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"Locked Up And Tied Down"  Episode 75/407


G:  "I can't find it."

X:  "It's there."

G:  "I-- got it.  I got it."

X:  "Gabrielle, stop searching with your eyes."

G:  "All right-- no eyes.."

X:  "Find it?  Ahhhh.  You found it."

G:  "I learned from the best."

X:  [Sighs]

G:  "What in Tartarus have you been carrying on these shoulders?"

X:  "I wouldn't know.  I try not to overanalyze my life, like
some people."

G:  "Some people say the unexamined life is not worth living."

X:  "Those people haven't lived _my_ life."

G:  "Xena-- "

X:  "Two men to the left, two to the right, and two behind us."


X:  "All right!  Get up!  Ooh!  Well, messenger boy-- who are you
and what do you want?"

Messenger [Mess]:  "We've come to bring you to justice."

G:  "This is an arrest warrant-- for you."

X:  "For what?!"

G:  "Murder."

X:  "Give me that."

Mess:  "Does the name-- `Thelassa', mean anything to you, Xena?
Perhaps you've killed so many people since then.  You don't

X:  "I remember Thalassa."

G:  "Just because someone wrote that on a piece of parchment
doesn't make it true.  Tell him, Xena."

X:  "I did it."

G:  "Well, she was crazed or, she was armed, right?  There was
some sort of mitigating circumstance."

X:  "Gabrielle, she was innocent.  She did nothing to me and I
killed her be-- cause it suited my purposes.  How's that for
mitigating circumstances?  Here."

G:  "What are you doing?"

X:  "I'm going back with them.  You said yourself that I had the
weight of the world on my shoulders.  Maybe it's the weight of my
guilt.  This is my chance to do something about it.  Take it!
You know I'm right."

Mess:  "Chain her up."



Judge:  "Order!  Order in this court!  Quiet!  Settle down in
this court!  Silence here!  Settle down in here!"

Woman:  "Thalassa was so beautiful-- a smile as _radiant_ as her
bright red hair!  She meant so much to this village.  It's hard
to explain exactly who she was.  She seemed to have-- I can't
find the word."

X:  "A light."

Woman:  "Yes-- a light.  She seemed to glow with goodness.
[Crying]  And when she was gone-- darkness."

X:  "That's right."


Man:  "We all-- expected-- greatness of her.  Who knows what she
might have become?  Might have done for this town had she lived?
Maybe we expected too much from her-- but Thalassa _never_
disappointed us."

[[[[[[Men's Voices:  "Hold it right there."  "Come on, girls.
Get in there!"  Girl's Voice:  "Have mercy!"  Man's Voice:
"Move!"  X:  "Here's the deal-- nice and simple-- you give us
what we want-- or we kill the girls."]]]]]]

G:  "It was an empty threat.  Look, as violent as Xena was in
those days-- there was a line even _she_ wouldn't cross."

Man:  "That's what _we_ thought."

[[[[[[Thalassa [Tha]:  "Take me, and let the others go."  Man:
"Thalassa, no."  X:  "All right.  Take her."  Tha:  "Tell her
nothing, nothing!  Uh!"  Girls' Voices:  "Ahhh!"  By the gods!
No!"  X:  "Tie her up."  Man:  "They say-- y-you don't kill
unarmed women."  X:  "There's a first time for everything, old
man.  Get them out of here."  Warriors' Voices:  "Let's go!"
"Hurry up!"  Man:  "No, wait!  The storage cellars are in the--
temple of Demeter-- under the altar."  X:  "Very good.  Now, get
out."  Man:  "Wait!  We told you where the stores are.  Let her
go!"  X:  "I will-- just as soon as I know you're telling the
truth."  Man's Voice:  "No!  You can't just leave her!  They're
flesh-eaters!"  Tha's Voice:  "Ow!  Ahhhhhhh!"]]]]]]

Man's Voice:  "When we-- returned-- Thalassa was gone.  The
crabs-- smelling the blood-- had torn her to pieces-- leaving the
water-- red with her death."

Judge:  "Silence!  Order in this court!  Quiet!  Settle down,

G:  "This was a terrible waste-- of a life.  But Xena-- Xena has

Judge:  "And you believe in her conversion?"

G:  "Yes."

Judge:  "And she's done nothing since you've known her-- to make
you question her resolve to do good."

G:  "If you're looking for perfection-- we all fall short."

Judge:  "Your defense of your friend is admirable-- as are her
attempts at redemption.  But-- all this-- cannot erase-- a crime
like the one committed against that young girl.  Xena-- do you
accept the condemnation of this court-- for your guilt in this

X:  "I do."

Judge:  "Then I sentence you to life imprisonment on Shark
Island.  And may the gods have mercy on your soul."


A Man:  "Come on, murderer."

Another Man's Voice:  "Don't get too close-- she's a killer."

G:  "I'd like to say goodbye to my friend."

A Man:  "All right."

G:  "You could have said something in your defense."

X:  "There's no defense for what I did, Gabrielle."

G:  "Xena, you could have argued the greater good.  Come on!
Surely, what you can do outside prison will outweigh-- !"

X:  "What?  Outweigh what?  The pain that that young girl felt as
she was being eaten alive?"

G:  "Don't."

X:  "Gabrielle, she was like you.  She had your kind of spirit--
and I killed that.  What can outweigh that?"

G:  "Xena, if you're looking for redemption, you're not gonna
find it there."

X:  "I'm not looking for redemption any more.  Gabrielle, we're
always talking about your spiritual quest.  You say that you need
something to make you feel complete.  Well, so do I."

Man's Voice:  "Load the prisoners!"

A Man:  "Time's up."

G:  "Xena.  Xena!  Xena, listen to me!  Xena, please don't do
this!  Xena!"

Man's Voice:  "Keep moving!"

G:  "All right!  All right!"

Sailor's Voice:  "Pick up the slack on that rope!"


Healer [Heal]:  "A mug of your finest wine."

Innkeeper:  "What are _you_ doin' here?"

Heal:  "Ordering a refreshment, obviously."

Innkeeper:  "Why aren't you on the prison ship?"

Heal:  "Because I have tendered my resignation as the healer of
Shark Island prison.  The wine, please."

Innkeeper:  "Let's see the color of your dinars."

Heal:  "How rude!  I have a good mind to walk out of this

Innkeeper:  "Fine with me."

G:  "I'll buy him a mug of wine."

Heal:  "Why, thank you, young lady."

G:  "So, you were the healer of Shark Island prison."

Heal:  "For five months.  But not anymore.  I wouldn't spend
another _hour_ in that _hideous_ place."

G:  "Is there a new healer?"

Heal:  "N-n-not yet-- m-my notice was rather sudden."

G:  "When's the next ship to Shark Island?"

Innkeeper:  "Uh, a week."


Men's Voices:  "Stay on your feet!"  "Come on!  Move!"  "Stay

Warden [AKA Captain]:  "Everything you've heard about this
place-- everything your mothers told you to frighten you into
being good little girls-- is true.  But keep your noses clean,
obey the guards, and you'll survive!  Try to escape, and, uh-- "

Woman:  "Please!  [?]  I beg you!  Give me one more chance!
Please!  I beg you!"

Warden:  "This woman killed a guard in her effort to leave us!
Prison rules demand the ultimate punishment-- for _any_ attempt
to escape!  Welcome-- to Shark Island prison!"



Ersina [Ers]:  "Hello, sweetie!"

Woman:  "Hello."

Ers:  "I've got good news for you.  Once you tell me where the
money is-- I'm _not_ gonna kill you.  Isn't this your lucky day?"

Woman:  "I don't know what you're talking about."

Ers:  "I heard you killed your husband for his fortune-- and
_stashed_ it before they got to you."

Woman:  "That's not true."

Ers:  "Wrong answer."

X's Voice:  "Maybe it's the wrong question, Ersina."

Ers:  "Well-- if it isn't Xena?!  Hey, girls-- this is the woman
who put me behind bars.  I am so _glad_-- to see you here.  Do
you know what I spent the past two years asking myself?  `How can
that _murderin'_ bitch, Xena, send people away to be punished?'
You _never_ had to pay for your crimes.  That's _always_ bothered

X:  "Then we have something in common.  It's always bothered
_me_, too."

Ers:  "I heard you let them take you without a fight.  I think
that being a good girl made you soft."

X:  "I wonder if you're not right."

Ers:  "Take her, girls!"


Ers:  "Hmm.  All right-- I get the point.  Xena-- some of us
aren't planning to die on Shark Island.  Time comes for us to
leave-- we wouldn't mind having someone with your fighting skills
with us."

X:  "Not interested."


Man's Voice:  "Come on!  Move it!  Hurry up!  You, there!"

Warden:  "Move it faster if you wanna eat, ladies!  She's getting
a little ripe.  Cut her down; toss her in the water.  Let the
sharks have her."

X:  "Let me bury her."

Warden:  "Bury her?"

X:  "Please."

Warden:  "All right-- if you'd rather do that than _eat_.  Move
them out!"

Men's Voices:  "Come on!  Let's go!"  "You heard the captain!"
"Move!"  "Come on!"  "Come on!"


Man's Voice:  "Move it!"

X:  "You take them in.  All right?"

A Woman:  "OK, got it."

X:  "Quick.  Here.  Get up.  OK?  You all right?  Are you OK?"

Warden:  "What's going on here?"

X:  "This woman's too weak.  She can't lift anymore."

Warden:  "Oh-- too weak."

A Woman:  "Ohhh."

Warden:  "You're a real hero, aren't you?"

X:  "No."

Warden:  "You just talked back to me, didn' you?"

X:  "No.  Uh!"

Warden:  "There you go again.  Heh-heh.  Don't you _ever_ say no
to me!  If I say you're a hero-- you're a hero!"

X:  "Uh!"

Warden:  "Heh-heh.  Now-- heh-heh-- you're a real hero, aren't

X:  "I'm a hero."

Warden:  "Good.  Now-- hero-- I want you to unload that wagon and
line the supplies against the wall!  No!  I want the _hero_ to do
this by herself.  Uh-uh-- uh-uh-- _that_ wall."

Crony:  [Laughs]

Warden's Voice:  "You have to be firm with `em."

X [Whispering]:  "Get away."

Redhead:  "Please?"

X [Whispering]:  "Get away."

Warden:  "Hey, you!"

Redhead:  "Yes?"

Warden:  "Ha!  Didn't I say-- to let her do it by herself?"

Redhead:  "Yes."

Warden:  "Three lashes for disobedience!"

Redhead:  "Uh!"


Warden:  "Guards!"

Guard's Voice:  "After her!"

Tha:  "Stop this.  Release the guard at once-- murderer.  Chain
her.  An altar for the souls of the dead.  Or is it just for the
souls of the people you've killed-- Xena?  Well, it looks like
you've miscounted.  You know, it would have been far better for
you-- and for me-- if ya _had_ killed me.  Yeah-- that's right,
Xena-- it's me-- your victim-- Thalassa."



Tha:  "Seeing me bring back some memories, Xena?"

[[[[[[Tha:  "Uh!  Ow!  Uh!  Nooo!  Uh!  Uh!  Uh!  Ahhhh!
Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhh!"  [Screams]]]]]]]

Tha's Voice:  "You know?  A wolf, if caught in a trap, will gnaw
off its own leg, just to get away."

Tha:  "I was lucky.  The crabs did it for me.  Bring her."


Tha:  "Chain her like a hog ready for slaughter."

X:  "No!"

Tha:  "I've been watching you since you came here, Xena.  At
first, I couldn't figure out what you were up to-- helping
people-- building that silly little shrine.  And then I realized
what I heard about you was true.  You're trying to make up for
all the evil things you've done.  How pathetic.  As if any of it
could make up for what you did to me."

X:  "Ahhh!"

Tha:  "You know, Xena?  The thought of you has haunted me _every_
moment of my life.  Do you understand what that's like?"

X:  "Yes-- I do."

Tha:  "Throw her into the pit."

X:  "Uh!"  [Moans]

Tha:  "You finally have the punishment you sought, but it's for a
murder you didn't even commit.  Don't you just love the irony?"


Warden:  "A healer has arrived along with the new prisoners,

Tha:  "Well, send him in.  A girl?  Come in.  Can you heal the
pain, or are you just a fraud like all the others?"

G/Heal:  "Where does it hurt?"

Tha:  "The fingers."

G/Heal:  "This-- wasn't removed by a healer's knife."

Tha:  "A healers' knife?  No.  Many knives.  Many hungry, little


X:  "That's enough!  Do you hear me?!  That's enough!  Get off!
Get off!"


G/Heal:  "You'll need to put the salve on twice a day."

Tha:  "Will you do it for me?"

G/Heal:  "When I come in for treatments-- yes.  Shall I?  This
wound is so old.  It should get more attention."

Tha:  "Why do I feel like it's still there?"

G/Heal:  "Maybe you haven't accepted the loss."

Tha:  "What would you know about loss?"

G/Heal:  "A few things."

Tha:  "You have such warmth and beauty.  I had that once, too."

G/Heal:  "If you give yourself a chance-- you may rediscover your

Tha:  "That's sentimental nonsense.  Whatever beauty I had inside
me was crushed the day evil entered my life-- a tall--
dark-haired evil.  She took my beauty and she mutilated my soul.
What's the matter?"

G/Heal:  "I, um-- I think that I should-- I should probably visit
the-the prisoners-- check to make sure that their state of health
is all right."

Tha:  "You can't wait to serve, can you?  You should be careful.
Enthusiasm like that can be dangerous for your health."


X:  "Bah!  I gotcha good that time."  [Coughs]


Man's Voice:  "All right!  Try this!"

G/Heal:  "OK-- do you have to follow me around, everywhere?"

Warden:  "Commandant's orders-- wouldn't want anything to happen
to her _pet_ healer now, would we?"

G/Heal:  "No, we wouldn't want that.  Excuse me.  May I borrow
your broom?"

Warden:  "Gonna sweep up a little dirt?"

G/Heal:  "In a manner of speaking-- yes.  Thank you."


G:  "Xena.  Xena!"

G's Voice:  "Xena.  Xena.  Are you down there?"

X:  "Gabrielle."

G:  "Xena, can you hear me?  Hang on."

Man's Voice:  "Check the pit!"

X:  "Gabrielle!"

A Man's Voice:  "There she is!"

G/Heal:  "Let-- go of me!"



Tha:  "So?  Your friend is Xener [sic], and you must be
Gabrielle.  Do you know who _I_ am?"

G:  "Thalassa."

Tha:  "What a _fool_ I was.  You know?  I thought you liked me,
but you were only using me to free her.

G:  "Xena was sent her for committing a murder-- _your_ murder.
There should be a re-trial."

Tha:  "You know?  For a moment, I was beginnning to believe what
you said about rediscovering the beauty of my soul."

G:  "It was happening-- I could see it."

Tha:  "Uh-- Gabrielle, it's over."

Warden:  "Correction, Commandant-- it's not over yet.
Commandant-- the rules."

Tha:  "Yeah-- the rules.  Do what you must."


Warden:  "Welcome, ladies-- to Shark Island prison.  Everything
you've heard is true.  But keep your noses clean, obey the
guards-- and your lives will be bearable-- short-- but bearable.
Break the rules and suffer the ultimate punishment!  This woman
was caught trying to help a prisoner to escape.
Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk.  For this action-- death!  Whenever you're
ready, Commandant."


X:  "Uh!"


Warden:  "We're waiting."

Tha:  "I can't."

Warden:  "_I_ can.  Do it!"

Women's Voices:  "It's-- it's Xena!"  "Oh!"

Warden:  "Everyone back to your barracks!  Now!"

Ers:  "Not in this lifetime.  Now!"


X:  "Get out of my way!  Gabrielle!  Gabrielle."

G:  "Xena."

Ers:  "Kill the commandant-- and the prison is ours!"

G:  "OK."

X:  "Get her outta here."

Tha:  "The guards-- I should stay."

G:  "They're gonna tear you apart!"

X:  "That's enough!  Get back!"

Ers:  "Come on!  Let's go!"

X:  "Get off!  Get off!  That's enough!  Where's Ersina?"

Redhead:  "I sawr [sic] her heading towards the commandant's


Women's Voice:  "This way!"  "They went in there!"  "Break down
the door!"  "The commandant's in there!"

G:  "Get back!"

Woman's Voice:  "Get that bitch!"

G:  "Uh!"


Tha:  "Now, I owe my life to you.  The gods certainly love
playing with our fates, don't they?"

X:  "Thalassa, I can't ask your forgiveness.  I wronged you
terribly.  But there's one thing I know.  When I met you, you
were a wonderful, loving person.  And if you continue to let that
love be buried under bitterness and anger, evil wins."

Tha:  "What you say-- it's true.  Your friend here-- she helped
me get back in touch with something these last few days-- my
soul.  My ability to do good had been crippled.  The evil Xena--
she did that to me.  Don't let her do it to you.  Thank you,

G:  "So, how about it?"

X:  "How about what?"

G:  "Forgiving yourself."

X:  "Gabrielle, that's not for me.  But I won't let that monster
that I used to be-- the one that's sleeping so close to my
heart-- destroy all the good I can do now."

G:  "Not as long as I'm around."


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