Whoosh! Issue 41 - February 2000
Letters to the Editor

From: Kath Halloran
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 2:37 AM
Subject: For the record

...I liked your editorial.


From: Christopher Mikel
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:58 PM
Subject: Lucy Lawless

I just read your Editorial on the Whoosh! website. When you criticize Lucy for not contributing to the Sword & Staff, can I assume you spoke with her (or her staff) to find out *why* she didn't contribute?

There are lots of reasons she may not have contributed, and not just because she's a poor sport. Lucy may have religious convictions preventing her from contributing to a charity; she may have inside info that leads her to believe the charity is corrupt; she may have told her staff to contribute something and it was her staff who "dropped the ball." There are lots of possible reasons.

Lucy didn't donate something...that fact *in and of itself* doesn't mean anything. It would be a mark of good journalism on your part to find out WHY she didn't donate. Until that reason comes to light I see no reason to condemn her for her actions (your actions on the other hand are a different story).

Unfortunately what you wrote is an Editorial and, by definition, is an opinion. As much as I may doubt your jounalistic integrity, you have a right to your opinion.

Christopher Mikel

From: Fran Heckrotte
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:33 AM
Subject: Your Editorial

I just read your editorial and am rather amazed at the attack on Ms. Lawless. Are you a Sword and Staff member and thus representing them or an outsider who feels the urge to do battle on their behalf. If you are a member of their staff, why not identify yourself as such. If you are not then unless you have been asked to "take up the sword" on their behalf, you sound more like a disgruntled harpy. Whether Ms. Lawless contributes to Sword and Staff or any other charitable organization is her own personal business. She is under NO obligation to any group to justify herself. Her fans have created the different webbsites and organizations to honor her and the other members of the program, Xena... NOT to make her feel obligated to reciprocate in some way. The time you spent checking into who did or did not contribute to Sword and Staff would have been better utilized doing charitable work yourself. The fact that you apparently have some bone to chew seems pretty obvious. It was my belief that Whoosh was a creditable webbsite for obtaining information and reading reviews about the episodes of Xena, Hercules, etc.. To have used your position with Whoosh to personally attack an individual whose private life is none of yours or anyone elses business devalues everything that Whoosh previously stood for. What a shame your editorial came off more like a disgruntled beancounter rather than an objective editor.

Fran Heckrotte

From: John Vasser
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 9:49 AM
Subject: your editorial on Lawless

How do you know she hasn't contributed annonymously? I would in her place since any amount or type of contribution would be criticised as not enough.


From: Charmer
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 6:38 AM
Subject: Letter as requested - kill the bastards!

The Whoosh! editorial got the year off to a noisy start. It's a pity that some chose to interpret it as a personal attack on Lucy Lawless, since it did not contain anything of the sort. Whoosh! did not say or imply that Lucy Lawless is not generous with her time or resources.

The Whoosh! editorial drew attention to the grip that commercial interests have on the relationship between the star of X:WP and the show's fans. Lucy Lawless is represented by Creation, a company which exists to make profit out of fandom. The interests of such a commercial organisation do not necessarily coincide with the fans' or the actor's interests. E.g., it does not look good when a fan charity is repeatedly turned down or ignored by Lucy's representatives, yet day after day Lucy's autographs, signed press-kits etc. are hawked on eBay to line those same representatives' pockets. At best this looks like a conflict of interests, at worst it looks as though Creation locks the door on a charity which might 'compete' with its own profit-making enterprise. Whether Lucy herself knows about it is another matter.

Perhaps the people who have thrown up a smokescreen with unfounded charges of 'personal attacks on Lucy' are content with the commercialization of fandom at the expense of its traditional charitable ethos.

(And perhaps they are happy to act as creditors when asked for money months in advance for merchandise and convention tickets, even when the merchandise arrives late (or faulty) and the promised preferential seating doesn't materialize.)

Or perhaps they just need to read editorials more carefully.


From: Jeff
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 11:21 PM
Subject: Disappointed...

Until recently I've had the utmost respect for you and your site but your Dec 25th attack on Lucy for not contributing to Sword and Staff was a major blow to your credibility.

OK, she didn't contribute to S&S but look at all the other things she did give to... not to mention her attention was probably just a little focused on the new child...

As Mary D says, there have been enough unwarranted attacks on all the show's stars, we need to cut them some slack...

I still enjoy reading the articles and visiting your site, just please be a little more considerate in the future.


From: M Lynch
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:50 AM
Subject: Your Editorial...A reply

I am not a member of S & S, or any other charitable organisation. I am not an "official" anybody.

I do not have the funds to contribute to any organisation, Xena related or not, and I can't afford to buy merchandise or attend conventions. I am merely one of the millions of nameless, faceless fans of a particular TV show. I do however, take exception to your editorial regarding Lucy Lawless. I am not an obsessed fan of Ms Lawless, and I have absolutely no affiliation with the production team, I just simply like the show.

Let's look at some facts here. You have stated you feel Ms Lawless should make some kind of contribution, be it great or small to the S&S organization. My question...why?

I recall reading a statement she made a couple of years ago showing her appreciation that "someone is willing to get off their bums and do something for another human being."

The fact she puts in a twelve to fourteen hour workday, five or six days a week, engaging in so much physical activity, it would make a construction worker cringe, apparently doesn't matter. The fact she has donated her time to other organisations, even when she may have been too exhausted to care, apparently isn't important either. Isn't it enough that she shows up for work every day and puts every part of her soul into her work? How many other actors/actresses have made appearances on talk shows, in character costume, just to the fans could see her as "the character" and not herself, only to suffer a devastating injury, that could have possibly ended her career, let alone the show? And how many other actors have pulled the "I'm so great/give me a whopping raise or I'll quit" routine? I don't hear Ms Lawless doing that.

This woman has a life and family of her own. She is not royalty, or a living god. She is simply an actress who happens to be on a very successful show. When Xena is over and done with, do you think those you have named as contributors to S&S will still be involved? I doubt it.

Should Ms Lawless ever decide to make a contribution to this "fan sponsored" organisation, that will be great. Personally I think what she has done so far fo other organisations has been just fine. Of course, another question I would have, has anyone actually ever *asked* Ms Lawless if she would be willing to make a contribution of some kind to S&S? Being a celebrity carries responsibilities as well as rewards. We all know, she is well aware of this. It is also a well known fact that no matter what a celebrity does, or who they do it for, it is never enough for some.

M Lynch

From: Joh Nichols
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 11:25 AM
Subject: editorial

I have to disagree with re: Lucy's non-involvement with Sword & Staff. I feel you are goading her to get involved against her will. I stand with Lucy on this one. I won't be forced to do anything for anyone - even a charity! Personally, I would contribute to those charities I have done so with in the past and not want any form of recognition for it...

You owe Lucy an apology - BIG TIME!

Thanks for listening,

From: ian price
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 9:31 AM
Subject: note of support

i regulary visit whoosh, i have gained and learned so much from yourself,the other writers and the whoosh site in general. i'm sure your getting a bagfull of mail now,after questioning Mrs Tapert's credentials,i like her,but don't follow her blindly,that honour goes to Miss O'Connor.

Just want to say i think you made valid point's,i will still visit whoosh,and now more than ever respect your views. thanks for your contribution,and long may it continue,

Ian price,

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