Season 1, episode 03
Series 103
1st release: 11-13-03
2nd release:
Shooting date: 08-13-03
Last update: 11-16-03

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Season 1


Jessica Collins - Meredith Davies
A.J. Cook - Lindsay
Eliza Dushku - Tru Davies
Zach Galifianakis - Davis
Shawn Reaves - Harrison Davies

Matthew Bomer (Luc)
Cobie Smulders as Sarah
Joe Flanigan as Andrew
G. Michael Gray as gun dealer
Dean Redman as Lawrence

Writer: Jon Feldman
Director: Paul Shapiro

Broadcast on Fox, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


MR. SHORT-TERM MEMORY -- Tru's brother Harrison can't seem to remember that she has proven her special abilities to him in the previous two episodes. No wonder a deadly gold-digger targets him as a patsy. She probably figured he'd forget her involvement and take the fall. She's very nearly right. TWoP

When Tru's brother, Harrison, falls in love with a beautiful young woman, only Tru knows that he could be implicated in the death of the woman's estranged husband. Tru must race against time in order to keep her brother from committing murder or being killed himself in the episode. Trucallig-fans.com

Tru must race against time to prevent her brother, Harrison, from being implicated in the death of a man when he falls in love with the victim's estranged wife. LogLine

The episode deals with Harrison and a woman he is seeing, Sarah. Sarah is married a man named Andrew, but doesn't mention this to Harrison in the beginning. Tru learns about this connection when Andrew turns up in the morgue. The story hinges on two sides of the same story. Sarah says that she hid the fact that she was married, because she was divorcing Andrew for abusing her. Andrew tells Tru that he never touched her, and he doesn't want to divorce Sarah because she's after his money. Tru and Harrison are caught in the middle, and things might not go well when Harrison offers to get Sarah a gun for her own protection. TVTome.com

Tru's brother Harrison, is seeing a married woman. When his girlfriend's husband, shows up in the Morgue, Tru has to find out the truth of what happened...and possibly save her own brother's life. Trucalling-fans.com


This commentary is by Indigo.

So what can I say about "Brother's Keeper?" From the top I really enjoyed this episode and I'm glad to see the format change slightly. This weeks episode opens with Tru's helping Davis with some of the more mundane chores around the morgue. Meanwhile Harrison, Tru's brother, busts into someone's home and begins to walk the house brandishing a shiny new gun. Suddenly, a man attacks him from behind knocking the gun from his and a fight ensures. Soon Harrison picks up the gun and aims, holding the man at bay.

It is now that we get the rundown on the fourteen hours prior to this moment, revealing that Harrison had introduced his new girlfriend Sarah to Tru over brunch. Harrison warns Sarah that she possibly will get the grill over because Tru has been hard on most of his girlfriends in his past.

During early evening the same day Harrison and Tru meet up again and to his surprise he finds out that Tru approves of Sarah. It's a strange night however, the waiter spills glasses and drinks causing a commotion, a drunk club-goer stands and shouts his love to some woman and now it's about to get even stranger. It is then that Harrison gets a disruptive call from Sarah. With his carefree lovey-dovey demeanor changed he abruptly excuses himself from Tru and leaves to run to Sarah's aid. Tru then goes to work.

At the morgue Gardez, played by Benjamin Benitez brings in a man with a gunshot to the chest and tells her he was shot at his ex-wife's house. Tru looks him over, reviews his ID card and notices a picture on the backside of it with the deceased (Andrew Webb) and Sarah, Harrison's new girlfriend. Hmmm, the plot thickens.

Fortunate for us Tru seems to be getting the hang of her replay abilities this week and actually goes to the body to prod it for a plea. It's not that she takes a personal savior approach to every cadaver that comes in, no not at all. It's just that after a panicked Tru calls Harrison only to get his cell voicemail she gets an alarming phone call from her sister telling her that Harrison has just been arrested, apparently for murder.

Quicker than you can say 'Texas Heat' Tru wakes up to a ringing phone, her brother Harrison wants to firm up the plans for brunch today. Tru knowing that the night won't end well for her brother or some guy named Andrew Webb tries to warn Harrison

During the round two brunch Tru doesn't give her brother or Sarah the same cool visit that they got the first go round, instead she tries to talk privately with Harrison who, expecting Tru's disapproval begins to argue and defend Sarah to her. All of Tru's attempts to draw out some questions to Sarah's situation, based on what she knows, all fail to bring some truth to the surface. It's then that she goes on her own investigative fieldtrip to the marina where Andrew Webb lives on a yacht. Also this week Tru Davies begins to get the hang of creating cover stories for her side work.

A yacht dweller notices an attractive woman taking pictures of his boat and approaches her. Tru gives him a story about trying to pitch a book idea and would get permission before and pictures are used. He invites her onboard. Inside he makes a few flirts until she notices a pic of Webb and a woman (Sarah) she coyly mentions divorce and he volunteers that in fact they are not divorced, only separated.

This definitely fuels Tru's developing disapproval of Sarah and next she is confronting Harrison's lover about her telling Harrison that she was divorced instead of separated. Sarah admits the deceit but pleads that it's not what Tru thinks but instead he won't let her get a divorce. Tru questions who would want to hurt Andrew and Sarah tells Tru that people don't hurt Andrew, he hurts them.

Not much later Andrew Webb walks into his yacht to find Tru snooping around. He threatens to call the police realizing there is no book development and that Sarah has probably hired this girl to spy on him. Tru tries to convince him that she doesn't work for Sarah and that in fact someone wants to harm him. He then claims that Sarah married him for his money which is why he won't let her divorce because she'll get half. He then asks her if Sarah said she hit him, he denies ever hitting any woman and he recommends that Tru leaves immediately before she has her arrested.

Meanwhile Tru's sister Meredith replays a digitized file of a 911 call from a year before corroborating Sarah's claim of abuse. Tru is now convinced that Andrew's claims about Sarah were nothing more than a lie.

Harrison is soon convinced Sarah that she needs protection after hearing from Sarah that Andrew came to her house raging and that means buying a 'piece" off the street. Sarah however, can't bring herself to keep a gun around so Harrison offers to keep it and if she calls he'll come running to save her.

Tru and her brother meet up in a bar to talk. She apologizes to him but still stresses that he himself is still in danger. Harrison of course, resists all of Tru's generalized reasoning for him to stay away from Sarah tonight, which prompts her to reveal to him exactly why she's been able to tip him off recently, enabling him to win a few bets. He's still not sold. Tru tries to convince him that she somehow is getting a replay on the day whenever a needy cadaver calls for help.

Tonight however, she's trying to save her brother by preventing Andrew's murder. To make her point she tells him that the waiter is about to loose his load of drinks and that a bar patron is going to shout out a loud profession of love for his date, then his cell will ring and Sarah will desperately call for his help and that if he goes he will be arrested for her husbands murder. He is still in disbelief. Tru tries to make an appeal to him that she cannot lose another family member, that she'd be alone and with him in jail so would Sarah. Soon the sound of shattering glass gets their attention and a drunken man stands, shouting 'I love this woman!' then, Harrison phone rings. You could almost feel poor Tru's heart sink a little as her brother, even though he's almost sold on Tru's foresight, says he has to go.

Meredith calls as Tru is desperately trying to hail a cab; it seems that a background search on Andrew Webb has revealed he had a speeding citation on December 20th of last year in California. This would seem inconsequential to the situation except it is the same date of Sarah's 911 call. Tru then concludes that Sarah has set her brother up. It's from this point on that we can clearly see where this is going, except we don't know whether Tru will be able to change the nights' events thus saving her brother's life or not.

Meanwhile, Andrew is working on Sarah's burglar alarm and talks about how surprised he was that she called. As Andrew is about to set the fixed alarm he hears something but Sarah claims she doesn't. It's Harrison banging at the heavy door trying to get in to "save Sarah." Harrison starts clearing the rooms in the house, looking for Sarah as Sarah asks Andrew to protect her. Andrew picks up a fireplace poker and tells her to call the police. I suppose Ms. Femme Fatale has failed to tell her husband that she's got a new beau. It is here that we find ourselves back were we started. Andrew hits Harrison from behind and the fighting ensues. Once Harrison gets in a good punch he picks up the gun and holds it on the 'intruder' but he pauses. This brings Sarah in a rush badgering Harrison to pull the trigger but maybe his sister's words finally have an impact. He says he can't do it, he's not a killer. She then grabs the gun and fires, killing Andrew. The betrayals are now revealed as she picks up the phone dialing 911 crying that someone just shot her…..husband. Ooh, isn't that just curious Harrison? She didn't say my stalking abusive, "wish he could be an ex" husband. Yeah Harrison, you just showed just how dumb a man can be when a woman is involved. Sucker! Of course we never want to believe our friends and families when they've got a bad vibe about our lovers do we? Fortunately for Harrison sis shows up, holds the dropped gun on Sarah while her victim stands up talking about a desperate call he received earlier pleading with him to wear a vest. Sarah tries to plead with the shocked (and heartbroken) Harrison promising that she 'would have covered for him.' Yeah right, missey! Lucky for me my sis is a nutcase mortician's assistant and now you're going down river for murder one!

Well nice save Tru but you still failed to solve the bigger Harrison mystery which is how does he get that two week old, un-shampooed look?

This is my favorite episode so far, at least until next week where the TV logline says that Tru poses as a bartender at a bachelor party where five people are slain.

Until then … stay away from needy, dead people.


Television without Pity

Complete spoiler of episode

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