Whoosh! Issue 58 - July 2001
Letters to the Editor

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Group Therapy #001-017


From: Cherbear
Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2001
Subject: Letter to the Editor Help!

I feel compelled to express my deep and soulful PANIC that I cannot find any solid listings that are consistent from one TV listing site to another for Xena. Now, you may think, "Is she brain-damaged?" and my response would be "possibly." However, I consider myself to be a fairly normal average Xena viewer and I am in need of some assistance. Let's start at the beginning......

A long time ago in this very galaxy and on this very planet, I witnessed the birth of one of the most remarkable TV series ever to play through the invisible airwaves. Yes, Xena, the Warrior Princess... "forged in the heat of battle...her courage will change the world." And indeed it has changed my world. I remember when Gabrielle hugged Xena and told her that she wasn't alone and that was it, the moment where the magic began. That connection has held my attention and love for six years, through many highs and lows in my own life. I tuned in to see what was happening to these dear beloved heroines, these divine female archetypes of the Goddess, these two simple human beings that are soulmates. And I gained courage. Story telling is such a powerful human inspiration. Long live the bards, who inspire us with the hero's journey, the search for self and liberation!!!

Even through Gabrielle's year of hell, I was faithful, loyal and taped every episode to watch again and again, for subtleties, the raising of an eyebrow, the soulful and deep looks of true love. I was never into the subtext about the sex, however, in respect for the fans who were, I have no argument. I feel I share a common bond with everyone who has been touched by this show. For me, it was about the bond, the unconditional love and devotion, the expression of this power in the human form, with the rages and heartaches that become the challenges to remind us of how powerful the love really is.

In a very real sense, these two characters and the other characters of the mythology of Xena, really do exist in the hearts and psyche's of many people. They exist in the same way that love exists, intangibly. None of us could ever really reach out and touch Xena or Gabrielle, so the next best thing is to touch those who give them life (directly), Lucy and Renee. And let's not forget Callisto, Aries, Joxer, Aphrodite, Hercules, Iolaus, and the rest. I know many of you have gone to Cons and met them or seen them and I am happy for you that you have had that experience, as I have not. I believe that Lucy and Renee are people with the same depth of qualities as Xena and Gabrielle, because if they were not, they could not have portrayed that love visibly onscreen. They are tremendous actresses in my book and I look forward to all of their upcoming projects.

As so many people have said before, I would like to say again, how deeply grateful I am to have seen this show and "known" these characters. I don't consider myself a hard-core nutball, as the desire to watch the same show repeatedly has faded over the years, however who knows what will happen now that it is gone. I simply just love the show and I thank everyone that has made it possible, from the producers, writers, all the way to the people who feed the actors and actresses and empty the garbage. WOW!!! Now, having said that, let me tell you when my weeks of hell began....

Two weeks ago, I was at a friends house with a big TV to see my favorite show and nine o'clock rolled around, we had the tape ready (I had practiced recording on a new system earlier to make sure that there would be no screw-ups). And imagine my incredulous disbelief, when to my alarm and deep disdain, the TV station that had shown Xena at nine on Sunday nights for the entire season, played FRAZIER!!!!(not enough fight scenes, although a good show, but NOT XENA).

I noticed my blood pressure rising and my heart sinking, as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. HOW DARE THEY just cease to show Xena without any prior notice. See, I don't have cable at home either because of my rural location. So, on Monday I calmly called the station to find out the airing schedule (the old attract more bees with honey saying). To make a long story short, they decided not to air Xena on that station, but to air it on a sister WB station, that I (coincidentally) don't get. However, you know that they just might get around to airing it (oh whenever) around the 16th of June (the series finale back to back Friend in Need I and II, or so they said).

So, last week for the third to last ep, Soul Possession, a different friend, with some kind of bizarre technical wizardry TV/VCR set up, let me use her TV, only that didn't work (this is a don't ask, don't tell situation). Suffice to say, UNGOOD. And missed the ep. I told myself, "I will be ready for battle when the finale comes around." And I thought I was prepared. I have a friend who is ready and willing to watch the listings for the next several hours if necessary today. THIS is because all of the sites that I have gone to for simple information about the Xena airing schedule are in conflict with one another and I have no faith in their validity at this point. AND I really want to see the last three shows in the history of the Xena mythology that has been a part of my life for six long years. I am going to do everything I can to locate and tape the eps, but alas, so far, my efforts have failed. It is almost comical (in a sick dark kind of way) how horrible these last three weeks of the series have been for me in terms of my Xena. Up until now, I have never had a problem finding Xena or the listings. I was preparing myself this week to see the ending and to accept whatever fate was decided for my two heroines and their friends and enemies. I need some closure on this. If I can't find these eps, can someone please tell me where to get them or send me copies. I take my own Xena "addiction" with a sense of humor, being a rational person, however, I really feel the need to see the end. And I will cry without shame if I can't.

Thank you!!


From: Xena
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2001
Subject: Letter to the Editor

I read the synopsis for the last 2 episodes of Xena Warrior Princess. I'm sorry I read the synopsis and even more sorry for the writers. At this point I'm thinking about boycotting the last episodes which air together as a 2 hour film next weekend. I feel like I lost my best friend. The killing of Xena was totally unnecessary and even worse the way she was killed is UNACCEPTABLE. We have far too much violence in our society. Children killing other children in schools. Fired employees that return to the workplace and kill for revenge. And Lucy herself has taken a stand against violence by raising money for children abused in New Zealand. So it is beyond me how her own husband, the man she sleeps with, could actually write down the words on paper that ultimately kills his wife's character he created. Rob Tapert you are a SICK man. It was bad enough that you killed off Xena but the way you had her killed is unacceptable. You had her beheaded and hung upside down. Her head hung like a trophy. Please. That is SICK. With all the violence in the world the last place I want to see it is on my favorite television program. I'm glad the major cities decided to air the last 2 episodes at night...when most children will hopefully be asleep. I personally feel heartbroken and sickened by this last episode. I will watch "When Fates Collide" and "Many Happy Returns" as my last episodes because both ended the way the series should have ended. Xena Warrior Princess is about love, friendship and the greater good....there was nothing good or great about your ending Mr. Tapert. I hope you sleep well at night. I won't for a very long time. 132 great episodes only to be ruined by the last 2. You BLEW IT! May Xena rest in peace.



From: Alyssa Taylor
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001
Subject: Xena ender

i read what the ending is about. it airs sat. here. i feel like we got cheated. what i mean is Gabrielle needs Xena mortal with her to talk to feel to share to hug etc. not a form of a ghost. so what if the souls that had been set free, and their deaths were going to be avenged. well i feel that no matter what Xena wanted Gabrielle should have done the opposite because Xena would have looked at the legacy episode. Gabrielle wanted them to kill her, but Xena went with what she wanted to do. i just think that they could have fought whoever or whatever and then won, no matter how hurt they got. remember Xena kept saying she has many skills.


From: Joh Nichols
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001
Subject: Xena Finale!

I feel a real sense of loss, like someone close to me actually died. I feel great disappointment in how this "love story" ended - Xena and Gabrielle are two people who deserved to live happily ever after... Ever your faithful Xenite, shocked and in mourning,

Joh Nichols


Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001
Subject: Series Ender

I felt like someone stuck a knife in my gut and twisted it.---that is how I felt and still do. The season ender made a mockery out of everything the show stood for, totally overlooking the changes in the characters and reverting to an ending that would have been acceptable perhaps in season 3 but not as a series ender. It was the cruelest thing I have ever seen a show do to its fans. But I have learned a lesson--never get sucked in to a show again--it is just far too painful, because you see in the end the fans do not matter. I lined their wallets and now they are finished with me.


From: Christine Marie West
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001

I met a "Xena" buddy on the internet and like millions of other scenarios it goes something like this: We were fighting for a seventh season of "XENA". For six years we watched this show and we were affected by it. What started out as a "campy" romp in ancient Greece with (whatever were they thinking?) warrior women ended up as a weekly obsession that we couldn't get enough of. As the fandom grew so did the stories. We were treated to no less than the very best computer wizardry, lush scenery, gorgeous music and some very ambitious story lines that pushed the boundaries like no other TV show has done in the history of television. But the very best , the absolute best part were the two main leads and the fantastic actresses that portrayed them. No prima donnas here but two down-to-earth earthy type gals whose character development rivals the imagination. We watched them season by season meet obstacles and challenges and handle them with courage, love and yes, sometimes hatred. We hoped that the outcome would always be positive and that their friendship would endure whatever happened to them. No matter what, we were never really disappointed. How many times my "Xena" buddy and I would talk about how we would handle our own challenges. Our heroes, Xena & Gabrielle were an inspiration. Deep in our hearts we aspired to be like these two women. We talked about how age, gender and past experiences didn't really matter because our role models were timeless. They were there for us, week after week when we needed them.

The scenario stays the same: My last e-mail to my "Xena" buddy is one of disbelief. I haven't even heard from her yet because I suspect she's in a state of shock. I expressed my emotional pain at the unbelievable ending; the undesired ending. Logically I know that Xena had to die to atone for her heinous past misdeeds. It was the only path to redemption. Emotionally it is unacceptable because like Gabrielle, I don't care about her past. I just care about her and I ask the question: "Who will take care of Gabrielle?" They are a team for crying out loud! One can't be dead and one alive. Either both alive or both dead but together. After all, it was a love story; perhaps one of the most classic for its time. Gabrielle is all alone, now and they will never ride off into the sunset together. Xena and Gabrielle will never live out their lives in peace. This is the finality to it. Even a movie will not redeem this terrible ending.

Like all fans everywhere we are in mourning.


From: Theresa L. Gray
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: Xena Ending

What a horribly cruel ending. Have we not suffered enough knowing there would be no season 7. I thought Rob Tapert said the ending would be entertaining. It was not entertaining to me-it was torture! The only way to make amends to the fans for this one is to produce a movie in which the 40,000 souls forgive Xena and give her BACK to Gabrielle. I was extremely disappointed!


From: BJ
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: Xena ending

I personally think it was true cop out on Rob Taperts part. I think because it was ending and he got the money out of it he wanted he really didn't care about the fans. He wrote what he wanted to and the fans just could go to hell. I am truly disappointed in a man that I used to respect. All I can say is Rob Tapert has lost all respect from me. I truly don't care whether he makes another successful T.V Show again.


From: Karen
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: Xena ending

I think the ending for Xena was absolutely the pits. I feel like it was an absolute insult to the fans. Whoever came up with that idea isn't so bright. It has really dampened my whole feeling about the meaning of the show. All I can say is you Xena Warrior Princess producers can take your show and shove it.


From: Amy Murphy
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001
Subject: Tribute

You see, in this world and time, women have little strength. We live in a world where our opinion holds no value, and when we do speak it we are bitches or on the rag. If we are not in shape like the set standards we are less human, with no feelings. The set standard is too high where we starve, cut, tug, and suck our bodies back into shape. If we look too pretty, then we are asking for rape. We work just as hard for less pay. We cook, clean, work, raise the children and more then half are going it all solo. Women are the only group to be truly oppressed to this very day. We are fed a role model named Barbie, an anorexic, blonde bimbo with an IQ of a pickle. Everything made is for man, but women gave birth to man.

So where is our hero?

Who can we look up to? How can women teach their daughters strength and courage when there is so little to offer out there? When we know that no matter how strong we encourage her to be, at birth the weight of life is on her shoulders. Was Xena a lesbian icon? To some, yes. Many places and even writers of the show used that as the punch line. It just shows how narrow minded the world really is. Xena wasn't about any sexual preference. OK I grant you, there was a bunch of women running around in leather doing the outrageous, but then if you think only that, you miss the point. In my eyes, the show, Xena Warrior Princess meant a grand sisterhood. The young had an opportunity to look and see a strong female hero, so rare in this TV world. Yes, there are the Buffy's, Dark Angel knock offs, but none can compare to Xena.

We older women could let the young girl out to play with her hero, even if it was just an hour once a week. It was a joy to see Lucy and Renee share something more than acting. They showed us this bond you could feel while watching. For all of this, my inner child, hell even my older woman is truly grateful. There will be nothing ever like this again, sort of like a Michael Jordan of a show. Something will come close, but not quite.

I know all good things come to an end. I'm very happy it's going out on a true high note. I wish Lucy and Renee the best of all. The whole cast. With a tears in my eyes, I say thank you for my heroes, they'll be in my heart until my last breath.~


From: skoverton

Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001

I was upset when they said they were ending Xena but there were 22 episodes to watch and rob could maybe lighten it by giving the fans a great year and it had it's ups and downs but the last episode I thought would go out on a happy note Xena and Gabrielle would walk off into the sunset together ready for another battle like Hercules ended. Instead the stab in your heart with a far from happy ending I find it hard to believe Xena would die and leave Gabrielle alone, all the times she has saved her or has come back to life for her because she saw how much pain gab was in without her, there is no happiness or love in either of there lives without each other we saw that in when fates collide why would rob show use that and then expect us to be happy when it ended the way it did. The episode did have its good points and did give you hope clear up to the last minute. I have been a fan since I was 9 years old I practically grew up watching Xena I have learned to be an independent woman and fight for what I believe in she has been very inspiring and have both been role models especially Gabrielle when they cried I cried, and I think rob should give us something to hold on too to know that they are happy and together, emphasis on the word HAPPY, but it is Rob's creation and vision but I think it could have been both those things and gabby still could have brought Xena back. All I have to say is in my opinion the series ender SUCKED!!!! I think there needs to be a movie in the near future that something happens that gab needs xenas help and she comes back to life and then they rid of on argo2 into the sunset together, if Lucy and Renee` both agree to it.


From: SH
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: Series Ender

What leaves a particularly sour taste in my mouth is that the ending is founded on the morally repugnant premise that the souls of those who have been murdered cannot be at peace unless their death is avenged. Revenge is one of the most base and ignoble of motives, and the idea that blood cries out for vengeance has, during the course of history, generated more evil than can possibly be imagined. What would Gabrielle—or Eli--think about this? “That’s not right!” Indeed it is not.

For that matter, I cannot bring myself to believe that Xena was morally responsible for the deaths of all of the 40,000 people who perished in the conflagration. Surely, in most individual cases, there would have been an independent intervening event, not reasonably foreseeable, that would have been the efficient, proximate cause of the tragedy.

Given that it was necessary for the series to end with Xena’s death—and I can see good reasons why this should have been the case—it strikes me that it would have been possible to bring it about in a way that did not leave the enterprise ethically bankrupt. As it is, they let the side down, and I find that disappointing.


From: Janet
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: Xena's End..

I have watched Xena since the very beginning and love everything about the show. I have always read the synopsis you have posted, about the episodes, and have enjoyed it alot. Since you are a week ahead of me on episodes, were I live. I can never wait to see what will happen on the next episode. So I read your synopsis. As part 1 of the season finale showed here this last weekend, I again could not wait to see what was to happen. Little did I know when I clicked on the synopsis, that my heart would ache so much. To read that Xena would die and never come back. The pain in my heart is so overwhelming for me to take. And I only read about the ending. I don't know how I will take it actually seeing the ending, now. I mourn for Gabrielle's lose of her friend and for Xena not coming back to life. This has been so very hard for me the last few days, to try and understand the reasons Xena had to stay dead. I signed off your page with great sorrow, swearing never to return to it. [Hey! Don't take it out on us! -Ed.] Anger had set in and I needed therapy to deal with the lost of Xena. Then my daughter told me to go back and see if anyone else felt as I did. So I did so last night and found there was. And that you set up a group therapy issue for us fans, who were gonna need it to over come the grief of losing Xena. [Whew! We almost lost you, there. -Ed.] I thank you so much for this. It is very hard for me to write to anyone about this cause I am fairly new to this internet thing. I have over the years have always read Whoosh, but to write was another matter. But as I said I feel so many emotions about the lost of Xena. And never have I felt this way before about another character on TV. I don't like the ending of Xena, even if it is a beautiful story. The grief is so overwhelming it is hard for me to except that Xena will be dead and Gabrielle will be alone. I have tried for days to write what I feel, to deal with these feelings only to find it really isn't helping me much. I saw Lucy on TV today, saying don't believe all the rumors you hear about the ending, but that will be real hard when the one rumor is Xena will be killed off. When in fact that rumor is real. How could R.T. do this to all the fans out there? Did he not know it would cause some of us great pain? The repeated question in my head is WHY? Why did Xena have to die and leave Gabrielle alone. I understood the show had to come to and end but to kill Xena off never to return to us or Gabrielle is another thing. If there had been another season to fix this killing then I know I could of handle this ending. But with no more it now seems hopeless to me and that is the greatest pain, I feel. Xena had been forgiven so many times before for the past sins and this time she wasn't redeemed and I frankly want to understand why not. I hated the disclaimer, as it is so final. I agree with Shelley and Ariana about their take on the last episode. And like Shana I'm gonna go scream alot in fact until I can make the pain go away. But inside I know this won't help me much. RT needs to redeemed himself with the fans by fixing this horrible ending. How could he do this to all the loyal fans out there. It's like he put a sword through our hearts. Its so unbearable. As I have said I've only read about the ending and not seen it as of yet. God only knows how I will feel then. This was not the ending I had wanted for Xena and Gabrielle. Anything else would of been better than this ending. Disappointed doesn't come close for what I feel, about the ending. Where can I go to see the other fans remarks about the ending? I need to feel that I am not alone on this matter, and maybe I too can now write to them on the issue. Thanks for listening to this heart broken fan, and I only hope that I have expressed my feelings without sounding like a nut case. Then again after the ending episode I will be a nut case. I wasn't sure where or to whom I should write to, so I picked you. Aren't you lucky. [Actually, we are! We are sincerely honored to have so many people want to share their observations, feelings, anger, joy, confusion, etc. with us. -Ed.] Thank you for being there all these years for us fans, your site has been a joy for me to read. I am sure you'll hear from me again after I see the end episode.



From: Andreas Brüngger
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: The group therapy issue

Please forgive my imperfect english, but it's not my mother language.

I loved the show XWP since the beginning five years ago here in central Europe and in all the time I didn't see any episode, that I really disliked. My favorite episode is "Ides of March" and I even accepted the most controversial Gab-drag, because it made the following reconciliation between Xena and Gabrielle even more important. I say that to show you that I don't have a general problem with dark and violent episodes.

Although I did not see "Friend in Need" myself yet and it will probably take almost a year till it's showed here, I got really shocked from the synopsis, the screengrabs and the posted fan reactions on different forums. The brutal killing of Xena by the hand of a no-name warrior, her dying alone, the irreverent and disgusting treatment of her corpse, the incredible and ridiculous argument why she could not return to life, and last but not least the depressing last picture of Gabrielle standing alone with the ashes of Xena was more than I could tolerate.

This destroyed not only physically Xena but also much of her character, that has been build up in the last years and the relationship to Gabrielle, who is left alone. No matter what has been said before, the last picture is Gabrielle alone! That's the big difference to "Ides of March". For me "Friend in Need" is a bad episode, a terrible season ender and as end of the whole series really catastrophic.

I do grant Robert Tapert the freedom to make the show he wants. But for me freedom must always be combined with responsibility and respect for other people. If not freedom degenerates to selfishness and recklessness. By making the end of the series like he did, he deliberately hurt the feelings of thousands of fans severely. Was that justified to get an "defiant" ending. In my opinion the answer is clearly NO.

I had the feeling that the show not only promoted such things as friendship and the care for others, but that the creators and actors behind this show shared these ideas. This seems to have been an illusion. At least Robert Taper but also Lucy Lawless, who certainly would have been able to change this, didn't care about the pain inflicted to the fans. For me this is the real tragedy of "Friend in Need".

I am not angry, even if you might have this impression, but disappointed and sad. And I am truly sorry for Robert Tapert and Lucy Lawless, because much of what they created in the last years has been destroyed. I am still grateful to them for what they did in 5.9 seasons of Xena, but I pity them for the loss of respect and esteem of so many fans.

Disclaimer Friend in Need part 2:

The respect and esteem for Robert Tapert and Lucy Lawless was harmed during the production of this motion picture.


From: Liz Kurtz
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: The end of Xena

This is what I thought of the end of Xena.

I was in France for the 2 final episodes. I came back to the shows, I had taped them. A few days after my return, I got a call from a friend and she, for what-ever reason, told me Xena had died.

My heart sank 1000 feet. I went to Whoosh and speed-read the episodes. In other words, enough to give me an idea of the plot but not enough to give it away. I did read the end of part 2 and I'll tell you..I WILL NEVER WATCH THESE EPISODES!!!

It breaks my heart that the only ending the writers could come up with was for Xena to spend the rest of eternity as a spook hanging over Gabrielle's shoulder and for both of them to feel the ache of a love that can no longer be. And what if Gabrielle meets someone else? Won't she feel a tad odd knowing Xena is there?

All that aside, if you feel I misread the synopsis then know this, I know they killed Xena off.

Whether it was in a blaze of glory or not, she's dead!! There were other ways to do this final episode and I prayed that having her die was not going to be the way! But they did and I can't imagine I'll ever be able to watch the final death!! The final end. The final good-bye. Hercules' ending was top notch and happy. You know he is still fighting somewhere in that fantasy realm. I'm so disappointed. The writers sure could have done better!!

With Regret! Liz Kurtz


From: Dmitri Bichko
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: series ender

How did the final episode make me feel?

First it made me feel disinterested, then it made me feel like going and watching something out of season two, say "Destiny", "The Quest" or "A Day in the Life"... which I did.

I didn't actually see the series ender (might do when it airs here), but I did read enough of the synopsis to know what went on, i.e. same old routine. Personally, I can't pin down the specific point when the show ended, but that end started sometime in season three, and was definitely over by season four. At that point the amazing beginning had degenerated down into a grotesque combination of pointless, silly and unfunny "comedy" and a tiresome, artless regurgitation of the same old, formulaic stories for the "drama/action" side of it; badly executed at that. Add to that the downright mockery of the characters I've grown so fond of, and you can see why I haven't watched much of it in the last couple of years.

To sum up: the creators of the series finale failed to make me feel much, as I've stopped taking them seriously quite some time ago.



From: Amy Reynolds
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001
Subject: season ender

Angry, frustrated, confused. I still can not believe that the series ended the way it did. Am I missing something or was this the worst possible way the show could have ended? I feel cheated...no, betrayed is a better word.

Six years of watching Xena and Gabrielle grow as people, as a couple, finding friendship, then love--it all means nothing after watching Friend in Need. It was violent, brutal, and full of contradictions. The whole plot seemed to come out of the blue. Xena says to Gabrielle, "If there is a reason for our travels together, it's because I had to learn from you...to learn the good, the right thing to do...I can't come back." But how many times have we watched Xena sacrifice the common good for the sake of Gabrielle? Why was this time different? Rather, what Gabrielle taught Xena is that love conquers all, that love really is the way, that you can find redemption in this life and atone for your sins, while forgiving others and being forgiven yourself. That was the message of the show for 6 years.

But Friend in Need forgot all that, and in fact showed us the opposite; only in death can Xena find redemption for her sins. Why now, after 6 years, has this become the message? And what does it say about the last 6 years Xena spent with Gabrielle? Was it all a sham? If this is the only way Xena can atone for her sins, then what was Gabrielle's role? Didn't Gabrielle teach her a different way--the way of love? Wasn't Gabrielle the biggest part of Xena's redemption?

Lucy Lawless says that she loved what the ending meant for both Xena and Gabrielle, but especially Gabrielle. Is she kidding? Gabrielle is now condemned to a life without her soulmate, waiting to be reunited in another time and place. It would appear that Xena has sentenced Gabrielle to an equally torturous existence as her own.

Ultimately in their desire to end the show, TPTB missed the mark and lost a sense of the characters. The finale undermines 6 years worth of character growth and story development, and betrays the trust of all fans. I wonder if Rob Tapert even cares that he disappointed the majority of Xena fans. I can't imagine a single fan "enjoying" this ending. In fact, I'd rather put it out of my mind and have the series end with Soul Possession or When Fates Collide. At least then I would have some respect left for Rob Tapert.

Sure, it's Rob's show and he did what he wanted to do. And he can say he'd love to do a movie, duping us into thinking that this ending will somehow be reversed and Xena will be reunited with Gabrielle in this life. But I think we all know this probably won't happen. Lucy has expressed no desire to repeat Xena any time soon, if at all. And as time passes, the likelihood of a movie being made becomes less and less possible. Therefore, we are stuck with this horrible episode. It's a shame really, and I know I am not alone when I say that I am very disappointed. The show could have ended on such a high note, but rather TPTB chose a coward's way. I expected so much more.

What's done is done. But I guess I feel that I don't have to accept this "finale," or be happy about it. What I do know for sure is it will be extremely hard for me to watch any episode now without remembering how the series ends. And that, Mr. Tapert, is the real tragedy of this episode, and it wasn't fair to do that to me or any other loyal fan.

Amy Reynolds

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