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"Deja Vu All Over Again"  Episode 90/422


Annie [Ann]:  "It's all right, Gabrielle.  I'm coming."

[[[[[[Callisto [Cal]:  "Now, we determine who is the best.  You and I in a fight till death.  And to make things even more interesting-- take her up!"  Theodorus [Theo]:  "Take her up!"  G:  "Do something!"  Joxer [Jox]:  "What do you expect me to do?!"  G:  "Xena!  Oh, this is really high."  Cal:  "Light it.  Any time you're ready, Xena."  Warriors' Voices:  "All right!"  "Yeah!  Come on!"  [Ladder Fight]  G's Voice:  "Come on, Xena!  You're almost there!"  Warrior's Voice:  "She's yours!"  G:  "Xena!"]]]]]]

Ann [Sighs]:  "Harry-- "

Harry [Har]:  "Huh?"

Ann:  "-- wake up."

Har:  "All right."

Ann:  "Harry!"

Har:  "What?"

Ann:  "I just had a vision-- an awakening.  Self-revelation."

Har:  "Don't forget about the pint 'a Haagen-Dazs and the bean burrito."

Ann:  [Belches]

Har:  "They'll just give you nightmares."

Ann:  "This was not a nightmare, Harry.  It was an epiphany.  I was really there."

Har:  "Where?"

Ann:  "I had a past-life experience."

Har:  "OK-- let me guess.  You were, uh-- Susan B. Anthony."

Ann [Whispers]:  "No."

Har:  "Eleanor Roosevelt."

Ann [Whispers]:  "No."

Har:  "Queen Elizabeth?"

Ann [Whispers]:  "No."

Har:  "Um-- I give up."

Ann:  "In a time of ancient gods-- I was Xena-- the warrior princess."

Har [Sighs]:  "That does it.  I'm cutting you off.  No more-- internet chat rooms, and I'm-- dumping this thing."

Ann:  "Get your hands off that, Harry."

Har:  "OK.  Have you totally lost your mind?"

Ann:  "I'm warning ya, Harry, you don't know what you're dealing with!  [Whispers]  Read it.  [Normal Voice]  Read it.  It came from yesterday's paper."

Har:  "OK.  Gonna-- just-- turn the light on."

Ann:  "Come on, Harry.  Hurry."

Har [Clears throat]:  "`Vigilante strikes again.  A woman dressed as Xena, Warrior Princess-- saved an elderly man from being mugged yesterday at the-- '"

Both:  "`-- Mason Street mall.  It's the third time in two weeks that the vigilante has struck.'  What are you saying?  That wa you?"

Ann:  "I know it sounds crazy, and I have no memory of it, but look-- look-- see these marks on my sword?  It's as if it's been used in battle, and the same with my chakram.  I mean, how did they get there?  Harry-- Harry, I think I've been doing these things-- on the nights when you're working late at the hospital."

Har:  "Um-- it says here-- that the vigilante struck with-- `acrobatic athleticism.'  Annie-- you need a rubdown after a game of croquet."

Ann:  "Uh-- but-- when my body is taken over by my previous life spirit, Xena, Warrior Princess-- I clearly become a very dangerous woman."

Har:  "And you actually believe this?"

Ann:  "No-- I didn't until now.  But that vision convinced me, I am the Xena vigilante."

Har [Sighs]:  "Annie-- you need to get some help."

Ann:  "Help-- I should see a counselor, huh?"

Har:  "Wonderful idea-- I'm so relieved."

Ann:  "A past-lives counselor."



Woman's Voice:  "I should have shuffled these cards.  There's an ace."

Ann:  "And you said that dressing the part was silly.  Well, these people don't seem to think it's silly at all."

Har:  "Who could argue with them?"

Ann:  "Hold that, wouldja, Honey?"

Har:  "Mm-hmm-- Halloween party."

:  "Oo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-om.  Oo-o-o-o-o-o-o-om."

Ann:  "Joan of Arc?"

Joan:  "Hmm?"

Ann:  "Xena-- of Amphipolis?  [Sighs]  I bet my sword's bigger 'n yours."

Har:  "Who are you supposed to be?  Hey-- pyramid boy-- what's with the costume?  Hmm?"

 [Laughs]:  "We encourage our clients to dress according to what they sense-- was a-- previous life.  It often helps them make important breakthroughs.  Ye-e-e-e-es."

Ann:  "Yeah, that's good Joan, yeah-- ya still got it."

Joan's Voice:  "You are obviously a lover, not a fighter."

Ann:  "Even rude for a Frenchwoman.  `Saint'-- pffff!"

Har:  "Oh, uh-- notice the doctor graduated from Buffalo Springs Medical Academy.  "

:  "It's a fully-accredited school, sir.  Would you like to take a look at a menu?  The doctor's running a bit late."

Har:  "Oh, oh.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Look-- menu.  First-life experience.  Most influent-- most sexually active.  This is ridiculous!"

Ann:  "What's the matter?  You threatened by my old flames?"

Har:  "What?  Are you seri-- this place is a g-- look at this place!"

:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-- he-e-e-e-ere she is."

G:  "Sorry I kept you waiting-- Joan, new armor.  Ah-h-h-h-h, looking sharp, George.  Ah-h-h-h-- you must be Xena."

Ann:  "Mm-hmm."

G:  "Are you ready?"

Ann:  "Absolutely."

Har:  "Hey-- excuse me.  Excuse me?  Do you mind if I come in with you?"

Ann:  "Harry, please."

G:  "And you are?"

Har:  "Annie's boyfriend-- "

G:  "I'm sorry, but it's in Annie's best interest-- that her first past-life voyage be by herself."

Har:  "First past-life voyage.  OK."

Ann:  "Thank you, doctor.  Why do you have to be so mean all the time?"


G's Voice:  "There is a possibility-- that the Xena identity takes over Annie's-- "

G:  "-- and in that state you roam the town as the Xena vigilante.  But there's only one way to find out for sure.  Shall we?"

Ann:  "I'm ready."

G:  "Close your eyes.  Concentrate on your breath.  Focus on each and every breath you take.  I want you to feel it enter through your nostrils-- move through your diaphragm-- and release it out again.  You've expressed interest in ancient Greece.  We're going to send you back to that time-- back-- back-- back.  Now-- on the count of ten-- I want you to-- find yourself-- in another place-- another time-- another body.  One-- two-- three-- four-- five-- six-- seven-- eight-- "

[[[[[[G:  "No-o-o-o-o-o!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Hope!"  X:  "Ahhhhhhh!"  Jox:  "Gabrielle!"  X:  "Gabrie-e-e-e-elle!"  G:  "Xena-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!]]]]]]

G:  "It's OK, Annie.  You're in your present body."

Ann:  "Oh.  I was there.  Doctor, I was there.  I saw Hope and Gabrielle fall into the pit.  I experienced the whole thing.  It broke my heart.  I am Xena."

G:  "Do you have any recollection of being the Xena vigilante?"

Ann:  "Well-- I mean, there wa-there was something strange about it.  Um-- "

G:  "Go on.  Tell me."

Ann:  "Well, it wa-wasn't like I was inside my body-- it-- _her_ body-- it-- it was like I was outside watching."

G:  "You didn't make a soul meld."

Ann:  "Is that bad?"

G:  "If you expect to become fully conscioius in this life-- of your past life as Xena, you _must_ meld your identity with Xena's.  Let's try it again.  Close your eyes."


Har:  "Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo!  Weird.  [Chuckles]"


G:  "Relax your body.  One-- two-- three-- four-- five-- six-- seven-- eight-- "

[[[[[[Jox:  "Don't worry.  I cleared the place out for ya."  X:  "They're gone."  G:  "Are we going after `em?"  X:  "No, not in the darkness."  Jox:  "Right behind ya."  X:  "They won't get far.  We'll camp here."]]]]]]


Announcer's Voice:  "She is back again.  Two muggers were apprehended early this morning.  Police have no idea who the Xena vigilante is-- but do theorize it's an overexuberant fan of the show.  The vigilante last struck two nights ago.  Although she has great support in the community-- police warn that it is never appropriate for citizens to take the law into their own hands.  That's the local news.  And now, for a check on our weather.  Early-morning clouds [Etc.]-- "

Har:  "OK-- that's it."

:  "Don't go in there.  I know you're anxious, but please sit down."

Har:  "Look-- I'm gonna go in there-- I'm gonna get my girlfriend-- then we're gonna go home.  OK?"

:  "It could be very dangerous for you to interrupt the doctor during a past-lives session."

Har:  "Listen to me-- you-- cheap-- dime-store-- three-for-a-dozen quack, you.  Are you threatening me?"


[[[[[[G:  "I'll get the blankets."  X:  "Hmm."  Jox:  "Hello?  Hel-lo-o-o-o-o!"  X:  "Calm down, Joxer-- we saw you."  Jox:  "Great-- you mean, you think you could let me down without dropping me flat on my face?"  X:  "No."  Jox:  [Screams]]]]]]]


G:  "What's the matter, Annie?"

Ann:  "Ye gods, the horror."

G:  "What happened?"

Ann:  "I-- I-- "

G:  "Say it."

Ann:  "I was Joxer!"  [Cries]



Ann:  [Cries out]


Har:  "Hmm?"


Har:  "Annie!"

G:  "She's OK!"

Har:  "Annie-- what's the matter?"

Ann:  "Oh, Harry-- "

[Whispers]:  "What's going on?"

G:  [Whispers]

Ann:  "I went back there.  [Whispers]  I was Joxer.  [Normal Voice]  Oh, please, not Joxer.  [Crying]  That ass."

Har:  "Mm-hmm-- .  Doctor?  [Whispers]  Look at her!  She looks devastated!"

Ann:  "He's the comic relief."

G:  "Clearly, she didn't expect to find out she's this Joxer person."

Har [Whispers]:  "Would you knock off that crap?!  You can get her to believe she's anybody you want!"

Ann:  "They should never have introduced his character in the first place."

G:  "I don't think you have a full understanding of guided imagery."

Har:  "Guided imagery, my ass.  It's hypnosis-- it didn't work-- now, _you_ go fix it."

Ann:  "He's a deluded idiot."

G:  "I don't like your tone, sir."

Har:  "Oh, no?  Well, how do you like the sound of a malpractice suit?"

Ann:  "Wait a minute."

G and Har:  "What?"

Ann:  "You were there."

G:  "Excuse me?"

Ann:  "Oh, yeah-- I'm sure of it.  You were there-- not-not you as-as the doctor; you as-- s-s-s-s-somebody else.  I'm not sure who."

G:  "It's common for patients to imagine their life-imagery guides-- "

Ann [Interrupts]:  "I wasn't imagining it.  You were there."

Har:  "Of course you were, doctor.  Now, you're gonna go over there-- and convince her she's not this-- whatever his name is."

G:  "All right-- I could go back there to clarify her remembrance.  Let's have a seat."


G's Voice:  "Close your eyes.  Concentrate."

:  "Get lost."


G:  "Good-- become your breath.  Your breath is your spirit-- and it's your spirit that will take you to a pre- "


G's Voice:  "-- vious life."

:  "I said, get lost, freak!"

[[[[[[Jox:  "Meet-- Xena, the Warrior Princess-- and her sidekick-- Gabrielle!"  A Man:  "They're gonna defend our village?"  X:  "Yeah-- but we're gonna need a little help.  Uh-- go to your houses and collect together all your-- your tools and-- your weapons."  Jox:  [Giggles idiotically]  X:  "Give Joxer a list of every able-bodied villager-- and secure the outhouse!"  A Man:  "The outhouse?  Is that important?"  X:  "It is to me!  Ahhhh!  Get out of my way!"]]]]]]

Ann:  [Gasps]

Har:  "It's OK.  Take it easy, Annie.  The docor's gonna help you clarify your remembrance.  Isn't that right-- doctor?"

Ann:  "Was I Joxer, or not?"

G:  "I'm gonna get you a sedative."

Ann:  [Sobs]


G:  "Marco, something went wrong, just now."

Mar:  "What?"

G:  "OK, I went back with her to one of her previous lives, and-- I experienced something-- something very real."

Mar:  "Self-hypnosis-- I told you that was a danger with this scam.  You're gonna blow it."

G:  "You don't understand.  Uh-- it was like technicolor, you know?  I mean, I-- I felt like I was really there."

Mar:  "Ah, you're probably watching too many episodes."

G:  "No, I don't watch that show-- bunch of chop-socky crap.  Besides, this was so repulsive.  It couldn't have been an episode."

Mar:  "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-- you never know with that show."

G:  "No, the sights-- the sound-- "

Mar:  "They're sneaky-- they'll try anything."

G:  "That _smell_."

Mar:  "One week, they're melodrama-- the next week, they're three stooges."

G:  "Marco-- I'm telling you.  For a moment there, _I_ believed it."

Mar:  "And they're way too serialized."


Har:  "Annie-- Annie-- you let this quack convince you of something that just isn't true."

Ann:  "Harry, if you were there, you'd believe it, too.  It-it-- seemed so real."

Har [Whispers]:  "OK [Normal Voice]-- all right, look-- I'm gonna _prove_ to you it isn't true."

G [Sighs]:  "Annie-- here you go-- I'd like you to take these sedatives."

Har:  "Doctor?  I want you to send me back-- to whatever past-lives place-- you sent her."

G:  "Well, that may not be possible.  You may not have known Annie in a past life."

Har:  "I see.  That's-- that's very convenient.  So, you don't want me to find out about your little past-lives scam.  Is that it?"

Ann:  "Yeah, Doc-- what are ya afraid of?"

Har:  "Yeah-- "

G:  "All right  [Clears throat]-- to be honest, I'd like to experience it again, myself."

Har:  "Mmm.  Hmm."

G:  "Let's all become our breaths.  Close your eyes [Sighs]-- and breathe.  On the count of ten, we'll find ourselves in another body.  One-- two-- three-- four-- five-- six-- seven-- eight--- nine-- "


Har:  "Oh.  Uh."

Ann:  "Harry-- what did you experience?"

Har:  "Uh-- uh-- it was-- uh-- strange-- "

Ann:  "Uh-huh-- but it's all buncombe, right?  It's all the power of suggestion-- right?"

Har:  "Uh-- it was, uh-- unusual.  It was unusual."

Ann:  "What are you saying?  Harry?"

Har:  "Annie-- maybe-- Joxer wasn't such a bad guy."

Ann:  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!"  [Groans]

Har:  "Look, uh-- "

G:  "What is it?  What, what?"

Har [Interrupts]:  "-- none of us are thinkin' straight.  Why don't we get outta here, OK?"

G:  "Ah, that's a good idea.  I think we've done all we can here.  There's no charge."

Mar:  "Nobody's going anywhere."

G:  "Marco-- what are you doing?"

Mar:  "We have some business to take care of."



Doc:  "I don't get it.  Marco, why are you doing this?"

Mar:  "Let's just say I'm settling an old score."

Doc:  "Look, if it's about the money, you can take it.  I'm _through_ with this scam!"

Mar:  "I plan to!"

Ann:  "It's a scam.  I knew I couldn't be Joxer."

Doc [Sighs] [Whispers]:  "I can't believe it.  [Normal Voice]  What is that?"

Har:  "It's a bomb."

Mar:  "Very good!"

Doc:  "A bomb?  Why, Marco?"

Mar:  "'Cause boiling oil's too difficult to rig in this day and age.  Now-- ya got about ten minutes before this thing blows your heads off.  Uh-- oh.  Have a nice day."

Har:  You, too."

Ann:  "Don't worry-- I'm gonna get us out of this mess.  Ow.  Uh-h-h."

Doc:  "This is a fine time to learn this reincarnation thing is for real.  [Sighs]  All this time-- I think that I'm running a harmless little scam-- when in fact-- I'm poisoning my karma."

Ann:  "Don't worry, Harry-- it won't be long."

Doc:  "Look, Marco taught me the hypnosis technique-- and-- I never thought I would hurt anyone.  Now I'm resonsible for getting you two blown up.  This is a-a karmic catastrophe.  I'm gonna come back as a worm-- or-- a cockroach-- no-- a TV evangelist."

Har:  "Mattie-- you might be able to redeem yourself.  That technique of yours-- might be the key to getting us outta here."

Doc:  "Really?"

Har:  "Yeah.  Look-- look at us.  We're tied up with a time-bomb between our heads.  It's like-- one of those ridiculous-- cliffhanger _act_ breaks on that show."

Ann:  "I can't believe you're trashing Xena at a time like this."

Har:  "Take us back, Mattie."

Doc:  "You really think that will help."

Har:  "Xena got out of this type 'a jam-- all the time.  There's something she wants us to learn."

Ann [Sighs]:  "I'm coming."

Doc [Whispers]:  "OK.  [Normal Voice]  Relax."

Har [Whispers]:  "OK.  OK."  [Exhales]

Ann:  "Oh, not again."

Doc:  "One-- two-- three-- four-- five-- six-- seven-- eight-- nine-- " 

[[[[[[[Fight]  Hope:  "Nooooooo!  Uh!"  Destroyer:  "Huh?  Huh?!  Mo-o-o-o-- "]]]]]]

Doc:  "What the hell was that all about?!"

Har:  "I don't know.  You were Xena, right?"

Doc:  "Yes."

Har:  "OK.  Uh-- then I must 'a been one of the two blondes."

Ann [Sighs]:  "Would you listen to you two?!  Who's deluded, now?!  I didn't experience _anything_ that time.  It's a scam!  But don't worry-- I'll get us out of this mess."

Har:  "Take us back, Mattie."

Doc:  "OK.  Relax.  Become your breath-- and one-- two-- three-- four-- five-- six-- seven-- eight-- "

[[[[[[G:  "Where is she?"  Autolycus [A]:  "I--I don't know.  Stop that."  "X":  "I'm right here."  A:  "Oh, now she's back."  "X":  "Autolycus, I'm going to speak through you.  Give me control."  A:  "No, wait-- we have an agreement.  I have a right--"  X-in-A:  "Yes, Gabrielle, it's me.  I want you to do something.  Close your eyes.  Close them tightly, and think of me."  X:  "Gabrielle.  Gabrielle.  It's me.  I'm not dead."  G:  [Cries]  "Xena."  X:  "At least, not completely."  G:  "Why?  Why did you leave?  There's so many things I want to say to you."  X:  "Gabrielle-- you don't have to say a word."  G:  "Xena, I can't lose you again."  X:  "Gabrielle, I'll always be here."]]]]]]

Doc:  "That was, um-- confusing."

Har:  "Yeah.  Uh-- maybe I was the-- guy with the mustache."

Doc:  "Botchculus or-- something?"

Har:  "Yeah."

Ann:  "Autolycus-- and you've both lost what's left of your spongy minds.  Right-- I'm going to take these wires that lead to the bomb.  I'm going to cut them with my teeth."

Har:  "No, you're not, Annie."

Doc:  "You're going to disarm the bomb with your teeth."

Har:  "It's dangerous."

Ann:  "I'm afraid I've got to, Little Missy."

Har:  "Annie-- I'm begging you."

Ann:  "And Harry, I'm sick of you.  It's always-- `Don't do this'-- and `Don't do that'-- and `Don't do'-- "

Har:  "Uh!"

Ann:  "Ouch."

Har:  "I'm sorry, Sweethart-- I couldn't let you chew on those wires."

Doc:  "No doubt who _she_ was."

Har:  "We just got a couple minutes left.  Take us back."

Doc:  "OK, we'll try again.  One-- two-- three-- four-- five-- six-- seven-- eight-- nine-- "

[[[[[[Jox:  "I'm coming, Xena!"  [Fight ensues throughout]  Callisto [Cal]:  "What could you possibly have been thinking?"  Jox:  "I'm here to save my friends."  Warriors:  "That's all it'll take."  "She's escaping!"  "  Don't just stand there, get her!"  ]]]]]]

Ann:  "I _was_ Joxer."

Doc:  "I was the sidekick."

Har:  "I know who the Xena vigilante is."

Ann:  "How can you be Xena?  You can't even stay awake during the teaser."

Doc:  "Have you done this before?"

Har:  "No-- but I have many skills."

Doc:  "It's the red wires."

Har:  "No-- blue."  [Sighs]

Mar:  "Very good.  You still haven't lost it-- Xena."

Har:  "And you're as evil as ever-- Ares."

Mar:  [Laughs] [Morphs into Ares]



Ares:  "Sorry to put you through all this-- but I had to be sure.  I knew if I challenged you-- gave you every opportunity to visit your life back then-- you'd regain your old identity."

Har:  "Mm-hmm.  What do you want-- Ares?"

Ares:  "What I want-- is what I've always wanted-- you.  And this is the big opportunity, Xena.  We are on the verge."

Har:  "Verge of what?"

Ares:  "January the 1st, 2000.  The world's gonna be dying for someone to take charge-- and that is where you-- and I come in."

Har:  "What are you talking about?"

Ares:  "Y-- 2-- K.  The world is gonna be in a state of chaos.  It's a little something I came up with when I got out of the tomb-- you left me in?  In a world that no longer-- worships me, I had to get creative.  But now-- I've got it-- and there's nothing-- you can do to stop it.  I _do_, however, need some human help.  So-- my choice, as always-- was you.  I guess I'm just a sentimental kind 'a guy-- remember."

[[[[[[X:  "What do you want?"  TWO SHOT  Ares takes out a beautiful robe from the wardrobe.  Ares:  "I want you back, of course.  ( gestures around )  My warrior princess living as my warrior queen.  We were once a great match."  X:  "I didn't know any better then.  I thought your ways were all there was for me."  Ares gently drapes the robe across Xena's shoulders.  Ares:  "I think you'll be more comfortable in this.  ( beat )  Now that you do know-- there is another side to life-- now tell me-- are you really having more fun these days?"  X:  "I'm fighting for a better world."  Ares:  "My dear Xena, you were always fighting for a better world.  You were going to conquer it-- and then-- you were going to rule it-- "]]]]]]

Ares [Laughs]:  "Same argument-- same card to play.  So-- how about it, Xena?"

Har:  "Not a chance, Ares."

Ares:  "Oh, come on.  You can't still be holding a grudge after all these years."

Har:  "It's not a grudge.  It's the difference between right and wrong-- good and evil-- you just never learned that lesson."

Ares:  "Are we gonna fight again?"

Har:  "Bring it on."

Ares:  "Ha-ha!"


Ann:  "Come on.  Come on."

Ares:  "Yeah-- oh-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Oh!  Ow!  OK!  No!  Time!  That's it!  I'm done!"

Ann:  "I decked the god of war."

Ares:  "You tend to lose a little bit of your edge when you haven't been worshipped in a while."

Har:  "You're breakin' my heart."

Ares:  "Yeah, well don't worry about it.  I'm still immortal.  You're not gonna get rid 'a me.  You know?  I think I knew it was gonna work out this way."

Har:  "So, why'd ya come back for me?"

Ares:  "Like I said-- I'm a sentimental guy."

Har:  "Hmm."

Doc:  "Harry."

Ann:  "Yeah, and you _better_ disappear!  [Softly]  Great big hunk of god."

Har:  "Here-- let me get that.  Annie-- Annie, I, um-- "

Ann:  "Harry-- I got some bad news for ya.  You and I aren't made for each other.  She's your soulmate."

Har:  "My soulmate?"

Ann:  "If you could just stay awake through one episode, you'd know these things.  You see-- "

[[[[[[G:  "I know that I'm going to die-- I accept that.  Why can't you?  A long time ago, I accepted the consequences of our life together-- that it might one day come to this.  I'm not afraid."  X:  "You always said that I was the brave one.  Look at you now.  If this is to be our destiny, let's see it out together.  Even in death, Gabrielle-- I will never leave you."

Ann:  "I'll leave you two to get reacquainted.  And another thing-- I went back when Callisto had you two tied up-- and you know what?  Joxer saved your butts.  I saw it from his point of view, and you would _never_ have gotten that chakram if he hadn't come in when he did.  He had the heart of a lion, and a really, really big one, too."

Har:  "You're right, Annie."

Ann:  "And he was a very underrated fighter.  Well-- goodbye.  Oh, um-- Harry-- I've been aware for some time that you've been going into my underwear drawer at night and, um-- it's nice to know it was in a good cause."

Har:  "Thanks-- I guess."

Doc:  "Harry-- it's funny.  I do feel strangely attached to you."

Har:  "What do you remember?"

Doc:  "I think I remember--when we first met."

G's Voice:  "Xena-- life is eternal.  It has no beginning and no end.  The loving friends we meet on our journey-- return to us-- time after time.  We never die-- because we were never really born."

G:  "It's been a long time."

Har:  "It's been too long-- friend."

Ann [Sings]:  "Annie Banannie--
She kicks fanny.
Dangerous with sword and knife--
Learned her skills in that past life.

"Never will you outfox her.
She's as good as ol' Joxer.
[Sighs]  I'm Annie-- I'm Annie the Migh-h-h-h-h-hty!

"You should just meet her.
They don't come any sweeter!"

[Speaks]:  You know, I could be Xena in my _next_ life."


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