Whoosh! Issue 41 - February 2000
Letters to the Editor

From: AnvilK
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:02 AM
Subject: LL Editorial

I agree with you. As we know, Ms. Lawless does give considerable time, money and energy to charitable causes and hopefully it has been some boneheaded PR person's oversight that has caused S&S to be ignored rather than LL's indifference. As the only fan-operated, charity group that was created in honor of the show, I don't think it is unreasonable for LL to offer some minimal support, particularly with the overwhelming response already presented by other celebrities.

Does this mean that I won't continue to watch X:WP, or that I will feel ill towards Ms. Lawless if she doesn't participate? No, she may have personal feelings on the matter that I am unaware of, but I do feel it would be an effective, charitable activity that would continue to promote the show and to encourage other people/fan's individual generosity.

I'm glad you addressed the issue and I hope that LL, or her people, will remedy it soon.


From: Marty Grant
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 9:04 PM
Subject: S&S

First of all, I love Whoosh and check your pages often. However, I find it completely reprehensible that you would publicly make these comments about Lucy Lawless and her "need" to donate to S&S. This is something that should have been done privately through her "people". It is none of my business, or anyone elses who Lucy gives to. I'm not knocking S&S in anyway, but to publicly point out that someone has not given to a particular charity, is just wrong.

It seems totally arrogant for you to do this, and I'm embarrassed to have read it. Not for Lucy, but for Whoosh. This is pretty much like extortion and totally out of place for a publication such as Whoosh.

Marty Grant - (Marvin A. Grant Jr)
Kinston, NC

From: Melissa H. Good
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 11:36 AM
Subject: Whoosh Editorial

In regards to your Whoosh editorial regarding the activities of Sword and Staff, I'd like to make several comments.

Firstly - it's my understanding, reading the editorial, that the issue at hand is that the vast majority of the XWP cast and crew (and others) have made available to S and S material to be auctioned for charity by the organization. The issue is not whether or not Lucy Lawless donates time, money or influence to charity. We all know that she does, and her donations have benefitted many groups, and many organizations.

In the issue of Lucy's lack of participation in this, and given the fact that she has shown herself in the past to be a giving, and open person, the question arises in my mind as to whether or not the requests to her for material have been ignored, or is it a case where they have not been made to her?

In either case - I believe the question Whoosh asked is a valid one. Sword and Staff has been well known for a number of years for their good works, and the participation Mist requests from everyone involved is very simple, and very minimal. If Lucy can sign three hundred plaques for Creation to sell for profit, I find it very hard to believe she would grudge a dozen signed glossies to be auctioned off to save the rainforest, or protect baby seals, or help unfortunate children, or any of the other beneficiaries of the S and S program. That does not make sense to me.

For those who are outraged that Whoosh would dare pose this question - I would remind people that Lucy Lawless is a public person. She lives her life in the spotlight, much as that probably often troubles her, and I'm confident that she is more than capable of dismissing, clarifying, or ignoring this subject as she sees fit.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of my participation in the Xenaverse. I also get a bit of notoriety at the same time, and I have always felt that it was my responsibility to use what small visibility I do have in furthering the cause of the greater good. Does that mean I feel obligated to donate whatever I can for Mist's fanfic auctions? Yup, for what good it does, I do. So do I feel that the cast and crew of XWP should do the same? I know it's an unpopular viewpoint, but yup - I sure do feel that way. They probably don't. The majority of the Xenaverse probably doesn't - but that's why we're all individuals, with our own opinions.

Just like Kym has hers.

As for me personally - having seen first hand the frustration Mist has to endure simply trying to obtain material so that she can do her good works, I can understand how, over the course of four years, this shared frustration from those inside the organizations could build to the point where it comes out in an editorial like the one Kym wrote.

From: xena
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 9:07 PM
Subject: Sword & Staff Editorial

Shame on you! If you have a problem with LL not donating something to Sword & Staff take it up with her personally or with her publicist. I am embarrassed by your comments and hope that LL never sees your comments. I believe giving to charity is a personal issue and should remain confidential. By making this information public you are hurting everyone. Why should anyone feel they have to contribute? This is no different then the way United Way is handled by large corporations in the U.S. Supervisors meet with employees regarding how much they will deduct from their paychecks. Anyone that pressures me for a contribution can forget it. Contributions come from the heart and frankly if I were Lucy Lawless, I'd tell you to go take a leap off a cliff. Did you actually think about this editorial before you placed it on the website to be viewed by the entire Xenaverse? I am a devoted fan and what LL decides to do with her time and money is her business. The mere fact she signed on for another year is enough for me. She gives 110% for us. She has her own charities and gives so much of her time for appearances. My God, the woman was pregnant for 9 months during 1999 and she worked 12 hours a day to make a TV show, raise a daughter, spend time with her husband and make personal appearances....isn't that enough to ask of a person? Give her a break. Sword and Staff needs to think about making that list confidential for this very reason. As you can see you greatly offended many Xenites. I hope you will apologize personally to Lucy for your negative and inappropriate comments. In the very near future there won't be anymore Xena....then who will you find to pick on?

Wendy Zamutt
San Diego, CA

From: Shelley Sullivan
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:34 PM

Re: Your editorial "WHERE'S LUCY LAWLESS" (January, 2000)

I read your editorial with great interest and applaud your decision to write about an issue so potentially explosive. When the year end report of Sword and Staff was released, I, too, noticed the absence of Lucy Lawless from the list of cast and guest star donations and wondered about it from the perspective of someone who is a fan of the show without particularly being also a fan of the individuals who make up cast and crew.

I have no doubt that this editorial is going to be a contentious issue for on-line fandom. Some will perceive it as an attack on Lucy Lawless herself, although I certainly did not (and a perusal of 39 previously published issues will show that WHOOSH has no history of "attacking" Ms. Lawless). Some will perceive it as what I took it to be: asking a question based on a fact and hoping for an answer.

You make an excellent point concerning the behind the scenes people who manage the "outside world" liason, in this case, Creation. Possibly they are the "evil power" blocking any attempt to address questions and requests specifically relating to Sword and Staff, perhaps not...we don't know, and that's the crux of the matter. But if questions are never asked, then even the possibility of answers is nil.

Obviously there's no requirement to provide an answer, but the Editor isn't required to refrain from asking a question, either. That's the heart of the issue for me, the right to ask the question. Congratulations on doing that.

Not that this should particularly be an issue, but I do contribute to WHOOSH, I am not affiliated with Sword and Staff in any way, and I do not purchase merchandise, attend conventions or belong to any fan club, in or out of the entertainment industry.

Shelley Sullivan

From: SMCVal
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 9:22 PM
Subject: WOW

First off, please excuse me if my thoughts ramble....I just completed working a double shift during New Years and I am just a "tad" bit tired. I decided before I went to sleep, I would check the WHOOSH site (I have not had a chance to view it on a regular basis, but that is not an excuse, just an explanation) I can understand the "wrath" of your editorial "Where is Lucy Lawless?", however, my parents always taught me to give a person the "benif of doubt" whenever you accuse someone of something. NOW, I am not saying that MS Lawless was negligent on giving a contribution to the SWORD AND STAFF, but MAYBE there was a reasonable explanation for her lack of participation in this years fund raising. Speaking from personal experience, this past year has been hell for me and my family. My only brother was told he had a brain tumor and that he and his wife of 12 years were expecting their first child. Hey I am not a television celebrity like MS Lawless, but maybe, just maybe, some event occurred in her personal life, that over shadowed her television life for the moment. I seem to recall that she and her husband just had a son, maybe his birth was more important than a fund raising event at the time. Now, please try to understand, I realize that MS Lawless is expected to "do the right" thing, sometimes events arise that have taken precedent over the "public." I am sure that MS Lawless will rise to the occasion the next time something comes up. I just wanted to say that maybe someone has a reason for not participating in an event. Just give the person the "benefit of doubt." Have a good new year!

As always,

From: Ampsca
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 10:08 PM
Subject: Very Poor Taste

I must say you have shown very poor taste in this editorial. How dare you accuse someone of not contributing to your organization. What someone does with their money is their business not yours.

You have just lost a reader.

You should be ashamed of yourself because there are many that are.

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