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The Chants of the Titans

The Titan The Scroll

In the episode THE TITANS [#07], Gabrielle inadvertently freed the Titans, three giants who were the ancestors of the Olympian gods, by reciting a special chant. All havoc ensued until Gabby and Xena were able to turn them back into stone. A very special thanks to Nicholas ("Niko") Nayko for providing the translations!

To free the Titans:

efkaresto parapoli
etsi kay etsi
yasoo kalamera
yasoo kalanicta
yasoo kalanoches

(thank you very much
that is okay
hello good morning
hello good afternoon
hello good night)

To free more Titans:

Herritah herritah yasoo kali herritah
(Goodbye goodbye hello goodbye)

To return the Titans to stone:
Mupolita mupolita hania eraklion
elias motanis yasoo yasoo

(This last part seems to be made up of random Greek words. Nick believes that "Mupolita" is "much," "Eraklion" is a town on the north coast of Crere Heraklion, "Elais" may be Greece (Hellas). And "yasoo" is, of course, "hello.")

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