Whoosh! Issue 21 - June 1998
Letters to the Editor

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In Defense Of Xena: Warrior Princess
Joxer: The Neverending Discussion
Alison Bruce
Gina Torres
Dinars And More Dinars
Marketing Abuse
Horses And Gabrielle
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Wishful Awarder
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Letters To The Editor

In Defense Of Xena: Warrior Princess

Thu, 14 May 1998
Subject: Letter to the editor

Howdy. I dig your sight verily and have a few comments on the show. Although there are things I wince at as I glare into the TV each and every Sunday night, I am a hardcore nutball and have learned to appreciate what XWP is as a whole. This letter is in defense of all the things I have heard other HCNBs complaining about. I respect all their opinions and here are mine:

1. Joxer. I ENJOY JOXER. I particularly enjoy his vulnerability, affection for one of the show's main characters (which, incidentally ADDS to Gabby's character) and his relationship with Xena. I believe that Ted himself is a fabulous actor, putting layers on Joxer that weren't necessarily in the text. My favorite Ted-ep is Forget Me Not.

2. The Gab-Drag (for lack of a more fitting term) I will not lie. The first time I watched the Bitter Suite I did get very nauseous at this part. I don't however condemn the show for this. The Rift was not supposed to feel cozy. The pain I experienced as our heroes struggled with themselves (therefore with one another) heightened the relief that came at the end, particularly during "the love of your love".

That's all the complaining I care to do at this time, thank you for the opportunity to express myself in this way. Much gratitude. Battle on.

Theresa Holl

Joxer: The Neverending Discussion

Thu, 14 May 1998
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Let me see if I've got this right.

Stacey Robillard is upset because the pro-Joxer brigade is standing up for itself and showing some backbone after the abuse the anti-Joxer brigade has thrown (From the Managing Editor: The New Joxer Wars)?

Where was all this talk about losing credibility and not turning personal and not getting nasty when the anti-Joxers threw the first punches? A person can only take so many threats to have his vital organs removed with a butter knife. If you know the wounded animal is going to bite, then why poke it?

Don't start none, there won't be none.

Duanne Walton

Sun, 3 May 1998
Subject: Joxer Wars and all

I've been going through the whole Joxer Problem for what feels like forever. I am one of the long time Joxer Detractors. I didn't like him in Callisto and my opinions haven't changed much. [Stacey Robillard in her editorial in issue #20.] is quite correct in the quotes about slapstick and all, but I'd like to add some more thoughts:

First, that comic characters aren't meant to be taken seriously and thus Joxer's actions are not "serious." This is an error in my mind, very often the most powerful social commentary comes through the comic character. So, when we see Joxer doing "bad" things (brainwashing Gabrielle, kidnapping her, being willing to kill her in GJWHF, etc), we cannot just chalk them up to (failed) comedy. By holding up Joxer as a sympathetic character the writers are validating his behaviour ("Oh, it's alright for him to do that because he has a good heart...").

Second, I really think that Ted [Raimi] does bear some of the blame for the character's failure to win over fans. No matter what is written in the script, the actor is the final arbiter of how he plays the scene. My favorite example of that is Autolycus line in The Quest about "I'm here for you both...." That could have been read as a leering come on, but Bruce reads it as an acknowledgement of X&Gs relationship. Ted reminds me of a young actor, with some talent, that thinks he is more appealing than he is. What he needs is a strong director to tell him to tone it down.

And, top of my list of Joxer problems... He just doesn't fit! The character has no reason to be in the show aside from (failed) comic relief. They don't let him grow in any positive way and he has no story to tell. Unlike Xena how is telling a redemption story and Gabrielle telling a coming of age story, Joxer is just there. I really worry that in the lack of anything else they'll start telling a romance story about him and Gab (shudder!).

So, Joxer's over abundance in season 3 and contract for season 4 were among the things that drove me away from the show. I imagine that a lot of the early fans have been pushed away by his inclusion as well.

I'm intrigued in Stacey's comments about FF [fan fiction] writers getting complaints about not including him, FF is the only place that's free of him! To me, this tells me that writers are hitting the same problem I mentioned above, i.e. that Joxer doesn't add anything to the story. So, like all good authors, they know that you don't include a character just to have him on screen... Sigh... Wish TPTB would figure that out!

Barron Chugg

Fri, 01 May 1998
Subject: Letters to the Editor: The Joxer Controversy (alternative POV)

I have read the material about whether Joxer should stay or go. I agree that he is an annoying, idiotic character but I see another aspect of him -- the disability subtext. As a disability activist, I look for positive examples of people with disabilities (PWDs) on TV. Joxer for me is one of those positive examples.

To me, Joxer is a person who is an high functioning autistic. He has faculties to live in the world as it is but he also lives in his own world inside his mind. His behavior is governed by the inner world more than from receiving clues from the outer world. And that is what makes him highly annoying. He fails to respond to any social clues given by Gabrielle or Xena.

I am glad that people ARE annoyed with the character. Most characters with mental disabilities are portrayed as objects of pity or objects of rage. Consider the two types usually shown on TV -- the idiot and the psycho. I have yet to hear a HCNB pity Joxer, want to kill him yes, pity or fear no. HCNBs react to Joxer as if he has no disability, which to me is a positive aspect.

Why is Joxer a positive role model for PWDs?

1. He is INDEPENDENT. The writers assume that he is capable of being independent. He manages to earn a living and is less dependent on Xena saving him than is Gabrielle.

2. He is a GOOD CITIZEN. He has a moral life and lives accordingly. What many see as a kidnapping and attempted rape of Gabrielle in FORGET ME NOT, I see a Joxer trying to save Gabrielle. In his mind's world, he believes that he is doing right. In the outer world, he finally realizes what he is doing is wrong, and stops.

3. He has SKILLS. He is a musician and a gambler. He has proficiency in one area. Many people who are high functioning autistics are skilled in one area.

The one issue, I disagree with the writers, was keeping Joxer an ape man at the end of FISH, FEMS, AND GEMS. I think that was cruel. Of course, they and the characters, Xena and Gabrielle, probably were stumped. How do you reach someone who lives inside their mind and regularly disregards clues from the outside world?

I have dealt the disability issue in regards to Joxer in an article in an earlier issue of Whoosh! [Whoosh! #09 (June 1997)]. I plan to revisit the issue in regards to the third season. If anyone wants to discuss this issue with me, feel free to contact me.

Virginia Carper

Fri, 1 May 1998 10:27:06 EDT
Subject: Letters to the Editor

Enough of Joxer! I keep hoping that Joxer being in 13 out of 22 episodes in the 4th season of Xena is a very bad rumor. He is the single most irritating character on TV. I find it hard to believe that the producers of this show are unaware as to how most fans feel about this character. Yes I realize that Ted Raimi is related to one of the producers, but how far can one carry nepotism? Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are perfectly capable of comedy without [Joxer's] appearance. In "Fins, Femmes and Gems," the interaction between Xena and Gabrielle was hilarious and then there was "Joxer the Annoying." I thought the basis for this show was the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. There was so much more that could have been explored between the two but with the constant appearance of Joxer I see doom ahead for Xena: Warrior Princess.

Corrine Santacasa

Mon, 04 May 1998
Subject: Joxer Wars

While I appreciate your reasons for objecting to Joxer, and I tend to agree with them, I think you left out the most important proof of Joxer's love for Gabrielle: that is, his defense of her prior to the drag and drop scene in Bitter Suite, to my mind the most offensive and damaging scene ever to darken the Xenaverse. I don't always object to Joxer's presence but there are times when I wish he would just disappear, like the final scene in 'Forget Me Not', where he intrudes on a very intimate moment between Xena and Gab.

I'm also of the opinion that 22 episodes is definitely overkill. His presence tweaks the subtexters and I believe that's the reason he inspires so much dislike. We have been waiting for a show like this all our lives and just when we expect to see something happen between the ladies up pops Joxer. Perhaps we're becoming a bit too possessive about this show, but it seems that the heteros and the kiddies have enough shows to enjoy, including Hercules.. I sometimes just want to say, rightly or wrongly, just let us have Xena!

Ariadne de la Montagne

Date: 98-05-11 16:02:10
Subj: Response to Joxer Wars Editorial

I just read Stacey Robillard's editorial about the new Joxer wars. She so clearly and eloquently wrote about the current arguments and her own feelings towards the character, that I just wanted to respond. I am a pro-Joxer guy, but like Stacey, I hate to see the conflicts that have arisen lately on the net.

In response to Stacey's first problem about Joxer: the slapstick. In some ways I do and don't agree with her. I agree that for the most part the slapstick Joxer usually performs isn't very funny. But I also believe that the whole "bumbling" thing, at least this year, has been over-blown by Joxer detractors. To be fair, I'm going to list all of the 'bumbling' moments Joxer has had in the second half of the third season, and my general reaction to them.

The Bitter Suite: Joxer falls over the tree root at the end of his song. I was so busy trying to hear if that was really Ted [Raimi] singing that I didn't really notice.

King Con: No physical 'bumbling' moments- I don't consider getting beaten up by a bunch of huge thugs 'bumbling'.

Forget Me Not: Joxer falling over at start of ep- kind of stupid and not funny. Joxer falling out of tree- no reaction at all. (I guess he had to get down some how)

Fins, Femmes, and Gems: Only true 'bumbling' moment was Joxer smashing into the tree.-I have to admit, I laughed.

So if we objectively examine Joxer's appearances, I count 4 'bumbling' moments in 4 eps. And I was scared to death when I heard about the whole 'Ape' thing in FFG. I thought, "oh great, this will give the Joxer detractors even more reason to scream. What are they doing?" But I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the whole ep was brilliant. I really thought that Ted kept just enough 'human' in Attis to make it funny without going over the top. And the 'inside' jokes were priceless- Gab's version of 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' and Attis' hand signal to the fish he rescued (the same hand signal that Ted and others used with the dolphin on 'SeaQuest'). And not to mention the whole 'Zug-zug' thing- it has been YEARS since I last saw the 80's flick 'Caveman', but I immediately recognized that phrase! My point is that at least in FFG, I really don't think you can consider the humor simply as slapstick.

Just my opinion, but I was most angry by the way the end of 'King Con' was written. The whole drawn-out scene where Gab, Rafe, and Eldin were trying to explain to Joxer 'the con'- and the way that Joxer 'just didn't get it.' I don't mind them writing Joxer as clumsy- some people are. But why, in that last scene, did they have to make him so stupid? And it could be considered offensive- just because someone is clumsy, it in no way means that they are not intelligent. And it didn't make sense, either, because if I recall right, in TQIM, he was generally helpful and in some cases even clever.

Now, am I completely happy with what TPTB have done with Joxer this year? Absolutely not. I would also have liked to see more development in his character. IMO the most chance for real character development comes in the dramatic eps. But Joxer has hardly been in the dramatic eps this year, and I think there are two reasons for this. One, the way the season was 'set up' by TPTB this year. I mean, with the whole 'rift', and the completely 'dark' eps like The Debts, TD/GH, MI, and even WIR, I can imagine what the syndicator's said, especially when they saw snips of "The Debt" (Xena standing in front of a line of decapitated heads, Xena smoking a opium pipe). So it seems that TPTB decided to 'divide' the season- 7 or 8 'all-dark' eps, 6-7 'adventure' eps. and 5-6 all comedy eps. It was almost as if there were 3 completely different shows.

This leads to the second reason that Joxer wasn't in many dramatic eps. Four of the 'rift' eps took place outside of Greece! For four weeks they were in Britannia and Chin. So Joxer couldn't even be in those. The result was that Joxer ended up most prevalently in the all-comedy eps, where there is usually little if any character development.

Now as to Stacey's thoughts about subtext. I am not a subtexter, but I think I can understand her fears regarding using Joxer to 'dilute' the subtext. But I have also seen many list posters, including many who are lesbians, say that 'it's not about sex, it's about love.' I can completely respect that, and I am more than willing to admit the deep and fundamental love X and G share- it is one of the show's most enduring features. So I don't really understand how having Joxer around in anyway dilutes that love. Because they're not alone, therefore they couldn't have sex, and somehow that means less subtext? If the love is still there, so will the subtext.

I did have some thoughts about the 'wars' and the current atmosphere in Xenite fandom, overall. I don't know anything about e-mails to altfic writers, but if I knew another pro-Joxer person who was about to do some such thing, I would seriously try to dissuade them. Writing fanfic is a deeply creative and personal thing, and someone who doesn't like Joxer shouldn't be 'coerced' in putting him in. (And there has been a proliferation of some pro-Jox fanfic, and much of it is quite good.) And when I see on the forums or lists people posting blatant 'pro-Joxer' posts, I cringe and say to myself "What are you doing!? The Joxer-haters are going to come down on you like the wrath of God!" But as a pro-Joxer person I think I can understand the frustrations other Joxer fans feel. In many ways this Joxer-fan sometimes feels 'left-out' of the 'hard-core' Xenite fandom.

When I read the most venomous anti-Joxer posts, the attitude I often see presented is 'if you like Joxer, you're not a 'true' fan.' To me it's not the fact that they don't like Joxer. That's fine, and I don't mind that opinion being presented at all. But when they use hostility, sarcasm, ridicule, and contempt to describe the character, whether they realize it or not, they are insulting those who do like him. And then when Ted's deal was announced, Joxer fans had to endure even more hostility. So I kind of disagree with her statement about Joxer fans being 'poor winners.' What have we won? Sure Jox will be in 12-13 eps next year, but if that also means we will see even more demeaning and disheartening posts by vocal anti-Joxer folks, what fun will it be? Part of the appeal of watching the show is participating in the fandom. But if being a Joxer fan next year will mean more of the same, I won't be having much fun.

This leads me to my biggest 'beef' with Joxer-detractors, and I must point out that Stacey fell into the same trap. When anti-Jox folks proclaim that Joxer is "a blatant appeal to the adolescent mind," it is offensive to all Joxer fans. I see this a lot- anti-Jox folks saying that he is there only to get little kids to watch, etc. By making such statements, one is implying that anyone who does like Joxer must have a 'adolescent mind.' (I'm sure Stacey didn't really mean that- right?) As I am a 27 year old finishing graduate school, who likes Joxer, I am more than a little disappointed in such statements. And the sad part is that this has become a common tactic used by anti-Joxerites. To be blunt, I will like whatever I like, for whatever reasons I like it, and it's not for you or anyone else to 'tell' me why I do. It is just as unfair to say that "subtext was put into the show to appeal to lesbians, therefore if you like subtext you MUST be a lesbian." It's not fair to anyone if we start 'arbitrarily' determining what group of fans likes what.

I did want to give some thoughts about why I like the character. I wholly disagree with Stacey's thought that Joxer doesn't have a place in the Xenaverse. And IMO he has a steadily increasingly important role, especially when it comes to Xena's redemption. After this season, between X, G, and J, Joxer is the only one who has NOT acted out of anger, hatred, revenge, or jealousy. He is also the only one who hasn't lost his blood innocence. In other words, he is the only pure 'light' in Xena and Gab's world. And IMO Xena needs to be around as many people that love her and care about her as much as possible- it helps her recapture the humanity she had lost, as was shown in 'The Debts.'

I am anxious to see how they 'resolve' the Joxer-Gabrielle situation. Now I know there won't be a relationship, but I can see some tremendous chances for character development, by both Joxer AND Gab. When will Joxer finally decide to tell Gab how he feels, especially since he's afraid that if she rejects him that he will lose his friendship with her, as well as Xena? (and I think it's clear he treasures his friendship with both). But what will be interesting will be how Gab reacts- especially given the way she has treated him. I don't begrudge her at all, but she might discover that she could have a more 'elevated' relationship with Joxer. He is more than willing to listen and comfort her when she has a problem, or is facing some emotional pain- something that Xena is uncomfortable with and really ineffective at (e.g.: the end scene of WIR).

In short, I find the character fascinating, and I can see plenty of interesting stories TPTB could use him in, if they do it right. We'll just have to wait and see if they do.

Findley K. Boyd III

Sat, 2 May 1998
Subject: Re: Your editorial on Whoosh

As my last act with this particular e-mail address (I am on the NetChannel system and that evil little man, Bill Gates, recently bought the system...and shut it down.), I wanted to comment on Stacey Robillard's editorial regarding the character of Joxer.

Like Stacey, I fall into the "either lesbian or sub-texter" category. I'm not gay, but I love the sub-text between Xena and Gabrielle. Maybe I don't have a "say" in what's up with being overwhelmed by Joxer either. But I've given it some thought.

I actually don't mind Joxer too much...at least, at first. But then, as episodes came and went, I noticed more and more of him, as if he were being shoved down my throat for a reason. When I read on Whoosh! that Ted Raimi was contracted for 22 new episodes, I lost it. I'm beginning to believe that the reason he really is "around" is to somehow appease those who don't like the sub-text or don't believe there is any. God forbid that our two heroines be left alone to possibly engage in any "hanky-panky." So with Joxer around, it is a little "safer" to have our girls engage in their subtle banter. There's a man present. They can't get too carried away.

In light of the heavy episodes we've had this year for Xena, I could almost see using Joxer as a "breather" in-between episodes. But, as you pointed out, there are other male characters in this show that are available as comic relief without the continual "slapstick" we are literally slapped with when Joxer is on the screen. We've seen Xena be totally hysterical without the use of silliness. I find the character funny at times, that is true. But there is a time and a place for Joxer.

Joxer's presence in "Forget Me Not" was a total distraction and a total irritation to me. I would have enjoyed this episode so much better without him in it. He gave the episode a spastic feel and took away from the seriousness that was required. Something that we should have seen but we only got a taste of was a good heart-to-heart talk between Xena and Gabrielle. There as some still unresolved issues between them (Gabrielle's jealousy and Xena's tendency to not take Gabrielle's desires into consideration, among others). Perhaps we'll seem some of this resolved in "Sacrifices." But I'm beginning to think that RenPictures is getting nervous that they have written themselves into "a hole" with the sub-text and aren't sure what "to do" now. But with Joxer around, it is down-played and made to see more "innocent" and "playful" and not what it really is. If they get too blatant, the "right-wingers" will catch a clue and lose their minds.

Ted Raimi has a 22 episode "pay or play" contract. I'm hoping for more "pay" and less "play" or that they'll ship Joxer over to Herc for a while and let HIM deal with him.

Thanks to Stacey for a good thought provoking editorial. I think she made some of the best points about Joxer to date without being "mean spirited" about it. I'm not saying to get rid of Joxer, I'm just asking to see less of him.

Melody Johnson

Mon, 04 May 1998
Subject: Joxer bashing

I think it's cute how you looove to dish the dirt about Xena, but why do you have to be so cruel about Joxer? You even tend to bash his alter-ego, Ted Raimi. I happen to know that Ted is one of the sweetest guys and his character may act a little goofy, but I would rather have a goof who has real emotions and expresses his undying love for Gabrielle, than some blow-hard who dumps her after he's done with her. Because of all the unnecessary Joxer-bashing, I am boycotting Whoosh! and Laura Sue Dean's gossip column [News Gossip Rumors] all together.

Erin G.
Tampa, Florida

Alison Bruce

Fri, 01 May 1998
Subject: Alison Bruce

Thank you for your wonderful interview with Alison Bruce. You expressed exactly why we love the character of Melosa and Alison did such a wonderful job with the role. I'm glad she finally heard how appreciated her work is. I envy you your opportunity to see her in another production. I'm hoping we get to see her again.

Bonnie Fitzpatrick/Dragon Lady

Sat, 02 May 1998
Subject: Alison Bruce

I am writing this to thank you so very much for your: "An Interview With Alison Bruce" Whoosh! - Issue 20 - May 1998 You have absolutely NO idea how thrilled I was to read this!!!

I have been waiting a very long time for something to be written regarding this wonderful actress and you have come to my rescue. I was starving for information and you supplied a full plate for me to devour and enjoy!! I am still hungry, but the hunger pains are much less severe now.

I think Hooves and Harlots is STILL one of my favorite XWP episodes...Alison's portrayal of Queen Melosa was so outstanding and powerful. The idea that Alison/Melosa appeared in only ONE episode, and people are STILL talking about it (and her) just goes to show all...Because of Alison Bruce, Queen Melosa is very much a strong presence that will live on in everyone's hearts, forever...no matter if Velasca "killed" her or not!

Awhile back, I had no idea Alison was in the movie, "The Sinking Of The Rainbow Warrior" [reviewed by Whoosh! in issue #18 (March 1998)]. I was mostly curious about this movie only because I had heard that Lucy was in it. At one point in the movie, I knew there would be no scenes with Lucy, so I started doing something in the kitchen. Then...all of a sudden I heard THAT VOICE!!! My head snapped up, I yelled out, "Oh my God!!! That's Melosa!!!!" Rewind, rewind, rewind!!! Alison, of course, looked much younger (than when I saw her as Queen Melosa) in this movie...but her VOICE is unmistakable!!! Again, for someone that was in only one XWP episode to have this kind of effect on me tells me Alison Bruce is one terrific actress!!!

As far as cyber-space is concerned, I had absolutely NO trouble coming up with a screen name for myself. Queen Melosa may be dead in the Xenaverse but the memory of her still lives on, to this day!!! Also, you have NO idea how thrilled I was to read that there maybe a possibility of Alison doing an episode or two on XWP in the future. It would be wonderful if this could be as Queen Melosa. They say, nothing "dies" in the Xenaverse, but if not as Melosa, ANYTHING TPTB [The Powers That Be] write for Alison would thrill me to no end!


Gina Torres

Thu, 30 Apr 1998
Subject: Your brilliant interviews

I would just like to say I love your interviews on Whoosh! Coincidentally, I was just thinking the other day why you haven't done an interview with Gina Torres? And lo and behold, in the May issue, there it was! Thanks for all the inside scoops on our fave actors. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see Bret in Sacrifice!

Courtney Sorensen

Dinars And More Dinars

Fri, 01 May 1998
Subject: Oh no, more dinars...

Just read your Dinar article on Whoosh! and noticed there was another dinar reference that wasn't mentioned.

In Cradle of Hope, there's a scene where Gabrielle knocks at the door bringing milk for the baby. I don't have the episode on tape anymore but she says something like:

"Okay, but I want you to know that I got some milk for this baby, and it wasn't easy. Did you know there's a reward out for us? Rumour has it's up to 1000 dinars. Heh, I'm tempted to turn myself in..."

Invaluable article, btw!

Erick Wong

Editor Responded:

The dialog is:

Gabrielle: "Gregor agreed to meet with us."

Xena: "Good-- I want to look into this man's eyes. And he's not meeting us-- I'm going alone."

Gabrielle: "But, ah-- Whatever. But I want you to know, I managed to get some milk for this baby, and it wasn't easy. You know, there's a reward out for us? The word has it, it's over a thousand dinars. I'm tempted to turn myself in. What's wrong with Pandora?"

Thanks for catching that. I try to be anal, but sometimes I just miss it.


Marketing Abuse

Fri, 22 May 1998
Subject: Letter to the Editor -- Whoosh

Stop the Abuse!

I hope y'all will bear with me here because I am very disturbed by the use of the "battered" Gabrielle photo in promoting XWP merchandise.

My partner and I, who own and enjoy the first XWP CD, have not purchased The Bitter Suite CD because we were absolutely appalled to find the image of an abused woman being employed to sell this recording.

Think about it -- why would an image of sadism, rage, and battering be an appropriate one for peddling merchandise? Businesses will stick the magazines with the nude pictures behind the counter, but it's okay for kids to enjoy a "fantasy" about beating up and torturing a defenseless woman?

I think our easy acceptance of these kinds of images must stop. There's enough violence in this world, particularly violence against women. That's why my partner and I will not be buying the Bitter Suite CD or the Topps magazine which features that same photo on its cover. That's our personal stand, and although many will disagree with us, we feel strongly enough about this to draw our line in the sand.

I find it incredibly ironic that ROCkers and Gabfans have had to fight tooth and nail to get Gabrielle promotional items, but some merchandisers seem all too eager to use the image of a battered and bloody Gabrielle to sell their wares. It is doubly ironic that this particularly horrible image is the one that is being used to promote TBS items, especially when that episode was supposed to be about love and forgiveness.

I have written to MCA/Universal protesting their use of that image to sell their collectibles, and will also send a letter to Topps. I would encourage anyone who feels the way we do about this issue to speak up, and let the merchandising PTB know that this kind of sick exploitation will not be tolerated.

Kate Maynard

Horses And Gabrielle

Sun, 17 May 1998 15:51:46 -0400
Subject: Xena -- Argo; Gabrielle -- ??

Why is it that Gabrielle does not have her own horse? It seems kind of rough on Argo having to carry both of them. And it seems kind of dumb for one to walk and one to ride. The only time I can recall Gabrielle riding another horse was in Sacrifice part 2 (BTW -- Why didn't Callisto just transport them all to Dahak's Temple?). Keep up the good work --- Whoosh! is the BEST. David E. Milligan

Editor Responded:
Good question! How fortuitous that this month's issue features an article all about Gabrielle and horses! As to your other question, the ways of Callisto are mysterious, and also, she's sometimes not the brightest burning candle.

Kudos To The FAQ

Fri, 15 May 1998
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks so much for all the great info [in the on-line FAQ]. A friend and I will be on a Xena panel next week. I watch the show regularly, but she knows almost nothing about it! Anyway, the info provided on your website will be a great means of cramming for her. Very comprehensive, and easy to read. She'll be happy to know it has something vaguely to do with history! Again, thanks for all your hard work.


Wishful Awarder

Sat, 9 May 1998 13:58:31 -0100
Subject: Hey

Hi, I don't give website awards, but if I did, Whoosh! would get one! Battle On Xena! Bard On Gabrielle! Gallop On Argo!

Sara Brill

Unexpected Spoiler In The Episode Guide

Subject: Whoosh! ep guide Sat, 16 May 1998 23:47:05 -0400

First of all, you are doing an awesome job on the episode guide. But one little thing, please clarify in your spoiler disclaimer that the pages for some eps contain spoilers for other and, more importantly, later episodes. It's not something you would necessarily think of, and reading through comments on "Is there a doctor in the house?" kinda spoiled the end of the season finale for me; it wasn't that unpredictable, but still....


Editor Responded:
A thousand pardons. Sorry about that. I tend to think of the episode guide as a massive spoiler zone. The reaction to the comment about SACRIFICE II in the file for IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE allowed me to realize that many people use the episode guide discriminatingly and do "surgical" visits to the site. I will endeavor to post warnings in past episode guide commentaries about significant spoilers of CURRENT episodes. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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