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“The Vanishing Dead”  Episode 11/111


[Fight; Aelon dies]

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Retreat!”  “Quickly!  Don’t let them


Mother [Cries]:  “No.  No.  No.  Nooooo!  He can’t be dead!”

Krytus [Kry]:  “But, Mother-- one of the soldiers told me that
Aelon had been killed during the battle.”

Mother:  “Then why can’t you find his body?!”

Kry:  “I don’t know.  I’ll keep looking.  I promise you.”

Mother:  “Ah, Son!”

Kry:  “Aelon.”

Mother:  “My heart told me you were still alive!  Ahh!  Ahhhh!”

Aelon [Ael]:  “Help me, Krytus-- please.”


Man’s Voice:  “Next!  Next!  There you go!”

I:  “Boy-- tilling fields all day is not my idear [sic] of fun.”

H:  “Armus is a warrior who grew old.  He needed our help.”

I:  “Well, I wish he’d ask us to-- I don’t know-- slay a monster
or sum’in’.  That’s my idear [sic] of a good deed.”

H:  “I’ll try to remember that, Iolaus.”

I:  “Thank you very much.”

Kry:  “Hercules!  Hercules!”

H:  “What’s the trouble?”

Kry:  “My brother-- he’s dead.”

H:  “You-- have my sympathy.”

I:  “Yeah-- mine, too.”

Kry:  “No, no-- we just saw him-- my mother and I.  Well, he’s--

H:  “He what?”

Kry:  “He’s a ghost.”



Man’s Voice:  “All right.”

Kry’s Voice:  “Aelon was a great soldier.  He always taught me
that he fought twice as hard-- so that I wouldn’t have to join

Kry:  “My job was to take care of our mother.  When the other
soldier said he’d been killed-- I searched all day, but I
couldn’t find his body-- until that night.”

I:  “When-- his spirit-- walked in the door.”

Kry:  “I don’t know what else to call it.  My hand went right
through him.  It was like-- he was there-- except he wasn’t.”

I:  “But he still spoke to you?”

Kry:  “Just a few words-- his voice sounded so-- far away, like
from another world.  But it’s not just Aelon.  Other soldiers
are missing, too.  Someone is stealing the bodies of the dead.”

H:  “And their honor as well.”

Kry:  “Does that mean you’ll come back to Tantalus with me?”

H:  “Yes, it does.  Sounds like I’ve been gone too long.
Iolaus-- care to join us?”

I:  “Well-- you know, if I gotta choose between ghosts and--
tilling a field?  Ghosts are good.”


I:  “So, Krytus-- a young fellow like you must dream of becoming
a hero someday.  Any, uh-- questions I can answer for you?”

Kry:  “Actually, I wanna be a scholar.  My dad was one.
Besides, I’ve only heard stories about Hercules.  Are you a
hero, too?”

I:  “Ah-- well-- you know, uh-- some people like to-- think so.”

H:  “Sounds like a good place to interrupt.  Krytus.  So tell
me-- how long has there been trouble in Tantalus?”

Kry:  “Ever since King Memnos died.”

H:  “The king died?  When?”

Kry:  “About three months ago.”

H:  “It’s a shame.  He was a good man.  I helped him defend your
valley against the Macedonians.  Must have been ten years ago.
You’re probably too young to remember.”

Kry:  “Yes, but I’ve heard the tale many times.  Aelon said that
when their army stormed the city-- you held a hundred soldiers
at bay by yourself.”

H:  “Well, it was more like, fifty.”

Kry:  “But you did save the king-- and you broke a catapult in
two with your bare hands.”

I:  “Krytus-- I thought you said heroics didn’t interest you.”

Kry:  “Well, they don’t.  But this is Hercules.”


King Daulin [Dau]:  “Our left flank was weak, yesterday.  We
were lucky to hold her back.  Now I don’t think she can mount
another major offensive for several days, but sooner or later,
she’ll try again.  Make sure we’re ready.”

Soldier:  “Yes, sir.”

H:  “This can’t be-- the same Daulin.”

Dau:  “Hercules!  What in the world-- ?!”

H:  “It’s good to see ya, Daulin.  You look great-- not to
mention-- tall.”

Dau:  “You’re actually looking a bit short.  From the tales we
hear, you should be twenty feet high by now.”

H:  “I was-- sorry to hear about your father.  You know how much
I thought of him.”

Dau:  “Thanks.  What brings you back to Tantalus?”

H:  “Heard there was trouble.  My friend, Iolaus, and I thought
we could help.”

Dau:  “If Hercules calls you a friend, then so do I.”

I:  “Likewise.”

Dau:  “There’s more than just trouble here.  I’m in the middle
of an all-out war.”

H:  “How’s Poene?  I hope she’s all right.”

Dau:  “Hercules, it’s Poene I’m fighting.  My own sister is
tryin’ to overthrow me.”

H:  “This is a joke, right?  You two always used to-- pull those
pranks on me.”

Dau:  “I’d give anything to have those days back, but they’re
gone.  After I assumed the throne, my sister went mad with
jealousy.  She spread lies throughout the town, called for
revolution-- wound up turning half of Tantalus against me.”

H:  “That’s-- hard to believe.”

Dau:  “It’s as painful as my father’s death-- maybe worse.
Hercules, if I knew Poene had wanted the kingdom, I would have
given it to her, but before I could do anything-- she started
this war.  She somehow managed to convice Jarton.  He’s running
her army for her.”

H:  “Jarton.  The two of us fought side-by-side for Daulin’s
father.  We were good friends.  But the bodies, Daulin.  We’ve
heard stories of your dead disappearing.”

Dau:  “That’s the worst part of this nightmare.  Poene’s men
steal our dead.  Only the gods know why.”


H:  “Iolaus-- I’ve had some bad feelings over the years, but the
one I’ve got right now-- beats ‘em all.”

I:  “Yeah-- I know what you mean.  Hey-- if I die someday on a
battlefield-- you better make sure you bury me properly.”

H:  “No, it’s more than that.  I mean, this whole thing is
wrong.  This isn’t the legacy King Memnos deserves-- his two
children trying to kill each other?  War is senseless enough,
but-- when it tears apart a family-- ”

I:  “Huh-- no one can win.”

H:  “Exactly.  If you had seen-- Daulin and Poene as kids-- they
were wonderful-- and inseparable.  One of the main reasons I
fought for Memnos-- was to make sure they got to grow up.”

I:  “Makes you think ’a your own kids, too-- doesn’t it?”

H:  “Yeah.  If my children had grown up to wage war on each
other-- I don’t know what I’d do.”

I:  “You’d stop them-- any way you could-- or die trying.”

H:  “I’m going to Poene’s camp and see if I can talk some sense
into her.  I want you to keep an eye on things here.  If Daulin
does anything foolish-- let me know right away.”

I:  “You know I will.”

H:  “I know.”


1st Man’s Voice:  “Listen, crush-bucket [?], we fight with King
Daulin!  He’s got more money!”

2nd Man’s Voice:  “Poene will pay better!”

1st Man:  “We play for it-- two out of three!”

Both Men:  “One!  Two!  Three!”

1st Man [Chuckles]:  “Parchment covers rock!”

Both Men:  “One!  Two!  Three!”

2nd Man [Laughs]:  “Bite me!  Dagger cuts parchment!”

Both Men:  “One!  Two!  Three!”

1st Man:  “Ha-ha!  Rock smashes dagger!  Fight for Daulin!”

Both Men:  “Daulin!”

H:  “Good evening.”

Both Men:  [Startle]

2nd Man:  “Hey!  Who do you think you are?!  Sneakin’ up on us
like that?!”

1st Man [Quietly]:  “It’s Hercules.”

2nd Man:  “Well-- wouldja look at that?”

1st Man:  “Not in the market for some mercen’ries-- are you?”

H:  “Uh-- afraid not-- I’m on my way to see Poene.”

2nd Man:  “Is that right?”

1st Man:  “It’s what he said, ya half-blind moron.”

2nd Man:  “At least I don’t have last night’s dinner stuck in my
chin hair!”

H:  “You-- haven’t seen anything strange out here, tonight, have

2nd Man:  “Hey-- Hercules-- I travel with that.”

H:  “Oh-- well-- be careful, anyway.”

2nd Man:  “Hey-- we ain’t afraid ’a nothin’!”

1st Man:  “You know?  If Hercules is going over to Poene’s
side-- ”

2nd Man:  “-- and us, fighting for Daulin, isn’t exactly written
in stone-- ”

Both Men:  “Poene!”  [Laugh]


Young Soldier:  “Go on!  Keep going!  I caught this one down by
the river.”

“Jarton” [“Jar”]:  “Invading our territory-- you must not know
what we do to spies.”

H:  “What?  Give ‘em a big kiss?”

“Jar”:  “Hercules, my friend-- it’s good to see you.”

H:  “It’s good to see you.  It’s been too long, Jarton.”

“Jar”’s Voice:  “It has.”

Poene [Poe]:  “Hercules.”

H:  “Hello, Poene.”

Poe:  “What brings you here?”

H:  “I keep hearing about trouble.  I came to help.”

Poe:  “You willing to fight with us?”

H:  “No, not fight-- help.  Daulin told me what’s been going on
between you two.”

Poe:  “You haven’t even spoken to me, and you’ve already sided
with him.”

H:  “Hold on, I’m not on anybody’s side.  But he says you’ve
been tryin’ to take his throne ever since your father died.”

Poe:  “I don’t suppose Daulin told you that he _killed_ our

H:  “What?”

“Jar”:  “It’s true, Hercules.  Daulin poisoned the king.  That’s
how he got the throne.  All we want now is justice.”

H:  “But the way that he tells it-- ”

Poe:  “He’s lying.  The person you knew as Daulin was a lie.  In
truth, he’s nothing more than a murdering demon, and he does not
deserve to wear my father’s crown-- not a man who steals the

H:  “Your dead are being taken, too.”

Poe:  “And it’s destroying their families, not being able to
bury them.”

H:  “Your dead-- Daulin’s dead-- there’s nothing I’d like better
than to stop this.  Excuse me.”

Poe:  “Keep an eye on him.  Make sure he’s here for the reason
he says he is.”



Man’s Voice:  “Back to the fields-- this way.”

I:  “Hey, Krytus-- what’s goin’ on?”

Kry:  “Where’s Hercules?”

I:  “He’s, uh-- not around right now.  Why d’ya have that

Kry:  “To avenge Aelon.  I’m joining up.”

I:  “But you hate war.  You wanna be a scholar.”

Kry:  “Well, sometimes, a man has to do something heroic-- like
you and Hercules.  And if he’s not here-- you can teach me how
to fight.”

I [Sighs]:  “Now, hold on.  All that-- hero talk was just--
talk.  I never said you should go into battle.  You could get

Kry:  “I’m going anyway.  Now, you gonna teach me or not?”


H:  “Where’s the man who wore you?  Oh, no.  It’s over for you,
Graegus.  Graegus!”

Old Man:  “Ohhhh!”

H:  “I’m sorry, I-- I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Old Man:  “You called me Graegus-- why?”

H:  “Do you know who he is?”

Old Man:  “Of course!  I know!  I’m an undertaker!  He’s the--
dog of war-- and-- Ares-- is his master.  But I have no idear
[sic]-- who you are, sir.”

H:  “Hercules.”

Old Man [Laughs]:  “That makes sense if Graegus is near.  I
should’ve known it was him.”

H:  “Who did you think was taking them?”

Old Man:  “Ha-- the competition.  Ha.”


I:  “No, no, no, no-- when ya lunge, ya gotta keep your elbows
in.  And this should be-- .  But kid-- real battles get messy--
fast.  It takes _years_ to perfect these moves.  There’s no way

Kry [Interrupting]:  “When I advance, where do I keep my

I:  “On your front foot.  Otherwise you’ll fall flat on your
butt.  But listen to me, Krytus-- you’re just a boy.  You should
be home, lookin’ after your mom.  If Hercules was here-- he’d
say the exact same thing.”

Kry:  “How do I fight a guy with a sword?”

I:  “You don’t!  You get yourself home and hide under your bed
till this damn thing is over!”

Captain:  “King Daulin wants to see you-- now.”


Dau:  “Hercules left last night.  One of my scouts saw him going
over to Poene’s side.”

I:  “He went to talk to her-- to try and put an end to this

Dau:  “Why should I believe you?!  You’re a stranger!”

I:  “But Hercules isn’t!  He was a friend to your father-- and
to you.  He would sooner scale Mt. Olympus and kiss Hera on the
lips than betray a friend!”

Dau:  “True-- but I can’t take chances with the security of my
people.  They’ve been betrayed enough.  We’re through waiting
for Poene to strike.  We attack tonight!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “You heard him!  Let’s go!  Ready the troops!
Prepare for the attack!”


Soldier’s Voice:  “Come here!  Over here, men!  Come on!”

Captain:  “OK, kid-- come on.  We’ll make a soldier out of you

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Over here!”  “Let’s go.”


1st Man:  “Remember, birdbrain-- we don’t settle for less than
ten dinars a day.”

[In Background]:  “Lunge!  Twist!  Reset!  Lunge!  Twist!

2nd Man:  “Ten?!  We worked the last job for ten!  This time, we
hold out for twelve!  Hey, buddy-- who’s in charge, here?”

[In Backgroud]:  “Lunge!  That’s it!  Keep praciticing!  A great
warrior fights fearlessly!  Lunge!  Twist!  Reset!  [Etc.]”

1st Man [Clears throat]:  “Uh, good afternoon, captain-- we were
wondering if you could use two battle-savvy fighting men?  We
own our weapons; we have excellent references, and-- .  Forget
it-- let’s get outta here.”

2nd Man:  “What?!”

1st Man:  “Come on!  We’re leaving!”

2nd Man:  “I thought we were-- !”

[In Background]:  “Lunge!  Twist!  Reset!”


H:  “Poene-- can I have a word with you?”

Poe:  “What is it, Hercules?”

H:  “Do you remember when I was here years ago-- and Daulin
always-- pestered me to tell him stories?”

Poe:  “He used to follow you like a puppy.  Always saying,
‘Please, Hercules, just one more-- just one more.’  I never
liked to show it, but-- I always listened to you, too.”

H:  “Then you remember the story of Graegus.”

Poe:  “He’s a feared warrior, isn’t he?”

H:  “Graegus is no-- warrior.  He’s-- a dog-- a huge beast,
belonging to Ares, the god of war.  He feeds on dead soldiers.
He grows more powerful with every soul he consumes.”

Poe:  “Why does this matter now?”

H:  “Because Graegus is here, now-- which means Ares is, too.
He’s behind this war-- manipulating it, because the blood
Graegus craves most is family blood.”

Poe:  “Don’t make excuses for Daulin.  This war is about the
murder of my father!”

H:  “It’s about supplying blood for Graegus.  And without proper
burial, the human souls he takes can’t pass to the other side.
Don’t you see?  You, your brother, your armies, you’re all being

Poe:  “Hercules-- you don’t know how evil Daulin’s become.”

H:  “The evil-- is Ares.  Stop this war before one more family’s
torn apart.  Believe me-- once you’ve lost the people you love--
you don’t get them back.”


2nd Man:  “Get outta here!  What got into you?!  You just walked
away from a sweet deal!”

1st Man:  “It was that guy back there.  I’ve seen him before.  I
fought against him.”

2nd Man:  “So what?!  That’s the nature of the job!  Fight
against them one battle; fight with them the next!”

1st Man:  “But that guy shouldn’t have a ‘Next’.  A couple of
months back-- I was in a battle in Thrace.  I was sneaking
through a trench.  It was pitch dark, raining.  I got the jump
on that guy-- that very same guy.”

2nd Man:  “What do you mean?”

1st Man:  “He never saw me coming!  I rammed my spear _right_--
through his heart!  I killed him.”

2nd Man:  “No-- must have been some other guy.”

Both Men:  [Scream]



H:  “Jarton-- I need to talk to you.”

“Jar”:  “And I need to talk with you.  What’s all this you’ve
been telling Poene?  Myths of dogs that eat the dead?  It’s

H:  “I wish it was.”

“Jar”:  “Right now is not the time to weaken her resolve-- not
right before a battle.  A soldier can’t afford that!”

H:  “What if there doesn’t have to be a battle?”

“Jar”:  “You’re dreamin’!”

H:  “That’s exactly what Ares wants you to think.  He’s the one
who’s causing all this.  He’s playing both sides like puppets.”

“Jar”:  “Still the same Hercules.  First sign ’a evil, you start
pointin’ your finger at gods and monsters.  Truth is, my
friend-- when power’s at stake-- men can be just as ruthless as
gods-- and as vicious as monsters.  Daulin’s proof of that.”

H:  “You sound like you want this war to happen.”

“Jar”:  “I was sworn to King Memnos.  It is my duty to avenge
his death.  Anything happens beyond that-- it’s out of my


I:  “Who are _you_?”

Jar’s Ghost:  “You’re here with Hercules, aren’t you?”

I:  “Yeah, when I can find him.  Wait a minute.  What about
answering my question?”

Man’s Voice:  “Hey!”

I:  “Great-- are they looking for y-- ?”

Men’s Voices:  “Over here!”  “Shhhhhhh.”  “This way!”

I:  “What a bunch of amateurs.”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Amateurs, huh?”

I:  “Uh-- I meant them guys-- not you.  Huh.”


Captain:  “Sir-- Iolaus is gone.”

Dau:  “What do you mean, ‘Gone’?  Where?”

Captain:  “I don’t know.  He just disappeared-- same as

Dau:  “Krytus-- you travelled with him.  You know Iolaus better
than any of us.  Do you think he’s abaondoned us for Poene?”

Kry:  “Sir-- Iolaus isn’t any more of a traitor than Hercules

Dau:  “I’m afraid I can’t be as sure of that as you are.
Assemble the troops.  Prepare to attack!”


I:  “Are you guys deaf or just plain dumb?  I told you, I’m a
friend of Hercules.”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Keep moving!”

I:  “I can’t believe this.  I’m one of the good guys!”

H:  “It’s all right.  He’s a friend.”

I:  “Oh-oh-oh, sure.  Don’t take _my_ word for it.  You know?  I
think we could _all_ use a lesson in that little word called,
‘Trust’.  And as for you-- thanks for abandoning me down by the

“Jar”:  “Me?”

I:  “Yeah, you.  One minute you’re there, then as soon as
trouble comes along-- poof!  You’re gone!  Just like that!
Thanks a lot.”

“Jar”:  “One of you guys hit him on the head?”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Uh-uh.”

H:  “Hmm.  Here-- let me get your hands.  Maybe a walk’ll help
clear your head.”

I:  “I don’t need to clear my head.”

H:  “Yeah, ya do.”

I:  “I do?”

H:  “Mm-hmm.”


H:  “What did you mean about seeing Jarton down by the river?”

I:  “Well, I meant-- I saw Jarton down by the river-- about five
minutes ago.”

H:  “That can’t be.  Jarton’s been in that tent for the last

I:  “Well, then he has a double running around, ‘cause this guy
sure looked like him.”

H:  “Where did you see him?”

I:  “Why?  What’s going on?”

H:  “Just tell me where!”

I:  “All right, all right.  Well, you gotta go past these bushes
here-- just over the other side-- ”


“Jar”:  “Where’s Hercules?”

I:  “Oh, he had to take care of sum’in.”

“Jar”:  “Damn.  He told me to tell him if I found out anything
about those missing bodies.”

I:  “And did you?”

“Jar”:  “Yeah-- we should wait for Hercules, right?”

I:  “No!  There’s no time to wait!  Tell me.”

“Jar”:  “Maybe I should just show you.”


H:  “Jarton.  So the worst really is true.”

Jar:  “I’m afraid so, Hercules.  I am but a ghost now.”

H:  “But, how?”

Jar:  “Last winter-- King Memnos sent me to Thrace-- to fight on
behalf of his brother.  I was struck down in battle.”

H:  “And Ares stole your body.  Now he’s back here, fooling
everyone into trusting him.  I’m sorry, my friend.  If I had
known-- ”

Jar:  “That’s past.  The real tragedy is now.  Daulin didn’t
murder his father.  Ares did-- to divide their family-- and
start a war.  They’re both trying to kill each other-- for a
wrong neither of them committed.  Without our bodies-- without
ceremony-- we can’t cross over into the afterworld.  We’re stuck
here-- in this terrible limbo-- between life and death.”

H:  “I’ll set things right-- I promise.”


Dau’s Voice:  “Some of those we face-- may once have been

Dau:  “Even family.  But they are the enemy now.  As I look into
your faces-- I see that you have the strength to defeat Poene’s
treachery.  You have the power to win!”

Soldiers:  “Yeah!”  [Cheer]


H:  “Poene-- where’s Jarton?”

Poe:  “He left with Iolaus-- why?”

H:  “Which way’d they go?”

Poe:  “That way, toward the cave.  Hercules!  What’s wrong?!”


H:  “Iolaus!  Iolaus!”

I’s Voice:  “Hercules!  Stay away!”


H:  “Where are you?!”

I’s Voice:  “I’m right above you!”

I:  “Hercules-- you gotta get outta here!  It’s a trap!”

H:  “I’m not gonna leave you behind.”

I:  “What was that?”

H:  “You don’t wanna know.”

“Jar”:  “But you know, don’t you, Hercules?”

H:  “That’s right, Ares, I do.  Fresh new face, but the same old

I:  “Ares?!  I thought he was Jarton!”

H:  “So does everyone else.  That’s how this murdering coward is
able to turn brother and sister aganst each other.”

“Jar”:  “Always harping about family, aren’t you?  I don’t know
why!  You don’t speak to your father!  Your step-mother hates
your guts!  And your wife and children have been turned to

H:  “Leave my family out of this, you bastard!”

“Jar” [Chuckles]:  “Is that any way to talk to your brother?”

H:  “_Half_-brother.  It’s a half that doesn’t exist as far as
I’m concerned.  I _knew_ you were evil, Ares-- but to start a
war just to feed your dog-- you disgust me.”

“Jar” [Chuckes]:  “Obviously, you’re not a pet-lover.”

H:  “You’ve turned family against each other-- innocent lives

“Jar”:  “Hey, what can I say?  Graegus has a special fondness
for blood feuds.”

H:  “Well, this is one feud that is going to end right now.”

“Jar”:  “Always the optimist, aren’t you?  Well-- here’s the
grim reality.”

I:  “Uh-- Hercules-- maybe it’s time for me to get down, huh?”

“Jar”:  “Graegus is gonna work up a helluvan appetite, tearing
you two to shreds.  I better go stir up a battle to make sure he
has something to eat afterwards.”

H:  “Ares!  I don’t like this.”



I’s Voice:  “Uh-- hey!  Uh-- maybe it’s not so bad!”

I:  “If this thing only eats the dead-- we should be OK--

H:  “Ares didn’t say it would eat us-- only that it would tear
us to shreds.  So as long as that doesn’t bother you-- ”

I:  “That’s-- not what I wanted to hear.”

H:  “Here!  Burn yourself free!”

I:  “Thanks.  Oh, great-- now it wants to fetch.”


“Jar”:  “Poene-- we have a real problem.  You were right.
Hercules is a spy.”

Poe:  “Are you sure?”

“Jar”:  “I wish I wasn’t-- but I saw him going over to Daulin’s
side along with Iolaus.  I should ’a listened to you from the
beginning.  I guess I just wanted to think better of Hercules.”

Poe:  “There’s no one to trust.”

“Jar”:  “You can always trust me.”

Poe:  “I don’t know what to do, anymore.”

“Jar”:  “We have no choice.  Daulin and Hercules will slaughter
us-- if we don’t attack right away.”

Poe:  “Sound the call to battle!”



I:  “Ahhhh!”


“Jar”:  “To the river!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “To the river!”  “Fight to defend King


Captain [Whispers]:  “They’re advancing rapidly, sir.”

Dau:  “They’re attacking at full strength!  Move to the river!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “To the river!”


I:  “Hercules!  It’s got me!  Ahhh!  Anytime you’re ready,
Hercules!  Ahh!  Now would be good!  Ahh!”

H:  “Pull tight!  We got him trapped!  Iolaus!  Tie your end

I:  “How long is that gonna hold him?!”

H:  “I have no idea.  The battle!”


H:  “Move it, Iolaus!”


“Jar”:  “No second thoughts.  They deserver to die.  Now-- sound
the battle call.”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Start the advance!”

A Soldier’s Voice:  “Move out!  Steady and slow!”

Old Man:  “Ha-hah!”


I:  “We’re not gonna make it!”

H:  “We _have_ to make it!”


“Jar”:  “Atta-a-a-a-ck!”


H:  “No!  Stop!  You’ve been tricked!”

I:  “Stop fighting!  Stop fighting!  It’s no use.  It’s not

H:  “Jarton-- where are you?  Don’t let this happen.”

I:  “Don’t fight!  Stop!  St-o-o-o-o-o-p!  Well-- that’s a
little more like it.”

Man’s Voice:  “I don’t _believe_ it!”

Kry:  “Aelon!”

H:  “There’s no _reason_ for you to fight!  That’s why your
loved ones came here to stop you.  Only Ares wants you to fight!
He needs your blood to feed his dog!”

Young Soldier:  “But-- Daulin killed King Memnos.  Jarton said

H:  “That was a lie.  This-- is the real Jarton.”

Jar:  “Hercules tells the truth.  Ares killed our king.”

Men’s Voices:  “Where’d he go?”  “He’s gone!”

H:  “That’s right, Ares-- run away!  There’ll _be_ no battle

“Jar”’s Voice:  “That’s what you think!”

“Jar”:  “If only one man dies tonight-- it’ll be you.”

H:  “Iolaus, no!”

I:  “Ahhhhhh!  Uh!”

[H fights “Jar”.]

“Jar”:  “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  That’s the spirit, Hercules.”

H:  “Ahhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhh!  Yuh!”

Men’s Voices:  “Hercules!  Get up!”  “Get up!”  “Hercules!”

H:  “Ahhh!”

Man’s Voice:  “Get up, Hercules!”

Dau:  “Go-o-o-o-o!”

Men’s Voices:  “For us!”  “Get him!”  “Go, Hercules!”

“Jar”:  “What’s the matter, Hercules?  I know there’s more fight
in you than that.”

H:  “And a fight-- is exactly what you want.  You feed on anger
and hate.  Ahh!”

I:  “Come on, Hercules!  Come on!  Fight him!  Fight him!”

“Jar”:  “Come on, Hercules-- show me that rage inside of you!”

Dau:  “Go-o-o-o-o, Hercules!”

I:  “Come on!  Get up!”

“Jar”:  “Fight me, Hercules!”

H:  “No-- there’ll be no more fighting-- from me-- or any of
these people.”

Dau:  “Throw down your weapons!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Do as he says!”

Dau:  “Throw them down!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Drop your weapons!”

Poe:  “Do it!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “All of ‘em!  You heard her!”

“Jar”:  “Hercules, I’ll be back.  Know that.”

H:  “Not today.”

“Jar”:  [Yells]

I:  “Whoo-hoooooooo!”

All:  [Cheer]

Dau:  “Poene!”

Poe:  “Brother!”

Dau:  “I should have trusted you all along, Hercules.”

Poe:  “So should I.  Instead, I was a fool.”

H:  “It’s all right.  At least it’s over.”

Poe:  “But what about Graegus?  If that beast is still out
there-- ”

H:  “Ares and his dog can only survive in a land of war.  As
long as you’re at peace-- there’s nothing to fear from either of
them.  Now-- there’s one more thing we have to do.”


Jar:  “You made us whole again, Hercules.  Now we can cross over
to the other side.  It’s a very special friend-- who can help a
man-- even after his death.”

H:  “I guess it isn’t possible for us to shake hands, is it?”

Jar:  “I’m afraid not.”

H:  “Then let me wish you peace.”

Jar:  “Poene, Daulin-- your father always expected me to be here
to help you.  I’m sorry I won’t have that privilege.”

Dau:  “Your lessons will stay with us, Jarton.”

Poe:  “And we’ll honor them the best way we can-- by ruling

Jar:  “Thank you.  Looks like we better be going.  I’ll say
hello to your father for you.”

Mother:  “Goodbye, Son.”

H:  “It’s time to make sure these men are never disturbed again.
And peace to you, my friends.”

All:  “Peace to you, Hercules.”

I:  “Has a nice ring about it, doesn’t it?”

H:  “Yeah-- too bad we don’t hear it more often.”


H:  “So, Iolaus-- where are we going next?”

I:  “I don’t know-- but how about we try to find some fields to

[They laugh.]

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