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Season 1, episode 03
Series 103
1st release: 09-17-98
2nd release: 10-16-98
3rd release: 10-23-98
4th release: 11-27-98
5th release: 12-17-98
Production number: V0803
Last update: 05-03-02


SYNOPSIS 1 by Debbie Roche
SYNOPSIS 2 by Kent Simmons

Ryan Gossling as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus
Chris Conrad as Jason

ARES: Kevin Smith
ALCMENE: Sharon Tyrrell
STRIFE: Joel Tobeck
TARSUS: Michael Daly

Writen by: Rob Tapert and Liz Friedman
Teleplay by Hilary J Bader
Directed by Chris Graves

Hera informs her favorite son, Ares (God of War), that because Hercules took her precious chalice, Zeusí protection order has been lifted. Itís a race against time as Ares begins the destruction of Hercules, and Jason and Iolaus make a mad dash to return the chalice to Heraís cave before itís too late.


This synopsis is by Deb Roche

Ares is talking to Hera. He tells her that Hercules stole her chalice and that he'd love to go after Herc but Zeus protection of Herc forbids it. Hera informs Ares that Hercules just made the biggest mistake, because Zeus promised that if anyone took that chalice from it's place they would be destroyed. (Me thinks Ares already knew this) He asks how he can deal with Herc if Zeus... Hera says that Zeus' protection of Hercules has been waived. Ares is thrilled.

En-route to a temple of Zeus, the boys decide to play a game of "football". While they are playing Strife steals the Chalice. The boys return to where they put down there stuff and notice the chalice is gone. Herc sees Strife in a tree with the chalice. Strife makes the chalice vanish. Herc asks where he sent it. Strife says it's en-route to Alcmene's. They boys run to Alcmene's.

Alcmene is in the house when she hears something fall outside. She runs out. So does the family dog. The dog runs to a fallen man. Alcmene asks the man if he's ok. He says he thinks so. Alcmene notices that the dog is calm. She comments that the dog is usually not this friendly around strangers and mentions that he must have a way with dogs. We see the man's face, it's Ares. he says "Yes." Alcmene takes the man inside.

Ares gives her the chalice as a thank-you gift. She is just about tho return it to him, when she hears Hercules screaming "mother" outside. Alcmene runs outside. Herc sees her and is confinced Strife lied. The boys are acting strange and she confused. Herc says he took something from Hera to return to Zeus and... She asks if this something it Ruby red and.... At that moment Ares, in full Ares, mode walks out of the house with the chalice.

Herc says, "Ares.", Alcmene says "Ares?", Iolaus and Jason look at each other "Ares?". Herc and Ares get into it. Herc tosses the chalice to Jason & Iolaus and says to return it the Phoenix cave.

It's a race against time. Iolaus and Jason try to get the chalice back to it's resting place in the cave before Ares can destroy Hercules.

It looks like Ares is going to win. But, just as he is about to deliver the death blow, the chalice is placed on the altar, and Zeus protection of Hercules is reinstated. Ares leaves mad. Alcmene hugs her son.

Godly Appearances: Ares, Strife, Hera
Godly mentions: Zeus


This synopsis is by KSZone

Hera warns Ares that Zeus cannot protect his son Hercules, since they made a bond, Hera and Zeus that it, that when they still got along, anyone who harmed the chalice would die, regardless. Even though Zeus and Hera hate each other, the deal still stands and Ares and Strife can kill Hercules.

The three teenage to be heros are walking to bring Zeus the chalice when Iolaus finds a watermelon and wants to play melonball, sort of a Ancient Greek version of football with passes and tackles. Herc tackles Jason as he passes the melon to Iolaus, who falls and gets it in his face. They tease him and Herc says you don't mess with the mighty Herc, but attention switches to Strife, sitting above on a tree and with the chalice. He stole it from em when they were playing melon ball and says Hera will harm Alcmene, since thats were the chalice is. The boys rush to save Hercs mother now from Hera's wrath of vengeance and anger.

Ares disguises himself a a hurt man and Alcmene tends to his supposed bad wounds. The dog suspects something but Alcmene doesn't. Ares wants Alcmene to have the chalice but she isn't sure. On the outside of the house, Herc and friends arrive and warn Alcmene, who now knows, as Ares comes out and starts a fight with Herc. Alcmene pounds Ares little and he hates her cause she has spunk. Herc tosses Iolaus and Jason the chalice and they are going to bring it back to the cavern since Hera wont be able to harm them once it's put back. Ares and Herc continue to brawl, as Alcmene is worried about her son but knows he must deal with Ares and Strife.

Ares drinks some lemonade and likes it it seems. Ares uses his powerbolts to weaken Herc and Herc block one with a wooden table, which cracks. Iolaus and Jason make it to the cavern but before they can put it back, two stone men come from the wall and charge at the boys. Iolaus is on once side and Jason on there other. As Ares prepares to give the final blow to Herc with a powerbolt, Jason throws the chalice to Iolaus in the cave and Iolaus catches it, unlike the melon ball, and places it on its resting place, and Zeus stops Ares from killing Herc by destroying his powerbolt.

Ares and Herc agree there fight is not over and Herc and Alcmene embrace in victory as Herc wants some lemonade as well now. Back at the academy, The guys gotta wash dishes since they were away without permission and food fight instead, having some fun after there risky adventure.


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