Whoosh! Issue 59 - August 2001
Letters to the Editor

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Group Therapy #117-129


From: M Parnell
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 3:47 PM
Subject: To the Editors: XENA LIVES!

If the show was about anything, I have to think that it provided a model of heroic virtues, that needn't die with the Warrior Princess:

Anytime someone defends or shelters abused women and children, Xena lives; Everytime a student is bullied or picked on for being "different",and finds a champion, Xena lives;

When one stands up for a principle, even, or especially, when standing alone, Xena lives;

When one is told that "God hates queers", and counters that "God is love", Xena lives;

Wherever friendship and loyalty is valued, Xena lives;

When we embark on a journey of discovery, and find ourselves in the end, Xena lives;

When we do the hard things in life that make it worthwhile, Xena lives;

When we give and accept love without questioning the source, or shrinking from the cost, Xena lives.

Looked at that way, I guess I'll never lose her, either.


From: Edward P. Rich
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 7:07 AM
Subject: (Xena Withdrawal Therapy)

Xena withdrawal therapy. She will live on!

There are some people, a few Xenites, who think Xena to be based on a real historic person. Archeologists just haven't found her yet. Hercules provoked legends but is only a myth. But there were real figures throughout history to which legendary deeds have been attached. The historical facts of their lives are recorded in encyclopedias. Their legendary deeds others attribute to them.

Joan of Arc was a real woman but her deeds have been embroidered with romance. The ancient Queens of England have legends as well as facts. Lady Godiva may have existed but her famous ride may be myth. As champions of women, Xena is much like them, existing in a twilight zone between reality and fantasy. Nevertheless until archeologists discover her, a few Xenites will grant this status to Xena.

In the mid-twelfth century Friedrich I of the Hohenstaufen dynasty ruled the First German Reich. His Italian enemies with whom he spent much time fighting gave him his nickname "Red Beard" or Barbarossa. In 1190, he tried to cross a river in full armor while leading German forces in the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. He drowned when he fell in and his boots filled with water. These are the bare facts of his death.

Barbarossa evoked the glories of the First Reich for generations of Germans both at home and in foreign lands. According to romantic legend, old Red Beard never died. Children were always told that when Germany is in great need, his raven 'familiars' will waken him and he will come to the rescue of his folk. Since his grave is unknown, he lives on in a secret cave high in the mountains. In a big chair surrounded by his knights in enchanted sleep, his beard continues to grow. He is considered the archetypical warrior king. Xena is now the archetypical warrior princess. Archetypical warriors are vainglorious. Warriors are not known for altruism. It is a calling where survival is uppermost. True warriors are unconcerned with the fate of souls, or if they were in a state of grace. They are concerned always with their own physical survival. If they die it is through misadventure or carelessness. Unlike heroes, warriors never voluntarily die for a noble purpose.

One of Xena's bare facts is that she was human. She was born in Amphipolis in Thrace, daughter of an innkeeper. She was never a goddess or did she have supernatural powers. In her youth she rode with Borias of the eastern or Golden Horde. He was a Scythian, who lived in the Altai in southern Siberia. Warlike herdsmen, who raised horses, Scythians are known to have visited China but never Japan. They couldn't travel far over water for if they did while they were gone who would protect their herds?

Once again the Xena curse befell UPN30 in Memphis. It lost its sound Sunday, June 24, 2001 about noon during the airing. The big finale to the series could only been seen but not heard. Television is too transitory a medium for a legend so lasting and vital as Xena. Viewed without sound it took on a dream like quality. Perhaps her death was only a dream. The grand finale should be counted among the legends but not the realities of Xena's life. Gabrielle may have invented her death to explain in her scrolls why she came home alone, and with the weird tattoos on her back. But maybe Xena came too. "I will always be with you, Gabrielle," she told her. Xena's decision may have been to allow her friend to live life on her own, to go back to Poteidaia, intertwine with some man, have kids, get on with it.

Great characters take on lives of their own. Sherlock Holmes locked in mortal combat with his nemesis Prof. Moriarty, plunges to his believed death over Reichenbach Falls. But he returned when popular demand insisted on it. After saving all those souls, Xena will return some day. Older and wiser, in new armor, she will battle on toward her redemption. Redemption is a goal, not a destination.

What will bring her back will be money, entertainment economics. "Gold Gabrielle, it conquers more things than swords," a fan fiction author has her say. Inserting her into Japanese mythology might be a way of building an audience for translations of Xena books or comics. It will be too bad if Lucy and Renee have grown tired of them. Maybe in time their own economics with change their minds. Other actors would take them on. They won't do it as well but they will try.

Wherever there are women who are abused, lonely, unappreciated or unhappy, or successful women who want a strong positive female superheroine to give them a fix no matter how brief, Xena will be there for them.


From: Jean Galliano
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 9:16 AM
Subject: Feelings/Finale

I wasn't aware of how affected I actually was by the finale of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess'...but I was disturbed the entire day after ingesting part 2. Though an avid fan, I rarely frequented the official site or the forum but on this day I sought comfort when I realized I was actually grieving for this TV Heroine. When I came into the forum I was shocked by the personal attacks on Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert! Though we are grieving, this is no way to show our grief! It is just wrong. The cast, crew, writers, producers and all responsible for bringing us these wonderful characters and profound adventures should be graciously thanked and applauded for all their efforts and performances of the last six years. And so I take this moment to thank you all for the myriad of emotions and inspirations ‘Xena: Warrior Princess' has brought to me, I truly have never been so entertained. I would also like to apologize to Lucy Lawless for the insensitivities of some of the fans and let her know that the true sentiments are of appreciation and love.

It is true, we fell in love with these characters... and it is difficult to let go. These adventures took us to places in our collective unconscious. We traveled with Xena into the astral and under worlds... we were presented with concepts such as: out of body travel, time travel, eternal love, telepathy, karma, re-incarnation, spiritual visitation etc.... we have been in heaven and hell with Xena, visited the Elysian Fields, Hades and walked in the dream worlds. We have shared poetry and wisdom and have confronted many physical and spiritual challenges with Xena as she traced the line of her karma back to find her own redemption. She atoned for her evil and made the world a better place. Wasn't that the message, the quest? ...Our own personal journeys of spirit....

How do I feel? A little lost and sad but very grateful for the journey. I'm glad she made it. What kind of ending were we hoping for? Haven't we learned anything? Xena lives on in spirit, that is the message... her adventures and challenges will be just as great as will our own. Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert are not responsible for our fantasies and interpretations of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess', they did their best and deserve to live their real lives happily and undisturbed. And so, Kudos to you both! Great Job, well done.

Everyone eventually dies, and Xena's dying shows us the human side of her, the side that is not above universal law. We would have never been ready to let her go... That is how death comes to us humans, we are taught to hang on and fight for every last second. Secretly, we are all hoping for the feature length film that will re-unite our heroines, ease our grief and take us journeying once again into other worlds of consciousness... but if not, we will just have to get over it and use our own imaginations.

To Lucy, Renee, all the cast, the writers and producers, thank you for bringing us ‘Xena: Warrior Princess' for as long as you did. Enjoy your lives and your success. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your families.

Jean Galliano, President
Philadelphia, PA


From: Virginia Chittick
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 9:52 AM
Subject: Final episode of Xena.

Having cut my teeth on grand opera, I found this episode an appropriate ending for the saga. Xena is redeemed and Gabrielle's love triumphs over her grief. This was definitely one of the best of the series. I understand the desire of so many fans to have her back but there comes a time to let go. We've had 6 terrific seasons, it's time to end things on a high note (which they did). I have already thought of a dozen 'return' scenarios but I realize that what gives me the most pleasure is to imagine Xena in the Elysian Fields with Solan, Borias, Cyrene, and Lyceus Xena deserves some happiness at last.

On another level, I would hate to see Lucy, Renee and the rest of the cast end up a a bunch of sad star trekkian ghosts haunting conventions for the rest of their careers. They deserve better. Therefore I am willing to make Gabrielle's sacrifice and give them up for the sake of love. They live in my heart (and on tape as well).


From: Renee Louise
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 11:42 AM
Subject: Group Therapy Issue


The whole Xenaverse is in mourning. The corporate interests that owned the series has killed off the greatest hero that woman have ever had - XENA.

It was not the writers or producers that made the series, Xena Warrior Princess such a success, it was two women, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor and their supporting cast. These women made even the worst scripts impressive and believable and forever put to rest the fallacy that a woman can never be a superhero.

Their essence and their projection of themselves into the legends have been an inspiration to so many all over the world. The friendship they portrayed captured the hearts and minds of thousands of devoted fans. Xena [Lawless] taught us for 6 years along with young Gabrielle [O'Connor]. She was our rock and we adored her.

Some Xenaisms:

*** "You like shoving women around so much ... try me."
*** "I don't need you, or a fairy godsmother, or anyone else to give me a happy ending. That's something that I'll get, or I won't get, all by my own self."
*** "I don't accept defeat."
*** "I'm not a little lady."
*** "My body doesn't make me who I am, my deeds do."
***"Causes are only lost when people give up."
It's not just that the series has ended after a six year run it is that Xena was actually killed and mutilated in a vicious, graphic and cruel manner. Fans wanted her to walk off into the sunset with her companion, Gabrielle, but it was not allowed. Backlash from the cultural Nazis put her down when the entire known world's other bad guys couldn't.

Nearly everything goes on radio or television now except the idea of a big, strong independent woman. This was Xena and she had a worldwide following that was increasing in number all the time. It didn't help that the main theme of the series was an abiding friendship, love and trust between two women. Our culture shouts, "NO! Women must bond only to men - not to other women."

The program trod on another shibboleth of our society. The one demanding that woman be helpless and needful of the protection of men. This has always been such a farce since it is men that they mainly need protection from.

Xena was not only a "strong woman" who took a whole can of whup*ss to that oxymoron. She was smart, she was good, she was brave - in short, she was all the things women could be if they stopped believing in the Centuries of conditioning that society has forced on them.

Super powers? Sure, but no more than most of the male superheroes whose authenticity or believability no one questions. She illuminated and made real that old saw of "women's intuition". She embodied the softness and caring attributed only to the female with the strength and courage attributed only to the male. She made a mockery of gender stereotypes by proving that women are human beings too.

Sure, the series, Xena: Warrior Princess had to end sometime, but why was she killed off? Think back to all the series enders of superheroes you have known. Did this happen to them? Did it happen to Superman? Batman? James Bond, for example? No, it did not. SuperMEN don't die. Furthermore, in the series made by the same studio, Hercules and his buddy, Iolaus just "walked off into the sunset" at the end.

It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure this one out. We have all seen what happens to uppity women all of our lives. But let's be practical. Why would a company destroy this hero's life? There would always be a chance that a movie or a sequel might be profitable just as this series was.

Its appeal was and is universal for both genders, all ages and nationalities. Killing Xena makes no practical sense because it has royally p*ss*d off the very fans that supported it for 6 years and this studio should want to keep them happy. In fact, earlier this year, Rob Tapert promised fans that he would NOT kill off the Xena character even though the series was ending.

The creators of Xena do not seem to care about the fans that have made this series such a resounding success. RJ Stewart, who with Rob Tapert wrote this final episode, explained that "he felt it [the ending] was a noble thing, and would make the ultimate redemption for Xena".

How very convenient that this is just what women, real or fictional, are supposed to do: sacrifice themselves for redemption while men, real or fictional, are allowed to redeem themselves by their deeds.


From: Micki
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 12:00 PM
Subject: good and bad...

i thought that is was an amazingly done episode and i loved how gabby came full circle from day one (she's pretty much the reason i watch anyway)... but i am really upset with xena's ending. it's against all rule to end a show by killing off the main character. the only way to be forgiven would be to give gabby a show of her own.

thanks for the six years of wonderful entertainment and friendship.

grand rapids, MI


From: Kris B.
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 1:46 PM
Subject: yuck!!!!!!

I thought the ending for the series suck!!!!! I was very disappointed. If they were going to kill off Xena they should have killed off Gabrielle too. They were SoulMates. I would rather have had the time they were crucified together be the series ended than this way.


From: Gail Futoran
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 12:54 PM
Subject: The Group Therapy Issue

Like It, Hate It, Love It

I'm still going back and forth on this - my reaction to FIN I, II.

In some posts I've said the ending is appropriate but I tend to mean that in some objective sense of a story told well from beginning to end, SOTP to FIN II. Well, emotionally, too, FIN II was fulfilling in odd ways. Xena gets the redemption the only way she thinks she can get it; Gabrielle soldiers on, confident that Xena will always be with her. What's not to love?

But Xena's dead, darn it! It's just not the same as if the living breathing Xena were walking beside Gabrielle. That's the ending I prefer.

See what I mean? Lived it, hated it, loved it. I almost envy those who either hated the ending, or loved it - no ambiguity. But one of the things I've always loved about the show is that it's seldom easy.

There was so much in the final two episodes that rang my chimes:

-Gabrielle's role in FIN II - a true partner to Xena, which she's been for several years even if she's not always shown as that. She was the perfect knight in this episode and I loved her for it. Her reaction to Xena's dead body, the fight afterwards, showed clearly how far she had come. And yet - not that much different form the more naive young woman in "The Greater Good." Wanting to put Xena first, even when 40,000 souls were in the balance. Could her love have been any clearer than that? ROC was magnificent.

-Xena had a number of high moments. I loved the fight in the foundry in Fin I and the scene where she teaches Gabrielle the pinch, later when she fine tunes other lessons with Gabrielle - how to listen. Her slaughter of the invading army in FIN II - her best, last fight as mortal - was the gauntlet intensified. Magnificent, and I can't think of many actors who could have carried that off. LL makes it look easy. When Xena's spirit was restored along with her old outfit, that was a moment I'll always treasure. I've loved Xena in all her costumes but this is the one that defines her for me.

I still tear up writing about it and by the time I write this I've seen the episodes four times, read several hundred posts about them, and written a few posts myself. So that part certainly worked - an ending to remember.

As a subtexter I found the kiss nice but unnecessary. The time for outing was several years ago, IMO. I will always see Xena and Gabrielle as lovers, no matter what happened or didn't happen onscreen. FIN I, II didn't add anything in that regard; it maintained the status quo. But the status quo has always been the love story - however one interprets that love - between two women, and FIN II celebrated that. That is not to be taken lightly.

I don't believe or expect to see the further adventures of Xena and Gabrielle as portrayed by LL and ROC. But the ending left it open. I expected to see Gabrielle to scatter Xena's ashes in Greece or over the waters outside Greece. When the scene faded, Gabrielle was still holding the container. The rationale for keeping Xena dead was sufficiently weak that it could be written around easily. And exactly what's wrong with spending one's life helping others as an act of redemption? :)

Whatever I didn't like about the ending - Xena "permanently" dead - it didn't take away my love for the show, or my affection and respect for the people who made the show happen. My gratitude to LL, ROC, RT, RJS and all the many production staff and guest stars remains intact. And there is no ambiguity about that! Thanks.


From: Tracey Stevens
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 4:46 PM
Subject: Xena's End

My partner and I are totally upset over the ending of Xena, and we are left wondering why? Why would they slaughter one of the few women on TV who was strong enough to see herself for who she was, and change for the best? Why butcher an incredible character that gave us strength to live in a world where women aren't safe alone on the streets at night--where violence against women is an accepted norm?

I could have done without the shot of Xena's headless hanging corpse, or the fact she was stripped naked on her knees in front of a nasty spirit. What was that about? I have never seen anything like it on regular TV before, and I hope not to again. The thing about the redemption of the lost souls was also way out there. Hey, I'm a spiritualist and I've sent over many an errant soul, and I never had to die for any of them!

A lot of people are still arguing about whether Xena was lesbian or not. Lucy herself said on Conan the other night that her character was outed in the last episode, which makes me think that Xena was in love with Gabby. I can totally relate to why lesbians so identify with these characters, because most of us have lived our lives not discussing who we love with anyone but our closest friends, and acting like we are nothing but "friends" in public. I myself have lived this way for most of my life. It does make me wonder if that was the reason Xena was so gruesomely killed. Almost every lesbian movie I have ever watched portrays us as murderers, drug addicts, or just out-and-out crazed man-haters, and most of these movies have us killed in the end or living our lives alone. I am also wondering if this is why they canceled the series in the first place, especially after I heard Lucy say on Conan the other night that she herself did not know why.

I do have to admit having pain today for a show I have loved, and wishing they would have ended it with Xena and Gabby going off into the sunset, kind of like Herc and his "side-kick" Iolaus.

Tracey Stevens


From: LizRothray
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 3:45 PM
Subject: Xena gone

Okay what I'm really feeling is a great loss, a void, a sadness, and I've never felt this way about any TV characters in my life. The show was the best ever and I feel that women all over the world have been robbed of a beloved heroine. I think the people who run the show ought to reconsider and figure out a way to bring Xena back. We need her, she gives us all hope and light. Bring Xena back, it wouldn't be unprecedented, there are always script innovations that could call her back to life. Do a movie or something. Keep doing movies for at least the next five years. That might satisfy the fans. Give us our Xena back. We will not accept the finality, we need her to lead us into the light of the 21st century. A grieving Xenite


From: Warriorbabe79@cs.com
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 4:00 PM
Subject: Feelings About The End..

After having to deal with the fact the show that has kept me sane for the last six years was coming to an end I now had to live with the way it ended. I am not pleased at all. I feel very cheated. There are so many fans out there that worship this show as much as I do and we all know that Xena and Gabrielle are soul mates, Xena even said so herself. What's the point in having a soul mate when you can't even be there with them? Was it to much to ask to just keep them both alive? Now when I think about Xena and Gabrielle, all that comes across my mind is "I can't believe that Xena is dead." They are just going to have to make a movie and bring Xena back. The Xena world is just never going to be the same without her. Somebody please bring Xena back.

Deeply Depressed


From: Rowdy2
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 5:20 PM
Subject: My thoughts on season Finale

I pretty much felt like I was waiting for "an execution", 'cause I'd already guessed what was coming even though I didn't read a single spoiler. I had several reactions after the show was over - it was an overwhelmingly sad, melancholy feeling, like a family friend just died. I was bummed. I am a big fan of happy, fairy tale endings, and I am a sucker for a Disney story any day of the week. This ending to Xena was kinda like watching 'Ol Yeller or something....overall a BIG DOWNER. ;-) Not to mention this was the last episode of Xeener - ever....total bummer.

Upon reflection however, I really think this was a pretty bold ending for a syndicated fantasy show....and I think Rob Tapert ended it the way he did all the other shows....in keeping with his vision of the character, and the character's journey - which is not always the journey we "fans wanted".

To be philosophical for a moment.... Xena did come full circle, and Gabrielle gave Xena the only thing she really ever wanted, but could not obtain solely on her own - redemption. The show Xena has always been about redemption....the camp and the kick ass were just entertainment - and damn fine entertainment at that. :-) The relationship/friendship - i.e. LOVE - was the key to the redemption. Gabrielle gave Xena the start to redemption in the very first show...and brought her to final redemption in the end....by letting her go. Without Gab - Xena would have never reached it....and it might have buggered up her karmic cycle. Similarly, Gabrielle would have never become the person she is now without her relationship and adventures with Xena....she'd probably be a pig farmer's wife somewhere in Poteidaia :-) Course she wouldn't have gotten strung up on the cross and died a couple of times either, but, oh well...no pain, no gain, eh?

If you think about it, Gabrielle and Xena had taught each other all that they could in this life, and Gabrielle would not be able to grow further unless she started to do something besides going around kicking butt and eating moldy cheese all the time....and she sure wasn't scoping very hard for any potential stud muffins as long as 'ol blue eyes was hanging around. Gab has to have some kid that's not a devil child somewhere along the line in order for there to be descendents...etc. :-)

Interestingly, Gabrielle's reaction to Xena's death this time around was so different than it was in Quest, or in Greater Good - she is so much more mature, and she knows that she will see Xena again one day - soul mates are pretty much stuck with each other for, like, eternity and all. In fact, she is moving on with her life - with a hint of enthusiasm, knowing that Xena will always be "in her heart". I think that is how Rob and Lucy wanted us to remember the show - as HCNB fans, we will always carry a little bit of Xena in our hearts, because we loved EVERYTHING she stood for as our ultimate fantasy hero....not to mention it was a h*ll*v* lotta fun to watch her in action. By killing her - it brought closure to the character, brings closure to the fans... (although unwanted)... so that we can move on with our lives, and brings some closure for Lucy professionally - not having to constantly answer the question..."When is there going to be a movie?"....and therefore not forever defined and confined by the character she created - and frankly OWNS. I can't ever imagine anyone else being able to bring that character to life other than Lucy.

So...the show's ending is a harsh reminder of real life - warriors don't live to an old age; sometimes you don't get what you want; the greater good *is* the right answer....but nevertheless, love is eternal....and lives on.

More to point, as fans of the show, now that the main character is dead - it's a reminder that you can never go back, you can't keep reliving old adventures, (old episodes), you must keep moving forward in life...(unless of course you are one of those people who have Xena tatoos all over your body...which could make it harder) :-)

Cherish the friends and family you have today, you never know when things will change...and if they do, you can't let it extinguish your lust for life. Our lives on earth seem like a long time - but by eternity's standards, its a fraction of second - so while Xena and Gab don't get to ride off into the sunset now, they fought the good fight - and will see each other again soon....and we will always have a ton of GREAT memories about the show, the friends we've made, and the all the silly things we did during this time.

I thought it was hilarious that Lucy said during her Conan interview that while she couldn't reveal the ending - she did say that her character was "outted" in the final show. "There was no question in her mind" about the relationship after watching the final episode for herself. I did think the "mouth-to mouth" water transfer was a bit "less than medicinal" - I didn't see much that we haven't seen in other episodes....guess Lucy hasn't watched much....I don't think there was a heck of alot of doubt left out there in the Xenaverse after the first few seasons...HELLO!!! ;-)

So...while I am bummed that the show is over, and Xena and Gab didn't live happily ever after...in this life anyway - I am kinda energized about trying very hard to keep the things that I loved about the show alive, and keeping the friends that I have made....we may just need to find some new common ground to share.

I probably won't watch this episode very much....ever. But I am feeling like watching something a little more lighthearted like - Ol Ares Had a Farm.



From: Lily Villa
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 5:13 PM
Subject: Group Therapy entry!

The series Xena: Warrior Princess has meant so much to me. Not only has it given me almost 6 years of great, imaginative, and intelligent entertainment- it has taught me many lessons. I can honestly say that there were times when my week was going horribly, and the only thing that got me through was thinking that come Saturday the show would be on and all would be better. It has been a great adventure seeing our loved characters grow and evolve. (Even seeing the props and fighting scenes get better!) The show has really touched my deepest emotions; there were times when I couldn't stop the tears- when I couldn't stop the laughs. DARN IT! This show is so great and now it's been taken from me! What will I do without my dose of X:WP? I guess my tapes will somewhat control my XWS (you know- Xena Withdrawal Syndrome!) I want to scream '7th season! 7th season!'

There is something about this show that draws me. I don't know if it's the whole 'dark past' thing, but I think Xena is a very complex and beautifully written character. Xena's need for atonement is what I love about her the most. Like Rob T. Said "Even though your past keeps coming back to try and haunt you, you have to try and do what you think is right." I think that is the biggest lesson the show offers. The most wonderful aspect of this show was that amidst the violence, valuable lessons about life have been taught Her strength, tenacity and ferocity were inspiring. "Xena is the hero that we hope is within all of us." .And gosh darn it, she is just so fricking cool!

The ending was the saddest thing I have ever seen! I could tell it was all going to hell when Xena told Gabby "If I only had 30 sec. to live, this is how I would want to live them. Looking into your eyes." OMG! And that whole thing with the water from the fountain, and alas! The kiss! (Would have been better if Xena had been conscious!) It was a beautiful ending. The funny thing is that Gabby might be seen as crazy talking to herself! Specially in the last 6 seconds of the episode. Xena died a warriors death, in battle. All I can say is no more sushi for me, and I hope that the idiot that killed our warrior princess rots in- yeah. Gabrielle was left to 'battle on,' and if Xena's soulmate can live through this...then us fans can too!(Wasn't that the lamest excuse?) Xena WILL NOT be forgotten. I swear i will be a fan 'till i die. I must look at the bright side. (not sure if there is any) But at least now i can catch up on my episode guide reviews on my web site! A little advice: Margarita mix does not ease the pain. *shrugs* Its gives you a headache from Tartarus!

Xena has been a highlight in my life. It has left a mark on me, and no other show will ever take its place in my heart. I just hope that Lucy and Renee know how much us fans love them, and wish they didn't have to go! Thanks for these wonderful years! I know that no amount of praise will ever do the show and crew justice. Its been the best adventure! Battle on!

Lily Villa
San Diego, CA

P.s. Thank You LSD for the News, Gossip, and Rumors!

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