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Disappointed #001-050


I have to say I'm very disappointed with the season finale! In fact, after having read a few synopses on the net, I'm not sure I want to actually watch it! Seeing Xena beheaded and stung up is not on my list, much less listening to what sounds like a very poor/fake/contrived reason for staying dead.

The last episode is sort of in bad taste/faith with the rest of the series. For the past 6 years, it was about facing your fears, having courage and faith in the *Good* and fighting despite overwhelming odds against you. The key to this survival was a deep bond that surpasses all the vile/evil temptations/tricks of the mortal realm.

The last episode was like being hit with cold water: it seems that RT & LL wanted to bury Xena permanently and crafted their episode around it, rather than letting the character Xena act according to her wishes. Thus I can only buy the whole "greater good" and "sacrificing everything" that has been put up in an attempt to explain this up to a point. After all, this is Xena we're talking about! When did the rules ever apply to her? Couldn't she have come up with something more original?

And why does Gabrielle have to be the unhappy recipient of all this? It kinda seems unfair after all she's done and sacrificed to stay with Xena. I feel like the writing if this ep betrayed her too, by keeping her looking for the ashes for nothing during the entire last hour! And it's so like Xena not to tell her that she's going to die and then stay dead. Guess she'll never learn! I guess I'm just bitter because all the characters were manipulated in a very "out of character" fashion during this entire finale. So the only positive thing I see is that it will be easier for me to "forget" about it and deny its ending.

Gripe. Gripe. I really expected more of a twist or a better, i.e. more positive, ending. It's kinda cheap to end the series on a "shocker" and such a bitter taste. I think I would have been much happier with a weaker or cheesier ending like the one on Hercules (and I really thought they could have done better on that show too!)...

Oh well. I think I will stay in denial and pretend that the season ended with Soul possession. If anyone else feels like sending RT or TPTB a bitter "thank you, NOT" note, let me know.






I would've preferred them both dead, than this - and I think the horrific and graphic way of ending Xena's life is beyond bad taste. I haven't seen it, but after the description of it, I know I never will either - what a horrible way of ending this show.



Disappointed, disgusted, bored, b*tch-slapped....



Sorry for my english, I only can say that i dont like that Xena die.









Originally, I was quite disappointed ( I read the synopsis on Whoosh). I was part of the group at the Beverly Hills Museum of TV and Radio and actually liked the show. I was definitely not happy with the ending and understand that it is Rob and RJ's Vision. I think the show was very good and as always Lucy and Renee did a FABULOUS JOB.



definitely hate it



I was very disappointed in the ending episodes. I think it let all the fans down!! Rob had promised not to kill Xena off. We have been loyal, supporting the show at every turn. We have raised millions of dollars for charity in the name of the show and it's stars [Well, more like hundreds of thousands of dollars. The fans are nearing the half million mark. If one adds up the Creation Entertainment and Studios USA auctions through the years which were in part for chairity, then the number does hit the "millions". -Ed]. We have spent millions on merchandise. We have gone to conventions. I can't believe anyone associated with the show could have ever thought the fans would accept the ending as it was done and be happy. I personally feel betrayed. Xena was the first real female hero on TV to give women someone to look up to. What purpose did it serve to kill her off? I will always be grateful that Rob gave us Xena to begin with but, I will always regret he let all the fans down in the end. With no movie in site we are left to morn for Xena, and grieve for Gabrielle. It was crewel to all of us. I am very very sad!

Georgia, USA


Not disappointed - saddened and hurt - there is no redemption in death [suicide]



Auuuggggghhhh! This is the way the series ends? ('not with a bang, but a whimper...') So I guess the tale now becomes _My Partner, the Ghost_?! I'm so peeved I don't know what to say, except: "Thanks a lot, Mr. Tapert--I'm not sure I'm going to watch any other show/movie you produce!"



disappointed, enraged, saddened, let down, need to vent



Her visit to Japan was unexpected in 410 BC. But since she was a myth she can go anywhere. The ending seemed contrived to bring the series to an end. As Xena was based on a real Amazon heroine (a few of us believe that) her exploits and fate can be either real or mythical. She will live on if her fans and believers want her to.



I've been going in and out of denial and anger about the whole thing. On one side...I think..these people are just actors, directors, producers...they are here to make their money entertaining others...they gave us what they were paid to give. They really owe us nothing and we are acting like spoiled children - almost as if we are holding our collective breath and stomping our feet because we didn't get what we wanted. BUT... then...the hurt side speaks... the one that felt something that she hadn't felt since she was a school girl falling in love with her French teacher or best friend. That feeling of warmth, the devotion and selfless love... was taken away from me in a very brutal fashion with almost an 'F you!' from the very people who gave those precious feelings back to me in the first place.

Maybe it had to be cruel....maybe it was just like so many breakups where one person wants out and the only way they know how to get the other half to let go is to be harsh and cold and .....final ... ...and that hurts



I'm just so sad - how could they?



I was much more than disappointed by what they ludicrously called a finale. It was a sick farce.



What the h*ll was Mr. Tapert thinking when he (in my opinion) took a devastating turn with the show. He probably didn't know...



From what I've seen so far of the series finale I'm extremely disappointed. I think it would make a great regular episode (like the India or Chin episodes), but it's horrible as an ending to the entire series. It's just a story that the fans haven't heard about or known about before, there was no anticipation or build up to it. Last year's season finale would have made a better series finale. She'd been pregnant for months, her child was to bring the twilight of the gods, and eventually Xena kills all the gods, end of series. That would have been great, but there wasn't anything like that in this finale, they just pulled it out of the air. What an awful way to end such a wonderful series. Shame on you Rob Tapert. We should get another season out of this.



Disappointed does not begin to express the sadness I feel inside over how the series ended.

Even though Xena is a imagined character and not real life, it seems as if a real friend has passed and sadness is felt for the friend she left behind. Lucy and Renee took their characters and made them real life for apparently a lot of people.

I see no reason as to why Xena had to die to end the series. The Aussie Info site had it right when they said that When Fates Collide would have been a better ending.

I could go on and on about the disappointment that I do feel. The show has ended, but the adventures and love they shared and showed for each other will continue in the hearts and minds of all of us who were touched by a couple of angels, Xena and her best friend in the world Gabrielle



Disappointed is putting it mildly. For some reason, TPTB ignored not only the wishes of the fans, but also the main story - that of Xena and Gabrielle's friendship. I can't understand why Xena has to atone for her sins by dying NOW - especially for an event that was really an accident. The same woman who defeated Genghis Khan can't beat this army?

I feel like the story was written as if we'd never seen the show before. It's not like Xena to go into a seemingly impossible situation without figuring out FIRST how to get out of it alive to be with Gabrielle and continue their adventures. All of a sudden, she's going to say, "O.K., guess I'm dead, that's it"? Also, what's wrong with Xena to just say no to a battle for once? Maybe the greater good would have been better served with her alive!

Rant over for now - thanks for letting me (and everyone else) vent. And thanks for Whoosh! [And thanks for taking the time to write us! -Ed.]



well I have to say I am very disappointed and sad about the ending...even when I didn't see it right now...I live in Germany so it will take a little till I will see it..but I saw the screengrabs, read CN Winters subtext report and everything about it on the message board...

I feel very betrayed, since Rob Tapert said he wouldn't kill Xena again...and he did it, and in what a way?? that was so cruel and unnecessary... and he really fooled us again....for six years he was fooling us....with the hardcore nutballs...we were the one who made Xena what it is today....if it weren't for us...the show would be nothing...we even went through thick and thin with the mess of the fifth season...

now in the sixth season he did milk the subtext...it was becoming maintext..so the only conclusion was to finally an admitting of the feelings from Xena and Gabrielle...and what did we get??? nothing.....again... we supported Rob from the beginning....and we did get nothing...I mean even if we didn't get a kiss...but was it necessary to kill Xena??? I mean, they could have Xena bury her weapons again and finally settle down with Gabrielle...that would have been an ending we all would had accept... so I know..since Rob was lying again, I will no longer support any TV show from him again...because who can trust a liar???



Oh boy am I disappointed. This ending sucks big time! I would have loved to see Xena and Gab ride off into the sunset together. I would have even accepted if both had died. Yeah, I'm very disappointed.



very disappointed...."Fallen Angel" would have made a better ending with only a few changes.



totally disappointed and disgusted



VERY DISAPPOINTED. how could they?!?!?!



haven't seen FIN yet (Germany is far away :-)) and it will takes some weeks to get a tape of it), but the news have totally shaken me up. I'm awfully sad and feel somehow betrayed. And I refuse to accept FIN as end of the series and prefer to create my own version: I'll put When fates collide at the very end. That's it - the perfect episode for the series' end.

Thanks for the great job you've done with Whoosh and hopefully will do in the future. [Thank you for your kind words. -Ed.]

Xena and XWP will never die!



The ending simply sucked. Mary D was right. The Xenaverse imploded when Xena died. I don't think Gabrielle was meant to "be like Xena" and become a warrior all alone. Her strength came from Xena. Two persons coming together to make a complete entity. I think the ending went against all that the two heroines had accomplished together in the last 6 seasons. I have tried but cannot justify the ending at all. For me, the season ended after When Fates Collide.



I am disappointed because:

a. of the dreadful message that redemption can only be achieved through death

b. Gabrielle paid a higher price than Xena for Xena's redemption

c. I am left with horrendously vile images that may forever stain the whole Xena experience for me and many, many others

d. children and impressionable young people may watch the finale

e. a positive icon for women, gay people and the unempowered has been desecrated

f. Gabrielle will never have the only thing she wanted in life - Xena.



I am disappointed that Xena had to die. I think she could have redeemed herself without dying. It seems to me that Xena's redemption was through Gabrielle's pain. I do not think it was a well written episode. Too many of us loyal fans are not going to like it. I will admit I like happy endings. I know their spirits will always be together; but it would have been more fulfilling to have had them walk into the sunset in the final scene. Maybe I am just an incurable romantic! I do hope that there will be a movie in the future to maybe make things right. Thank you.

Vineland, NJ


God, what can I say? I haven't even seen the finale or the two parter, and now after reading the spoilers, I'm not sure I want to. The only reason I will is to see ROC superb performance.




XENA DIED!!!!!!!! and GABBY LIVED. That's totally unfair!! If anyone should have lived it's XENA and gabby should have died . I TOTALLY HATE rob Tapert FOR DOING THIS!!!!! XENA SHOULD HAVE LIVED!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!!!!! I only hope they make a different show but something along the lines of XENA, I just have to say this hate gabby for not bringing Xena back and I've always thought Gabby was a goody too shoes!!!!!{sorry to all those gabby fans,but she is}

P.S. I hope you continue with the site. It's great and I enjoy reading all the wonderful stuff you have but maybe you could put some pictures up. [Yeah, maybe we could...maybe we couldn't...we like keeping our visitors always guessing, you know? --Ed.]



I'm wondering if TV producers look for new ways to p*ss their show's fans off with the series Finales. Mr. Tapert, by thumbing his nose at the millions of fans in this way certainly adds credence to my assumption that they do.



what's keeping me going now is the hope that Rob Tapert has a movie in the works that will bring Xena back! [You might want to keep this disappointment theme open for awhile. -Ed.]



I was disappointed.



What can I say? A show that for six seasons fostered the ideas of friendship, honor and hope, gave us the final message that love is not enough and there are no happy endings. At the end, there is only death and loneliness and I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth.



How could I not be!!! I do not like being lied to Taperts promise to not kill them off. They did not answer the question about the nature of their relationship, I'm sick of being told that its left to interpretation, answer the damn question period, its not like the show will be canceled. I'm also disappointed in the interview after at the Museum of TV with Lucy, Rob Renee and all. So sorry to put Lucy out so much, I hear she was just going through the motions...what an inconvenience for her to have to suffer for the fans who supported her. And she was shocked that we were upset at the ending, I do not call riding off into the sunset together the easy way out, I call it the right thing to do for the fans instead of leaving them with such a brutal and tormented ending. O.K. I have ranted enough thanks..



I did not enjoy this episode. I am angry that I was misled when Rob Tapert said that he would not "kill them" - I am hurt that the last images I have and the ones I will never be able to forget are of the decapitated and bruised corpse of Xena and a solitary and grief-stricken Gabrielle - and I am very disappointed that the people involved in the making of this fine send-off to a television icon failed to take into consideration that not all of the fans are mature adults who will be able to put this behind them and go on with their lives, realizing that it is, after all, a TV show with fictional characters. A great deal of these fans are children and young adults who looked up to Xena and Gabrielle as heroes...and not just that, it was the first time that young girls had a hero that they could really relate to. When I was younger, I had Roy Rogers and Lassie; when I was a teenager, I had The Partridge Family and The Bionic Woman. I can just imagine how I would have felt, and would still feel now, if they would have ended those shows with: (1) Roy Rogers being attacked by Indians and beheaded and while Trigger was mourning for him, a tank could have come along and crushed him to pulp. (2) Lassie could have been hit and mangled by a car and then while he was dying, Timmy could have come and tried to find his dismembered legs. (3) The Partridge Family could have been on their way to a charity concert and the bus could have become stalled on railroad tracks...they could have been hit by a speeding locomotive...they're still trying to find all the pieces (they could save that scene for the feature film). (4) The Bionic Woman tries sky-diving again, only this time she falls into a dough-making machine and not even all the king's horses and all the king's men will be able to put her back together again...

I guess you get the point.

I've heard that all concerned are extremely happy with the finished product...good for them! I am not!!

Butte, Montana
Older and, sadly, much wiser!!!


Disappointed is putting it mildly. I was devastated. To suffer such a brutal and savage death was a completely unnecessary fate Xena. I think that Rob Tapert is a sadistic person who doesn't really give a damn about the fans as long as he made his money. In fact, I believe his played the gay fans along since they are the loyal ones who supported him all these years.

I'm glad his other shows were canceled; I guess it's what you call "instant karma".

He did the same thing to Iolaus for the Hercules finale, except that Iolaus ended up much like St. Peter, the heavenly gatekeeper. Why the hell can't Iolaus send Xena back? Or is this the plan for Mr. Tapert's dream of a future full length movie?

I am so disgusted by the finale, that I refuse to accept it as MY finale. As far as I'm concerned, the series ended with "Many Happy Returns" as Xena and Gabrielle flew off to Lesbos Island.

I've heard stores via the internet that two girls committed suicide after seeing the finale. [Later found to be a hoax. -Ed.] I hope Mr. Tapert can sleep knowing this. Although Xena is a fictional character in a TV show, the writers and producers should be aware of the impact the characters have on viewers.

Xena and Gabrielle represented the great strength and love that all women have in their hearts. These characters were beacons of light for some women who finally found their strength and just like Gabrielle, were able to transform themselves into complete and loving beings.

Shame on you, Rob Tapert.




Upset, angry. All of those things. 6 years of them being soulmates and connected and coming back from Hell and Heaven to be together - and Gabrielle ends up alone. Huh? Even the last shot of her is alone. I can't look at my photos of them now - all I see is how it ends.

Okay - Xena is Rob's creation and he decides how it ends. That's his prerogative. And he seems to like being a rebel - that I can understand. But he admits he's got it wrong before - and he sure got it wrong here. Having got us all to invest so much emotionally in these two characters (thanks in no small part to Lucy and Renee's acting and to their obvious friendship and chemistry on screen), he kills one of them off. Why would we want to go near them again - we'd only get hurt? It's like - I love Gone With the Wind but having seen it so many times I can only watch it up to just before the part where Bonnie dies now - it hurts too much after that.

And there's no hope here. Xena can only get redemption if she dies. What?? Who's to say she wouldn't have saved 40,000 more lives if she'd gone on living?

Sure - they have an out as Gabrielle has her ashes to bring her back to life for a movie - IF that ever happens. Wow - how exciting and predictable is that. I think the shock value - real shock value - would have been to give us a happy ending. But they couldn't handle it. Sure, it all gets explained away and the full circle and all, but the feeling is just - disappointment.

Very disappointed. No wonder Lucy seemed so intense and on edge at the convention. Just once, after all their heartache, he could have given us a happy ending. Sure, rollercoaster ride - but this was too much.

I can't see as how I'll watch his stuff again. How can you trust him after this?



I read the synopsis; I haven't actually seen Part 2. Not only am I disappointed, but I am close to personally devastated. Since I just took my teenage son to go live with his dad indefinitely (it's just been the two of us for 12 years), I don't know if I could handle another loss, watching the finale at this time. BAD TIMING!! BAD ENDING!!!


Fairly much :/



I have just seen part 1 of the Xena finale and have also read in great detail what would happened to the character in part 2. The finale has created a firestorm at most of the Xena boards. Let's just say that, I did not wait 6 years to see her get slaughtered up in the end. This shocking ending of our beloved warrior princess character was certainly uncalled for. Creators of the show were certainly free to create the ending that they want, but to go against MAJORITY of what the fans/audience would want is literally a painful slap in our faces. I have supported this show for so long and to have it end in such a violent manner, have created a sense of betrayal and disgust in me. I am utterly dismayed at how Xena Warrior Princess ended.



I have watched Xena since the season premier and have absolutely loved the show and the characters. I really believed Rob Tapert (based on the interview excerpts with him on the Whoosh website) would NOT kill off Xena in the series finale. Right from the beginning of FIN P1, something seemed really "off" about Xena- obviously we now know she was preparing to die and leave Gabrielle. It really bothered me about the Akemi story line in that there was too much focus on that and not enough on Gabrielle and what she meant to Xena throughout the years. There were some great action and scenery shots, which is about the only good thing I can say about the last 2 episodes. There are several moments that I will not forget i.e., Xena showing Gabrielle the pinch, Xena getting shot and decapitated; and of course the "kiss", to name a few. I cried during the last 10 min when I realized they were really going to do it. I'm not sure still if I cried because the show had really ended or because Xena died or more so because of the significant lack of acknowledgment of Gabrielle and Xena's relationship in these last 2 hours. I can only hope that if there is really a movie that to be made........... that it has NOTHING to do with the FIN 1 & 2 storyline. Thanks for allowing me to vent!



I think the ending was a complete cop out by the creators and Lucy Lawless. She will never in her wildest dreams be able to enjoy the success and adoration she had as Xena. I'm sure she is sick of playing the character, we all get sick of our jobs, but if one is good at their job, you don't bite the hand that feeds you, in this case the fans. I love the stupid show. It got me through an emotional crisis, one that I probably will never completely get over. Killing off Xena and having her live on in Gabrielle's heart is absolutely ridiculous, it broke my heart. I have spent the past few days at work moping around about a stupid TV show. I'm furious. Are the producers and the star so afraid of acknowledging and accepting a relationship between two women - Is Lucy Lawless afraid of spending the rest of her career being asked to play lesbian roles. Give me a break. LL is lucky is she ever gets a guest starring role on ER. Maybe she can play a corpse. Let's face it, she is not a good actress, but somehow or other she works as Xena. The shows strength (acting wise) is ROC and the personal relationship she has with LL. I believe these 2 women love one another as friends and it comes off on screen. ROC will be fine. She's an average actress with great abs and will be a featured player perhaps in a drama television show. Neither actress will ever be successful in films. They have no presences. Just watch LL being interviewed. She's a nice girls from New Zealand, she has little or no presence and let's face it, she can't sing. The amazing thing is, put her in a leather skirt and breastplate and she has presence. Take them away, and she's dull.

Honestly, I think the other choice for the ending would have been for Xena to retire to a farm and live out days as a retired warrior and live happily ever after with Gabrielle. NOTE: XWP writers please refer to Missy Good stories for ideas of adventures. This ending would allow for possible TV movies in a couple of years (if LL can still fit into her costume and if ROC still has abs of steel). The plot would be obvious, someone from Xena's past needing help and she pulls on her leathers to save a village. Stupid, hell yeah, but the fans would love it.

I strongly believe LL is the one truly responsible for the ending of the show together with the producers. I can't blame her for not wanting to play Xena anymore, but Maclean Stevenson wanted to move beyond his MASH character and wound up in "Hello Larry" and than died in virtual oblivion. I think Rob Tapert should give the writer of When Fates Collide a call, (Katherine F) and ask her to spend the next year of so to figure out how to get Xena's body back and how to keep the 40k souls from being condemned for eternity and write the episode (2 hour movie) that will tie up the story in a fashion that will not leave the fans so disappointed. They (creators) have spent the entire 6th season playing up the "lesbian" relationship and in the end they just couldn't do anything. They didn't have to either. They could of just walked off to Amphipolis or Poteidaia with Argo II.

thanks for letting me sound off. I wish people would stop thinking LL is blameless. Rob Tapert is a business man, but he did what his wife wanted.



I cant even talk about it.. I just don't get it..



I am disappointed because in the end, Xena "sacrifices" herself....not something that will, according to the opening credits that we have all heard for 6 years, "....will change the world forever"....martyrs and sacrifices have been done and done and done...no change or originality at all..

Also, that line that the Gabrielle has to say regarding Egypt, "I hear they need a girl with a chakram" ... UGH!!!



....After all the trials and tribulations that the duo went through....after all the friends that Gabrielle lost throughout the various storylines.....was it so hard for R. Tapert to give the series a happy ending? Yep! A thought I had as Gabby sailed into the sunset was "Gee, after all the struggle the lil Bards reward was being alone. Oh yeah, that's right Xena's gonna be around as a ghost....what a consolation!" The finale was filled with great effects....but the lack of a decent ending just made the whole thing...SUCK!



All I can say is it degraded a character who for six years I had come to respect and admire. She was a role model for all. Unfortunately her memory for me now will be of a headless naked corpse. LL should be ashamed of herself for letting that happen to her character.



I don't think "disappointed" is quite the right word.

I've been so angry the last couple of days, I'm surprised that my hair didn't burst into flames. And it wasn't just Xena's death (since I had thought all along that "Ides" would have made a great series ender), but the manner in which it happened, etc....

I've been holding my tongue for the most part these last few days, as I'm usually a calm and cautious sort of person, not given to venting or flaming. But you can count me among those who will think two, three--a hundred times before again committing myself to viewing something else produced by Rob Tapert. Sorry to be saying that, but true nonetheless. XWP was an emotional and intellectual commitment for me, not "just" a TV show. Right now it feels like time that was wasted....


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