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“Forgiven”  Episode 14/63


[Woman 1:  [Screams]  Woman 2:  [Screams]  Man:  [Screams]]


Priest of Apollo:  “Worshippers of Apollo.  You have come to this
temple on this day of cleansing to be purified for past misdeeds.
This blessing is of no worth if you leave here and once again
soil your souls with willful and selfish acts.  But if you truly
desire to make a new start-- the blessed urn of Apollo will
anoint you with the purity of hope.  Please come forward.  You
are forgiven for past misdeeds.  Now go and do good.  You are
forgiven for past misdeeds.  Now go and do good.  You are
forgiven for past misdeeds.  Now go and do good.  You are--.”

Wayan:  “You pour that stuff on my head-- and you’re a dead man.”

Micah:  “Hold it right there.”

Priest of Apollo:  “You are stealing the urn of Apollo!”

Wayan:  “Very good.”

Micah:  “And who said priests were dumb?”

Wayan:  “By the way-- you’re forgiven!”

Priest of Apollo:  “Ooohhh!”

Thieves:  [Laugh]


Priest of Apollo:  “You see-- the urn of Apollo gives a new start
to so many people.”

X:  “No urn can do that-- that comes from within.”

Priest of Apollo:  “Well, not all of us are strong enough to face
the jaws of our conscious alone.  People come to me who are close
to being driven mad by remorse and guilt.  Soldiers, who have
killed too often in battle-- rich men and women-- who have
nighttmares about what they did to accumulate their wealth.  The
urn gives them strength to face those demons within.  Do you

G:  “I do.”

X:  “We’ll get your urn back.”

Priest of Apollo:  “Oh-- thank you.  Oh!”

X:  “I’m gonna get Argo.  We’ll set off once I get back.”

G:  “OK.  Huh!  Did you throw that?”

Tara:  “Yeah.”

G:  “What’s your problem?”

Tara:  “Your face.”

G:  “Then don’t look at it.  Huh!  Look-- if you don’t like the
food, may I suggest you find some other way to express it.”

Tara:  “What kind of wimp are you?!  I just threw a plate of
gruel on you, and all you do is talk!  You and I are gonna settle
this right here.”

G:  “Look-- I think you have me confused with somebody else.”

Tara:  “Yeah, you wish.”

G:  “I don’t know what’s bothering you-- but I have no intention
of fighting.”

Tara:  “I think you’re a coward.”

G:  “Well, I don’t care what you think.”

[Fight, with lots of groaning and screaming]

G:  “Not my ear!”

X:  “Hold it!”

Tara:  “Xena!  I’m here to replace Blondie!”



G:  “Xena-- I’ll understand, just this once, if you’re so angry,
you wanna pummel her for a while.”

X:  “I’m not gonna do that.”

G:  “Well, then, hold her while I do it!”

Tara:  “You want some more, Blondie?!  Come on!  Huh?!  Come on!”

X:  “You listen to me, little girl.  I’ve got no interest in
making a change.  Blondie-- !  Gabrielle, here is my partner, and
that’s the way it’s gonna stay.  So, get lost, huh?”

Tara:  “But, you don’t know how valuable I could be you!”

X:  “Take some advice.  Don’t get in our way again, or-- next
time you’re gonna get a _real_ beating.”

Tara:  “I know who stole Apollo’s urn-- the Red-- ”

X:  “-- Valley gang.  They’re the only bunch in the area who’d
make a move like that.  I’m _not_ impressed.”

Tara:  “Well, I know where one of their hideouts is!”

X:  “How do you know that?”

Tara:  “I used to hang with some of them guys.”

G:  “Figures.”

Tara:  “Hey, look!  I never said I was a goody-two-shoes, but I’m
here to turn it around!  I wanna be a hero and fight for good--
protect wimps and kick the _crap_ out of jerks!  I _know_ I could
do it if somebody would just give me a chance!  Come on!  Let me
just show you where their hideout is!  I won’t pick on your
little buddy, anymore.”

X:  “We don’t need your help.”

Tara:  “I heard you were pretty bad once upon a time.  Somebody
must have given you a chance to turn it all around.  What a


G:  “Why not use your chakram?”

X:  “To do what?”

G:  “Ricochet off a couple of rocks, slice off a piece of her
ear, and scare her witless.”

X:  “I don that’ll be necessary.”

G:  “Are we going to let her stalk us like this?”

X:  “That really bothers you, huh?”

G:  “Yes!”

X:  “OK.  I’m not gonna fight’cha.   I just wanted to tell ya,
you don’t need me to turn your life around.  You wanna do good?
Do it!  Then you’ll be good.”

Tara:  “That’s what I’m here for.  I wanna get that urn back for
those suckers who believe in that kind of thing. That’s good,
isn’t it?”

X:  “Yeah, but, me and her-- we don’t need any help.”

Tara:  “Come on!  Let me just show you where their hideout is!
It’ll be my first step.”

X:  “You made a real bad start with my friend.”

Tara:  “All right-- I’ll give you that.  I’ll kiss up to her if
you want.  I can be just as phony as the next gal.”

X:  “Look, this is _not_ gonna work.  I am sorry.”

Tara:  “Fine.  You think I’m a lost cause, don’t you?  Well,
everybody else does, so why should I be surprised?”

X:  “Hold it.  Come on.”

G:  “What’s going on?” 

X:  “Tara’s gonna show us where the hideout is.”

G:  “What?”

Tara:  “Yeah.  I’m sorry I gave you such a whipping back there in
the tavern.  I shouldn’t have kicked your butt like that.”

X:  “All right, you made your point.”

G:  “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

X:  “Hold this.  Yeah?”

G:  “Why do we need her?  We can follow their tracks like we
usually do.”

X:  “Gabrielle, she is trying to turn her life around.”

G:  “Xena, listen to me.  She _bit_ off part of my ear.”

X:  “Well, only a _little_ bit-- and she apologized.”

G:  “You call that an apology?  Look-- there’s something that I’m
not getting here-- something you’re not telling me.”

X:  “She reminds me a little bit of me.”

G:  “Oh, no.  I knew you were evil, but you were obnoxious, too?”

X:  “When I was young, before my village was attacked, I used to
hang with the young bucks in Amphipolis.  I was pretty wild.  If
somebody had’a given me a little guidance, then maybe I would’ve
been better equiped to handle what lay ahead.  Here’s the deal.
Let’s see how it goes as far as the hideout, and if she gives you
any more guff-- I will straighten her out.  OK?”

G:  “I guess it can’t hurt to give her a chance.”

X:  “Thank you.  Come on.”


Tara:  “Through there-- nine of ‘em.  I figure-- if we jump ‘em
from three directions, we can take-- ”

X:  “That’s not gonna happen.  That urn is fragile.  In an
all-out fight it could get broken.”

Tara:  “So, what do we do?”

X:  “I’m gonna get closer and try to isolate one of ‘em.”

Tara:  “And put your squeeze on him, or whatever you call it.
Oh, this I gotta see.”

X:  “Maybe some other time.”

Tara:  “But-- ”

X:  “You’re staying.  This I do alone.”

G:  “Good luck.”


X:  “I told you to stay put.”

Tara:  “I’ve gotta see that pinch-thing.  It’s legendary.”

X:  “Tara, go back now.”

Tara:  “Come on, Xena!  I can help!”

X:  “I don’t need your help.”

Tara:  “You gotta let me prove myself.”

X:  “Tara, I am warning you.”

Tara:  “You don’t trust me, do you?”

X:  “Go back now!”


Lark:  “Hey!  Tara?  What are you doing here?”

Tara:  “I’ve got some information you might be interested in.”

Lark:  “What’s that?”

Tara:  “Someobody’s sneaking up on you in those bushes over



Tara:  “No-- you don’t need them.  A man like you can do this
alone.  Let’s go.  Right over there.  This is so great.  You’re
gonna die, Lark, unless you start singing.”

X:  “Tara, shut up!  Where’s the urn?”

Lark:  “It, it-- it-- it isn’t here.”

Tara:  “May you rest in peace.

Lark:  “I’m telling the truth-- I swear.  Wayan and some of the
others took it north.  They’re gonna meet up with some Silesian
traders who’ll give gold for it.”

Tara:  “He’s telling the truth.  He hasn’t got the guts to play
this tough a game of chicken.”

X:  “Hey-- what do you think you’re doing?!”

Tara:  “I’m gonna knock him out.  This guy’s real scum.”

X:  “You wanna work with me?  You don’t kick people when they’re

Tara:  “All right-- fine.  As long as I know the rules.  It’s OK
to knock ‘em out after you put the pinch on ‘em, but no smacking
them after it.  I got it.”

X:  “Now, get outta here.”


G:  “Xena, Tara ran-- oh, you found her.”

Tara:  “Yeah, I helped Xena put the pinch on one of those guys.”

G:  “What?”

Tara:  “You gotta admit-- I’ve got an instinct for this hero

X:  “You did all right.  We gotta put some distance between them
and us, and then make camp.  We got a lot of ground to cover

Tara:  “Right.”

G:  “She didn’t listen to you.  You let her get away with that?”

X:  “I”m trying to encourage her to turn her life around.  Isn’t
that what you’d do?”

G:  “What?”

X:  “Turning people away from their dark side isn’t my

G:  “Xena, I have learned a lot in these last few years.  And one
of the things I’ve learned is that you can’t save everyone.”

X:  “Then you and she do have somehting in common.”

G:  “What’s that?”

X:  “You both think she’s a lost cause.”

G:  “OK.  I get what you’re saying.  I’m being too hard on her.”

X:  “Well, it’s understandable-- she did try to bite off your

G:  “Well, it’s not hurting as much now, so I can be civil to

X:  “Thanks.

G:  “Xena-- if you can say with a straight face that you believe
in her-- that’ll go a long way with a confused kid like that.  It
did with me.  It’s easier to believe in yourself after someone
else has believed in you first.”

X:  “Thanks.”


[Tara places G’s staff on fire.]

G:  “You put my staff in the fire?!”

Tara:  “Oh, was that important?  What?”

G:  “You see-- I, I sleep next to Xena.”

Tara:  “Well-- you can sleep on the other side.”

G:  “I don’t like to sleep that close to the fire.”

Tara:  “Well, I don’t know what to tell you.  First come first

G:  “Is that right?”

Tara:  “Oh, yeah-- that’s right.”

G:  “Who was here-- ?”

X:  “What‘s right?”

G:  “Nothing-- not a thing.  Not a thing.  It’s nothing.
Everything’s fine.  The world’s just a bowl of cherries.  Good

X:  “Yeah.”

Tara:  “Can I ask you something?”

X:  “As long as it doesn’t keep me awake too long.”

Tara:  “This doing good thing-- how do you know what’s really
good and what’s not?  I mean, those boys from the gang-- they
think they’re good.  How do you really know?”

X:  “It’s not always that simple.  I usually go with my gut.  And
when in doubt, I ask her.”

Tara:  “No-- She would know?”

X:  “Not always-- but I know that her first instinct is usually
an unselfish one-- and that’s a really good place to start.”

Tara:  “Do you think she was born good?  I mean, my father always
told me that I was bad from day one.”

X:  “That is not true.  You are what you do.  You can re-create
yourself every second of your life.”

Tara:  “But what if-- ?

X:  “You know what _is_ bad?

Tara:  “What?”

X:  “Keeping me awake when I’m tired.”

Tara:  “Right.  Good night, Xena.”

X:  “Good night.”

Tara:  “It’s just that I’m not sure whether or not I’ll figure
out this being good thing.”

X:  “You will.  I believe in you.”

Tara:  “Really?

X:  “Really.”

Tara:  “Good night.”


X:  “That must be them.”

Tara:  “Yeah-- Wayan likes setting up camp on hills.”

X:  “And they are the Silesian traders.”

Tara:  “We’re just in time.”

X:  “Not really-- we’ll be right in the middle of relieving the
gang of the urn when the Silesians arrive.  That could make
things a little dicey.

Tara:  “Well, what are we gonna do?”

X:  “I’m gonna ride down and knock the Silesians around a little
bit, first.  That’ll either turn ‘em around, or at least slow ‘em
down long enough for us to make our move on the gang.  When you
two see me riding for the big hill-- you run for the crest

G:  “OK.”

Silesian’s Voice:  “Keep going.”

G:  “Let’s just try to get along, OK?  What?”

Tara:  “She told you we had to get along or else, right?”

G:  “Forget it.”

Tara:  “You know , you’ve got her convinced you’re the real

G:  “What does that mean?”

Tara:  “She thinks you’re perfect.”

G:  “She knows I’m not perfect.  She loves me anyway.  That’s
what friendship is about.”

Tara:  “I wouldn’t know.  I haven’t had a lot of friends in my

G:  “I wonder why.”

Tara:  “Look!  There’s no smoke; I think they put the fire out.
They must be on the move.”

G:  “No-- they’re waiting for the Silesians.  They’re not going

Tara:  “You don’t know with these guys.  They’re an unpredictable
bunch.  Come on, let’s go.”

G:  “We’re not going anywhere.  We wait for Xena to ride towards
the hill.”

Tara:  “Look!  Do you wanna be a sidekick all your life?!  How’s
it gonna hurt us to get into position earlier?”

G:  “We’re waiting here.”

Tara:  “All right.”

G:  “Tara!  Stop!  Come back here!  Tara!”


G:  “Why can’t you wait?!  Xena told us to wait!”


G:  “You’re gonna stay put till Xena gets back.”

Tara:  “All right.”


Wayan:  “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Micah:  ““Is this worth a thousand dinars, or what?  Put it in
here.  Careful!  Put it on the wagon.”


Tara:  “Did you see that?”

G:  “Yeah-- now we know where the urn is.”

Tara:  “OK.”

G:  “When Xena comes back, we’re gonna make for that bag right
away.  Uhh!”

Tara:  “What are you-- ?!



G:  [Clears throat]  “Uh-- Xena?”

Tara and G:  “Huh?”

X:  “This had better be good!”

G:  “Wonder girl took matters into her own hands again.”

Tara:  “Everything would have been fine if you just let go of my

G:  “You would be dead if I didn’t grab your foot!”

Tara:  “Uh!”

X:  “Oh, boy!”


X:  “I’m gonna ride ahead and see if I can’t pick up their
trail-- and then, maybe I’ll come back for you.”

G:  “Xena?  Can I talk to you for a minute?”

X:  “Yeah.”

G:  “I’m gonna kill her.  I’m gonna rip out her throat.  I’m
going to eat her eyeballs.”

X:  “Gabrielle-- calm down.”

G:  “Xena, she almost got us killed.  I can’t _work_ like this!”

X:  “OK-- come here.  Sit down.”

Tara:  “What’re ya-- ?”

X:  “You asked me how you know what’s good and what’s bad.  Let
me make it real simple for ya.  Acting like a selfish _brat_ is
bad.  So you better start putting others first, or I will leave
you by the roadside in a flash.”

Tara:  “Well, congratulations!  You got what you wanted!”

G:  “What’s that?”  

Tara:  “She _hates_ me now, thanks to you.”

G:  “Thanks to me?  Tara-- you’re not only obnoxious-- you’re

Tara:  “I don’t know what that means-- but you better take it
back-- right now!”

G:  “Don’t push it.  Don’t you know-- ?!”
Tara:  “What are you gonna _do_ about it?!  Oh-- you think I’m
scared because you’ve got that stick, huh?  OK.  Let’s go,


G:  “Be smart for a change!  Stay down.  What are you doing?!  I
don’t wanna hurt you anymore!”

Tara:  “Don’t do me any favors.”

G:  “Stay down, Tara!”

Tara:  “Go away!  I was just-- I was just giving her my best
shot!  [Cries]  I’m bad!  I know I am!  I’m really-- I’m really,
really bad!”

X:  “No, you’re not.”


Tara:  “My mom was good-- I know that.  She died when I was about
four.  I remember when we had to bury her,  I stood by the grave
and I said, ‘Mom, you better get up, now!  The men are throwing
dirt on you.!’  Pretty dumb, huh?”

G:  “Not at all.”

Tara:  “My father wasn’t bad from the beginning.  It’s just that
he missed my mom so much-- he started to drink.  Pretty soon, he
was beating up on me, telling me how worthless I was.  It went on
forever.  So when I met the boys from the gang, I-- ”

X:  “You just wanted to belong.”

Tara:  “I guess that was it, yeah.  Why are you guys being so
nice to me, anyway?!  You guys are acting like a bunch of
suckers!  I’ve done some really bad things!”

X:  “You wanna compare bad deeds, I’ll bury ya.”

G:  “You are good.”

X:  “What are you talking about?”

G:  “You left us alone together-- figuring that this would

X:  “That’s ridiculous!  What do you think I am, a prophet, or

G:  “No-- just a good judge of human nature.”

X:  “You’re giving me _way_ too much credit.”

G:  “Thanks, Xena.”

X:  “For what?”

G:  “I had so much anger for that poor, little kid-- I never gave
her a chance, and-- you helped me deal with that.”

X:  “You did everything just right-- including a little bit of,
uh-- tough love.”



G:  “Sss!”

X:  “Zeus and the Cyclops?”

G:  “No-- it’s not a legend.  Don’t you remember when I did this?
And this?”

X:  “Yeah-- yeah, we do.”

G:  “That’s the mask of comedy and drama.”

Tara:  “So?”

G:  “So, that means it’s a play.”

X:  “Oedipus.”

G:  “No, don’t-- don’t guess-- you have to use the clues.

[Charade again]

X:  “We don’t-- know.”

Tara:  “Come on-- will you just tell us?”

G:  “Iphigenia at Aulis.”

X:  “How are we supposed to know that?!”

G:  “Well, it’s not my fault you don’t keep up with contemporary

Tara:  “OK, look-- I’ve got one.  I’m ready.”

X:  “This’ll never catch on-- it’s too hard.”

Tara:  “OK.”


G:  “The birth of Athena!”

Tara:  “That’s it!”

X:  “All right.  Let’s get some sleep.  The gang are headed
toward the Manie river.  The Silesians will probably meet up with
them there.”

Tar:  “Yeah-- that makes sense.  There’s an old abandoned castle
there that Wayan _loves_ to hide out in.”

X:  “Well, _that’s_ where we’re headed.”

Tara:  “Hey, Gabrielle?”

G:  “Hmm?

Tara:  “I really like that game you made up.”

G:  “Thanks, Tara.”

Tara:  “Good night, Gabrielle.  Good night Xena.”

X:  “Hmm.”

G:  “Good night, Tara.  Good night, Xena.”

X:  “Good night.”

Tara:  “Good night, Argo!”


[Tara goes off and kisses Micah.]



X:  “Those horses belong to the Silesian traders.  They must be
ready to make the exchange.  I’m going over the wall.  Once I’m
inside, I’ll open the door for you.”

Tara:  “Gabrielle?  This urn-- mm-- do you believe it has some
kind of power?”

G:  “They say it gives people a sense of peace.  Whether that
power comes from the mind or the urn-- I don’t know.”

Tara:  “But it could just be an old piece of pottery with really
pretty gems on it, right?”

G:  “I guess so.”

Tara:  “So-- if, for some reason, we don’t get it back, it’s not
the end of the world.”

G:  “Maybe-- but I know this.  For people who need to forgive
themselves in order to move on in life-- this urn can be very

Tara:  “Like somebody like you knows anything about feeling

G:  “I know.  Believe me, I know.  Look-- she opened the door.”

Tara:  [Sighs]


X:  “Sh.  They’re bargaining.  But the urn’s not there.  Let’s


X:  “There are two guards.  I don’t see the urn, but those guys
aren’t in there for nothing.”


X:  “All right, let’s find this thing.”

Tara:  “Nothing there.”  [Steals the urn]

G:  “What’s the matter?”

X:  “You may be right, Gabrielle.  Maybe you can’t save


Tara:  [Screams]

Micah:  “You are the best.  You should be proud of yourself.  I
love you, Tara.”

Tara:  “I love you too, Micah.”

Micah:  “Not many people play Xena, Warrior Princess, for a
sucker.  When word gets out-- she’ll be a laughingstock.  Come
on-- give it to me.  What are you doing?  Give me the urn.
Look-- we’ve gotta get out of here before Wayan realizes what’s
going on.”

Tara:  “Micah, we don’t need this urn.”

Micah:  “Well, you’re right, there.  But we do need the money
we’ll get from selling it.”

Tara:  “You know-- if you and I head to Athens, we could get some
action going there.”

Micah:  “Fine-- we’ll to to Athens.  Now, give me the urn.”

Tara:  “No.

Micah:  “Tara!  You’re beginning to make me very angry.”

Tar:  “Look, I don’t think we should sell this urn.”

Micah:  “Well, what should we do with it?”

Tara:  “Return it to the temple.  People believe in it-- and Xena
believes in me.”

Micah:  “You know?  I wasn’t gonna kill you until we were clear
from the castle-- but now will do fine.”

X:  “Hello, handsome.”


Tara:  “Huh?!”

[Big fight takes place throughout this scene]

Tara:  “Gabrielle!”

G:  [Yells]  “Oh!  Xena!”

X:  “Hah!  Hah!  Tara!”

Micah:  “Tara!”

Tara:  “Hey, Micah!  Here’s something to remember me by!  I did
it, didn’t I?  I did good.”

G:  “You sure did.”

X:  “Go get Argo.  We’ll meet you at the main gate.  What’s the
matter, Tara?”

Tara:  “You knew, didn’t you?”

X:  “Yeah, I knew.”

Tara:  “Then why did you-- ?”

X:  “A very wise friend of mine once said that no one can believe
in herself unless someone else believes in her first.”

Tara:  “You two are such suckers!”


Priest of Apollo:  “You are forgiven for past misdeeds.  Go now
and do good.  You are forgiven for past misdeeds.  Go now and do
good.  You are forgiven for past misdeeds.  Go now and do good.
You are forgiven for past misdeeds.  Go now and do good.”

Tara:  “What’s Xena doing?  Doesn’t she wanna be forgiven?”

[X walks off into the sunset.]


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