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Season 2, episode 04
Series 204
1st release: 07/01/02
2nd release: 08/25/02
Last update: 07/15/02

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Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)
David Chokachi (Jake McCartey)
Anthony Cistaro (Kenneth Irons)
Will Yun Lee (Danny Woo)
Eric 'Kaos' Etebari (Ian Nottingham)

Filmed on location in Toronto.


When a rock star meets his untimely demise, Sara and Danny are called in on a series of strange homicides. But when Sara discovers that the killer is using a trail of mayhem to lure her into a trap, her investigation turns into a fight for the Witchblade.


This commentary is by Beboman.

Very interesting episode. It is a good homage to "Poltergeist". Did I like this episode? Yes, in a strange way I did. Being that I was never a fan of "Poltergeist", I guess I did like the conflict between good and evil in this episode.

And if we believe in subliminal messages, I guess the message here is that television is a device used by evil.

It seems to me that the episodes this season are moving a bit slower than last year. Maybe that is due to the fact that Sara is not as hysterical and out of control as she was last year. Sara seems to be more mellow, analytical and in control, of her emotions and of the Witchblade.

It seems like, for the Witchblade, the time that was turned back never happened, so Sara has no need to relive any of the past experiences; she just needs to move on. So the Witchblade is sending Sara some more subtle messages regarding what surrounds her.

If we look at the previous episode, we see that the 'Blade allows Sara to see the ghost of this little girl for who Sara is destined to find her killer and set her free. At the end of the episode, we see the smile on the little girl's face as she is freed.

In this episode, the subtle message sent by the Witchblade to Sara is a small tick in the hand that carries the blade. It is very interesting to see that when Sara is in the presence of evil, the tick in her hand becomes uncontrollable.

One thing that I found really interesting was at the beginning of the episode, the calm and very analytical way that Sara was dealing with her past experiences with the Witchblade. This was so in contrast with her out of control, almost hysterical actions regarding the Witchblade during last season.

In this episode, the lines of reality merge and Sara finds herself walking a very thin line between sanity and insanity, between right and wrong and especially between good and evil.

Sara has to face the abyss that is evil and has to come out triumphant. In this episode, evil has two faces, represented by the doctor, and Sara has to win over this evil. In doing so, she solves the case and wins another battle toward total control of the Witchblade.

For me, this episode was more than just the fight between good and evil. It was more of a way to solidify Sara's relationships with those who surround her.

She worked with Jake in this episode (Danny was on vacation). I missed Danny; he is such a stabilizing figure in Sara's life.

A very interesting relationship that I really enjoy is that of Sara and Vicky, the forensic medical examiner. They complement each other quite well and the one liners between them show Sara's sense of humor.

Watching these two women interact is like watching a great tennis match between two very worthy opponents. That back and forth of the ball in a very rhythmic feeling.

But when it comes to sparks and electricity, the relationship between Sara and Ian is where the most sparks are produced. Ian's constant appearances and his vagueness when it comes to providing Sara with information are things that could drive anyone totally crazy. The chemistry between these two characters is just unbelievable.

Then there is Gabriel, the only person in whom Sara can really confide. He understands about the Witchblade; she does not need to explain about it. He provides her with the information she needs without looking at her like some form of freak. He is her friend.

Now, if we want bizarre, there is the relationship between Ian and Irons. Talk about some totally off the wall stuff. I might say that Ian has totally lost it when it comes to Irons. Seeing his face in the fire and that last monologue is just as if Ian was in his own little world.

Another interesting bit in this episode was the way the Witchblade showed Sara her power, by controlling the guy who was trying to escape from the police and by then turning the gun the guy was holding onto the guy himself and killing him. Interesting bit of information, especially when, in a previous episode, we see that the Witchblade gives Sara the power to heal.

So, it was not only Irons who wanted the Witchblade, but someone else. We can guess that this other person is quite evil.

There were some really awesome scenes in this episode, such as when Sara is falling in bed at the same time that the girlfriend of the dead singer is falling out of the building.

Then there is the fight between Sara and the female psychiatrist. Better still, let's say the big fight between good and evil with Sara being good and the psychiatrist being evil (no pun intended).

That whole fight was great, especially when this big abyss appears in the middle of Sara's kitchen floor. Great special effect; super great fight.

In the end, Sara is left alone with the dual personality doctor wondering if she is going crazy and if hearing voices is a sign of evil.

This was a very good, interesting episode, one worth watching again.

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