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Dear Santa, I hope it would not be too presumptious to request a breast dagger...

Dear Whoosh...


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Dear Kym,
I just finished reading Whoosh Issue number 5, and I must say it was terrific reliving Con memories by reading it. Keep up the great work!

SAL_FAN (mjac@sunlink.net)


Hi Kym!
I am assuming that this is where I send letters to the editor for Whoosh. (You should have an address with the 'letters to the editor' page.)

I am writing to tell you what a great job you all have done in producing WHOOSH. The articles, the episode synopses, and the episode lists, they are all so great! Do you realize that you are more up to date and accurate than the 'official' Universal page?

The only negative thing I can think of is issue 5 being a convention only issue. It may be great for those that were there but for those that were not it is a little too much. I miss the wonderful 'analytical' essays that you usually write.

I enjoy WHOOSH because of the added perspective I gain when I watch old Xena episodes that have been reviewed in some way in a WHOOSH article. The authors take their topics seriously and go all out to inform their readers what lies behind the obvious and their analysis is often thought provoking, certainly to me. It is tempting to me to undertake a topic myself but I hold back because of work and family obligations.

Kym, keep up your terrific work. As an editor myself of a monthly newspaper I appreciate all the effort that goes into creating and editing a publication. Much good luck and success to you with your future publications of WHOOSH. You better believe that when I'm on-line and hear the latest issue is out I'll hustle over to the WHOOSH site and download the on-line edition.

I also have a question for you. The shot, in the starting of the show, were Xena is wearing a RED outfit. Is this just a promo shot or is it from an episode that I have not yet seen?

Thanks for the great page and PLEASE keep up the great work.

Nicole Gibb (jgibb@idirect.com)


Dear Nicole:

Thanks for the Letter to the Editor suggestion! If you notice, we have made an area at the beginning of this page which allows an easy click to start a letter to the editor. We appreciate it.

The convention issue was done in part to not only commemorate the very first officially endorsed Xena Convention, but also to try to capture the manic reality of a convention visit. We were painfully aware that more Xenafans did NOT attend the convention than attended. So, the staff decided to go totally obsessive in our coverage and chance that we would be too intense for some tastes.

Total convention coverage will only be reserved for special moments such as the Burbank Convention. The WHOOSH which you have grown to expect has returned this month with our usual eclectic batch of "analytical" articles. However, we are going to try to cover as much XenaFest activities as we can in the future, but have them presented as additional articles, not the only type of article in the issue.

As to your question regarding the opening titles scene where Xena is wearing a red dress: that is from the HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS episode THE WARRIOR PRINCESS (#09). It originally aired in the USA 03/13/95, and had repeated airings 06/26/95 and 10/09/95.


Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who puts WHOOSH together and especially the convention issue. For those poor unfortunates like me who couldn't make it to the con, being in Australia limits travel to the US I'm afraid. From everyone's reports I could shut my eyes and just imagine being there. The photos were also very welcome.

On an another issue - the episode guide is just superb. I haven't seen anywhere else a guide is so well written. And again for those not being able to view the episodes as they are shown on US TV it's a real bonus.

Good job, well done and I hope it never stops!

Mary Draganis (kira@zip.com.au)

Kudos for Just Being!


Hi! Besides wanting to subscribe to XMR I also want to tell you what a super job you do with WHOOSH! I appreciate it very much. Keep up the excellent work. I look out for your latest issue whenever I hear it's online.

Rebecca Weiner (RWeiner331@aol.com)


This is by far-and-away the best site I have found about Xena; to me this 500% better than the MCA official site. Thanks for the best and most satisfying 4 hours I've ever spent on the web at any one site. Genius is not to strong a word for those of you who have spent so much time on this site to make it what it is.

Sunny D.Brooke (Copper50@AOL.Com)


What a blast!, I have only just managed to get a PC, and 'get connected',as it were, which probably explains why I am still here at almost 3am, reading your website! (Good job I'm on a night shift tomorrow!) I have to confess, that, in my admittedly limited experience, it is one of the best 'Fan' sites I have found.

Being a poor, deprived, soul living in the UK, the episode guides are a lifeline. We aren't even getting the first episode of season 2 until later on this evening, on satellite and with scenes often cut, or at least badly grazed!.

Thanks ever so much for all the wonderful work so far, and in advance for more to come.

Maureen Hayden (mahayden@dircon.co.uk)

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