Season 1, episode 02
Series 102
1st release: 11-06-03
2nd release:
Shooting date: 07-29-03
Last update: 11-16-03

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Season 1


Jessica Collins - Meredith Davies
A.J. Cook - Lindsay
Eliza Dushku - Tru Davies
Zach Galifianakis - Davis
Shawn Reaves - Harrison Davies

Michael Trucco as Nick
Halie Zastre as Samantha
Reece Thompson as Kevin
Kristopher Polaha as Mark Evans
Jillian Fargey as Diane
Reg Tupper as Neil Ford.

Writer: Jon Feldman
Director: Thomas J. Wright

Broadcast on Fox, 8-9pm, Thursday nights.


THERE'S NO "IQ" IN "HERO." -- Tru is sent back to save a firefighter and a little girl who died in a burning apartment building. She's unable to save the firefighter, who dies a second time because of an incurable case of massive stupidity, but the little girl survives, because...just *because*. TWoP

When the corpse of a handsome young man asks for Tru's help, she quickly learns he's a determined firefighter killed trying to save two children trapped in an apartment building fire. As Tru tries to change the man's fate, the day gets even more complicated when she develops feelings for him in the episode. Trucalling-fans.com

Tru wakes up and realises that she must save a fireman named Nick and a child named Samantha from a burning building. After talking with Nick she becomes closer to him as the day progresses. Despite her protests she cannot stop a hero and she ends up losing him, but saving Samantha. Meanwhile, Tru catches Mark cheating on her and finishes with him. TVTome.com

12 year old boy called Kevin is stuck in the inferno as Diane (mother of Kevin and Samantha) screams for help. Nick Ramsey, a firefighter goes into the apt. building (84 Hastings) to save Kevin, he grabs him but Nick's foot gets stuck in some loose wood. Nick tells Kevin to go as he can't get free. Nick is engulfed in smoke. Trucalling-fans.com


This commentary is by Indigo.

I don't know about you but I really enjoyed the second episode of the series. I'll ignore for now being slightly annoyed with Tru's brother and sister and jump straight to her professor boyfriend Mark.

Can he be any slimier than he is?

Sure, let him start off by interviewing new freshmen girls for Tru's replacement since she's graduated and all. You know, a thirty something like Mark really needs a nineteen year old to keep his ego with a spit shine and at 22 years old Tru is no longer the trophy lover for the poor professor. I understand. I really do.

What's really a d*** shame is that the rest of us women don't have Tru's gift of being able to give him a redo he won't forget.

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Sure, there are some you just want to walk away from and forget but there's a scant few who really, really deserve the deflation that only a redo can deliver. And Tru does it with such subtle and sweet vengeance and who couldn't be proud of that? Here's how it happened.

Tru, while finishing up lunch with her brother catches a glimpse of Prof. Love giving a playful kiss to some young Barbie. Tru freezes and doesn't confront jerkboy and instead leaves to meet her best friend for a little shopping. While shopping Tru decides to fess up to the affair (and its apparent demise) to her best friend Lindsay (played by A.J. Cook) while clothes shopping. Lindsay is appalled that Tru didn't embarrass the hell outta the lizard while she had the chance but Lindsay shouldn't worry because the betrayal isn't lost on dear Tru, especially later the same day when her workload for the night is brought in to whisper in her ear "help me!" Back she goes, waking up with Prof. Love picking out his suit for this "meeting with the Dean breakfast." How she could kiss him and send him off knowing what she knows I'll never understand. She has self discipline worth admiring! Hah!

I just love it that she cuts through her redo with determined precision, giving time to tip of her bro off that the Tiger's were going to win later that day, coolly give Prof. Love his exit papers while Barbie gets an ear full, then tells her friend Lindsay about it while keeping a mallrat from stealing her top from right in front of her *and* she happens to talk up a nice, hunky Fireman named Nick Kelly (Mr. September for you calendar watchers) all the while trying to save his and a little girl from their untimely death in a tenement fire. YOU GO GRRL!

Initially Tru gets fireman Nick to check out the building in which he dies in by coming up with some ploy about a school paper on Pre-war buildings. Of course the beefcake with the Donny Osmond smile is more that willing to oblige the beautiful Tru and goes on a walk through inspection of the buildings boiler room and finds a small leak. Tru's relief is only short lived however, because Nick later tells Tru that the leak would not have caused a fire that day. It becomes apparent to Tru that an accelerant is likely the main cause of the fire which indicates arson; she's just got to figure out who the arsonist is.

In the meantime Nick seem to click with Tru in a way that Prof. boy didn't come close to and Tru does her best to dissuade Nick from getting near the building later that day. Nick really likes Tru but he's a little bothered by her strange comments that seem to indicate she knows a fire is still going to start and that someone started it. Frankly, I'd be taking a few steps back too Nick.

Tru seems to be quite vigilant about this potential fire and the fire bug that causes it. First she nails the super for the crime because he's committed insurance fraud before but she later tosses out his guilt for the pre-adolescent boy who Nick saves from death the first time. Apparently the kid has a big problem with his dad and seems to be acting out a bit, therefore he's the one who decides to spark the fire that kills his sister and his rescuer all for attention, but does he?

Tru's concern seems to ignite Nick's desire to prevent any harm if a fire starts so Tru backs down, pleads herself a cute nutcase and makes him promise to go home and wait for her there while hoping she's eliminated her new heartthrob from getting in harms way. Not! The question is has she changed events enough to prevent his death?

Tru, noticing that the starting of the fire is just minutes away sends Nick home while she runs to the tenement. Knocking on the doors she alerts the residents to leave as some one is seen lighting torn fabric which leads to a container of chemicals. Nick appears in the hall as the explosion shakes the building. The events of the fire seems to have changed somewhat. Nick who had died while trying to rescue the young boy is warned of the weak flooring by Tru only to go back into the building to rescue the boy's sister. This is the part of the episode that bothered me, the fire trucks were supposed to be delayed due to an accident earlier however when Nick gets to the street with the rescued boy the firemen are already on the scene. First of all, it doesn't make sense for a fireman without any gear to go in when there are men/women on the scene who are equipped and protected. Second, Nick doesn't even borrow a mask or coat before he goes back in (he didn't have time). That's not a hero, that's stupid! ARGH! Can it get any more contrived that this?

Needless to say Nick's bare-all rescue is nothing more than a plot device which sends Tru who is quite anguished waiting in the street. Next scene Tru is back at the morgue and Prof. Love is there flowers in hand to vow if he had the chance to rewind time he'd do it all different. Tru responds, "You had your day" indicating that Nicko got two but Mark is toast at the end of one. Heh. Gotta love that! Tru walks off to the crypts, she pulls one open and Nick's charred remains are there again, it is then that Tru realizes that Nick's plea for help was not for himself but a cry to help save the little girl. She waits and pleads for him to ask for help again 'cause morgue girl would gladly give him a third attempt but there is only silence. Yeah, I was close to a lump in my throat but no cigar, none of which is because of Dushku. Her acting is solid given what she's got thus far to work with. I love it because of her and hope that Fox gives this one a chance to find its footing. Maybe then her costars will catch up and get in a groove of their own.

Gripe: Sure, I know Tru can't save 'em all, which would make for a boring show, right? But let me thank you TPTB, for killing off a handsome, likeable potential. All I can say is the upcoming love interest for Tru better have some spark baby! It would be a shame to see Eliza's bountiful sensuality go to waste.


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