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Season 3, episode 11
Series 311
1st release: 01-14-02
2nd release: 03-11-02
Production number: 312
Last update: 05-25-02

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Tia Carrere (Dr. Sydney Fox)
Christien Anholt (Nigel Bailey)
Tanja Reichert (Karen)

Stephanie Mills .... Christy
Daniela Olivieri .... Sunna
Christopher Jacot ... Blake Stoffel
Lawrence King .... Eli Stoffel
Ryan Scott .... Doug Bennett
Joanne Vannicola .... Zanda Wilkes
Karen Glave .... Nurse
John Healy .... Doctor

Written by Tracey Forbes
Directed by Bruce Pittman

Filmed on location in Canada (Toronto), the UK, and Spain by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Gaumont Television.


To save an "A" student, Syd wages war on a wicked warlock. Logline

Hundreds of years in the past a Wiccan ceremony is interrupted by the locals. In the present, the amulet used in the ceremony is given to Sydney's student Meg, who recites the incantation and goes into a coma. Sydney and Nigel look into the matter and discover the amulet has mystical powers, and will grant the person who invokes it correctly great magical powers. Someone else, a friend of Meg's boyfriend named Blake, is also looking for the amulet and manages to procure it from Karen using hypnotic/magical powers. A seerest, Zanda, warns that they need the amulet to restore Meg. Blake is indeed a warlock, the son of the man who interrupted the opening ceremony, and he has used his magical powers to augment his fraternity house, Nu Theta Phi. Sydney and Nigel manage to interrupt the ceremony in the secret catacombs of the frat house, defeat, Blake, and restore Meg to normal. TVTome.com


1692AD, New England Colonies: Sunna, an enchanting witch, recites a final Wiccan chant as she and her followers are captured and killed by Puritan witch hunters. An amulet and pentagram are the only remaining signs of their existence, but they are trampled and forgotten by time.

Present Day, The University: Two co-eds, Meg and Christy, chat about final exams. Christy gives Meg a "good luck" amulet she found while doing field research (the same one from the open). Meg is delighted with its antique look. It's no wonder she is Syd's pride and joy in the classroom. But her excitement turns into trepidation when she reads its ancient inscription aloud - invoking a white light from the relic's embedded gem and sending Meg into uncontrollable spasms.

Hospitalized, Meg misses her important Ancient Studies exam - alerting a concerned Sydney Fox. At the hospital, Syd investigates the events surrounding Meg's accident and the mysterious amulet. Could this relic be responsible for Meg's accident? - Sydney begins her hunt for the truth.

Later Doug, a love interest of Meg's, explains the strange accident to his frat brother Blake. Blake becomes overly interested in Meg's condition when Doug mentions the amulet. He's later caught eavesdropping on Syd and Christy's discussion of the accident. Suspect, Sydney attempts to interrogate Blake, but he escapes "magically" out the window, revealing to the audience his own magical powers. - Blake is a warlock!

Later, Syd, Nigel and Christy head to the woods to investigate the site where the amulet was originally found. There, they stumble across a "bewitching" pentagram. After further investigation, Syd discovers the area was the site of the witch Sunna, a good witch who practiced "white magic". Blake continues to stalk our heroes as they slowly piece together this cryptic puzzle, eager to steal the magic of the amulet for himself. Back at the hospital, Meg has another seizure, this time blurting out an unknown language and showing signs of extreme strength.

In search of answers, Syd consults Zanda, a local Wiccan, who explains the lore of Harper's Woods and The Book of Shadows. Legend has it that Eli Stuffel, a Puritan elder who accused Sunna of witchcraft, stole the book for his own evil intentions. With the help of Zanda, our hero heads over to the hospital to check on Meg - trusting the safety of the amulet to her assistant Karen.

Blake, sporting some freaky dilated pupils, uses magic to force Karen into giving him the amulet. Eager to make the power of the amulet his own, Blake convinces his roommate Doug to help him - promising to save Meg. His plan: to enter a secret chamber under the frat house and transfer the mystical power from Meg's body to his own.

Karen, out to get back the relic, follow the frat brothers into a basement and into a secret entrance. Alerting Syd and Nigel to her discovery, they all enter the hidden passage - but not before Karen and Nigel engage in a heated kiss to escape discovery from some passerby. In the nick of time, our heroes burst into the chamber where the power transformation is under way. Syd manages to grab the amulet away from our villain and stop Blake from increasing his warlock powers. Later, Meg recovers and we all sleep peacefully knowing the Wiccan relic is out of harm's way - for now. . .


This commentary is by Beboman.

I will not say that this was the worst episode so far this season, but it was definitely not one of the good ones either. This episode was a bit flat and a bit on the dull side. I would even venture to say that this episode was meant to be a "safe money" episode. If that was the case, then the next time the production company wants to save a few dollars, maybe a clip episode would be the best way to go. That saves money, it gives the audience a bit of a rest, and allows for a look back at some of the past episodes.

The story is about this powerful warlock who lives at a fraternity house and uses his black magic to control the house. He is a descendent of another very powerful warlock who helped eliminate a very strong and powerful witch.

When the witch's amulet, which contains all her powers, is found by a student at Trinity College, the student gives it to her roommate, who happens to be one of Sydney's top students. The roommate unleashes the amulet's powers, which makes her extremely sick. Sydney and Nigel come to the rescue.

They discover the force behind the amulet and with the help of a blind good witch, they are able to find the Book of Shadows that belonged to the witch and was held by the warlock. They save the young girl from the effects of the magic and the warlock and they are able to redirect the powers of the amulet.

This is a good premise, one that might have been really interesting and even very powerful. Unfortunately, it fell flat. It did not seem like everyone was on the same page. The writing felt flat and, on occasion, even monotonous. The acting seemed somewhat bland, routine and the actors, at times, seemed even tired.

The only good thing I found in this episode was the fact that once again we see how far Sydney is willing to go to help someone she has faith and trust in. This is one of Sydney's greatest trademarks and one that has led her into some really great adventures, in the defense of those she cares for.

For the rest, I think I will just cut this commentary short. I really don't feel there is more to say than what I have already said. I look forward to next week's episode, hoping it will be better than this one.


05/25/02. From TVTome: Guest star Joanne Vannicola is starring in "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal." Both Relic Hunter and Psi Factor are produced by CanWest Entertainment Inc.

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