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Disappointed #353-405


I thought it was pretty good TV. Yodoshi as the Big Giant Head made me laugh and they just *had* to stick in some digestion comedic seconds, but over all, it was like the TV show I used to love. Up until the end. There was no reason to keep Xena dead, except maybe spite. "She's dead. Deal with it." If they only would have let Gabrielle be the hero that Xena was and that would have meant saving Xena. Xena went to hell for Gabby with all odds against her and saved her then. Gabrielle's character should have been given the same honor as Xena's and allowed to succeed. It doesn't even make sense to keep Xena dead. It was like a last minute tacked on part of the script. It didn't even fit the plot.

I guess that's what's so weird. There was a lot of good there and I'm not gonna balk at the violence. I like violence. Warriors bleed, they make others bleed. Schtuff gits nasty and I'm okay with that. Xena's head on a plate was freaking scary. There was a good sized horror element to this show. I'm a fan of horror. In fact, I like horror above other genres, so I was even okay with the icky bits, but I'm not okay with the ending.

Here's what I want. (Like anybody gives a cheese stick what I want. ) You know how they made those movies like Clue with different endings? I want the whole show just like it was, but I want an alternate ending. I want Gabrielle to pour those ashes in the water and I want Xena to materialize and I want 'em sailing off together on that boat at the end. That's what I want.



Wow, am I ever!

I can understand - intellectually - why the ending was the way it was. The theme of redemption, sacrifice, the greater good, etc. ... but I personally felt that Xena was already redeemed - through learning to love and accept love, as well as 6 years of kicking ass to make up for her past.

Xena ends up paying for the results of an accident she didn't even know about by sacrificing herself - to hell with Gabrielle - to make things 'right'? (Should I even mention that she was clearly tricked into this...?) Where was this understanding of self-sacrificing resolve when the Amazons wanted to kill Eve for her transgressions (Eve being prepared to die for her crimes)? Or Gabrielle in the desert when she was ready to make the same sacrifice for the 'crime' she had committed? Xena wouldn't let either of these happen, yet wouldn't let Gabrielle save her. Nothing like being consistent. Not that I should be surprised.

Now, I'm a grownup. With a job, and a life. I found this show by chance and it has positively impacted my life in terms of philosophies for living, inner strength, etc. ... But .... I've dealt enough with death since I started watching the show, and will be dealing for some time more. This particular ending, for me, was not helpful, not uplifting, not full-circle, not comforting, and uncalled for.

I hate that they killed her.

I wasn't prepared for it. I purposely didn't look at the bulletin boards prior to the finale, but wish I had. At least then I would have been somewhat ready ... that is, if I'd decided to watch the show. Certainly comments like 'Xena dies all the time .. it's a party trick' did what they were supposed to - got us to tune in. If I had to do it over, I'd have stopped watching at 'Soul Possession' and considered 'When Fates Collide' as the series end.

The actors put their hearts into the finale and it showed. Take a bow - beautifully done.

But the last 5 minutes ... unforgivable.


Disappointed? Beyond! Those two should be together, always. They are soulmates. I can live with the ending, I guess, because they did not waver from the "this is my soulmate" theme and the fact that although she did so as a ghost, it was obvious that Xena ended up by Gabrielle's side. But yes, it was heart-wrenching.




yes, disappointed.



I've been watching this show since probably the end of season two. Though this episode was well filmed and the acting and special effects were great I have to say that I was completely taken aback by the fact that Xena had to stay dead. Besides, they left us hanging by a cord as thin as my hair strands. So does Gabrielle really see Xena's ghost or is it in her head? Will Gabrielle be the new warrior princess? Most importantly what will Eve say, not to mention Ares and Aphrodite? This would have been a great season ender but a series finale? What the heck was that? They decided to leave both Hercules and Iolaus alive and retired but Xena dead? I think that's what really disturbed me. I'm still pretty much in shock. I didn't mind so much that the series was finished but killing Xena was just ridiculous.



The episode sucked. Both Xena and Gabrielle left their characters to move the plot. I'm not surprised that they killed Xena, it was the predictable thing to do and they seem to like to do the predictable thing. But the way they did it did not make sense. I wanted a "Thelma and Louise" ending...something ambiguous where they ride off into the sunset and live forever in all our hearts, where we get to make up our own ending. For myself, I have erased my memory of this episode and choose to believe that the series ended when Xena and Gabrielle flew off the cliff at the end of Many Happy Returns. Friend in Need was crap.

I think it was very disrespectful of the fans that Rob Tapert killed our hero. It was a stupid stupid stupid end to the series.

Did I mention I hated it?



Horrible ending for the fans. I'm finished with this series, no reruns, and selling all my Xena stuff on e-bay. As a season ending it would of been O.K., but as a finale. It sucked.



I was completely disappointed that Xena died in the last show. I was hoping that Xena and Gabby ended their travels together, not Gabby on a solo mission. I was however happy that Gabby learned all the Xena tricks, it's about time. A little to late in my book however. I was upset, I never thought that those two would ever be separated. I guess I was wrong.



Initial reaction = Utterly disappointed and in disbelief (definitely not what I expected) Post-Initial reaction = Rationalization (Yes, ending was satisfactory, I think) Post-Post-Initial reaction = Why?

Developing Reflection = FIN is beautiful as a self-contained piece of work. It is blasphemous within the framework of the series. But what the furk else is new?



Very disappointed and sad.



Plot holes and character inconsistencies aside...

The Xena finale was a betrayal of everything we loved Xena for. It was grossly unfair to the characters, the actors and the fans. If Xena had to die, it should have been for a noble cause (in some location we "know" -- Greece, Chin); or, better yet, to save someone she loved -- Gabrielle, or even Eve. She certainly should not have died in a blaze of gratuitous gore in some distant, never before mentioned, land as a result of a stupid (and improbable) accident. 40,000 dead in a fire -- Please!

How many times does this woman have to redeem herself. One would think twice is enough, but apparently not. She had already gone to "heaven" and was made an Archangel, no less -- perhaps the "God of Eli" was unaware that Xena murdered of 40,000 Japanese!

Ideally, Tapert, et al would have granted Xena and Gabrielle (and the fans) the same dignity afforded to Hercules and Iolaus -- two friends walking or riding off to new adventures, if only in our imaginations.

Unfortunately, what we got was nonsense from start to finish, coupled with some truly ugly images.



i was very surprise and upset about the final episodes

1) how could they kill xena?

2) how could they leave gabby alone?

3) after watching the show for the highs why do they leave us feeling so low?



Why did Xena have to be killed off? That is so ridiculous Xena and Gabrielle deserved to ride off into the Sunset just like Hercules and Iolaus did in the last episode of Hercules.






and disgusted too.






My husband & I were saddened & very disappointed with the finale. Although there were some great moments & acting, what could have been a terrific episode was ruined by the tacked on "Oh, but I have to stay dead," yada yada. Not to mentioned the totally unnecessary beheading/hung up like beef bit & so-called "A-bomb" blast. Our only hope is that RT & Co. will make a really glorious big-screen Xena movie to put all to rights, & truly re-unite X&G in a really surprising & clever way (he's done it before) ~ then he'll certainly restore the fans' appreciation of him & his team's considerable talents. If such a flick is done right, then the finale will actually "fit in" as part of a scary, but clever & interesting story arc, rather than the absolute & creepy *end* of the series. As you can see, we still love the show & (all) its characters. Guess we'll just have to wait & see what RT & Co's next move will be. (& yes, my husband & I *do* have a life!). Thanks for letting us share our thoughts!



I prefer a crucifixion, thank you very much

For a while the ending of the episode The Ides Of March was my perfect ending to the series. Not only because the season that came after that episode sucked but also because the two heroines died together, they were together in death, as they were in life.

Then along came season six and I forgot about my perfect ending: the show was back on track and I was looking forward to the 'official end' of the series.. And like many other people I felt angry and disappointed when Friend In Need was over. Then the discussion started; why do or don't you like the finale? And my mind went back to the last scene of The Ides Of March.

Sure, looking from a distance FIN is a perfect ending to the show that started out so long ago. Sins Of The Past (maybe that was why they showed that episode right before the finale) started out with this tortured warrior looking for redemption and the little kid who wanted to be like that warrior. In FIN that warrior got redemption and the kid became the warrior. You could leave the six seasons out and it fits.

The problem is that the show as it has become in six seasons isn't the show from way back when anymore. It became so much more, it became the story of Xena and Gabrielle, their relationship, their growth and their battle for the greater good. The warrior and the kid became two halves of a whole. It was hard to see them apart, the show about the Warrior Princess became the show about Xena and Gabrielle.

In the finale that got forgotten in my humble opinion. It was back to those two separate characters from way back when. They each got what they were searching for six years ago, forgetting about what happened in between. Looking at it that way this sure was a good, maybe even happy finale.

Taking the six years into account though the finale is just painful. The two halves have been ripped apart: Xena is dead and Gabrielle has to live on alone, without her best friend/soulmate/lover. Sure, Xena is a ghost and Gabrielle can still see and touch her but that just isn't the same anymore. The last image of Gabrielle all alone on the ship is the 'official ending' we get. And that isn't a happy one.

I do not mind them killing Xena: she is a warrior after all. What I do mind is them killing the relationship. And that brings me back to The Ides Of March. That episode had a 'happy ending' for the relationship as far as I am concerned: Xena and Gabrielle both die but they are still together, still in the same plane of existence.



I was surprised and disappointed. I thought either Gabs would bring Xena back or that Gabs would die and Xena would stay with her. This episode definitely tells me they're serious about ending this. It was a great final series. They can all leave very proud of it. I personally hate to see it end. :-(



Imagery good. Very bad inconsistent writing. Xena and Gabrielle out of character. It's obvious Gabrielle is "in love" with Xena yet the writers dance around the issue. Why? Who and What are they afraid of? Lesbian association? Too bad that happened many seasons ago. In a REAL LOVE STORY between heterosexuals they usually kiss or show some affection. How weird these producers are!

And is sucks that Xena was beheaded only to have her ghost follow Gabrielle around. That is just so STUPID. Lame ending.



VERY unnecessary in this episode was the degrading way RT/RS treated the Xena character ~ all the horrendous sexist crap from the villain (the infamous "whore" comment, for example) ~ which was probably intended to show just what a scum the baddie was (we're guessing), & the sickening way Xena was killed off ~ but way too s&m for our taste. They certainly didn't do that to any of the male characters they killed off in the show (for ex., when they murdered poor Joxer). Nor did they end Hercules with the hero's demise (if anything they even brought Iolaus back from the dead in that series' finale). Granted, we always suspected RT planned to dispatch Xena, but a straight forward, gallant death in battle, to save Gab, would have been more appropriate. That gory mutilation was NOT necessary. what *WAS* RT/RS thinking? Guess they confused shock value with drama. Also, we kept expecting to see Eve show up (we like this character, as Eve OR Livia ~ either way a fine character & a great actress) ~ since in the Amazon episode she last appeared in, they hinted that she might ~ Eve telling X&G that she was "heading east". Eve would have been a great addition to the closure of the show, & they could've finally showed her mettle! Oh well, maybe they'll make use of her & her skills in the (we hope) movie-to-come. None-the-less, we still thought Lucy & Renee turned in wonderful performances ~ even with a flawed script, these gals give it their all, & are always terrific. Thanks & take care.



I was very disappointed to see Xena die. They could have done a better job of ending the show I can only hope that they are planing to bring here back on a new show. Live on Xena love ya.



Definitely Disappointed in this one.

****What a way to slap fans, society in the face for six wonderful years of a show.******

The only memory I am left with is lovable, devoted Gabrielle busting her guts out for the one she loves-for nothing.

I have come to the conclusion that these two writers are undoubtedly downright cruel to the portrayal of women. This finale doesn't fit anywhere in the course of an episode from what we have seen over the past six years.

I seriously hope that Women's Studies courses throughout the country consider this depiction of a heroine in today's writing as a topic of debate at all major universities.



I really wanted them to ride off into the sunset together, knowing that they would be together forever.



I was SOOOOOOO disappointed that they decided to kill off Xena. I felt so alone and so sad especially for Gabrielle. Why did they have to end the series that way? There had to be a gazillion other choices! We knew that Xena had grown a heart and a conscience. They did not need to prove it to us once again, and with no hope of reversal.



Disappointed is mild for what I am feeling. After spending 6 years watching a show where you could not help becoming involved with the characters and their growth, I looked forward to the finale with mixed emotions. I realized that nothing last forever, especially the goods things, and that we all must move on. I thought I would walk away from this episode with 2 thumbs up but instead I walked away with one head down. I felt sad, depressed and completely betrayed. I think the saddest image , and it will stay with me for some time, was watching Gabrielle sailing away all alone in that final frame.

Tapert said he would not kill off the characters. But in a way, he created Xena and I guess he could destroy Xena. And destroy her he did.!!! I don't know if I can watch any reruns or anything else that has to do with Xena. Its too sad. The character is dead so how can we enjoy her reruns.

A six year run and thanks to RB we have nothing to take away with us but a sad and heavy heart.



i hated the finale



We feel both Xena & Gabrielle should have died in the same episode to end the series. Leaves too many unanswered questions about Gabrielle.

Pima, AZ


I was extremely disappointed by the last episode of "Xena". The warrior princess has been redeeming herself for six years so why did R. J. Stewart feel that the only ending for Xena was that she could not come back from the dead this time. This was an adventurous and fantasy show. So, why couldn't you have a happy ending. There could have been a chance in the future for a "Xena" movie. I feel like they shut the door on the character "Xena". The ending was so final!! In fact, I am a bit angry and right now don't even want to watch the past years of episodes that I have recorded and purchased.

It appears to me from the article that you had on R. J. Stewart on 6/19/01 event at the museum of television arts, R. J. Stewart wants to be finished with "Xena". In other television series with heroes, I don't remember them killing off the bionic woman, six million dollar man or wonder woman to mention a few. Why does R. J. Stewart feel that "Xena" had to have a reality ending. We all live reality!! We like to watch fantasy!!

I will calm down in the future weeks but at this time, I will think twice before watching a new show that R. J. Stewart writes and Robert Tapert produces. THEIR ENDINGS STINK!!!



Disappointed and depressed. I can't believe it had to end that way.

Thanks for taking time to do the poll.



My heart is hurting beyond words! The pain is tearing up my soul!

They didn't have to keep her dead to avenge the 40,000!

She has already redeemed herself over and aver again!



Rob lied to us he said he wouldn't kill Xena off. Why he did it I really don't understand unless he wants to wash his hands of Xena forever. No one can do a movie etc. of Xena but Lucy & Renee.



I have thought about the last episode quite a bit, and I can see some excellent possibilities for movie follow-up. It would be reassuring to know that one was on the way, though, that would reunite our two heroines. I did find the final episode quite disturbing and I hope it doesn't end there. Thanks for listening.



On one level, I just watch the shows and enjoy them for what they bring. I haven't ever really taken apart an episode piece by piece. So, on that level, I enjoyed and was moved by the series finale two-parter. BUT, it was the SERIES FINALE, for crying out loud. So, here's my first stab at writing my thoughts about a particular episode. Pardon my verbiage, but....

.....why did they have to kill Xena off? Evil Xena killed what, about eleventy-million innocent people when she was breaking bad in the ancient world? So why is it that when she accidentally flames 40 thousand people in Asia while trying to do a good deed for her new friend that she can suddenly only find redemption by dying for good? Can't she just redeem herself by continuing to fight for the greater good with Gabrielle? Huh?

Plus, I didn't completely buy the new girl mentoree Akemi as someone Xena would fall so hard for, or trust, especially Evil Xena. Look how much crap Evil Xena gave Lao Ma, and Lao Ma had it goin' ON.

There was a lot to like about the last 2 shows, though. Great costumes and SFX, good music, and, most importantly, good Xena/Gab interactions, lots of love shown. OK, maybe the kiss from Gabrielle to give Xena water was corny, but I dug it. It went on a little longer than a simple water-sharing moment, don't you think? The writers kinda had their cake and ate it too with that little device, plus throwing us subtext fans a bone.

PS - anyone remember Lucy at the con saying the part she'd love to play was a character who had 40 sec. to tell her husband everything she felt before she died? Was she alluding to that "If I only had 30 seconds to live" speech in the series finale?

Anyway, I think what's bugging me is this: would it have killed the writers to let Xena and Gabrielle ride off into the sunset together? That's where I feel a little let-down. That being said, the show's creator ending the arc of the characters the way he wanted to is his prerogative, but I do feel a tiny bit let down.



Very disappointed.



i really thought that it was very disappointing. After 6 years of xena always helping Gabrielle out of trouble-the one time that gabby can save xena and then they can sail off together-noooo xena has to stay dead. What a crock!!!!!. Rob and Lucy both have stated that they would love to do some movies-now it will be interesting to see how they pull this off if it ever happens.



I thought the action was good. I was disappointed with the ending. I guess I don't think it was right for them to lose their relationship together for these souls and a women we never saw before. I would have Gabby to have dumped the ashes in the water and then be reunited with Xena and they sail off together (alive).



and angry because Xena,our hero was killed NOT for the greater good, but for selfish reasons of TPTB.



I am still upset but working through it. I will send you a submission for the Group Therapy issue in the next day or so. Thanks for helping us through this.



I don't know - some good, some so-so.

The story dragged out, it was too long.

I would have liked to have seen the "chemistry" between the two - not the subtext, but their day to day relationship more clearly, which the writers included so often. The whole thing was really serious and sappy. Would two bestest female friends just sit there and watch the sun go away while one of them just fades away? Unrealistic.

The costumes were beautiful, the best I think they've done, except for poor Gab, stuck in that stuff to hide her pregnancy. It was beautifully filmed, and the production values were up to par.

It was a nice touch for Xena to ask Gab for her opinion with the water tower. And she did have a different approach than Xena might have traditionally chosen. A good setup for the final outcome..... a girl with a chakram. But, the story line was uneven and they had plenty of time to make it tighter.

Xena dying like that pretty much wraps up the concept - I dont' think Lucy or Renee wants to do this again. I can imagine that they are both "tuckered out." I wish them both the best of roles to come their way and much success.

Lucy might consider live theater and knock 'em dead to dispel the stereotype. That woman can act and sing, but not rap. ha!

After four years and much abuse from my family, I'm gonna miss the stories and the twists, but it is time to move on. I"ll pop a tape in, here and there, since I can't find it on TV, and enjoy it all over again.

Thanks to all involved - the whole thing has been great fun.



I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that the finale could and should had taken a different route. I was disappointed, but I must admit that I was surprised and entertained as well, until the part where I see Gaby riding off alone in the ship. It was a good show, the plot I believe was a bit weak in certain parts and I don't agree with Xena dying to atone for the deaths of so many that she wasn't even aware had died. She was lied to and betrayed by the Japanese girl, Xena did a lot more bad things when she was aware of them and paid the high price in each single one of them. But this time...not only her paid the high price, also Gabrielle did since she lost her soulmate.



I think the ending sucked big time. This is the worst ending in TV history.



I felt she deserved better than that. Still, compared to the "Marty" ending of Herc ("What do you want to do? I don't know, what do you want to do?") it could have been worse, though not much. And the rational for it was pretty lame. Here she's deliberately murdered a tribe of Amazons & only has to free their souls to make up for it, whereas here she has to "stay dead" to atone for an accident? It just doesn't add up.



felt like a death in the family!!



Disappointed is my vote. Gabrielle must bring Xena back!



I was disappointed to see Xena die. But I guess they had to end it some how.



I was disappointed ! I mean, come on, after all that NOW Xena has to die to redeem 40,000 souls she didn't even kill on purpose!!!??? And then they cheat by saying "it's okay, her ghost is still with Gabrielle". Come on, why can't they go off together alive!!

Atlanta, GA


I was totally dismayed that they killed her off. Xena should have taken a lesson from Admiral Janeway in the finale of Voyager. Those thousands of lives don't stack up to the one Gabrielle, who she knows and loves. The least they could have done is have Gabrielle join her. Then they could start new adventures in the after world A week later and I'm still in mourning.



I found the two hour episode to be among the best of the series. The drama and emotion were amazing. It was merely the ending that was devastating. The greatest love story ever told ending as a Greek tragedy is just too sad for words. I will watch the episode many times in spite of the ending, which was not disappointing, just terribly sad.



i was disappointed only because i thought xena and Gabrielle would go off and live together forever just like they always said they wanted. I thought they'd get married or something you know. I am not gay but Gabby and Xena were perfect for each other and when two people love each other that much they should be able to live their lives out together but now gabrielle just has to go on living like a crazy person and talk to a ghost who she is in love with. I hope renee o'connor gets her own show



I was very disappointed by the final episode of Xena! What a letdown :-(

However, I want to thank you and the staff of WHOOSH! Your fantastic web-magazine was my constant good companion these past six years.



I was more than disappointed, I was ANGRY and DEPRESSED for about twenty four hours. If I were rich I would get on a plane, fly to New Zealand, and strangle the people that wrote the script.

Xena ALWAYS wins. No matter how serious the problem, no matter how insurmountable the odds, no matter how check mated she seems to be, she ALWAYS out smarts, out tricks, and beats the sh*t out of her adversaries. Even when she is up against entire armies, mystical forces, angels, devils, demons, gods, the forces of nature, and death itself - she ALWAYS wins. Watching this show is more than entertainment, it's THERAPY!!!!!!! Don't the writers/producers understand this? How could they do this to us?

It was not only totally out of character for Xena to humbly accept the Japanese rules about souls needing to be avenged, it was totally out of character for Gabrielle to go along with it rather than just sinking the ashes into the pool.

Also, Xena knows how to get into the spirit realm without actually dying. She's done it several times. Also, she released the souls of the northern Amazons, and they didn't need to be avenged even though she killed them viciously and intentionally. So the script was inconsistent with the rest of the episodes, inconsistent with the characters' typical behavior, and inconsistent with any kind of common sense regarding writing a series finale.

All I can say is: they better put out a Xena movie where they bring her back to life and then end it correctly.




I was so upset by the ending, I think I wasted six good years of my life loving this show!


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