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Season 2, episode 02
Series 202
1st release: 10-13-01
2nd release: 12-08-01
Production number: 202
Last update: 11-08-01

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SYNOPSIS 1 by Sally Dye
SYNOPSIS 2 by Loretta Miller
COMMENTARY 2 by Loretta Miller

Gena Lee Nolin (Sheena)
Margo Moorer (Kali)
John Allen Nelson (Matt Cutter)
Kevin Quigley (Mendehlson)

Rick Perkins (Jared)
Ron Ely (Bixby)
Justine Eyre (Andrea)
Pete Penuel (Roland)
Robert Herrick (Lou)

Story by Christopher Mack
Teleplay by Melissa Good
Directed by Carl Weathers

Filmed on location in Orlando, FL and Africa.


Sheena and Cutter are enlisted to hunt for a jungle boy who is the heir to a fortune. Logline.

What if Sheena found Tarzan? Sheena discovers a feral teenager living in a remote area of the LaMistas. Logline

At the urging of his former nanny, Sheena and Cutter seek a feral boy who may be heir to an oil fortune. ClickTV


This synopsis is by Sally Dye .


A photographer is hiking in the LaMistas when she hears leaves rustling and thinks someone is following her. Suddenly a young man dressed in a loin cloth jumps from a tree and tackles her. Some distance away, Sheena hears her scream and comes running. When she reaches the area, all she finds is a pack. Looking up, she sees a woman being carried by someone up in the trees. When Sheena starts to climb up, the woman is dropped, but Sheena catches her and lays her on the ground. Then Sheena starts after the young man. The photographer comes to, gets her pack, and leaves. The young man dives into the river. Sheena dives in after him, but he disappears.


Sheena tells Kali she has seen the one that people are calling the "new darak'na" and it appears to be human. Sheena theorizes that he could be from the Tarranga region of the LaMistas. She intends to find him because his curiosity about humans could be dangerous -- for him. Kali warns Sheena that the young man is more of the jungle than Sheena is because she has known the ways of civilization.

The photographer, Andrea, comes to Cutter to hire him to take her into the Tarranga region. She offers to pay $10,000 for his help and says she also needs a dark room. Of course, Cutter agrees.

Sheena consults natives of the Tarranga region and finds out that the young man had left the area about a year ago, apparently because it was becoming more heavily settled. They called him "the laughing one", saying that Sheena will understand when she meets him.

Cutter tries to flirt with Andrea, who doesn't really want to explain why she is going into the LaMistas. But she does show Cutter a picture she took. When Cutter asks who it is, she says he's "the richest man on the planet."

Three men, Bixby, Roland and Lou, meet with another man who has taken pictures of the young stranger. The man wants money to keep quiet about what he has seen, and Bixby has Lou kill him. Roland is shocked by the murder, but Bixby asks him what he calls what happened 12 years ago. Bixby says that's what will happen to "Jared", too, when they find him, as well as to anyone else who knows about it.


Sheena finally tracks Jared down as he is bathing in the river. She sees that he has collected stones from the river bed and recalls that the villagers said he left stones in payment for the food they had sometimes given him.

Cutter wakes up, having apparently fallen asleep on the bar. Andrea comes in, rested from a good night's sleep in Cutter's bed. She reveals to a somewhat hazy Cutter that they had a margarita competition and he is a great bartender. She proceeds to spread out a map and tell Cutter the story of a little boy who was lost in the jungle at the age of 8. His name is Jared Chambers and he is the heir to a fortune in oil money.

Bixby and Roland are arguing over whether Jared should be killed when they find him. Roland is reluctant to commit another murder, but Bixby says they have already done that -- they caused the plane crash that was supposed to kill Jared and his parents. Lou takes Roland's side and points out that Jared might have some sort of evidence on the crash hidden away, and they had better keep him alive until they know. Bixby agrees and lets Roland take a tranquilizer gun.

Jared finds stones that Sheena left, which lead him to her camp. He watches from the bushes as she cooks some meat. She leaves some on a rock, and he creeps up and gets it. Sheena talks to him, but he cannot seem to vocalize anything but "huh, huh." Sheena knows why he was called "the laughing one." He is very interested in Sheena, but she stops his tentative exploration of her body: "I can't do that with you -- not for lack of interest, believe me."

Cutter and Andrea search the area in a helicopter. Cutter won't go as low as she wants, so Andrea wants to pilot the chopper. Cutter is reluctant, but Andrea points out that she is a licensed pilot, and she hasn't paid him yet, so he agrees.

Bixby sees the helicopter and realizes someone else is searching the area. He shoots the rotor of the chopper, and it starts to go out of control. Cutter tries to see what the problem is, but the jerky motion causes him to fall. He grabs the runner, but is still in danger of falling into the jungle as the helicopter spins around.


Sheena sees Cutter hanging from the chopper and morphs into a hawk (this not unnaturally startles Jared somewhat). She flies to the chopper runner and morphs back into human form to help Cutter get back into the cockpit. Andrea is understandably amazed when Sheena climbs in with Cutter, but there is no time for explanations. They manage to land the helicopter in a clearing. Sheena wants to know if everyone is okay, Cutter wants to know who who was shooting at them, and Andrea wants to know who Sheena is and how she got into the chopper. Cutter and Sheena look at each other, and then Cutter introduces Sheena to Andrea, and Sheena says she was in the trees and jumped on when the helicopter flew by. They start off into the jungle. Andrea: "But what were you doing in the trees?"

That night Andrea and Cutter tell Sheena Jared's story. Andrea also explains that she had been Jared's babysitter. She had assumed that Jared had died in the plane crash with his parents, and that Roland Chambers, Jared's cousin, has been running the oil company with the help of his partner, Bixby. A few weeks before, she had seen a photo of the mysterious jungle boy and had noticed a scar on his leg. She knew that Jared had a scar on his leg in the same spot.

Sheena goes to look for Jared. She finds a cave and goes inside. She sees a candle burning and some old photographs. Just then Jared returns, but is frightened when he sees Sheena. He leaps from the cave entrance, starting a rock slide that traps Sheena inside.

The next morning, Andrea slips off to look for Jared, too. She finds the wrecked plane. As she examines it, Jared comes out from behind it, surprising Andrea. She says, "Jared?" and he seems to recognize her, but as he approaches her, a gunshot is heard, and a tranquilizer dart hits Jared. He falls to the ground, unconscious. Bixby, Roland and Lou emerge and recognize Andrea. Bixby says the new plan is to put Andrea and Jared in the helicopter and blow it up, making it look like a rescue attempt gone tragically wrong.


Cutter finds the rock slide and rescues Sheena. They set out to find Andrea and Jared.

Bixby and Lou are putting Jared on a litter to drag him to the downed helicopter, when Cutter steps into the clearing and asks if he can have some water. Meanwhile, Sheena is changing into the darak'na.

Jared suddenly regains consciousness and leaps up. Andrea shouts at him to run, and he takes off into the jungle. Bixby starts to fire after him, but Cutter draws his pistol and diverts his attention. A gun battle erupts, and Cutter and Andrea are pinned down behind some wreckage. Bixby sends Lou to circle behind them. The darak'na takes care of Lou, while Bixby and Cutter exchange gunfire. The darak'na leaps from the trees and knocks Roland down, killing him. Bixby is distracted and Cutter jumps him and they fight. Bixby gets the upper hand for the moment, grabs his gun and points it at Andrea, telling everyone else to back off. Jared sneaks back, though, and pushes Bixby away from Andrea. The darak'na throws a claw into Bixby's back, killing him, and then runs off into the jungle. Jared makes a fumbling attempt to say Andrea's name.


Andrea thanks Cutter for helping her find Jared. She says she will take him home, but will bring him back someday. She kisses Cutter goodbye and goes in to get Jared.

Sheena arrives and wonders if Jared should be taken away since the jungle has become his home. Cutter says Sheena had Kali when she was growing up, but Jared had no one, and that must have been very lonely.

Andrea brings Jared out. He is now dressed in civilized clothing, but still can't talk. Andrea thanks Sheena, but Sheena doesn't want to be thanked. She tells Jared that he always has a home here. He smiles, and then he and Andrea leave.


This synopsis is by Loretta Miller .

A woman (Andrea) armed only with a camera with a telephoto lens looks about in the jungle and stops in mid-stride. She has heard something and suspects someone is watching her. Suddenly she is attacked. Sheena hears a scream and comes running as a man clothed in a loincloth and boots made of animal hide has hauled the woman up into a tree. As Sheena runs up, Sheena catches the unconscious woman as the man drops her from above. She races up the tree to give chase. The woman comes around, grabs her stuff and runs off. Sheena watches the man dive into a nearby lake and she follows suit. She surfaces and he is gone.

Sheena talks to Kali about the rumor of a new Darakína, but heís human. She can tell by his scent. She tells Kali that heís very comfortable in the trees. Kali figures he was merely curious about the woman but he may be captured or killed by others. Sheena wants to go to the Tarraga Region of the La Mistas where they think he lives. Kali warns her that heís more of the jungle than she is and to him sheís the outsider.

Meanwhile, Andrea hires Cutter for $10,000. She wants him to take her to the Tarraga Region which would require a helicopter. "For $10,000," Cutter tells her that he can throw in room and board. She tells him that a room, a very dark room with a red light would be helpful. While Cutter is thinking of a developing romance between them, she informs him that she needs the room to develop film.

Sheena goes to the Tarraga Region and encounters a wise man who identifies the young man as the "Laughing One". He doesnít speak well, he only makes a laughing type sound to communicate. The wise man tells her that the Laughing One came to them as they prepared their meal. They offered him food and in its place he left stones. He had done this for years. As others came with their cattle and crops, he disappeared.

Cutter and Andrea, a keen interest in each other seems to be developing as she develops her film. Together they see the face of the jungle man. Elsewhere, several men meet with Raoul, a photographer. Mr. Bixby and his partner, Roland Chambers, (Jaredís cousin) are pleased with the photos. A burn mark on the leg of the man confirms his identity as Jared Chambers, the richest man on the planet, but he doesnít know it yet.

Raoul wants more than the original $2,000 when Bixby wants the photos to remain secret. Instead of paying him off, Lou stabs him repeatedly and kills him eliminating the blackmail threat. "What if someone else knows heís out here?" Bixby tells Roland, "Weíll kill them, too."

Sheena watches Jared bathe in the lake. She finds stones and has an idea. Meanwhile, Cutter awakens on the top of his bar, covered to the waist with a blanket and underneath nude. On the floor, his bird is on his back, hiccuping and DRUNK himself. Boy, it had been some night. He groggily asks for the license plate on the elephant that walked on his head. Andrea comes down the stairs, fully awake and spirited. Itís 7 a.m. and itís "late". Cutter asks Mendehlson for some ice. "No ice," he tells him. Cutter recalls all the ice went to the margaritas the night before. Andrea tells Cutter more about Jared, that heís a real-life Tarzan, with the exception that heís not a British Lord but the heir to Chambers Oil, Cutter says that Jaredís being "rich" is an understatement. Andrea asks Cutter if heís going to help her.

Bixby consults a map as Roland suggests they take a dart gun with a tranquilizer. Bixby doesnít want it, has no intention of merely drugging him as he had rigged the plane to crash in the first place. "We killed him 12 years ago," he tells him. Lou and Roland convince him that Jared must have a home or a "nest". Theyíll capture him, find out what he knows and then kill him. Jared comes out of the lake and sees the stones piled up in several piles that lures him further out. Suspicious, he looks about and finds Sheena cooking some meat. She offers some meat to him. He takes the meat and repays her with several shiny stones. She tries to talk to him and he makes these laughing noises. He touches her hair, smells her hair and reaches for her breast. She diverts his hand and tells him that she "canít do that with you, but not due to lack of interest, believe me." Sheena tries to talk to him but he cannot respond in English. He hasnít spoken to anyone in years.

Several hundred feet above the trees, Cutter is flying the helicopter with Andrea riding shotgun. She wants him to fly lower but he balks. She takes the controls, tells him she is a pilot and sends the helicopter in a rapid descent.

Jared wants to show Sheena something and motions toward the cliffs. She suspects that itís his home. Nearby, Bixby spots the chopper and calls it "their competition" and takes aim. The bullet hits the craft. Cutter turns back to see where the damage is as a second shot hit the rear rotor. The spinning bird pitches him out of the chopper and he hangs onto the skid below for dear life. Sheena spots Cutter in trouble, spots a falcon and shape-shifts into the bird and flies up to the chopper. She stands on the skid and pulls Cutter and herself inside the craft to the utter amazement of Andrea as she manages to straighten the bird. Cutter takes the controls and lands the craft.

Andrea wants to know who Sheena is and how she got into the helicopter. Cutter side steps the questions and knows that someone is gunning for them and that they need to get out of there immediately. Sheena does finally answer Andrea by telling her that she was high in the trees and as the chopper passed, she took a huge leap and caught the bottom rail. Begrudgingly, Andrea accepts the story, however half-cocked it seems to be.

At camp that night, Sheena and Cutter demand the whole story from Andrea. Andrea tells them that she was Jaredís babysitter. Her father owned a small store and with Chambersí help, after his business failed, had recouped his losses and was forever indebted to him. Two weeks earlier a photo of the "creature" revealed the scar on the leg and Andrea knew that somehow Jared had survived the crash and was there to take him home. Sheena runs off after telling her that sheíll find him. Cutter calls Sheena the best friend he has right now.

Sheena finds his lair (a cave), but he isnít there. Jared comes in to find her there and races out but not before triggering a rockslide that traps Sheena inside.

The next morning, Cutter awakens alone. Andrea is gone. Andrea has gone off and found the plane wreckage herself. As she takes a closer look, she is scared and screams as Jared approaches her. Just as she tries to talk to him, Jared is hit with a tranquilizer dart and falls to the ground. The men approach them. As people know that Andrea is there, Bixby suggests that a tragic accident befall them both. The money would not go to Jared but be split between Bixby and Roland Chambers, the listed trustee and advisor to the estate.

Cutter is looking for both Sheena and Andrea and sits down on a pile of rocks to take a break only to be stunned by a hand that juts out of the rocks and grabs his leg. Cutter pulls the rocks away and asks Sheena as she emerges if sheís changing into moles again. She tells him that this is his lair and she scared Jared off by accident. Cutter tells her that Andrea ran off and they have to find them.

Bixby figures heíll break Andrea and Jaredís neck at the chopperómaking it look like a crash. As they roll Jared onto a makeshift litter, Cutter walks up on them innocently asking them for water. The men pull their weapons and gunfire erupts as Cutter takes a running dive over the planeís wreckage over to Andrea. Suddenly the men hear a loud SCREECH, from the Darakína. Cutter tells Andrea that heíll create a diversion and wants her to make a run for it. The Darakína attacks and fights Roland. Bixby puts his gun to Cutterís neck as the Darakína attacks and kills Roland. Jared awakens and attacks Bixby. The Darakína kills Bixby and leaves her claw imbedded in his back as she runs off.

Later, Andrea thanks Cutter. She plans on taking Jared home and will return one day. Cutter smiles and suggests she keep him away from margaritas. Andrea leans over and kisses him telling him the kiss was her way of thanking him. Sheena arrives and asks Cutter if he thinks its right that Jared be returned to the U.S. As a lost child, his home is now the jungle. Cutter tells her that humans need to talk to each other. Sheena counters that he was with animals and they communicate. Still they know itís not the same. "You had Kali," he tells her. Cutter tries to imagine how lonely he had to have been. Andrea thanks Sheena and Sheena wishes them luck. Sheena tells Jared that he will always have a home here and not to forget this part of his life.


This synopsis is by Mao .

This episode wasn't bad, but I didn't think it was great. The concept was certainly interesting -- Sheena meets up with someone who, as Kali says, would think of Sheena as an outsider! Sheena, of course, thinks that she will have lots in common with the young man since he's grown up without family in the jungle, but both Kali and Cutter remind her that she really did *not* grow up without a family. She just grew up as Kali's daughter instead of the daughter of a couple of archaeologists/anthropologists (sorry, I forget what her parents were doing in the jungle.) The young man in question was also older than Sheena when his parents were killed; he's going to remember more about Western civilization than she would.

I really did not understand the whole touchy-feely scene. I understand the touching; I don't understand Sheena's reaction. I could have understood a response of "you're too young," or "you don't know what you're doing," or "I'm not really interested," but the response of "no, sorry, no can do even though I'd like to" wasn't explained enough for me.

I'm not particularly impressed with the sex that's been added to the series so far. Cutter's *always* been willing to fall into bed with just about any female he meets (which I find distasteful personally) but it's becoming more blatant. Sheena's certainly not uninterested in this episode, and even the guest (female) star gets in on the act. (Or lack thereof, I should admit.) I just wonder at the seeming need to put all this in the show. Of course, I realize I'm in the minority that watches for the character interaction and not for how often the actors take off their clothes. Oh well. (And, by the way, JAN is far too sculpted to be successfully "stood in for" by anyone else -- I can always tell when the stunt double is in place.)

Mendelson wasn't as inconsistently rude in this episode as before. And we had a fair amount of Kali -- yeah!

The bad guys were sufficiently mean and nasty. The good girl was fairly intelligent -- she hired Cutter to help, but I have to wonder about someone traipsing around a jungle that they've no experience with wearing shorts. Dialogue was fairly snappy -- I liked the "mole?" comment. Cutter hanging from the helicopter wasn't edited as well as it could have been -- sometimes he had one arm over the helicopter "foot" and sometimes he was hanging by one hand, sometimes with both hands. Why would Cutter trust someone just claiming to be a licensed pilot without proof? And did she pay him 10,000 American dollars, British pounds or some other form of money? Sheena reassuring Jared at the end was nicely done.

Anyhow, fun but not really one I want to watch again.


This synopsis is by by Loretta Miller .

This wasnít a terrible episode but I had hoped for better. I guess I just canít buy the "jungle boy" story line that came to us initially with Tarzan decades ago. Back then, with huge areas of jungle areas of the world untouched, it was believable that a man could have such a life. But, nowadays? Not likely. Just too many humans roaming around to swallow it. Okay, so he runs from humans that reached out to him "for years" and was scared into hiding when even the area he knew became populated. I couldnít get over that. Wouldnít he WANT to reach out and touch someone?

But getting past the "jungle boy" premise, the chase after Jared to kill him in order to insure Bixby and Chambers retain their money from the estate also is a bit lame. Legally, Iím sure thereíd be some way of claiming that he had died. Isnít there a period of seven years before someone is legally dead? Why are they giving chase into the jungle after twelve years? Just a couple of nagging questions that hung like a rain-laden cloud over this episode.

The funniest bit came not from a human but a BIRD. Yep, when that bird of Cutterís is flat on his back, hiccuping and DRUNK. Well, that had me laughing out loud. Some party. No wonder there was no ice in sight the next morning. Not to be really nit-picky but, I must be honest. The lamest scene was when Sheena jutted her hand out from the "rocks" and grabbed Cutterís leg. Surely meant to be scary, I rolled my eyes as Cutter "rolled" the rocks out of Sheenaís way and let her out of Jaredís lair. Sure, they have to be Styrofoam to eliminate anyone herniating themselves in moving those boulders but those rocks moved WAY too easy to even remotely look real.

The BEST sequence was when Sheena came to the rescue of Cutter as he dangled from the chopper skid by his nearly his fingertips. She shape-shifted into a falcon and flew up to the craft and pulled him and herself into the bird to the astonishment of the woman at the controls! Now, that was great! Actually, that sequence and the drunk bird, made the episode for me.


Director Carl Weathers played Apollo Creed in the ROCKY movies, and guest star Ron Ely played Tarzan in the TV series on the 1960s.

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