Whoosh! Issue Fifty - Five April 2001

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Armageddon For The Xenaverse In Pasadena
By Philip Tracy(philt53@home.com)
Lao Madonna: Ray Of Light And Its Influence On Seasons Four And Five Of Xena: Warrior Princess
By Alice Palumbo(SusannaMoodie@excite.com)
The Use Of Cliche In Alternative Fan Fiction With A Focus On Xena
By Katia Davis (katiamdavis@gmx.net)
Memo To Robert Tapert And Company: Unsolicited Advice From Armchair Critics
By Kate Goodman (KateG@aol.com) and Spring Nguyen (SpriNguyen@aol.com
Mything In Action: Re-Envisioning Male Myth/History In The Xenaverse
By Sandra Falero (Xenagrrly@aol.com)
The Greater Love Transcends "Text"
By Jackie Henry(jhenry@cafes.net)
Xena As Heiress Of Anacharsis: Her Route To Immortality
By Edward P. Rich(mapman@ecsis.net)