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Welcome to the first issue of WHOOSH! The Journal of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF XENA STUDIES (IAXS).

IAXS is a voluntary amateur organization of arm-chair scholars who wish to devote time to the contemplation and study of all things to do with the world-wide syndicated television show, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (XWP) and to share their findings in a supportive and creative environment.

WHOOSH! was created as the repository for the creative output of IAXS members. Membership to IAXS only requires that each member make at least one contribution to WHOOSH! once per year.

This issue was possible only through the hard work of IAXS members who submitted some very thought provoking and fun papers, and the technical and creative help of Betsy Book, the On- Line WHOOSH! Designer and Tricia Murphy, the IAXS Webpage Editor. Without these people's dedication and service, above and beyond the call of duty, you would not be reading this.

WHOOSH! will strive to be eclectic and entertaining. We will try to offer varying viewpoints on the general to the specific, from the popular to the arcane. You should be able to get a very intense Xena fix whenever you visit our pages. We want you to reminisce, laugh, ponder, and mostly, be entertained.

This month's contributions are a varied mix, from the first part of a six part series on Xena's historic unsuccessful battle at Corinth to a duo of articles exploring the similarities and differences between Xena and Callisto and their significance. Also included are a sociological look at XWP as a television show, a fan's inordinate concern about Lucy Lawless' original hair color (by me, of course), and an essay on side-kicks.

Many of the research papers will present opinions and arguments which are considered controversial in Xena fandom. WHOOSH! invites reader participation, especially through commentary and responses. We will have a "Letters to the Editor" section where readers may either lend further arguments of support or challenge the premises of these papers. One of the goals of IAXS is to provide intellectual stimulation and not merely recreation. We encourage all readers to participate. Please send your comments to ktaborn@lightspeed.net and place in the subject the words "WHOOSH EDITOR"

We are honored that you are reading our first effort. We intend to learn from our mistakes and build upon our successes in order to make WHOOSH! a memorable fan publication.

Next month we will have the first season episode guide completed and will have started on the second season. Our features will include an essay about law and economics in XWP, a thesis how Gabrielle is the true hero of the show, the exciting second part of a detailed blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Corinth, and an annotated guide to the HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS episode WARRIOR PRINCESS, which introduced to the world that feisty warrior princess, Xena.

On behalf of the WHOOSH! staff, I thank you and invite you to read, enjoy, and perhaps think about some of the ideas contained in these pages. Also feel free, if so moved, to share your thoughts with us at ktaborn@lightspeed.net.

Kym Masera Taborn
Editor-in-Chief, WHOOSH!
Chairman of the Board, IAXS

September 16, 1996

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NOTE TO IAXS MEMBERS: The e-mail edition of Whoosh #1 will be available in a week or so. Because of the size, each member will be canvassed to see if they would like to receive the whole issue. We are also working on a multi-media version of WHOOSH! which would be available through portable media (disks! remember them?). Also, as stated back in June, all XMR (Xena Media Review) subscribers who subscribed to XMR before April 1, 1996 and in the month of June 1996 (my birthday month), who are not already IAXS members, will be included in this canvass.

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