but ends up setting off a trap which startles Trish and causes her to scream. The rebels hear the scream and break into the temple. Barely escaping rebel gunfire, Sydney manages to get the journalists into the secret chamber. As the rebels try to explode the chamber door, Zack and Syd concoct a pseudo rocket and send it off in an effort to alert the government to their whereabouts. Just as hope begins to fade, Syd convinces them to do an ancient chant that triggers a boulder to drop from the ceiling. A beautiful sky, government troops, and freedom meet them warmly. Trish gets more of a story than she bargained for and Syd gets her relic!


This commentary is by Beboman.

This is not the Mel Gibson television version of the movie, but nevertheless it was a very interesting, exciting and action filled episode. It was one I enjoyed a great deal.

I really enjoyed seeing the two sides of the coin, with Nigel left behind to take care of matters at Trinity and Sydney off on her adventure.

In this episode, Sydney goes off with a television reporter from a woman's show called "What Women Want" and her cameraman in search of a relic. When they are about to wrap the production of the show and Sydney has recovered the relic, they find themselves in the middle of a civil war which leads Sydney to protect both Trish (the anchorwoman) and get help from Zack (the cameraman).

Meanwhile at Trinity, Nigel is just about to get interviewed for his part of the relic hunting team. Nigel, Karen and the producer of the show find out that the country where Sydney is has just erupted in civil unrest and the rebel force is in the same area as Sydney, Trish and Zack.

Nigel and Karen set off with a plan to get the ambassador to that country to try to locate and help Sydney. They accomplish this with the help of the producer of the show.

What I liked about this episode was the way Nigel went once again from just being the comic relief to being a take charge kind of guy. I really do enjoy when Nigel develops that backbone and becomes assertive and thinks on his feet.

Another good point in this episode is the development of Karen. Once again, she is there to help and has ideas of her own, and she is able to get things accomplished without getting in trouble. She is a fast thinker.

On the other hand, I'm wondering if the writers are trying to develop some sort of romance between Nigel and Karen. It all points that way and even though the sexual tension between these two characters is enjoyable, it might not be a good idea to turn them into a couple. It might affect the balance of the show.

Now, at Sydney's end of the story, we find that once again Sydney is a very imaginative woman and, with the help of Zack, develops an interesting type of flare that is meant to help them escape from the cave they are locked up in.

We also get a good taste of tension in this episode, especially when Sydney and her group are hiding from the rebels and Trish's compact is on the floor and the rebel's foot is close to it. They find it just as the shots to retreat are heard.

Another good tension filled part is when Sydney is trying to close the escape door as the rebels are trying to take over the cave where Sydney and her companions are hiding. You see how she keeps trying to figure out the mechanism as time gets shorter and shorter, until she finally succeeds. This was a very well performed moment. The timing was excellent and the acting just as great.

One thing I enjoyed was seeing that Sydney still has her small crossbow and that she is willing to use it. I have missed that little crossbow in the previous episodes. I think is a very inventive little weapon.

But of course, in the predicament Sydney and her companions find themselves, the Rambo knife was not the best type of weapon at the time.

This whole episode was very well done, with some really good acting and some really good writing. The directing was good, and the ending left the door open for more intimate interaction between Karen and Nigel.


01-15-02. Dylan Neal (B5 Rangers) guest stars in "Women Want to Know" alongside his real life wife, and sometime Relic Hunter writer, Becky Southwell.

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