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Cut That Cord...NOW! #001-050


I am soooooo unbelievably angry at the Xena Series Finale. I hoped and prayed that Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and the script writers would choose not to traumatize their audience and hordes of fans. BUT ALAS I WAS WRONG!! D*mn it! I wanted Xena and Gabrielle to ride off into the sunset together wiser for their experiences but ALIVE and TOGETHER. Whoever thought that it would be okay for Xena to "live in Gabrielle's heart" instead of by her side was NUTS completely and absolutely NUTS! I know now that every RE-run I watch will be marred in my heart and mind by that tragic and hopeless ending.

I know people die and that they live on as long as we remember them that's reality, but I wanted an ESCAPE from reality; not a horrific reminder of it. Heroes shouldn't die in fiction they should live, fiction is an escape from the pain of reality for everyone. Now as I watch that episode I'm reminded of the deaths of those I've loved and how futile the ending was reminded me there was nothing I could do about that either. I want a RE-SHOOT of the final episode!!!!!!!!!!! I am not freaking kidding either, call Lucy, Renee, Rob, and crew...I am on a freaking mission. This will go down in history as one of the suckiest endings to a wonderful series, topping the ending in it's degree of horrific traumatization to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Beauty and the Beast the TV Series. Fans should start a petition to re-shoot the final episode...In life there are no re-writes but in Fiction there can be, and I really wish that they would.

This really bothered me, god. I know it's only a TV show, but it was one of my favorite TV shows and it ended like crap. In my vision of a perfect ending there was only one qualification, that Xena and Gabrielle would live out their lives TOGETHER. All I wanted and all I needed, all any fan I've talked to needed. God they killed off our favorite supporting characters all through out the series and then stabbed us through our collective devoted little hearts. How could they? I'm more bitter now about life, then I was before, and trust me that's unbelievable. I am pained by the fact that in this episode they allowed us to see that they were in love, and whether they're man, woman, donkey, paintbrush or whatever they belong together...and love is love and it's nothing to be afraid of and then they don't allow them to be TOGETHER? Why? What purpose does that serve? Most love stories are tragic in real life, and I loathe that this one is too. Ugh. All those writers have gotten on my bad side. I am emotionally distraught, and it's all thanks to this HORRIBLE SERIES FINALE. If we are to believe that to atone for all her wrongs Xena had to die, then why should anyone believe in her whole quest for Redemption from the very 1st Episode to the end. It makes it all a terrible lie, to me, to the rest of the fans, to anyone cares about this show like the fans do.

Xena didn't have to end up dying for her sins, it doesn't make sense, it's so pseudo-christ-like. Couldn't they have just changed their identities and moved to the British isles or something, Italy, anything? As long as there are people who ignore the fans feelings, then there will be unhappy endings to favorite shows. And more hopeless souls seeking escape in their favorite program, seeking joy...will find sorrow. It doesn't seem fair, and it isn't fair. But who cares about us? The fans really? We're just their money-tree, their ticket to fame...why care if we cry? Or if we feel wronged? Who would care if they read this? Probably not them, they'd laugh at the devotion. I hated the ending to Xena. I absolutely hated it. But who cares if I do? Will they re-shoot it? Probably not. I cried at the ending to Xena, I cried. I hated, hated, hated, hated, the ending to this series.

Sincerely horribly emotionally scarred,


I was beyond disappointed and crushed on how it ended. In so many episodes Xena herself stressed that there were things that went beyond the greater good. How many times has Xena went against the greater good to save Gabrielle. If the tables were turned there is no way Xena could have gone on without Gabrielle. To me they overcame so many hardships and to let it end this way was horrible. I am one disappointed fan. Lets hope Gabrielle holds onto those ashes and brings her back in a motion picture.



I am so glad that Xena is over - it was getting to be a bit much and I stopped watching it a long time ago.



I have to vote for cut that cord, Now, I just watched it and My first reaction is one of deep disappointed, it is bad enough dealing with the fact that it is the end, but to end like that, every time I heard Xena say "My Friend" I thought I would puke, they are so much more and even in the end they could not say it. Now to think of Gabrielle traveling alone, no matter that Xena is there in spirit, she is not there in flesh, and why could it not have ended in Greece, I wish they had been home, For Me it ended in When Fates Collide, one of the most beautiful episodes ever. I knew when I read the Tapert wrote the episode and not Liz that I would be disappointed. I will always remember them as they were in season 2 in episodes such as A Day in the Life.



I can not sufficiently express how angry and disappointed I was at the ending of Xena. Gabrielle is now left in a future world with no family, no living friends, and no partner. It is all well and good to have her say that Xena "lives in her heart" but all we wanted was a happy ending. Haven't Xena and Gabrielle been through enough pain and torment for one lifetime? I am not ashamed to say that I cried, well actually wailed, at the final episode and I HATED it. It made me so angry that the writers did not care how much they hurt the fans with the last episode. They tried to make the last episode deep and tragic but why would the fans want to see a tragic ending for the characters we have come to love over these past six years? Real life brings so much pain and tragedy that you would think the writers would realize that people don't want to see fiction turn out that way too. I really didn't care what happened in the final episode, as long as Xena and Gabrielle ended up together (and alive!). I was planning to buy all the episodes on video so I would have a good copy of them, but now I'm not sure. Whenever I watched the trials of Xena and Gabrielle I used to think "everything will be O.K. in the end" , but now I know that it will not be O.K. Xena and Gabby can never ride off together because XENA IS DEAD!!? You asked us to put down our feelings on paper and if I could put screaming anger on paper I would, but I will just have to make due by saying that I think the writers of Xena made a terrible mistake with the final episode and I wish there were some way to fix it, but I don't see much hope for that.

Disillusioned and Unhappy,


What a great episode and truly terrible ending. Good bye ya, I have had it with Tapert and crew. Xena no more!



Dang! I knew they were going to pull something like that.



disgusted and backstabbed by being lied to. ill never watch or have anything to do with anything he does again.



i remember another series that failed to give its viewers a final ep they could digest,,it was a simple show called the wonder years, doesn't do so well in reruns. We wanted a happy ending with Xena and gabby sharing their first real kiss and walking off in the sunset. In stead we got that stuff,, wtf.. u dont kill off a char like that,, we had celebrations expecting the finally paring , parties and happiness,, yes we were sad the show was ending but,, now,, omg,, i heard out of 18 Xena fans,, ill never even watch the reruns, cause its to sad,, we will all be looking at the dead Xena remembering ,, ewww,, its bad the feelings we have,, how could u do this to us all, after all the years of digesting the cheese why do it to us,,,, most companies pay attention to past,, wonder years paid the price,, so will Xena,, sadly we are so p*ss*d at u people.,. 7 have already decided to forget the convention plans we had, hope u all have excellent careers we wont be following them



I have just finished watching the episode and I am literally crushed. I have been a fanatic and i feel like they pulled my heart out and stomped all over it. HOW COULD THEY SEPERATE THEM? Don't they know that's what the story is all about? how could they.



C'est finis...

Decapitated, stripped naked, hung from a tree while her best friend/soul mate has to go in search of her head.

Joss Whedon wouldn't do that to Buffy. Rockne S. O'Bannon wouldn't do that to Crichton. Chris Carter wouldn't do that to Mulder. Heck, even Rob Tapert wouldn't do that to Hercules.

But he did it to Xena.

As a friend of mine who works in the entertainment industry and is himself a casual fan of the show said upon hearing news of the manner in which Xena met her demise: "What a f*ck you to the fans."

I agree. And, in return, this fan is saying the same thing right back to Mr. Tapert.



I am so bummed I can't even watch reruns anymore



As a loyal fan, I HATED the ending. I will never get involved in another Tapert/Raimi production. What a waste!



A slap in the face after 6 years. I could have dealt with Xena being killed,but the unnecessarily nasty and violent manner in which she was killed, and leaving Gabby like that after all she (Gabby) tried to do to was just the straw that broke the camel's back, in my opinion. More inconsistency on Mr. Tapert's part. Too bad they didn't give the fans that made the show as popular as it once was some credit for having any intelligence at all. It was truly a disgusting ending for a once great show.

I have no interest in investing any time, money, interest, or energy in anything Mr. Tapert touches. Never again!! I hope he has invested wisely, because I don't think he'll be making much money in the future. I don't think he or Ms. Lawless had any idea of the backlash they would be getting.

I don't know whether to throw away my Season One videotapes I purchased, as well as all the tapes I've recorded (all 6 seasons). Silly me. I certainly can't rewatch them in the same manner I used to.

Shame on you,Mr. Tapert

Thank goodness for Joss Whedon and "Buffy." He at least seems to care for and respect his characters as well as his fan base, and frequently communicates with them via the internet at the "Bronze." Can't say the same for Rob Tapert.



How could they!!!



Don't get me wrong, I loved the series and I am sorry to see it go -- but these women have given up six years of their lives (most marriages don't make it that long) to us. Let them go and spend much needed time with their families. Besides, we all have VCRs, right?



If this is the "I hated it the most" category, this is where my vote should be.

The reason, well, ONE of the thousands of reasons, that I hated this episode (and hate isn't a strong enough word) is that it brings back memories of all those old 1950s lesbian movies and pulp novels where there is a wonderful, if not out right named, love story between two women, but in the end one of them MUST die because that is the only way that writers, directors, and producers could think of an acceptable ending to a love that dare not speak it's name. I would have hoped that Xena would have been able to move beyond that.



I absolutely hated the finale- I think it was a letdown to the loyal fans that have watched Xena the last 6 years. Xena and Gabrielle- whom we learned so many times were to travel together forever as soul mates- and then Tapert does this?! They should have gone off into the sunset together- Together as partners- alive- not dead. I really feel jipped.



I think that Friend In Need was a beautifully filmed episode with all the right stuff to have made it a wonderful end to the series I loved so much. Until the last five minutes.

I hate it.



I felt the series finale was very disappointing and makes me regret the fact that I followed through the adventures of six seasons. In keeping with the character of the show and its heroes, both Xena and Gabrielle should have lived or died; they should not, and would not, have been separated.



As a long term hard core nutball, and owner of countless of Xena memorabilia, as one of those that can mouth many of the lines from many of the shows, I am DISGUSTED with the season finale, and will NEVER, repeat NEVER, watch it again.

MY season finale has Gabrielle dumping the ashes into the spring, and when Xena comes back to life, she tells Gabrielle she's had enough of chasing trouble, and they walk arm and arm into the sunset to go find Hercules and Iolaus to see what they've been up to.

Both of these shows were an insult to all of us.



I am p*ss*d. Totally, completely p*ss*d. These shows were both lousy, ill thought out, and an insult to my intelligence. I won't bother with all the bloopers, but hear this: I'll never watch either again. Nor will I budge from my conviction that for once Gabrielle ignored Xena's request ( for a million valid reasons) and DID place the ashes into the spring. Having had enough of "chasing trouble", they serenely walked off into the sunset, side by side as always, and this is the scene that will remain in my memory.

A former hard core nutball,


Saying good-bye to the Xenaverse. I guess they didn't need me afterall.



What a horrible disappointment on all levels.



I was totally disgusted with both of the ending episodes. Tapert promised that neither Xena nor Gabrielle would die. I guess if there's one message to take from the series it was the "bad" Xena's prime directive: Trust no one. Not only was there a death (and a horrific one) of the series hero, but numerous inconsistencies cheapened the show. Guess they were going for special effects, not content.






The ending completely changed what I thought I saw in this series.



Hurt, angry, confused, and horribly disappointed. After six years of devotion to and admiration of what I considered one of the best shows on TV, I feel, after watching the series finale of Xena, Warrior Princess, a sense of terrible loss. What I crave now - and what is forever beyond my grasp - is the bliss of ignorance. I should have stopped watching after the episode "When Fates Collide" (what I consider the finest episode of the entire series) or even "Many Happy Returns". I could have lived with either of those episodes as the conclusion to the series rather than what I witnessed in "A Friend in Need".

Don't get me wrong, the production value, score development and, of course, acting were all exemplary - even exceeding the usual high standards for the show. But Rob Tapert's decision (and I'm assuming as executive producer it WAS largely his decision) to kill Xena, leaving Gabrielle alone (and don't give me any of that "she'll always be there in spirit" crap!) left me with the feeling that he never truly understood what it was he had created; how deeply involved and invested the fans are in these wonderful characters. For many of us this show was more than we could have ever hoped for or imagined. It gave us hope, strength and a belief in the power of love as no other typical show ever could.

I know, from reading various interviews, that Tapert felt he wanted to bring the character "full circle", to finally give Xena the redemption she had been searching for. But his argument that this could only be accomplished through her death was only one of a myriad of acceptable and plausible resolutions. The fans have been asked to believe, through the last six years, a number of questionable and unrealistic situations with an almost perceptible "wink" from the writers and producers. But why Tapert felt it necessary to swing that pendulum so far to the "realism" extreme for the series finale is a question he will never convincingly be able to answer (at least for me). To dangle, up until the very bitter end, the possibility of restoring Xena's body and reuniting her with Gabrielle like a carrot before us was no less than cruel and insulting.

I felt as if I'd been slapped in the face. If Tapert's intention was to merely set up a "jumping off point" for a future (possible) movie scenario with the guarantee of an eager audience, hungry for the return of their virtual hero, then I believe even more firmly that he has underestimated the impact of the series on the fans. We would desire and demand a follow-up project no less had Xena and Gabrielle ridden off into the sunset together at the series conclusion. (why couldn't it have been just that simple?) Instead, I am hurt and angered that my feelings for the series as a whole have been forever changed. It will be a long time before I can watch another rerun of my favorite show - if ever. I just wish I could explain to Tapert how disappointed I am with his creative decision. I'm glad he can live with it. I cannot.

I wish Mr. Tapert could have taken the call from my 13 year-old niece who sobbed uncontrollably after watching "A Friend in Need". I did my best to console her and when nothing else seemed to work, I lied. I told her that I thought the ending was OK, that Xena and Gabrielle would always be together in their hearts. And then I lied some more. I told her it didn't make me cry.



As Jerry Seinfeld said with regards to ending a relationship: "Like a Band Aid, right off!!"



Cut it baby!



what can i say? i sobbed like a baby



Tragically disappointed. I know that you can't please everyone, but wouldn't it be nice to try and please someone? Anyone?



Hi, my name is [removed] and I'm a Xenaholic

and what a lost weekend THIS was. sure it made sense in a way - afterall she spent 6 yrs trying to redeem herself and only roasted that village by accident... so hey, why not martyr her!

{sigh} it was heartbreaking, esp. since i had this particular heart set on seeing a big-screen movie... guess they still could tho, kinda like Star Wars, they can go back in time....

wow, i must be shaking off the Xena-lirium Tremens

thanks for the therapy.

another lost soul looking for a girl with a Chakram...



Let's face it. Rob Tapert and his Lucy betrayed us. I'm hurt, disappointed, incredulous, angry, and spewing venom!



Cut the cord. I'll never buy into anything Tapert related again. If he wanted to kill her he could have at least made it believable.



Good Grief.... Their plot didn't hang.... It didn't capture the earlier Xena plots... nor did it further any of the characters. Xena is dead and I really couldn't have cared less. I was hoping the hype would match the show. It didn't.



Was that a finale, or was it just a really bad remake of "The Debt" moved to Japan?

Yet another of Xena's old girlfriends that we've never heard about, yet are suddenly supposed to believe meant more to Xena than her supposed soulmate. Yawn. Been there, done that.

She showed Akemi the pinch after just a couple of weeks together, yet she waited YEARS to show it to Gabby? And then there's absolutely no dramatic payoff to the scene because she already KNOWS how to take it off?

And once again the show plays fast and loose with Xena's history. She sure did a lot in that "ten years ago" time frame, didn't she?

This show went out as it has lived since the ridiculous India storyline was introduced. It's a mockery of what it could have been. It could have made a mark. It could have left us with some sort of moral to the journey, but it didn't. It simply did a really horrendous remake of what was a rare half-decent episode and expected the viewer to not remember it being all done better before.

In a season of uneventful series finales, this was most pointless. I'd rather go suffer through the Voyager finale again.

Fan since Season 1, disillusioned since India


Ick...that's all I can say! I was angry as could be when they killed Iolaus, and I must say that TIIC pulled another with what they did to Xena. The only difference was that we had the time to "make" them fix their error. Poor Xenites everywhere will never get that chance.



The cinematography was great. The acting was some of the best of the season. However, Rob's "vision" overshadowed all of that!! The idea of seeing Xena beaten, shot full of arrows, beheaded, left naked and strung up for all to see is my final "vision."

They earned my loyalty and respect in the beginning. They accepted my money throughout the series for merchandise and conventions.

Last week they got their wish. Congratulations!! The cord is cut after 6 years.

Mayfield, Kentucky


What a mixed up, infuriating, confused, confusing, sloppy, and unsatisfying finale. Looked like they slapped something together and didn't care about the quality - they just wanted to get out of there. Insulting to such a loyal fan base.






that ending was a BIG mistake. Xena and Gabby should not have been so brutally and cruelly separated. f*ck*rs



The finale sucked big and hard. The writers, directors, producers, and actors screwed their devoted fans, and they knew what they were doing. They should be ashamed. I will not support any of them in any future endeavors. In fact, I will intentionally avoid any and all efforts made by them.



Cut it baby!!



What an awful, inappropriate, poorly thought out ending for an overall wonderful show - mostly due to the actors I must say. Let's figuratively "behead" Rob Tapert for his defiant vision. He s*cks.



I can't tell you how upset I was at the end of part II! Xena has been my favorite show for many years. I've seen them save each other's lives many times. I was watching the final episode and seeing how hard Gabrielle was fighting to save Xena and bring her back. I remember crying as Gabrielle held Xena's ashes over the fountain as she was ready to bring Xena back to her. I thought, "My God, what a perfect ending! It'll all be OK now." I was expecting Xena to appear and give Gabrielle a huge hug and start crying. Then they'd sail off to Egypt together, just like they talked about at the beginning of the episode...

Then I literally froze in disbelief as Xena stopped Gabrielle and out-of-the-blue said, "I have to stay dead to save those 40,000 souls." I was in shock! After all they've been through, after Xena's horrible death, after six years together, it was all for nothing. It makes absolutely no sense! I (the viewer) don't give a damn about those 40,000 souls! Even the premise is absurd: "I have to *stay dead* to bring them to a 'state of grace'." And I (the viewer) am supposed to accept this? They're killing Xena for some last-minute "I-have-to-stay-dead" b*llsh*t! So you can't go the Elysian Fields unless the person who killed you is dead? That's absurd! And for THAT they're killing Xena??

I never dreamed in a million years that they would kill off Xena and Gabrielle would sail away alone. I needed a happy ending...I've had enough sad endings in my own life.

What I need is for someone to write a REAL ending to the show, one that makes sense. If you know of any, please let me know.

Thanks for listening. Somehow writing this helps.



Count my vote! I was WAY unhappy with this sorry ending!



It just makes me sick to think about it!



I must admit that haven't even watched the entire episode. However, after what I have seen and the select scenes that I have viewed...I have no desire to. I cannot believe that we (as fans) have invested six years of ours lives in this show....just to have it end like this. I feel as if Xena's death was a cheap shot that had already been played out before, and that ultimately the events in the last episode have ruined the series for me entirely.

Shame on you Robert Tapert!



The end made me so mad! Who cares about the dumb souls! I want another episode to fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!! It was so sad!!!!!!!! Excuse me while I go cry now!


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