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A Short Biography of Gabrielle

Gabrielle comes from Poteidaia, a village which Xena saved from the armies of Draco. Her parents are Hecuba and Horace; she has one younger sister, Lilla. Gabrielle was betrothed to Perdicas, a hometown lad, but jilted him to follow Xena. Gabrielle is a talker, and has become quite a storyteller. At one point, she bested Homer and Euripedes in an audition at the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards.

Gabrielle became an Amazon Princess when she risked her life to save the Amazon warrior Terreis. Terreis bestowed her right of caste and rank of Princess upon Gabrielle just before she died. Gabrielle learned the art of wielding a staff during her stay with the Amazons, and has continued to practice and improve. Our Princess became the Queen of the Amazons after the deaths of Melosa and Velasca. She retains the title in name only, having given Ephiny the stewardship of the Amazon Nation in order to continue her travels with Xena.

Gabrielle has a disarming and genuine innocence, and helps Xena to see the good and light in all things. She has vowed never to take a life, a code that was sorely tested when her new husband [Perdicas!] was murdered by Callisto. Thus, when she was tricked by the Cult of Dahak into taking a life, she was shattered. Adding to her misery was the fact that she was somehow impregnated by Dahak. She gave birth to a daughter, Hope, a short while later. Against all evidence, she refused to believe that the child could be the incarnation of evil. Gabrielle put Hope in a basket and floated her down a river à la Moses to save her from being killed, an act which had major repercussions. Gabrielle was apparently killed when she prevented the adult Hope from killing Xena.

The fourth season found Gabrielle alive; she had escaped from the fire pit and spent time recovering in a hospice. These events prompted a spiritual quest that led her to India, where she met the healer Eli. She adopted his Way of Peace, and stopped fighting altogether. She also relinquished her title of Queen of the Amazons. Gabrielle abandoned her pacifistic stance when Xena was gravely wounded; in the ensuing "Gabspaz," she killed half a dozen Roman soldiers. Alas, it was in vain; she and Xena were crucified.

Their deaths and resurrections were chronicled in IDES OF MARCH [#89] and FALLEN ANGEL [#91]. Gabrielle went into full warrior mode, and learned to use many new weapons, including Xena's chakram. She was last seen sailing to Egypt, on her way to new adventures.

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