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Disappointed #256-301


The finale was excellent in terms of story, performance and production, but I was very disappointed that they felt they had to kill off Xena. It would have been emotionally uplifting to think of the two women making their way through the remainder of their lives together or at least emotionally acceptable if they had again died together. Oh well, no one ever promised us a happy ending, but Xena's death will take the pleasure out of watching the re-runs.



Before I begin - let me say that I have enjoyed your website since it's inception. I have visited it daily for updates and spoilers, etc. The content is exceptional. For that I want to say congratulations and Thank You for a job well done. [Thank you for your kind words. -Ed.]

Here's my disjointed rant re FIN II :

I think Xena said it best early in FIN I, "trust no one". Certainly not Rob Tapert. In the end, Rob Tapert was the foe that finally defeated Xena. To put it as eloquently as possible, RT is a weenie!

Now, so you don't think I'm a total idiot, I caught the symbolism, i.e., Xena represented the XWP series and Gabrielle represented us. The show has to die, but Xena will live in our hearts forever, blah blah blah - spare me the platitudes.

The symbolism that struck home was that Xena blew Gabrielle off after 6 years of undying loyalty, however it was veiled - oh, you know, it's the best thing for everyone -whatever. Just like they blew us off, jerked the rug right our from under our feet. We made RT et al rich and he just thumbed his nose at us. I think Xena was bigger than he could handle so he just killed her/it. I keep trying to think of some financial motive to RT's destruction of Xena. Maybe he's looking at a Japanese after-market. Now that Xena belongs to Japan, there could be a huge market there for stories of Xena and her nymph consort Akemi flitting around Japan together. The US/EU market will certainly dwindle now. Who is going to watch Xena now knowing that in the end everything she said for the past 6 years was apparently a lie. Or whose going to buy a T-shirt that says "Xena and Gabrielle forever" now?! Maybe I can sell my Xena collectibles to someone in Japan -- thanks RT! Not!

Or maybe he was trying to make a political statement. Well next time Rob, watch a documentary on the Bataan Death March or the Rape of Nanking.

I am very angry with what they did to Xena in this episode The "real" Xena would never have given into the whims of some puny Shinto deities. She would have found a loophole. She deplored the way the gods manipulated men. She would have found a way to satisfy the gods without having to give in. Her actions were totally inconsistent with her character. Where's Xena?

Not only that, they turned her into a pedophile. Akemi looked like a 14 year old nymph. (Isn't Michelle Ang CHINESE anyway?)

Someone said (I think on AUSXIP), and I agree, that, to her, FIN never happened, and the series ended with When Fates Collide. A position we should all adopt. We deserved better. We deserved a happy ending. But I guess RT wanted to impress a few cronies rather than the millions of us who have been with him all along. Maybe he'll even get a Grammy - well RT, the king has no clothes.

Parts of the episode were really great, I kept thinking - what a shame the cast and crew put so much work into a total failure.

So the 40,000 souls get to go to a state of grace, well, what about the >=1,000,000 xenite souls now tormented forever? Do you remember anything, Rob, about Karma?

End of tirade.


There is a petition circulating on the internet to get the show back on. But it's not well written and only 500 or so people have signed it. If you want to check it out: http://www.petitionpetition.com/cgi/petition.cgi?id=1952 It's a flaccid petition, but something needs to be done to demonstrate our displeasure. Like a leather-ribbon campaign. I'll watch WHOOSH for instructions! [At this point we are not endorsing any petitions, but in the first page of the massive letters section for this month, we have introduced the "Petition Corner" where people can promote their petitions. -Ed.]



Killing off Xena and leaving Gabrielle alone at the end really sucked. I was really depressed after that ending because you know it is final. No new season opener to bring Xena back. Although you new it was going to happen from the previews being billed as "Xena's last Battleground". The other clues were Xena teaching Gaby the pitch and when Gaby learned....or by accident.... to through the chakram. I knew after that what was in store for the ending.

Even though I new.....the ending with Xena and Gaby sitting there starring at the sunset and then Xena fading away....I just sat there in disbelief. Worse was Gabrielle on the boat by herself at the end. There is no closure here. All we can hope for is a movie that will set things right....but don't count on it.



I felt sick after it ended. ROC was AWESOME though.



I like bittersweet chocolate, not story endings.



Well, I was definitely disappointed that Xena died. Mainly because of the story line. I don't think she should have paid for those 40,000 souls, but Akemi should have. I felt that Akemi used Xena to kill her father and avenge her family. It was a freak accident that those people died from them taunting Xena. So, the special effects of the season ender were spectacular, but Xena & Gabs should have walked off into the sunset. Xena was a true warrior and died as a true hero. TPTB had so many options in which to end it and i just don't get the point of mutilating a hero and icon to so many of us fans. Even if the story panned out the same way, and in the end Xena was revived, would've satisfied ALL concerned. What bothers me also is the fact that, Gabs wasn't there when she did die. The story kept you going, and poor Gabs had so much determination in bringing Xena back and it was such a let down when Xena said no. The other part i just simply don't understand is why Akemi thanked Xena for freeing everyone's' spirit, and Xena said something like, we'll meet up again some day. She's dead aren't' they already together? Also Akemi said to Xena you have been resolved of your sins against the 40,000, so where does it figure into the story that she has to stay dead now so souls remain in a state of grace? I think Akemi should trade places with Xena! I guess I'm just very disappointed at how it ended. The show attracted many kinds of people young and old who all shared a special bond and liking to the show. Why disappoint everyone in killing off your favorite hero???? The end of the series would have been the end if they walked off into the sunset. Well, since there are some unanswered questions to the ending, maybe a movie will bring her back? One hoping fan. Thanks for listening.



I've been a fan from "The Gauntlet" on, so I know TPTB were capable of so much more. Where was the genre tribute of "The Debt"? The humanity of "A Good Day"? The fat-free action storytelling of "Fistful of Dinars"?

I'm really torn with the finale. The premise was good-- Xena finally faces the true price of her crimes, and pays in full; how else *could* the series end?-- but the pacing was so off, the exposition so endless-- I kept feeling I'd missed a crucial scene.

And is it just me or would the fire-fighting sequence only make proper dramatic sense if Xena were already a ghost? What was going on there with "What would you do now?" and "That's not the way I would have done it..."?

battling on

Berkeley, CA


After being a loyal fan of the show for six years, having bought all five seasons on video, xena's sword, numerous pictures, and other misc. stuff, to have my hero, my idle, whom I set my life's goals after end up having her head cut off and dead, not letting Gabrielle bring her back to life was the biggest disappointment yet. I was so mad and upset, I couldn't believe they could just kill her off after she has accomplished so much for the female role model. And then to leave Gabrielle by herself, big deal, she has Xena in her heart, what good is that? They should have let Gabrielle at least bring her back to life and them ride off in the sunset to the South. They only way the writers can redeem themselves and have my respect again, is if they have a movie---SOON--and have her come back to life!!!! I will purchase the sixth season on video, but I will not watch the last two episodes ever again. I think we should all besiege the writers to do a movie and bring her back to life. What do you think?? [Moi? I think the series finale lost as a calculated risk but not enough to invalidate what had gone on before it. Yes, it may have affected the economic and enthusiastic impact of the franchise, but the IDEA of Xena is just too good and too powerful for anyone, including Robert Tapert, to have the power to destroy. Xena is in the ether now, and no man, nor woman for that matter, can remove her from that place. -Ed.]



put me down for disappointed. What a depressing thing to see happen to characters you care about. bummer



I was disappointed that Xena died, although I know that they can easily bring her back. Maybe if they ever decide to do a Xena movie they can have them come together as their great-grandchildren. Maybe Eve will have a granddaughter named Xena and Gabrielle will have a granddaughter named after her and they can kick butt in a whole new era.



I was kind of disappointed. It was an excellent episode, but a little cheesy for a series finale. Xena has spent the last few years looking for redemption and we are supposed to be satisfied with a spirit telling her she has been redeemed. I have been a follower of Xena from day one and I have never missed an episode, as a matter of fact I have every episode on tape, and when Xena died in the finale I didn't even cry. I think they could have done a much better job of it. I myself would have hung around for a 3 hour finale. I felt that this was just another episode, it did not feel like a finale.



I and a couple friends picked-up Xena in it's 3rd season. We caught up on the first 2 seasons in reruns on USA network. We found the relationship between these two women ahead of it's time in relation to how television deals with same sex friendships. So we stuck with it just to see how the two women's friendship would evolve. I was convinced in the episode that brought the two back from the dead after crucifixion that they would be together in television spirit forever especially after Renee O'Connors character said they would to Xena as they both sit on that slab. Four seasons with both of my friends dying too young in real life. No one was left but me to see who won the bet. I taped the final two part episode but could only fast forward to the last few minutes of the last part. Somehow through personal experience it is just not the same to be unable to touch or have anyone else see who you were with all those years. I felt for this Gabrielle, alone on the boat holding onto ashes of someone she loved. I think we all lost the bet.



I think they both should have lived!



1) They did not mention Eve. The last we saw of her (from what I remember) was when she left to spread the word of Eli. I would have appreciated one sentence talking about her or visiting her.

2) I would have enjoyed Ares speaking to Xena, even if it was to let her know that he loved her, he understood that she and Gabrielle were soul mates and that he could not help her this time. Beyond his control, not his jurisdiction?

3) I believe that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers and the exchange of water was a compromise to a loving kiss that should have been showed on the last episode.

4) Why Japan? The only thing that I can think of is the traditional samurai chopping of heads and it was a reason to have more violence and blood than usual (which was fine with me).

5) Though we have seen Gabrielle move up to a warrior status, the last episode gave Gabrielle too much power, agility, and knowledge too quickly. There should have been more episodes beforehand to show us a gradual change.

6) Gabrielle should have died as well and they should have lived happily ever after in peace in the afterlife. But that's just me.



I was disappointed because they killed her off. I know that in the Xenaverse, death hasn't always meant death, but in this case.....



I was totally disappointed that they killed Xena off and left Gabrielle alone in the world.



It sucked. What was that, "we'll give them the kiss but not the ending they want?"



I thought it sucked, After six years they could of focused on the 2 of them a little more instead of all the special effects.



So it may seem "fairytale-ish", but neither hero should have died in that final episode. Xena was defending herself when the fire was started and those people died. For her to be blamed and to die for an accident seemed wrong when she spent her post-warlord life redeeming herself for the horrible intentional things she had done. That sort of ending for her life seemed unjustified and just plain unjust. Though I was highly entertained throughout the 2 part finale and found both Ms Lawless and Ms O'Connor's performances absolutely poignant and terrifically performed, the ending seemed like sort of a rip off. Hopefully they taped more than one ending, as many shows do, and when the final season's episodes are available to purchase, they will include, as a bonus, the final show with different endings. You can't please everyone at once - so why not let everyone choose for themselves.



I was really disappointed that Xena had to die. Then I thought over the past 6 years they've made Xena so powerful buy having her defeat many armies and warlords, so the real only way they could have had her die is to have a person kill her.



Hated it. As a woman, lesbian and fan. They did a great disservice the people watched and loved this series. It may go down in TV history as the most hated ending ever.



I was Disappointed that it had to end that way.



I have actually been disappointed with the last several years of this series. The first few years were so entertaining with great lines delivered tongue in cheek. Then all this business with Gabrielle getting pregnant began a downward slide into a darker show with much more gore and much less humor and cleverness. Joxer was just an idiot. And I missed Bruce Campbell. They could have developed story lines with the brother (who came in like a rash and just faded away). Lucy Lawless has too much talent to be given such nightmarish scripts as those in recent storylines.



I hated that she died and most of all, the way she died. It was incredibly cruel. Plus it was terrible seeing the pain Gabrielle was going through.



What happened to Eve? The season started out with Xena going to the ends of the earth for her daughter, but then she sacrifices herself without a thought or a word about her daughter. She doesn't even tell Gabby to tell her anything. What's wrong here? And where was Ares? If he can go where the Norse gods go, why wouldn't he be in Japan saving his favorite? Looks like a real slap dash ending to me!

Irving, TX


We did *not* need Xena to die for her to "full circle." I know it's only a TV show, but it was very depressing nonetheless. I watched Xena for exactly the opposite reason. Thanks for letting me vent a little.



I was disappointed in FIN Part 2...why, Rob, why?? What happened to redemption through love and forgiveness, breaking the CYCLE OF VIOLENCE? Ahhh...I just watched Part 2 for the first time and I am still very distraught. Bawled my eyes out, and then got angry...like MaryD, I'm starting to think maybe it's better to just think of "When Fates Collide" as the real "end"...sigh. If X had to die, they could have at least killed off G too so the *soul mates* could be together!! :(



i wanted xena alive






I wanted the fairy tale ending..



Change the last 2 minutes and make Gabrielle save Xena and leave in the sunset and it would have been one of the best episode. this one makes me feel so sad and I cried!!



Very disappointed. It should have ended in Greece. And there was no reason to make it so final. The ending was such a let down!


I thought overall the episode was well done and it certainly held my interest throughout, but certain things in the episode hurt my feelings and made me uncomfortable.

1. The scene where Xena is trying to dispose of Akemi's ashes---why is Xena made to look like a cheap, drunken prostitute in this scene?? She has never been depicted that way, why do it now, in the last episode, the one people will always remember (whether they want to or not) ? And why is it only HER fault that the fire caused 40,000 deaths? She used Greek fire to defend herself from the town thugs who were attacking her. Didn't anybody who lived in that town try to put the fire out?

2. The scene where Xena is hit by multiple arrows. Why is she shown staggering pathetically toward the Samurai? Why can't they let her walk like a brave warrior toward her death? This, again, is not how I want to remember her.

3. The scene where Gabrielle finds Xena's body. It made me angry that Xena was so grotesquely violated and that Gabrielle had to see her that way .

4. Most hurtful to me was the fact that Gabrielle wasn't allowed to die with Xena, but instead is left alone. I'm willing to bet that 99% of the viewers want to see them TOGETHER, whether in life or in death, and the ending of this episode leaves them feeling hurt and cheated.



Yup that would be it. Finale was wonderfully acted, spectacularly filmed, yet inconsistent in many parts. Even if you buy the premise that Xena had to die.....it was illogical that she needed to stay dead. Poor creative choice in ending a series that has provided some of the most realistic and tenderly portrayed moments between women in love (gabdrag aside). For whatever reasons it was done...the conflicting statements by TPTB and LL regarding subtext can't help but leave the viewer feeling manipulated. Final summary.....I enjoyed this series 90% of the time (not a bad record for a series)...this was in large part due to the work of Lawless and O'Connor as well as the more talented of the writers (that does not include the 5th season writers). I thank them all for the entertaining ride....I just wish it had ended differently.



It was so painful to watch. I cried. I wish Xena had found redemption and HAPPINESS with Gabrielle in the end.



Xena should not have been "killed" off in the season/series finale. You should have a "betrayed" section for voting!



I would have preferred that Xena stay alive, that because she did redeem the soul that the need to be "avenged" was negated. I hope for a movie soon that can bring her back. Finale was entertaining and beautifully done only wished Xena had lived.




Nah, that's way too mild. Let's try,





Violated (my senses)

And last but not least....SICKENED!

RT & Co. got me once. I can guarantee they won't get me again.



i felt let down and had no closure after 6 years i expected more..thank the Gods for fanfiction.



Mr. Tapert killed the Warrior Princess and by so doing dimmed the light in the hearts of fans around the world.



...let down, and overall left with an empty feeling. I found no closure in this.



Xena--the show, I mean--didn't exactly go out with either a bang or a whimper. Part of the problem is that too many of the fight scenes occurred in dark rooms that made it difficult to see what was going on. Also, the business about Xena suddenly discovering that she was responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people struck me as too obviously contrived, while the way it happened seemed too reminiscent of the destruction of Callisto's village. The A-bomb-like mushroom cloud when Xena annihilated the attacking army was in poor taste for a story set in Japan--and I'm not normally very sensitive to such things, so I can imagine the effect it must have had on those who are. Xena's death, however, was better done on the whole than I had hoped. We could have done without the decapitation, but it fitted the Japanese setting. I also liked the ending, particularly the idea that Xena would always be with Gabrielle.



I sing of Xena, Warrior Princess…

Over the past few years, the show Xena: Warrior Princess has made me feel many things. The mighty Warrior, her faithful Bard and the deities and characters that have shared their journeys have made me laugh, made me cry, nudged me with a sly wink and, at times, even made me angry. Tonight, with the last five minutes of the final episode, it has done something that it has never before -- it broke my heart.

I don't, however, think it was part of some defiant plot on the part of the creative powers behind the series. In fact, I don't think this was meant with any maliciousness at all. Robert Tapert and the rest of the show's creative core have always walked a fine line, trying to be all things to all people and please everyone. Surprisingly, they have, for the most part, succeeded. There were wobbles and falters along the way, but it seemed they always managed to find their precarious path again. With the final episode, however, there came a point where they were forced to step from the fence rail, touch the ground and hope they landed with firm footing. In my mind, they stumbled.

Xena died in battle, brave and valiant until the end -- a noble warrior's death. Her death and its aftermath were grisly and hard to watch, but brutality isn't a stranger to this character or this series. True to her code, Xena, once again, sacrificed herself for the Greater Good. Her creators kept her character's integrity intact, even in death, and in doing so had one foot planted firmly on the ground. Then, the-powers-that-be forgot the cardinal rule of all great fairy tales and, with this omission, turned a soaring dismount into a devastating heartbreak.

As with any good fable, the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle have bestowed wisdom on those who have followed their travels. We've seen that good usually does win out in the end, that might doesn't always make right, and that there can be redemption for even the most lost of souls. But above all else, we've seen that throughout all of life's journeys-- be you warrior, bard, king or peasant -- friendship and love are the only wealth that truly rewards and endures. Even in death.

In the end, they reminded us of one final lesson, one most of us already know all too well. Life isn't fair, not even in "Once upon a time..."

Xena. Her courage would change the world, win her the unwavering love of her Bard and legions of loyal fans, but sadly, in the end, it wasn't enough to earn a happily ever after of her very own.



Below is a lot of rambling about the lousy plot line. I am hoping you will read it and tell me what you think. There were many reasons to be disappointed at the plot line. Below are a few of my observations. Remember these are rantings as I am still in shock over the desecration of a hero. Did anyone notice the weather while bad Xena is carrying Akemi's ashes to the family plot? No one has mentioned that the drunk, grieving Xena was walking in a snowstorm. I have replayed the tape several times and those are snowflakes in the air being blown by the wind and there is snow and ice on the ground. Xena is even wearing some sort of special shoe to walk in the ice and snow (although she still isn't walking very upright). In addition, stupid people just annoy me. If I am in the middle of a snow storm with fire on my back, I am not going to ram myself into the thatch house, setting it on fire and bounce up to the next wicker hut setting it aflame. I am going to drop to the ground and roll around in the ice and the snow. Somehow not even one person thought about this simple solution. But of course from part one of this episode, it is apparent that this group of villagers doesn't know how to put out a fire.

My second problem with this scene is that as the town goes up in flames, a drunk Xena just walks away, oblivious to the destruction. Even if she was in a drunken stupor she had to get out of the village. How did she get out of this village alive and with absolutely no knowledge of the death and destruction caused by these actions? At some point she had to have sobered up. Wouldn't the smells of fire and burning flesh have given her a clue as to the destruction caused by this unfortunate incident? I know she was evil Xena and would not have cared, but her curiosity would have gotten the better of her and she would have inquired as to what happened. And again, am I the only one who noticed the snowstorm? I live in a desert and high winds and dry air cause fires to grow out of control. Is it possible to have the same results in the snow? I could be wrong but it seems inconceivable to me. On more thing. Just pointing out crappy writing. 40,000 souls were lost almost 40 years ago, yet Yo-Yo has been eating souls for 40 years and the number of souls consumed is still 40,000? At least it should be 40,001 if you give credit for the horny monk at the beginning of episode one. Another thing I don't understand. This man, Yo-Yo, is so evil and filled with hate that even the underworld wouldn't let him in. Hello, any blame to their underworld in Japa? One other annoying scene. We have just seen an army of thousands of warriors battle one woman. They battled for Yo-Yo, the evil eater of souls, yet the ghost killer is going around spearing souls to save them from the Eater of souls. Did I miss something? They deserved redemption for their cowardice act but Xena doesn't after saving the city from the fire and releasing 40,000 souls.

Here is another little problem I had with this show. Akemi waits 40 years to call up the greatest warrior who should be in her 60's by now. How did Akemi know that she would look the same and only be a few years older? Has she seen the episode "Livia" and knows Xena has been on ice for a long time? What would she have done if Xena had now looked like Meg did after the twenty-five year ice nap Xena and Gabrielle took? Stupid people, stupid writing, it all gets on my nerves. Akemi even meets Gabrielle saying, "It is a pleasure to finally meet you." How does she even know about Gabrielle? When did Xena have time to tell her about her soulmate? Can you tell I am a frustrated fan? I could have dealt with the death of Xena if her death had not been in vain. They could have easily told an epic story around the army trying to destroy the island and she could have been killed in battle, fighting side by side with Gabrielle, ultimately defeating the evil army but paying with her life while valiantly fighting at great odds and saving Gabrielle's life. This I could have handled, not dying to save ungrateful people who are already dead. Any feedback would be great therapy for me at this time. Thank you.



I was totally disappointed with the ending, but I shouldn't have been surprised the show has been going down-hill for the past year or so. The first 4 years were great,but somewhere along the lines the stories became just plain stupid.



I guess Xena had to pay the ultimate sacrifice for her previous sins, and Gabrielle got what she wanted which is to be a warrior. It was Xena's choice to die as a warrior. Could Xena have at least been sent to the Elysian Fields, with Solan and Marcus. It is not worth getting upset about something you cannot control. Let go and hope to see the talented people on something in the future.


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