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Whoosh! could not have been possible without the help of it's staff and contributors.


WHOOSH! Editor-in-Chief: Kym Masera Taborn
VITAE: BA History 1980. MA Early Music Performance Practice 1984. and JD 1991. When not busy with various Xena or Star Trek activities, Kym practices law for the federal government in the southern San Joaquin Valley in California. She is currently serving appointed terms on both the Hearing Board for the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District and for the Greater Kern County Legal Aid Society. Kym was the founder and first Chairman of the Board for IAXS. She also edits RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, a Star Trek parody newsletter, and XENA MEDIA REVIEW, a XWP world press review. Kym is 38 and lives in Bakersfield, CA with Wes, her tolerant husband of ten years, and Ira, her eight year-old son. Both her and Ira have their own 5 inch Xena action figure.

WHOOSH! On-Line Design Editor: Betsy Book
VITAE: Betsy Book is a graduate student in Art History at the City University of New York. She is also a freelance Web designer. In addition to Whoosh! she maintains another Web zine called "Eat This", a guide to cheap eats in New York City. She is 26 years old and lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, Jim, whose consultation on design decisions was invaluable for this issue. Betsy would like to thank Kym and Tricia for their support during the Whoosh! coding marathon this past week and she would also like to thank the Coca-Cola Co. and M&M/Mars, Inc., without which this premiere edition of Whoosh! would not have been possible.

IAXS Web Page Editor: Tricia Murphy
VITAE: Tricia Murphy is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature. She has previously written columns for the publication RESISTANCE IS FUTILE and continues to write upon occasion when the mood hits. Besides writing, her hobbies include HTML coding and graphics. Tricia is 34 years old and resides in the Pacific Northwest with her boyfriend, two children, two cats, one iguana, and a box turtle. Favorite episodes of Xena so far are: "Mortal Beloved" and "A Royal Couple of Thieves".


Veronica "Roni" Arreola (
The Evolution of the Sidekick
IAXS Research Project 006
VITAE: I am a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago, majoring in biology. I started to watch Xena on a regular basis in March and did not get mega-crazy for her until mid-April. I am 21 and met Lucy Lawless when she was in Chicago. That heightened my love for Lucy Lawless and Xena. I am a good mixture of Gabby and Xena: I love to kick guys' b*tt and I talk way too much.

Brette4635 (
Callisto: Was Justice Served?
IAXS Research Project 020
VITAE: I am a native of New York. My interests include mythology, literature and classical music. I am a published poet and have a Bachelors Degree in English Literature.

Rori Klion (
Collection of Quotes No. H09
IAXS Research Project 011 (on-going)

Clayton J. Powers (
The Battle of Corinth
IAXS Research Project #08
VITAE: BA MA International Relations concentrating in National Security Studies State University of New York At Albany. 1988. Single. Born 1/22/1954. Hobbies, Military History, Current Events, Computers. Supercop. #Xena/Herc Channel on Dalnet. Board Member IAXS.

Karen Pusateri (
Xena: Warrior Princess" an Analytical Review
IAXS Project 036

Kym Masera Taborn (
Exploring Lucy Lawless Hair Color Myths
IAXS Research Project 037
VITAE: See above

C. Wiatt (
Xena & Callisto---Why Are They the Way They Are?
IAXS Research Project 034
VITAE: I am a nontraditional student, having received a BA in Zoology many years ago. I spent over twenty years in the non-profit sector working my way up to an executive director position. I then decided I wanted a career change, so I have returned to school to get certified to teach high school biology and math. To support myself, I am working full-time in an academic library...and also considering a branch on my career change to include a Masters in library science. I have always wanted to write something other than work material and hope people enjoy my point of view on this subject, but I also welcome other arguments.


Officers of the Board (All Hail the Board)
Chairman: Kym Taborn (
General busy body & insomniac
Vice Chairman: Tricia Murphy (
IAXS Webpage Princess

Members of the Board (All Hail the Board)

Karen Maeda Allman (

Betsy Book (
Whoosh! Web Edition Coordinator

Patti Casciano (

Clayton J. Powers (
Military/Political Affairs Advisor

Gerilyn Bosse (

A special thanks to Tom Simpson and Carol Burrell who graciously allowed Whoosh! to use images from their own fabulous XWP Web sites. We encourage all Xenites to go immediately to and Logomancy. (Well, as soon as you're finished with Whoosh!)


WHOOSH! is the Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies (IAXS), an amateur fan-run organization devoted to the extreme study and analysis of all things remotely related to the world-wide syndicated television show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, a property of MCA/Universal Television. WHOOSH! is the repository of the research produced by IAXS members. WHOOSH! is released the 17th of every month. It is distributed on the World Wide Web and as a text version to members via internet e-mail. WHOOSH! is published and edited by Kym Masera Taborn through IAXS. Copyright 1996, Kym Masera Taborn. WHOOSH! in no way intends to infringe upon the rights of holders of copyrights referred to in this non-profit fan publication. All original stories and artwork are copyrighted to the authors. WHOOSH!, IAXS, and Kym Masera Taborn holds an unlimited reprint license on all original material appearing in this publication.

DISCLAIMER: No rabid Xenafans or Hardcore Nutballs were harmed in the production of this journal; however a few people did resort to virtual fisticuffs over differing opinions about Xena and Callisto.

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